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Putting food on the table for the family quickly and economically doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. This book shows how Hugh's approach to food can be adapted to suit any growing, working family, or busy young singles and couples for that matter. Breakfast, baking, lunchboxes, quick suppers, healthy snacks, eating on the move and weekend cooking for the weekPutting food on the table for the family quickly and economically doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. This book shows how Hugh's approach to food can be adapted to suit any growing, working family, or busy young singles and couples for that matter. Breakfast, baking, lunchboxes, quick suppers, healthy snacks, eating on the move and weekend cooking for the week ahead – all these, and more, will be covered in River Cottage Every Day.As Hugh says:'I make no prior assumptions about where you shop, what you may or may not know about growing vegetables or keeping livestock, whether you can tell the difference between a swede and turnip, or know what to do with a belly of pork and a breast of lamb. Instead, I'll show you easy and confidence-inspiring ways with cuts of meat, types of fish and other ingredients you may not have tried before. And I'll offer you new approaches that I hope will breath new life to familiar staples, like rice, spuds, beans, and your daily bread.Above all, I intend to tempt you irresistibly towards a better life with food, with a whole raft of recipes that I think you will love. I hope some of them will become your absolute favourites, and the favourites of your dear friends and beloved family. I hope that the dishes you like best will infiltrate and influence your cooking, giving you increased confidence and fresh ideas. In short, I hope that before long, cooking simple and delicious food from the best seasonal ingredients becomes second nature and first priority for you, not just once in a while, but every day.'...

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River Cottage Every Day Reviews

  • Jules
    2019-01-07 19:42

    I'm having a cookbook clear-out, and have decided to leave reviews for some of the cookbooks before I donate them to charity. I'm currently on the fence with this one, as not sure whether to keep it or give it to charity. Might have another read through it one evening and see how many recipes I'm likely to use in the future. I do love Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipes.

  • Anne Brockhoff
    2019-01-24 18:36

    Hugh walks you through the day, from breakfast to sweets, in his encouraging voice. You'll notice from the photos that not all British ingredients look the same as American (his pork chops have a thicker rind) and others simply aren't as readily available (game birds and venison are widely available in British grocery & butcher stores). Still, an entertaining read packed with recipes you might actually make. Buy or borrow? I'm borrowing it now, but will likely buy in the future.

  • Belinda
    2019-01-06 16:33

    These River Cottage books are such good, reliable cook books filled with the kind of recipes it's both possible and practical to make at home. The best chapters are the ones on bread and vegetables. Highly recommended (although Veg Everyday is still my River Cottage favourite).

  • Hannah
    2019-01-08 20:35

    A really wonderful cookbook that simplifies the River Cottage philosophy for easy application. It really is an every day cookbook - so long a you remember that some days you have 30 minutes to get something edible on the table, and some days you have hours to spend in the kitchen. And by that I mean you spent 20 minutes preping and then sat it in an oven for 4 hours. Hardly strenuous.My sourdough recipe of choice can be found in these pages, as can a very delicious honey-baked rhubarb recipe that easily does double service for breakfast or dessert. Also tempting is the vegetable chapter, which on the surface may appear to be full of sides but you'll quickly realise you don't want anything else with the tomato salsa salad, the roast pumpkin with chilli, garlic and rosemary, or the roasted root vegetables with mustard, rosemary and honey. The meat chapter focuses on underused and cheaper cuts. Slow roast brisket with potatoes, a baked chicken curry, and a sausage and vegetable stew are high on my agenda. The fish chapter is similarly plentiful, resourceful and thought-provoking.Moving through to sweet treats is not disappointing and there is plenty to tempt. Favourites of mine so far have included the apple and almond pudding cake (with lashings of custards), lemon curd marble muffins, lemon sponge pudding, and a delightful basic fudge recipe with plenty of flavour inspirations.A worthy addition to any cook's collection, that's sure to be the source of many staple recipes and family favourites.

  • Karen
    2019-01-04 13:37

    I checked this out from the library and have enjoyed the voice of the intros and recipes. I've made the chorizo twice and that's been lovely - very tasty and lasts all week. The lunch box ideas are great, too. I'm having the mustardy beef lentil salad for lunch today and looking forward to my third serving this week. Yum! The meat chapter is a little weird, though. There are plenty of cuts that I'm just not going to get her in America at the supermarket or butcher. And there's an entire lengthy chapter on fish, but I've resolved to eat less fish and only at restaurants lately because of the environmental issues. He does present options for low-impact fish and seafood, and the recipes sound really tasty if you want to do fish at home. The salads are staller, love the desserts, and the photography is delicious and quirky with little drawings and handwriting. I got this as a wedding present for my brother and fiance who enjoy eating locally and sustainably are getting married on the farm where they get their CSA, so I hope they'll enjoy the ideas and attitude of the book.

  • Tim
    2019-01-17 16:23

    I've been a fan of HF-W from his very first days and have nearly, if not all, his cookbooks plus many of the Pocket Series.Although I've given this 4 * 's its not the type of cookbook I like.Themed books on a particular food type or country make sense, this type, which is neither doesn't.Do people really bother to sift through a large book like this to see if there's anything they fancy making?This is the second copy I've bought, the first to add to my collection, the second to give as a present. Both bought in mint, untouched condition from charity shops at £2-00 and £2-50 against a list price of £25.I suppose the plus side is that with so many available cheaply that those who need an economic way of cooking for a family and can't afford £25 will be able to afford £2-00 !There are many who will buy it because of the author, there are many who receive it as a gift and can't be bothered to do the sifting so give to a worthy cause.One copy was given by a daughter to her father and in her little note inscribed inside, ended with the word ' Enjoy ' obviously he didn't !

