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After her harrowing kidnapping, Reed returns to Easton to find the worst thing she can think of—Billings has been torndown. Finally, after years of controversy, the school’s wealthiest female alumni have been overruled, and the historical dorm is gone from Easton Academy.How will Reed and the rest of the Billings Girls handle it? Will they still be as powerful, as popular,After her harrowing kidnapping, Reed returns to Easton to find the worst thing she can think of—Billings has been torndown. Finally, after years of controversy, the school’s wealthiest female alumni have been overruled, and the historical dorm is gone from Easton Academy.How will Reed and the rest of the Billings Girls handle it? Will they still be as powerful, as popular, and as wicked—with literally no ground to stand on?...

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Scandal Reviews

  • Clementine
    2019-01-12 16:52

    Now that Billings has been torn down by the new headmaster, Reed and her friends are a nation without a state. Or something. Things look pretty bleak until Reed gets a mysterious book from someone associated with Billings, and she decides to re-found the Billings Literary Society. Will the BLS bring her friends closer than ever or drive them apart?Initially a fun, mindless read, Kate Brian's Private series is stretching the limits of even the most open mind. How many times can a reader expect Reed to be stalked, kidnapped, or nearly murdered? What was fun about these books for me has fizzled to a mild irritation with all the characters, along with a searing hatred for a select few. It is hard to believe that Reed is so fiercely protective of the shallow one-dimensional Billings girls when we are not given any reason to understand why.Meh.

  • Kathryn CA
    2019-01-03 00:48

    So I just finished reading the book and thought I would share my opinions.First, I hate Reed. I hated her throughout most of this book (which sucks because I normally like her). I hated how she would never take anything Noelle said seriously just because she likes to prove to Noelle that she can be the leader. It gets on my freakin' nerves. I also hated Reed's obsession with Josh throughout this whole book. And how she rationalized it all in her mind. What she and Josh did was not okay and it made me hate both characters. And then how Ivy came back like it was all okay at the end of the book bothered me too. That was a way out of character move for Ivy. Yelling that she should have never trusted a Billings Girl, that was spot on, but the whole "oh, it was really my fault" is bullshit. I did like the idea of the Billings Literary Society. I want to know who sent Reed the book. But Reeds adherence to every little detail got annoying. I don't understand how she can stand up to Noelle, even when Noelle is right (like about the meeting place and not posting the logo around campus when they are so close to getting caught and expelled) but she couldn't stand up to Ivy on this issue. Reed is like the worst friend on the planet. Also, wondering what you guys think about the kidnapping. That sounds like a good book. I can't believe it. That scene was a little confusing. I don't understand how someone found Noelle and was able to kidnap her in the dark. But still, it looks like a great book. Any guesses on who did it? Maybe Ivy? History shows that it is Reeds closest friends who do this stuff to her. Maybe that is why Ivy uncharacteristically forgave Reed... I will definitely buy the next book and read it right away, but I am disappointed with many of the turns Kate Brian took in this novel. Reed and Noelle had just made up at the end of the last book and I was looking forward to them being BFFs again... I didn't want to see the Reed/Ivy union.

  • Jessica
    2019-01-21 21:37

    Grade: BI've been reading the Private series for the past year or so now. These novels are definitely not realistic and are highly over dramatic, but it's lots of fun and a guilty pleasure. Think of it as a daytime soap opera in YA book form.I don't remember when it happened, but sometime during the series, I stopped liking Reed Brennan, the protagonist. In Vanished, I freaking despised her. I hated the character she had become, and I found myself finding Noelle Lange (the resident bitch), much more likable. I'm not sure if Kate Brian intentionally wanted her readers to distance themselves from Reed, but I hate it when I start to find the protagonist annoying.The novels in the Private series are all about cliffhangers. In fact, I'm pretty sure she could combine three separate novels and make it into one larger novel, but alas, that would mean they would make less money on the books ;). I love cliffhangers and I love suspense, but I hate how the novels are so short, and when something really interesting finally starts to happen, the book is over and you have to go out and buy the next one! I just didn't feel like there was anything substantial in this particular book and everything was buildup for the cliffhanger-but nothing actually happens in this novel, at least not enough for it to be a standalone book.Besides those pet peeves of mine, I have to admit I still enjoy the series and Kate Brian is wonderful at writing dark, snarky, mean girls. And while the series is completely unbelievable, I still like the drama and suspense she creates.I have Vanished (Private #12) on hold at the library, and I can't wait to get my hands on it and find out what happens next!

