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Poems by Neil Carpathios. This book was a finalist in the 2009 FutureCycle Press Book Prize competition. This edition is in all but extremely minor respects the same as the edition, ISBN 978-1938853258, which supersedes it, except for the manufacturer....

Title : Beyond the Bones
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ISBN : 9780578033105
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 86 Pages
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Beyond the Bones Reviews

  • Donald Armfield
    2019-05-14 22:26

    Beyond the Bones by Neil Carpathios is brilliant prose with a couple of factoids thrown in the mix, made a poetry masterpiece.My Son and I Explore the Nature of Suffering The author made me smile with this one. Kids say some of the best things in life. ★The Egg★Cruelty ★Hunger★Any Given Sunday ★We Call It Roadkill★The Voice Inside ★Dear Future " you're reading this before I even finished. You really do care"★The Obvious Never Tips His Hat "Did I fall through a trapdoor in the sky? Or is that the residue of too many cartoons?"

  • Diane Kistner
    2019-05-15 19:08

    From the BookINSTEAD OF WRITING A POEM ABOUT WRITING A POEM,I STEP OUTSIDE AND SMELL THE AIRRain-choked worms like severed veinstwist on the sidewalk.I picture their tiny roomsunderground flooded, their miniaturestoves, books, pots and pansbobbing up and down,their furniture like rafts floating.I wonder when the rain stopsif they find their way backto assess damages.Do they weep at the loss?Do they scavenge to find their soppingitems? Do they build a new home,starting over from scratch?Do they talk about the tragedy,have film footage and interviewslike hurricane victims on TV?Do they blame it on some godwho maybe was bored and ornery,who needed a little excitement?I watch them carefully to see if they wigglefrantically to find their washed-out husbands,wives, sons and daughters. As a boyI’d run outside, scoop them up,house them in a jar. I’d give themplenty of dirt and grass to keep them safeuntil I took them fishing where I’d pierce themin the head or heart with a barbed hook and see thembleed and ooze and writhe. Then I let them slowly dieunderwater, pray some even bigger creaturewould finish them off. I sniff and smelltheir nakedness. Smell concrete, damp soil,drops exploding all around me. I go back insideand start to scribble words, label things,wonder if my ears could hearwould their screams be translatable.TEN TO ONEA worm has ten hearts,which means they are romantic,or at least able to lovea lot. You see onein a robin’s beak or ona sidewalk or in the craterleft by a rock.You don’t thinkof them as lovers,as something that longsfor another of its kind.Maybe undergroundwhere we never see themthey live secret lives,tunneling and tunnelingin search of each otherwith burning passion.They can affordto be struck by Cupid’sarrow without second-guessingor doubt. Unlike us,who have just onethat we try not to breakover and over.

  • Jimmy
    2019-05-02 21:25

    When I started reading the first poem, "Workers for the Lord," I thought, "Oh man, I hope this isn't going to be some sort of religious poetry book." It was about these "celestial" workers making human souls. It turned out okay though in that it was done in a lighthearted way. But I would have to say there was way too much God talk for my tastes. Or maybe I should correct that to say too much fluffy God talk. The kind you hear from people who believe but have no clue what they are believing in, like low-information believers. The strength of the book is that the topics for the poems were interesting. Thus the four stars. It held my interest all the way through. The style is very conversational, lacking in any strong metaphors. So a purist for great poetry may not care for it. But it's accessible enough for the average poetry reader. And that's really not such a bad thing in a world filled with inaccessible poetry that quite often sucks.

  • FutureCycle Press
    2019-04-22 18:31

    We are the publisher, so all of our authors get five stars from us.