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Carter and Miamor have a complicated history. At one time they were lovers, but now that Carter knows the truth, he wants her dead. She contributed to the deaths of the entire Diamond family and he's the only one left standing....

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The Last Chapter Reviews

  • K.augustine
    2019-01-10 23:19

    The highly anticipated Cartel 3 begins with a glimpse of the funeral of the remaining Diamond siblings, Breeze, Carter, and Mecca. It then quickly whisks us back in time to play out the events that lead to that somber day. Miamor remains trapped in the basement of torture, bound to a chair and beaten half to death. Fabian is still trying with all of his might to break her mentally but he just can't seem to get the best of her. Miamor is barely clinging to life, yet she refuses to apologize or beg for mercy which only infuriates him further. Mecca emerges and is shocked that Fabian hasn't made much progress in both punishing or cracking her. He decides to show Fabian how it's done. We find Carter where we left him in The Cartel 2, incarcerated due to Ace, his right hand man, turning snitch. While the finest lawyers do everything in their power to help him beat his federal case, he finds an unlikely comrade in his new cellmate Garza. Recognizing the high volume of power they equally possess, The Diamond Cartel and The Garza Cartel soon agree to join forces. In Carter's absence Zyir and Mecca are now jointly the chief executives of The Cartel. They oversee the daily operations to the best of their abilities, but realize they don't possess the same cunning abilities or at least not in the same magnitude as Carter himself. On top of dealing with the struggles of reviving the cartel Mecca and Zyir both have personal issues to deal with. Zyir along with everyone else believes Breeze is dead. He has somewhat come to terms with her death, but still is deeply pained by the thought of his true love not being with him. Zyir makes the mistake of mixing business with pleasure when it comes to the new woman in his life, Illiana Garza, of The Garza Cartel. Although he has zero positive sentiments toward her outside of the bedroom, she decides she wants all of him. Mind, body, and soul . . . by any means necessary. Mecca begins to finally understand and accept the disastrous consequences that are a direct result of his lies and silly choices. In light of his revelations he is feeling bogged down and plagued by his sins, when he stumbles upon his ex girlfriend Leena. Realizing she is alive brings back memories of the horrible night he killed his twin and shot her. Still in love with her and seeing the baby birthed with his brother motives him even further to redeem himself and become a better man, but is it too late? Poor Breeze continues to endure being held captive by deranged Mateé in Haiti. Emotionally drained and sick of being his forced sex slave, she decides to make a final run for it. Mother nature intervenes before she can get away and the worst earthquake in Haitian history takes place. Breeze seems to finally be home free when a nice woman named Ms. Beth rescues her among the sea of dead bodies in Port Au Prince, and offers to take her back to the United States. Sadly, the wool is pulled over Breeze's eyes and she is trapped in Mexico forced into the soiled underworld of sex trafficking and addicted to heroin. Breeze's gloomy globe trotting odyssey is simply heartbreaking given she has been through so much. Painfully, hope of her finally getting home safely dims by the second. Murder is out for blood! It seems he is determined to seek vengeance on anyone that even knows anyone whom has hurt Miamor. Zyir, Mecca, and Carter are at the top of his hit list. Regardless of what side the reader is rooting for, I believe most will understand where he is coming from and why he feels that way, up until his rage seems fueled solely by jealously of Carter and Miamor's love. Murder is a ruthless killer and will stop at nothing to have the man who captivated Miamor's heart six feet under. The final installment of this trilogy is off the charts and is sure jolt you out of your seat. These authors are masters at making far fetched sequence of events completely believable. This powerful, tear jerking conclusion nearly ties up all of the prior loose ends that readers were dying to find out. I love how Ashley & JaQuavis followed up on small story lines from the previous installments that other authors might have forgotten or not deemed important enough to mention. We encounter Ace, Estes, and Leena again and get to follow their interesting roller coaster story lines. A&J wrapped this one up so neatly, and are uncharacteristically fair to the readers which I for one, appreciate greatly. The ending of this immaculate novel does not answer every inkling we may have, yet we are not left with numerous gigantic cliffhangers per usual. Maybe just one or two but, I have a strong feeling that we will see several of these characters in their new novel entitled Murderville, and I can't wait. This is a must read! If you haven't copped your copy then do so now! While you're at it buy a few for your friends and then discuss this amazing literature!