  • Merary
    2019-01-06 00:55

    A great improvement from the last book, with a much better storyline than the St. Barts arc, but it still suffers from sloppy writing and lazy characterization. This is such a shame because before the vacation plot started, the story was kind of good.

  • Bethany
    2018-12-31 20:48

    There are apparently 515 days until graduation. That's about 10 more books. I think I need to stop reading this series now...

  • ✨ Ljubica ✨
    2018-12-25 21:43

    the whole billing society thingy was annoying as heck like really? reed breaking it off with upton was stupid on her part and her leading on sawyer like common

  • Wyatt
    2019-01-09 00:45

    Can I just say that yah Reed broke up with Upton (mistake) but she didn't really like Sawyer but felt bad so she let him kiss her, thinking it might just change how she feels about him. But it didn't.Josh is all of the sudden really jealous of Reed and Sawyer. But why wasn't he before? I mean Sawyers not the first guy Reed has dated since they broke up. So Josh comes over in the middle of the night because he's so jealous (when's he's the one who's had a girlfriend since basicallythe day they broke up). So Reed and Josh kiss. In the next chapter, Reed talks all about her self loathe and how shes a hypocrite for kissing Josh--- I think it is good that she doesn't feel happy that it happened even though she really wanted it to happen the past few months--- and betraying Ivy.Okay so that part was really good cause I love Reed and Josh, but the Billings Girls Literary Club thing just seemed like a week part of the story. It was a liitle strange and a lot boring.

  • Emerald
    2019-01-04 22:57

    ***Spoiler Free Summary By Emerald BookWorm***I didn't know a thing about this series going into it. My boyfriend (now husband) would always go to the library to pick up books for me and he stumbled across this series and brought me the first book, thinking I would enjoy it. /// Well he was right lol. /// I was instantly hooked and reserving the next book within 24 hours. /// This series is definitely not realistic and is pretty dramatic lol , but it's lots of fun and it was the first time I'd ever read anything like this before. /// It went places I would of never thought. /// I know it looks super cheesy, and maybe it is to an extent lol, but the story is pretty good actually and kept me interested. /// There are a lot of books in this series but it's so easy to read through and very enjoyable. /// I recommend! Check this series out!Until Next Time,Emerald BookWorm

  • Court
    2019-01-09 20:39

    i dont feel like writing my reviewnow that i think back, it wasn't that great. I mean, seriously, Billings Literature Society? Dude, that's horrible, and come one, the guys? Reed is kinda acting like a female dog in this book. And as a friend said, Ivy is awesome and Josh is okay, but most of the other characters are getting kinda ick. Also as she said, this series is too much, too long. Reed is getting tiring and annoying and 11 books in a series is just too much.i would also like to add that from what i can tell, none of the billings girls really deserve to BE in billings (except for maybe taylor and ivy)

  • Jasminemonday
    2019-01-08 18:59

    Omg i rlly cant wait for this book to come out i have read almost all the series am reading beautiful disaster now, and then perfect mistake. I can say that scandal is going to be the best and MOST SHOCKING ONE OF ALL. I cannot wait for this book to come out i have been addicted to the series ever since a friend referred it to me. I HIGHLY RECOMENDED THIS SERIES TO EVERYONE YOU WOULD ENJOY IT TRUST ME :)

  • Kelsey van Dillen
    2019-01-05 19:55

    Wow what a massive cliffhanger does this book have! More scandals and more crime, must read further!!

  • Sera
    2018-12-23 18:06

    Guilty pleasure and fun way to start the new year.

  • Rylee Emmick
    2019-01-11 19:04

    Scandal, is book #11of the Private series. Reed comes back from her Caribbean vacation to find shocking information. She expects to come home to her normal life of shopping trips with her friends and her regular classes but that's not what happened she returned home. The administration was separating the Billings girls. All the girls were outraged by this and decided to take action. Reed puts together her own club and only certain people are allowed to join. This causes lots of drama between others. To find out what happens with the girls friendships and with the school, you need to read this to find out. I recommend this book to teenage girls because of the drama it has of high school girls.

  • ktheland
    2019-01-03 17:48

    Well, this didn't last long (me liking Reed). Missy is right, Reed is a terrible friend. Plus, Josh is as annoying as ever. And a cheater who broke up with Reed because she cheated. Irony. Ivy is to good for this.

