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From the first African-American woman to become a USA Today bestselling novelist comes this compelling romance. Returning to her Georgia hometown to save her son from the mean streets of LA, Shelly Brockman reconnects with the boy's father, Sheriff Dare Westmoreland. Reissue....

Title : A Little Dare
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A Little Dare Reviews

  • Chitra *CJ*
    2018-12-29 13:25

    Another sweet story in the Westmoreland series.When Shelly and her son AJ move back to town, its not just to rediscover old roots- but also to rekindle old connections.10 years ago when Dare Westmoreland chose FBI career over love, it forced his then two month pregnant girlfriend Shelly to hide the conception and leave in order to avoid making the love of her life make a decision he would one day regret.As her son grows and gets mixed with the wrong crowd, she decides to bring him back and meet his father.I liked everything about the book. The chemisty between h and H was there, but both were cautious. The family bonds were strong- and I loved how Dare connected with AJ.The love scenes were well written and the rest of the characters leave us intrigued for the coming books in the series. The sense of nostalgia was high between the couple and it added to their intimacy.Not safe technically (view spoiler)[ while they were separated, the H moves on but the h doesnt. However once she comes back to his life he's 100% loyal(hide spoiler)]4/5

  • Kaycee ❤️
    2019-01-09 19:47

    A Little Dare is my first book in the Westmoreland Series. And I was totally hooked. I loved it and I can't wait to read more.Shelly Brockman was pregnant when she left town ten years ago and now she's back and and planning to let Dare know about AJ and let him be a part of their son's life. Dare is now the town sheriff and before she can tell him the truth, Alisdare Julian or AJ (named after his father) winds up in Dare's police station. Shelly went the police station to bail out her son, and didn't have a choice but tell Dare that he is a father.Dare Westmoreland regretted his decision to end his relationship with Shelly for the past ten years. And now that she's back, he realized that he still wanted Shelly more than ever. Then he learned the reason why she came back. He was shocked, angry and more determined to make things right and be a part of his son's life.Shelly is a wonderful heroine. It was never her intention to keep her pregnancy,and I couldn't blame Shelly for keeping it a secret instead. She loved him too much to stand between him and his dream. (view spoiler)[she was about to tell him the night he broke up with her and wanted the career in FBI more than he wanted her. (hide spoiler)] And I'm glad that she told Dare. better late than never right? And realized her mistake about her decision, unselfish as it had been, still cost her son the chance to know his father, and Dare the chance to know his son. But no matter what, Shelly's still a wonderful mom, she'd always told AJ that she'd know where his father is, and if he ever wanted to contact him he just have to tell her. And my heart melted when AJ told her the reason why he never ask. Dare. Dare. Dare. Why do I love him? Well, aside from the fact that he's a wonderful man, well, except for the time he ended things with Shelly and broke her heart. When he learned that AJ is his son, he got angry with Shelly for keeping his son from him but the he realized that he was just as much to blame as Shelly. Now, the most important mission of his life is to win not only his son's heart but Shelly's as well.I can't express enough how I enjoyed it, how I loved it. I loved both Dare and Shelly. They were a very compelling characters. And the chemistry between them ere off the charts. It was hot, and explosive. Yet at the same time it was sweet and tender. And another thing that I loved in this book was the secondary characters; Dare's family especially his brothers and the town people. I loved how protective the Westmoreland Brothers to Shelly. Even the town people was upset with Dare when he broke things off with Shelly. I actually laugh out loud when they met at the diner and most of the town people was also there bringing up the past and ganging up on him. Haha! And from the way everyone was looking at Dare the last thing they wanted was for her to become involved with him again. Serves you right! And I also loved that it is told from Shelly and Dare's point of view. This will make you understand them both, and feel their emotions. They seem very real. Overall, A Little Dare was such a sweet, delightful and wonderful book about second chance. And a good proof that first love never dies. THIS IS A LOVE STORY WORTH READING! The ending in this left me with a big smile on my face. I can't wait to meet the rest of the Westmoreland men.