  • Kim
    2019-01-10 19:10

    I can see why a lot of people were dissapointed with this book. The 2nd book was just so amazing, and I really could have been satisfied if that was the ending. A lot of things did irk me, after Miamor's dream in part 2 I was upset that she was killed so quickly. I really wanted to see her and Carter have their happy ending. There was so much death in the book but I didn't see the need for everyone to die at the end. Breeze and Zy should have gotten married and the book should have ended. Why Carter had to off Mecca at that point just made no sense. If he was going to kill him he should have done it way sooner. Mecca was no longer a threat to him. And lastly, what happened to Carter? This is the last chapter so why are we left hanging? I feel like another book will pop up called The Last Chapter Again. Although I didn't think this book was the best, if you read the first two you have to read this one to see how it all turned out.

  • Angel
    2019-01-06 20:30

    Where do i start. Okay this book pissed me completely off. Thats how upset I was with this book. Ashley&Jaquavis are beginning to start a little trend that i do not like and thats killing off everybody in every book,i mean you cant call it a twist when everybody knows the twist is death***SPOILER ALERT*** I truly wanted at least Breeze and Zyir to survive in the end i loved them two. And i hated that Miamor was supposedly killed so early, i mean really, why though? I was mad just because i followed all 3 novels in the hopes that they would get a happy ending, instead i got some wierd cliff hanger with unfinshed story lines. But i guess this book wasnt all bad, Im just a little mad, but i liked how they used modern day situations in the book like The Haiti Earthquake. I also liked other things. Guess i'll be waiting for a part 4 probably title "The Second Last Chapter". All an all i cant quite bring myself to rate it lower than a 3, because it at least kept me turning the pages.

  • Monique
    2019-01-19 00:27

    Couldnt wait to finish this book as the entire Diamond family had me so curious.. each and every one of them have their own interesting story and a whole book could have been written on each side story so for the authors to be able to condense all information into a quick less than three hundred page read I commend them as I truly enjoyed their trilogy--....As a stand alone novel I may have been disappointed as you jump right in straight no chaser but as a continuation of the other two page turners it was all I could hope for.., every question about this fascinating family is answered and while you wish everyone could have had a different fate you were always entertained, I found myself having to actively remember to stop gaping and rereading and move on :)..So the story, sigh.. what can I say about my baby Mecca with his crazy self but he is exposed as a heartless killer and then rehabilitated and even though I kinda miss the wild reckless Mecca you grow to love and appreciate his growth, you learn more about the oh so cool Carter and his love Miamor, more story on the tragic and pitiful Breeze and Zyir love and meet some new characters destined to turn it all the way up in the next series.. I can always respect a movie or a book that doesnt turn out the way you expect it: where either the main characters die or there is an ill betrayal or something you just never see coming like a character you shouldnt have forgotten, a patient revenge, a truly hauntingly described death scene-- and this book had all of that plus more..The language, subject matter,gratituitous sex scenes and the overall silliness and disregard for human life makes me hesitant to recommend this series to EVERYONE, and also alot of people from reading just seeing it may view it as a stupid hood novel (I can freely admit I judged it incorrectly) but truly urge people to try this series with an open mind and possibly like me be pleasantly surprised..It makes you wonder, think of alternate plots and ultimately never foget the family, the Cartel----Diamonds are forever, now come on with the next series..LOL :)

  • Chandra
    2018-12-30 00:25

    Did not see any of this coming! Throughout this whole book I fell in love with Young Carter. Still loved him in the end. I hated Mecca throughout the whole book, but gained a little respect for him in the end. A little too late, but nonetheless I respected his game. Miamour-love her. I think she represents a woman in that game well. I have mad respect for her. She took death like a woman. She knew she had to much blood her hands and one day karma was going to come back hard on her. She didnt beg for her life, she was a woman about hers all the way through.

  • ArtBooksLIfe Denise D Cooper
    2019-01-11 16:29

    okayyyyy these fools are cray cray.... i am hooked i done went to two different libraries to get the rest of the series.....aint nobody got time for no i am so shook, hooked and booked.