  • Janelle Dazzlepants
    2018-12-21 17:56

    Billings House may be gone, but the girls aren't giving up. Somebody leaves a mysterious handbook to a secret society in Reed's room, so she bands together with Ivy to reform an ancient Easton club: the Billings Literary Society (BLS). Unfortunately following the rules of this book means some people are left out, so Reed ends up dividing Billings rather than reuniting it. The BLS further turns to shit when Noelle is kidnapped at one of their meetings, and the kidnappers plan to put Reed through hell to get her back. And in more superficial news, along the way Reed gets back together with Josh and we learn he had ties to the late Jen Hathaway. I personally love the idea of ancient secret societies, so I was really intrigued by the BLS. On the surface the BLS appears quite innocent and dedicated to advancing the lives of women, but I'm hoping that Reed will discover some sinister secrets about them! After all, what good is a secret society if they don't hold secrets that could rewrite history and bring the world to its knees? Given that Reed spent the last book dying on a deserted island, nothing is too far-fetched, so I'm holding out hope that the BLS conducted ritual sacrifice or secretly controls half the world's oil. I'm also really excited by Noelle's kidnapping! I never saw it coming, and for something so last minute it was executed really well. It has all the elements I could hope for - Noelle was mysteriously smuggled out of the chapel without anybody noticing, the kidnappers are tormenting Reed via text message (which I hope is along the lines of A in Pretty Little Liars), and for once it's not Reed's life at risk! The author must have figured us readers were getting sick of the constant attempts on Reed's life, so she gave us something juicier. I can't wait to start speculating on the identities of Noelle's kidnappers in the next book. The girls immediately assumed it was Missy and the other rejected BLS potentials, and I definitely think Missy has a bigger role to play here. Noelle hinted that Missy's family would disapprove of the secret society, which makes me think they're major enemies of the BLS. I also wonder if the kidnappers are members of the BLS themselves - Noelle wasn't taking the society seriously and had been smacktalking it just before, so they could've kidnapped her to teach her a lesson. I really have nothing to go on though, so these are just wild guesses!Although it wasn't nearly as exciting as the kidnapping, finding out about Josh's ties to Jen Hathaway has left me with a few burning questions. When Sawyer mentioned that she'd killed herself out of the blue without leaving a note, I immediately thought back to Cheyenne and wondered if she'd been murdered. The circumstances are quite different, but I think there's something sinister at hand here. Jen is also quite similar to Reed in looks and personality, and how big a coincidence is it that she dated 2/3 of Reed's boyfriends?! I'm guessing that Jen was murdered, and that person will be out for Reed's blood soon. I don't know enough to suspect anybody though. Overall: If you liked Tom Dolby's Secret Society and you were a fan of the Pretty Little Liars series, you'll love Scandal. We have 3 mysteries going on here, and for once they're not all pointing to Reed being murdered! Before reading Paradise Lost and Suspicion I was getting sick of the Easton murder mysteries, but now I feel invigorated and can't wait to see how the girls solve this problem within the confines of the school gates.

  • Marian
    2019-01-01 19:03

    Credit where credit is due. The Private series is cracktastic in the best of ways. Easy to pick up, impossible to put down, and when you're done, you're left a little jittery because you need another fix.Once that wears off, you start to realize just how stupid certain things are/were. Billings has been demolished and the Billings girls have been scattered across the campus. Before Reed can get too depressed about the fact that even if Noelle and the Billings Alumni and, I don't know, an act of God got the building rebuilt, it would be too late for all the seniors, Reed finds an old book in her room. The book details how the Billings Literary Society began. Every good private school needs a secret society, so Reed decides that while Billings House is dead and gone, the spirit of Billings will live on.Problems crop up almost immediately. Reed wants to include Ivy, despite the fact that Ivy is still dating Josh (and Reed is still massively hung up on Josh) and the fact that Noelle and Ivy loathe one another. Not to mention Ivy loathing Billings in general. Noelle wants no part of the BLS because she's already two years behind in her life, something she not so secretly blames Reed for at times, and the new Headmaster has made it clear that all social clubs are dead. Done. Gone. Finito. Noelle just wants to friggin' graduate already.Reed doesn't want to begin the BLS by herself, so she considers having Constance help her. No go. Constance has a blabber mouth. Since part of the reason Reed is so gung-ho on the idea in the first place is Ivy's loneliness, Reed asks for Ivy's help.Ivy agrees but with one condition. She wants things done EXACTLY as they were back in the day. This means there will only be 11 members of the Society. There are 14 Billings Girls as well as Ivy herself.It never truly occurs to Reed to tell Ivy to shove it on this. She sort of, half-heartedly tries, but Ivy stands firm. Why? Since when is 11 the magic number? I can see wanting to be rid of Missy, who has been a thorn in Reed's side for quite awhile, or even Amberly. But when the tasks prove that Constance, one of Reed's only true friends, is going to be excluded, Reed doesn't even consider going around Ivy (who, at this point, is no longer involved in the planning anyway!). Maybe Missy's right. Maybe Reed got a little power drunk.When the final list is made, there are some notable absences. You'd think, by now, Reed would know not to turn on a Billings Girl, but no. It doesn't help that she's falling for Josh all over again, despite Sawyer Hathaway's attention (not to mention Ivy still being in the picture), or that the Billings Alumni tell her to stop meddling.Despite the backstabbing Reed does without thinking it through, the book is a really quick, good read. Too bad I have to wait so long to find out what the hell happened to Noelle.