  • Dominica
    2019-01-22 12:38

    This delightful cookbook is another reminder of just how inventive British cooks can be with classic recipes, and the classic produce of British kitchen gardens. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall takes us through the day with recipes ranging from breakfast, snacks, lunchboxes, to high tea and suppers. There are also some dinner party choices, including desserts and puddings. Look for innovative takes such as Beet and Walnut Hummus, Stewed Venison with Juniper and Bay, Raspberry and Strawberry Eton Mess, and be sure to invite your friends to the party!

  • Emily
    2019-01-08 13:45

    This is one of those cookbooks that inspires me each time I pull it from the shelf. I was looking for ideas for packed lunches yesterday. After a quick flip through I ended up with some chilled beet soup (with spiced yogurt) and a fritatta to pack all week! Also reminded myself how much I love Hugh's version of an energy bar, baked with peanut butter, seeds, dried fruit, and honey. Not only is this book great, but it made me aware of all of the other River Cottage cookbooks. All exceptional!

  • Barbara Barna
    2018-12-29 20:52

    Although a British chef/author, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall seems like he - and his family - could easily fit in my Brooklyn neighborhood. This cookbook is spot on in terms of flavor, instruction, ease & realistic preparation for a busy person/family who wants delicious unpretentious food everyday. It's my new go-to and so far I have loved everything I have made. Special mention goes to Paul McCloskey at the Carroll Gardens branch of BPL who pulled this for me, saying I would love it. He was right.

  • Puddi
    2018-12-29 18:41

    I own quite a few cook books, tend to cook the odd thing from most of them. This is certainly not the case with this book. Not only is it a pleasure to either read or flick through, it is rather lovely to cook from too. There are things to cook and make that I'd never really considered and quite a lot of it can be fairly budget friendly. All in a lovely book that wouldn't be out of place on your coffee table, but far better in your kitchen.

  • emily
    2018-12-27 14:49

    the best. the chocolate chip cookies are the best thing i've ever tasted, everyone in my family loves them. i tried a few recipes from different sections and they all turned out deliciously (a lamb chop one in particular). sadly i only borrowed my copy from the library, but i will definitely be purchasing my own copy. especially as berries are now in season here, i can't wait to try the smoothies and so many of the fruit recipes! hugh is a really inspirational cook.

  • Den
    2019-01-13 18:30

    I have been looking through a lot of cookery books just lately and this is one I thought I would flick through and not see many recipes I like, would cook or would bother going to get the ingredients for. BUT I was surprised as there are numerous recipes I intend to make. There is somethign for everyone in this book.

  • Kashi
    2019-01-19 17:42

    I love cookbooks. I read them often and not just skim through them, but literally read them. The intro, the chapters, the actual recipes. This book had something that looked delightful on each page. And more than that, it offered practical advice on making lunches during the week, how to use leftovers, etc. Things that people really want to know when cooking a big meal.

  • زاهي رستم
    2019-01-06 13:28

    I learned making bread from Hugh, till now I make River Cottage bread in my kitchen. After that I learned his way in using bread crumbles... and then I try to read his books and watch his video. For me he is the best in cooking... and his ways are suitable for me and for my life style.Thanks Hugh, keep going...

  • Tara
    2019-01-08 16:45

    I love the voice of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingsall. I used to watch him on TV in England, and his philosophy of enjoying sustainable food, of sustaining oneself and other people, and of not taking things too seriously comes through in this book of easy recipes and lovely photos with doodles drawn over them.

  • Jaq
    2019-01-05 19:32

    This is another awesome River Cottage cookbook to add to my collection. I love the simplicity and also the real food that this book represents. It is a great addition to my cookbook collection, and an ideal accompaniment to my vegetable garden!

  • Kyla
    2019-01-21 16:26

    I enjoyed it in principle but suffers from the British cookbook syndrome - not his fault! - of highlighting quince, forced early spring rhubarb, custards and so much lamb. Thus, not entirely useful to me.

  • Emily
    2019-01-07 15:51

    God these books are gorgeous! I want to eat nearly everything in them as well! If you've never had the pleasure of skimming one of these beauties I highly recommend anything coming out of River Cottage or generally Fearnley-Whittingstall's mind!

  • Nancy
    2019-01-17 20:35

    I love Hugh's TV show and you can really 'hear' him in this cookbook. the food is really simple with ingredients you can easily find in the supermarket (or paddock if you live out in rabbit country

  • James
    2018-12-31 16:46

    I'm new to cooking and this book is fantastic. Good simple dishes that appeal to me, well illustrated and explained. Very pleased with it.

  • Daniela Kraml
    2019-01-03 20:51

    Love this book!

  • Beka
    2019-01-18 12:32

    Not bad, but not outstanding.

  • Stephanie Richard
    2019-01-22 14:36

    A very inspiring cookbook. I've tried several recipes, it was always a success.

  • julie
    2019-01-18 15:22

    just got this from amazon and have already made two things from it! it's gonna be a keeper.

  • Carolin
    2018-12-31 17:50


  • Tania
    2018-12-24 19:42

    I love this. Seasonal, practical, frugal, tasty.

  • Linda
    2018-12-26 12:22

    Not as exciting as the newer Vegetable cookbook by this author

  • James Targett
    2018-12-29 17:27

    I am as finished as you are ever are, with a cookbook. Now to actual cook something from it.

  • Kendrick
    2019-01-13 16:25

    The photos are nice in this book, but unfortunately a lot of the recipes in the book are more meat focused.

  • Jo
    2019-01-15 15:40

    Awesome recipes made with straightforward ingredients, gorgeous photos and entertaining commentary.