  • Tish
    2018-12-27 23:32

    After Miamor's dream of dying, I didn't expect for her to die so quickly in this book! Honestly after that occurred, I took my time reading this book. From the time Zyir met this messy Mexican chick, I knew he was going to pussy-whipped and ultimately lead the cartel into yet another war. I just knew it. The ending was the best part of the book to me. However, I didn't like that I was expecting and basically KNEW that the characters were going to fake their deaths. That was a little cheesy. And what's up with Carter killing Mecca at the end? That was a little strange to me since his character stressed all through out the book that Mecca was his brother and he couldn't kill him. Being that Miamor and Carter didn't get their happy ending, I was looking forward to seeing breeze and Zyir live out theirs only to have my hopes crushed!This book gets 4/5 stars because I spent nearly half the book being upset. And even though I was upset I was still turning the pages with my eyes glued to the text. I must say that I am looking forward to seeing what's going to happen with Carter in the next installment.

  • Lesa Divine
    2019-01-05 18:16

    I couldn't wait to read this book. I liked it. I just had to remember while reading this that part 2 wasn't real and had to remember all about part 1 but, I was able to remember as I kept reading.Miamor still as being beating by Fabian and Mecca while still trying to be a solider the whole way thou.Breeze still missing and overseas with Ma'tee that leads her into more trouble that lead to a horrible addiction.Mecca still a hard solider that finds out somethings about himself and gets to the point of trying to change to be better.Carter still trying to run the Cartel after getting a bigger connection while locked up that leads to some horrible trouble down the line.Carter still in love with Miamor that leads him into finding out more about Miamor.Murder out and Aries and Robyn tells him about The Cartel that leads Murder into rage for the love of his life.Book was good but, a little sad at the same time. Liked it but, hated the ending grrr. But, wishing that, that wasn't the Last Chapter it makes me wonder is it truely the last chapter. Hmmmm never know. Great book from Ashley and JaQuavis for doing they thang yet again.

  • Tanisha
    2019-01-14 22:33

    I wasn't sure I wanted to read it after part 2 but I did. Although I wanted a happy ending, I don't think that would be realistic based on the kind of life they led. I think the authors definitely left room for a part 4. We'll see!!

  • Jade Jones
    2018-12-23 22:15

    Banger!This book was page-turning and nail biting good! I couldn't read it fast enough! Now I'm left in suspense to wonder the fate of Young Carter! Job well done!

  • JL Henderson
    2019-01-14 16:29

    I couldn't wait to finish this book because it was absolutely good! Since the last book turned out just to be Miramor's dream, it was so shocking to find that out. I was glad to read more and more in this book about my favorite characters Carter and Breeze, even with everything they both go through. But now in this book, I was even more shocked and saddened by the way this book ends. I won't say any spoilers here, but those of you who read it will be so enthralled by the chain of events that lead up to the conclusion. The overall pacing of the book was great and kept me excited as I turned each page. I can't wait to read The Cartel 4 book to see where the story goes next!

  • Tiara
    2019-01-02 21:06

    More like a 2.5-ish.

  • Tianna
    2019-01-21 17:15

    Family is very important to the Diamond family but at the same time they are not loyal to each other at all. Everything that happens in previous books eventually catches up each character in this book. In Cartel 2 Breeze gets kidnapped by Mate when she was just about to lose her virginity to someone she was not suppose to be talking to . One of the Diamond brothers conscience is eating him up he cant live with him self any longer knowing what shame he has brought to his family. Both Diamond parents are gone and it is all over power! So there's only one person that can bring back this family back together , But who? Meanwhile one of the bothers (Carter) is in love with one of the reasons why half of his family is dead or have gone crazy. But he doesn't know anything about it Miamor is hiding everything from him . She is in love with him and doesn't know how to tell him what she has done to his family. She knows if she does tell him he will kill her and never forgive her. She does not know what to do. She gave up all her bad ways to be with Carter and there is no way she is giving him up her eyes. I would recommend this book to mature young adults. I loved this book it was very interesting and i read it in two days that's how good it is. The ending is very sad though.