  • Ablondebibliophile
    2019-01-06 23:37

    Ugh to all of this. 1) Josh. How is Reed still hung up on this guy? Other than his perfectly "unruly" curls, he's clearly got nothing to offer.2) Same stale settings/characters3) Reed being both a moron and a douche that is in no way likeable or even pitiable 4) Reed seems to have miraculously recovered from her latest trauma, with little to no emotional scars...But, I mean, I still read the thing and will read the next book. Here's to hoping we get more St. Barts-like action again!2/5

  • Kari Anderson
    2019-01-08 20:46

    Reed comes back from St. Barths to find her whole life at Easton has been bulldozed. Everything she knew, everything she loved, the one thing that made her feel like she was something special, gone. But she is bound and determined not to let Billings die. And when she gets a book, dating back to 1915, explaining a secret society of former Billings’ girls, she has her answer. Now she has to find the right girls, find the right place to hold the meetings and do it all under extreme care because the new headmaster is out for the head of the Billings’ girls.Now of course the drama follows Reed. Don’t think that a near-death experience on a tropical island would slow her down. Reed has as much drama as ever, well, that may be a lie. No one tried to kill her in this book, but she has plenty of boy and girl drama to go around.This is my least favorite book out of the series. I had waited a while between the last book and reading this one. The last one was filled with crazy twists and turns and this one just didn’t live up to the hiatus hype as I had wished.I have always liked Reed throughout this series. She was the low man on the totem pole who worked her way up the ranks. There were times where she turned her back on friends, but I was still able to understand. In this book, I couldn’t. I know she was going with the “rituals” and history, but I felt like she really turned to the B word side. There was no reason she couldn’t add 4 more people into the Billings Literary Society. As mentioned by one of the girls, no one was going to rise from the dead and confront Reed for adding and extra person.Now while I pretty much hated Reed in this book, I did admire her for standing up to the former Billings women who came after her. She has gotten some serious confidence since entering the school, but as mentioned in the last paragraph, it may be too much for her own good.The only thing that will keep me reading this series after this book is the very last couple of pages. If anything, Kate Brian leaves us with great cliff hangers. I give Scandal 2 bookmarks.

  • Karen
    2019-01-15 21:56

    ScandalSimon & Schuster Children's PublishingKate Brian$9.99 Pages.240ISBN-10: 1416984704 ISBN-13: 9781416984702 Put yourself in a situation where your boyfriend was murdered, then your boyfriend's murderer tries murdering you, then your boyfriend's murderer's sister suicide and people blamed you for killing her. After that you were forgiven and was sent to an island with her friend, and on that island someone tries to kill you three times. You're probably thinking this is some kind of nightmare. Scandal is the eleventh book of the Private series. And Reed has been experiencing a nightmare in reality since the beginning of her high school years. Every novel Kate Brian wrote in the Private series has been a cliff hanger. Kate Brian has wrote many other books for instance, Lucky T, Sweet 16, and many other the previous novel, Reed was in great danger because someone was trying to kill her. But later she returns back to Easton Academy, but Reed arrives she receives devastating news. The new headmaster was going to tear down the Billings House down. The Billings house was everything to Reed, it was her lifetime, her life, her memories, her family. Eventually, the Headmaster did tear down The Billings House but Reed wants to recreate it without the Headmaster's permission. Reed ask for Noelle for her help, but she turns down Reed. Reed has not been able to get over Josh being with Ivy. Now it was only Reed, herself, creating the new Billings House. She wanted to ask Ivy for her but she knows that Ivy doesn't even like the idea or even the word of Billings House. But Reed took the chance, in the end Ivy helped her. Reed wants this so badly if it means for the new Headmaster kicking her out of Easton Academy, after all The Billings House is her home, her family, and her life. Scandal is a great novel! Every novel after the previous is always better, although it always end with a cliff hanger. If you have already started to read the Private series then you should continue reading it! Look out for the next book, Vanished!