  • Char
    2018-12-27 19:27

    My first book by Brenda Jackson and definitely won't be the last. I've already ordered some of her others and can't wait to read them. She knows how to write an ALPHA hero!!!

  • Tamecia
    2018-12-29 17:31

    Another great read 📙😊📗.

  • Rebeca Martinez
    2018-12-31 16:48

    I didn't know how I was going to feel reading this book, but since I liked the first book from the Westmoreland series "Delaney Desert Sheik" so much I decided to give this series and therefore this book a try. Boy am I glad that I did!! I liked this book so much that I finished it in a day! This book could have gone down a very angst road with both Dare and Shelly blaming each other for the decisions that they made in the past. Yet they moved on quickly and put there sons interest first which made this book a very short and very enjoyable read. Brenda Jackson knows a thing or two about writing emotions in such a life like way. For the first time reading a book I fell in love with the male protagonist more than I did with the female. I loved Dare!! To me he was the best thing about this book. From his interaction with his son, Shelly, or his brothers I loved it all. This was a great continuation of the Westmoreland series and I can't wait to start Thorn's Challenge.

  • Yolanda Knight
    2019-01-15 16:22

    Dare to have a second chanceMy April Review Alisdare(Dare)Westmoreland and Shelly Brockman have been dating since she was in high school and proceeded thru college, everyone in town thought that they were the perfect couple and would get married in the future, but Dare decided that he wanted a career with the FBI and there wasn't room for Shelly in his life so he broke her heart by calling off the wedding. After 10 years shelly resurfaces back to where it started, with more than a broken heart.This was the first book that I read by Brenda Jackson, and I enjoyed every page from beginning to end, I love the way she brought Dare and Shelly back together after being apart for so many years. The chartacters were described well and the story was easy to follow. Brenda didn't miss a BeatIf you are looking for a Great Love Story This Is It.I will be reading more from this author for sure.

  • Anne Lorraine
    2019-01-22 15:27

    Finished it on a midnight.I hate the fact that Shelly never gave a fight with his attraction with Dare.She just gave in with it,I would really be happy to see Dare grovel but Shelly didnt gave me that.I did cry on the beginning especially when it was reveleaved that Dare broke up with her to follow his dream.He is such a jerk.Imagine this guy you thought who love you and will dump you just after everything.What a tragedy.Dare deserved the pain upon knowing he had a son and never knew it until after 10yrs.Call me vindictive but I savour that moment.The true struggle in here is with his son,which end up great.So, to wrap it up its officially one of my favorites.Great job Brenda Jackson :)

  • Lynetta
    2019-01-11 15:41

    SecondsThis author has said she likes happy endings. I do too and while one can look forward to the happy ending, the journey there is as exciting as ever. The Westmorelands is a group to be reckoned with. Everything about the women and men, especially the men, is a healing balm to people of color whose image has been tainted by worn out stereotypes from long ago. For those who want to know, this is real. I have only just begun this series but I know it will only get better. If you take this series in order there are four more brothers to become acquainted with. For me there are three and I want to read about them all. These are stand alone books but you won't stop at one!

  • Livia
    2019-01-03 17:35

    Book two in the Westmoreland series features the oldest brother and sheriff of College Park, Georgia, Dare Westmoreland. Dare has a history with returning hometown girl Shelly Brockman. The history includes a ten year old son with behavior problems that can easily be corrected. Before either Dare or his son can be made aware of each other, they meet when Dare is arresting him.The "hows" and "whys" are what make for an excellent romance and what keeps the reader fascinated with this particular Westmoreland tale.

  • Shawnette
    2019-01-06 14:50

    If You Dare?!!!I enjoyed the second novel about the Westmoreland family. Although the story was about Dare, Shelly and AJ, it definitely gave you more insight into the tight bond of the Westmoreland family. It kept me interested in the story from beginning to end. It also gave hints to what the next story would be about. The sexual scenes were definitely STEAMY. Over all I thought it was a great story about second chances and the ties that bind. I enjoyed when Dare decided go old school and 'woo' Shelly, to help her realize that he still loved her and he wanted them to be a family.