  • Mel
    2018-12-21 19:19

    I downloaded this series to my nook from the library and, didn't read them in any particular order. I wish I had but the authors provided enough background to not really make that an issue. I am a fan of Ashley and Jaquavis. I don't think this series was their best but, it definitely kept my interest.I don't know how I feel about them killing off everybody except Carter. I don't think Breeze and Ziyr deserved to die... Or Mecca seeing how he changed. Characters like Iliana really deserved to have some sort of retribution but maybe there will be another?

  • SondraSoSmooth85
    2018-12-21 16:33

    This book was a nice ending to the Cartel Series. I really enjoyed it, it had my emotions going crazy because the drama was never ending, I almost cried when I got the part of the funeral, I was relieved to find out they were alive and well, then the deaths of Mecca,Breeze,and Zyir saddened me, I was looking forward to a happy ending.....Great Read.

  • Amy Gable
    2019-01-19 00:24

    I like this one better than the 2nd book, however the dream series from the 2nd book kept messing up the time line in my head. I kept asking myself, "does this person know this yet? Or did this happen already?"

  • Charmaine
    2019-01-09 00:08

    What a good read. One of the better 3rd book of triliogy that I have read in a long time.Had it's sad parts and definately all the drama of the first two.Is it really over or is it true what they say...."Diamonds are Forever"?Thanks Ashley & Jaquavis.

  • TriVonda Mines
    2018-12-26 23:22

    It actually made me cry....

  • Michelle
    2018-12-27 20:31

    Wow, I enjoyed this series very much. Again the authors don't believe in happy endings but they did leave a slight possibility of something happening for carter.

  • Aleta Williams
    2019-01-21 20:30

    Last chapter Enjoyed it and mad that they all died however it was a good story but where's murder and who killer

  • Tiffany❤️Loves❤️a❤️good❤️Book❤️Boyfriend!!!
    2018-12-26 16:13

    omg getting better and better

  • Sherry Laster
    2019-01-13 20:19


  • Nene
    2019-01-06 21:12

    Great Read

  • Beca
    2019-01-21 20:15

    **SPOILER ALERT**I read the book within 3 days. I'm usually not a huge fan of "gangster" types of books and story lines but Ashley really knows how to keep you glued to the story. You almost feel as though you are watching an action movie. The ending was a bit too sudden. Killing the remaining characters all within the same day but in different circumstances was disappointing. It felt as though the author was tired of the characters and wanted them gone in order to start the next book. I'm hoping the last chapter was just someones nightmare and the story can start making sense in book 4.

  • Ave Whitfield
    2019-01-10 22:08

    Pure Greatness!!!!This series is so grimy and so good .I was on the edge of my seat reading. I really was hoping for Breeze to have a happy ending after everything she endured. And I my opinion Mecca got exactly what he deserved. Young Carter,is definitely the man I love. I love his attitude,his Street wisdom and his loyalty. This series is definitely one to read over and over.

  • Andreas McMurtry
    2019-01-19 17:31

    When an author can make you feel like you actually know the characters and you talk about them like they are real life people you know it's good. I will never miss a release by the authors. Their writing is amazing and keeps the books in my hand. I read them too fast. I have never re read a book before but I have to the whole series.

  • Karen Rowe
    2019-01-11 22:23

    DiamondsWhat an ending.Illiana should have paid for the role she played with Breeze silently so that the Mexican cartel would never know the truth.Exciting and suspenseful story. I think Books 2 and 3 should have been combined with a different ending.

  • Reese
    2019-01-19 16:26

    I can not wait for the next book! I absolutely love this Author. The series upset me, had me in tears, made me throw the damn book across the room, had me talking to myself. Geesh! I would love to pick her brain.

  • Mary Mckelvin
    2019-01-14 22:11

    Now I had to get right into this book ASAP!! When I start to read the prologue let me just say I was upset!! I won't spoil it for everyone else but LIKE really!! I said I was going to email this awesome couple because of book two but now they will get a email for sure. While I wait for book Four.

  • Brandie
    2018-12-25 19:11

    Man oh man The plot thickens in this story and now you are left to see what is about to happen next I knew Carter was gonna get his revenge just wish Zyir and Breeze would have made it out the game so ready to see what happens in the next book.