  • Elusive
    2018-12-27 16:38

    ‘Scandal’ is the eleventh installment in the ‘Private’ series. As the new headmaster Hathaway decides to do away with the Billings House as well as all social groups, Reed initiates the exclusive Billings Literary Society upon finding the historical book in her room. Therefore, the girls compete to be part of this secret society. Meanwhile, Sawyer begins to show interest in Reed who’s still not over Josh. After the previous two island-themed books which were atrocious, this book was a definite welcome as the girls were back in the original setting – Easton Academy. However, I didn’t quite like the author's decision to feature Hathaway’s sons, Sawyer and Graham. Both of them weren’t fleshed out in ‘Paradise Lost’ and ‘Suspicion’ and unfortunately the same thing happened in this book. Plus, Sawyer’s sudden interest in Reed was weird and didn’t make any sense since he never displayed the slightest trace of jealousy or anger when she was with Upton. He also seemed to have undergone a personality change which was random and distracting.Although I enjoyed reading about Reed’s attempts to create the Billings Literary Society, I found the whole idea to be ridiculous. Everyone was perfectly willing to compete for a spot in the society even to the extent of getting physically dirty. That was completely unbelievable of these mostly high maintenance girls. Besides that, it was odd that no one questioned Reed’s unofficial role as the leader. Noelle has always been the natural leader, like her or not and she definitely showed more maturity than Reed. Another thing that stood out like a sore thumb was Reed’s friendship with Ivy. It felt unnatural.The ending was a little shocking but it was tiresome as it’s basically nothing new in this series. Overall, ‘Scandal’ was filled with the usual drama revolving around flimsy friendships and romance but it was still entertaining.

  • Kayla
    2019-01-12 21:39

    Just finished reading Scandal, the latest book in Kate Brian’s series Private. It’s the 11th book in the series (not including the prequel) and I found it to be the weakest book. Normally this series has me dieing just to turn the page in suspense, this one really didn’t. It was the last two-three chapters that really had me going. But I can see that Kate really needed this book to set the stage for Vanished (out the end of August).Scandal takes place right after Paradise Lost, Reed’s back from her horrific vacation in St. Barths. Paradise Lost ends with Easton Academy getting a new headmaster and the Billings House being demolished. The once popular and elite Billings Girls have now all been broken up and scatted throughout the various dorms. Reed wants to save the house, but even if she finds a way to get it rebuilt, it won’t be done in time for the seniors to live in. But with a little help, Reed finds a way to keep the Billings spirit alive.While this sounds all good, this book has the main story line of Reed doing just that—keeping the Billings spirit alive. There is two minor story lines the end up merging into one. I expecting at least one more minor story line or a little more action. But this one was more “Reed sits in the library and does this” “Reed sits in her room and continues to do it”. It was a bit of a let down, but like I said it is more setting the stage forVanished—which does explain why these books are being released close (Scandal in June, Vanished in August).I will say the ending of Scandal is a total cliffhanger. Because just when I thought Kate’s done it all with this series she up ones the entire series with this ending. It’s one that puts Gossip Girl’s season finals to shame. Can’t wait for Vanished.Rating: 6/10