  • Connie
    2019-01-12 20:45

    Loved it! 10 years ago Shelly left Georgia because Dare Westmoreland wanted to be an FBI agent more than he wanted a girlfriend. But Shelly had a secret. Now 10 years later she's back home. Surprise! The 10 year old boy Dare arrested this morning is the son he never knew he had. I liked the way Shelly and Dare handled how they explained to AJ his lineage. Will Shelly and Dare be able to forgive one another and finally get their HEA?

  • Lady Raven RAVE!
    2019-01-04 15:49

    I must say that this was a very good sequel to DELANEY'S DESERT SHEIK. i wasn't really looking forward to buying it because i was waiting on her other brother's story (THORN).my husband force me to buy this book because he knows i love reading romance novels and i'm glad i bought this book it was very good...A+... for me..get it you won't be disappointed...

  • Karen
    2019-01-09 15:35

    I love how Sheriff Dare Westmoreland fought for the love of his one and only true love Shelley Brockman and for the son that he did not know existed. He planned on a way to earn his troubled son's love, then he planned on claiming his woman after ten years, hurt, and pain. Awesome story!

  • Laquisha Sauls
    2019-01-03 17:50

    A little dare by Brenda Jackson I thought this book gave me a lot to feels The storyline was right on point The characters were wonderful I gave it five out of five stars and I highly recommend this book

  • Tigger
    2019-01-12 15:47

    I should stop playing and rate all of Brenda's books with 5 stars!I am re-reading all of the Westmoreland series getting ready for Bane, yes I know Bailey is coming first, but I have waited for Bane story for YEARS!

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-22 13:28

    Love itI am loving this Westmoreland family. Dare was super sexy and charming. I liked the relationship between Dare and AJ. The steamy love between Shelly and Dare was hot. Great job Brenda Jackson. I would highly recommend this book.

  • Dorel
    2019-01-16 18:36

    This is the 5th book I read by Brenda Jackson. I really loved how Shelly & Dare's love for each other was still there after 10 years. I really enjoyed how Dare & Aj got to know each other. I think this book is worth every penny.

  • Neus Gutiérrez
    2019-01-22 14:33

    3.75Este me ha gustado MUCHO más que el primero, se lee rápido y los protas me han gustaoaunque su historia es un poco película americana típica y tiene cierto toque un tanto exasperante, pero a la vez también es comprensible...lo disfruté :)

  • Amber
    2019-01-01 17:24

    this one got an extra star for respect. respect for the kid's feelings, mutual respect for one another as responsible adults, respect for law enforcement, and respect for and by family.

  • Mandy Brown
    2019-01-19 14:38

    Haven't yet read a book by Ms. Jackson that I don't love!!

  • Chere' Brady
    2018-12-29 15:27

    This is the best story in the set

  • Cassandradorsey
    2019-01-07 14:36

    iloved this book because it was based out of georgia and i loved shelly dare and aj .i just love the whole westmoreland clan it is a family that sticks together no matter what the stiuation is .

  • Renee
    2019-01-08 16:41

    WOW love the Westmoreland family now I'm moving from Dare to Thorn. A book a day

  • Keke Chanel
    2018-12-28 16:25

    This story is tantalizing, sensual, and downright seductive. Shelly and Dare give the true meaning of fire and desire.

  • Aubreyann Miller-ralph
    2019-01-07 16:47


  • Shannon
    2018-12-25 15:51

    Backyard scene AWESOME!!!!!

  • Mel
    2019-01-01 19:49

    So good. That's all

  • Claudia
    2019-01-24 14:31

    A reread for me. It still resonated with me. Loved it.

  • Crystal
    2019-01-14 16:29

    Great for reading at the beach on vacation.

  • Beth
    2019-01-21 19:33

    Finally got the chance to read one of Brenda's book ... listen that is ... through my Audible Romance Package ... I have been following Brenda for so long ... I love her style ... love Madison's narrating voice ... great pick. I look forward to diving more into her books and check her style out even more. Must read. Loved it!!! ( ;