  • Linda
    2018-12-28 00:49

    The book, Scandal, by Kate Brian is part of the Private series. The series is about Reed Brennan, a girl who attends Easton Academy. In this book, Reed goes back to Easton Academy and finds out that Billings House is gone. Billings House is this super exclusive group of girls that originated in 1915. The new headmaster, Spencer Hathaway, thought that it was wrong to have clubs and groups since he thought everybody should be equal. Reed, Noelle (Reed's best friend) and the other Billings girls are devastated and in shock. Reed just can't let Billings go so she decides to start a secret group when she finds a book on left on her bed. The book was the original rule book written by the first creator of the group, Elizabeth Williams. Reed thought it was fate, so she had to do it.I think that Reed is an absolute idiot. She's a heart breaker too. First she breaks up with the hottest guy on the planet, Upton Giles. He was perfect. Insanely perfect. But apparently, not perfect enough for Reed. She just wanted to have Josh Hollis back. Josh Hollis is one of Reed's many exes. After the breakup, she saids yes to Sawyer when he asks her to go to a dance with him. The problem was that she didn't like him. At the end of the dance, she LET him kiss her. So that got Sawyer thinking that they were a couple. Then later, she gets back together with Josh, behind Ivy's back. Ivy was Josh's girlfriend at that time. She is just so...ughh. Reed is the main character but sometimes I seriously want to slap her. She should just stick with one guy and stop betraying her friends. I think this book was a good book. It wasn't GREAT, but it wasn't horrible. I really liked some parts. But some parts seemed so cliche. I liked how Kate Brian twists things up and throw surprises here and there.

  • Ale96_CalS Paola
    2019-01-18 21:39

    THIS WAS A DEFINITE IMPROVEMENT.I must admit that even though this wasn't as perfect as the ones I totally enjoyed before, it kept the polished and subtle intrigue that Kate Brian had us all used to. The book was fun, I finished it immediately, I never grew bored neither stressed so I felt awesome. I even laughed at some stage, while I was at the edge of my seat while reading some thrilling parts. And a mystery I actually want to resolve has been opened, dramatically with a PLL style.Now, here's the spoilers section:Omg, when I read that Reed felt nothing for Sawyer, I fainted. For me, he's generous and just perfect with his quirkiness being the best of his characteristics, so I guess that if dumb Reed doesn't want him then I do! Then she's back with still my golden boy Josh, in an unorthodox way you know, kissing him lots of times in a night when he was still with her new bff Ivy, totally awkward cause it was like going back to the whole "X legacy" but this time the guilt was present and I sided with Reed because Ivy was totally almost cheating on him with her tattoo friend so...And now the end, well... what an end! Noelle gets kidnapped and my bets are on many people if think it right, there's the obvious being Ivy and her tattoo budy, then the not so obvious being maybe Mrs. Ryan that I still don't get how on Earth she's not on jail or in a mental institution seriously!, then the complete unthinkable that could be my sweet sweet deary Sawyer because of his broken heart, and finally the wicked thought being Ariana! Because somehow this bitch always has to do with the missing people in Easton. Somehow.!

  • Draganal lunic
    2019-01-02 21:05

    I read a book called Scandal by: Kate Brian. The main characters in the book are Reed, Noelle, Josh, and Ivy. The book is part of a novel. In this book Reed and Noelle come back from vacation and find that there dorm building has been knocked down. Their dorm is called the Billings. Josh is Reed’s boyfriend and Ivy is becoming Reed’s friend. Reed tries to get Billings back together but needs help. Noelle is Reed’s best friend but wont help her get the Billings back together. So Reed discovers BLS which stands for Billings Literacy Society. With that Reed and Ivy start to work to gather to get Billings back, even though Ivy hates the Billings. I liked how this book is kind of mystery. Its mystery because in it a lot of wired stuff happen and people go missing. Reed is the one that someone always tries to kill except in this book where Noelle goes missing. The book made me feel happy but I’m not sure why. The one thing that I would have changed is it being longer. I think for this book you would also need to be in a ready to read mood, because it’s a page turner. This book has also helped me increase my vocabulary. I haven’t had any real life experiences with this book. I’m not sure what book I would compare this too. This book is unlike any book that I have read. I would recommend this book to people that like to read.

  • Jeyashri
    2019-01-10 22:37

    Scandal is the 11th installment to the Private series by Kate Brian. Reed and Noelle and the rest of the Billings crew come back to Easton, ready to kick off the rest of the year with a blast. Instead, they find a new headmaster, the father of Graham and Sawyer Hathaway trying to ruin their lives! He has taken away Billings forever, because he believes that is the main problem of the school. All the girls are put into different dorms. Reed however, won't give up without a fight and she receives a book to create Billings Literary Society in secret. With that, the girls can embrace the sisterhood. Reed gets many warnings from the alumni to stop, but they don't really know what she is doing and she isn't allowed to tell them. This book kind of takes the Private series on a new adventure of events, and kind of makes Reed's character grow. When they were in the islands, i have to admit, i didn't really like Reed's personality too much. but now she is becoming more responsible. I think, that she should know what is at stake when she makes certain decisions. The alumni wont be able to help Reed and her friends to success if she betrays them likethis. Noelle could be right, but Noelle disappeared tat the end of the novel and Reed is being blackmailed. It was sad when she broke Sawyer's heart though. But Josh and Reed are my favorite couple, so it's all good :)

  • PurplyCookie
    2019-01-13 20:47

    "Scandal (Private, Book 11)" picks right off where the last book, "Suspicion", left off. Reed returns to Easton after a short and nearly deadly break in St. Barths, she discovers that the Billings House has been torn down, and all the Billings Girls have been separated from each other into the remaining dorms. Easton has also received a new headmaster, who's hell bent on creating equality on campus, and immediately declares all social clubs forbidden. But Reed isn't giving up on Billings just yet. She receives a mysterious gift that helps her to unlock a forgotten piece of Billings history and teams up with an unlikely partner to do it. But there are people who would do anything to stop them. It seems to me that Brian is trying just a little too hard to make these books go on and on for ever. Also, am I the only person who wonders where Reed's parents are? I mean she has been through how many murders and you never hear about her parents. I know her parents aren't the best, but its just a little too inconceivable for me. This book left off on an intense cliff hanger, leaving many exciting possibilities for the next installment, "Vanished". Book Details: Title Scandal (Private, Book 11)Author Kate BrianReviewed By Purplycookie

  • Katie
    2018-12-22 23:03

    5 hours 3/25-3/30 So far it is super good, when Noelle and Reed get back from St. Barths, Billings has been torn down and everybody is in quite a tizzy. Then Reed goes into her room one day and finds a old journal on her bed and it is the journal of BLS. The Billings Literalry Society. She asks Noelle to help her get it together so the Billings girls can get back together but she refuses. Next she goes to Ivy Slade for her help, who is dating her ex Josh who she is still in love with even though she has Upton, but Ivy agrees as long as they do everything by the book, even the 11 members and there are 14 plus Ivy. Then they start sending out Invitations to become a member of BLS. The new Dean who was in St. Barths with them all at Christmas who is Swarer and his Brother's dad. Sawer and Reed are Friends. Anyway the new Dean said that there were to be no social clubs or clubs of any kind because he want Easton to be more of a family place.2hours 4/2/12 really good but Reed is having second thoughst about doing the whole BLS thing she thinks Noelle would be doing a better job80 mins reed and the rest of the girls were caught by the security gaurds and the dean3 hours 4/3/12-4/10/12 I finished it and it ended so cliff hangerie and i got the next book imediatly

  • Noemi claudine
    2019-01-13 01:01

    Scandal is the 11th private in the series. In this book it’s a new semester at Easton. She has made a new friend, Ivy Slade. Even though Ivy is still going out with the boy she loves Josh, they still manage to become friends. Since the last book Billings has been destroyed Reed thinks she has to save it. When she gets a mysterious book about how the old billings house was run, she immediately has to choose 8 lucky girls to be part of the new billings.I can connect to this book because in the beginning of the book she comes back to a new start at school I can make a text to self connection because it like when I cam back after spring break I just wanted to start fresh and clean with friends and with grades. I just wanted to forget about the drama just like reed. With everything that had happened to her ob her vacation she also wanted to start fresh like meI would rate these book 5 stars. I thought it was REALLY good! It had tons of drama and suspense. I also liked it because it was realistic and it had very good character detail. It felt like I new every character really well. I could recommend this book to any pretty little liar’s fan because they have a similar plot. I cannot wait for the 12th book!

  • Kirsti
    2019-01-03 22:43

    I didn't know what number of the series this was when I hired it from the library, because it was the only one the library had at the time. I assumed it was the first, or close to the first actually, because it didn't appear in the list in the front of the books, so I assumed. You know what they say about that word ;)Now, it wasn't a bad book, but it all seemed really unlikely and I couldn't really get into the story or the character. I couldn't understand half of what they referring to, because I haven't read the previous books, but the idea that a headmaster could tear down an entire building that the girls had lived in seemed stupid and unlikely; I mean, why wouldn't they have been informed? I was under the impression that sisterhoods and such were such an ingrained part of American schooling that this would have faced major opposition.Also, probably a stupid question, how old are these girls? Is it a college or just a school? We do things a little different in Australia, and referencing Seniors and such didn't clear this up for me.Anyway, I suppose it would have been a good book if I'd read the others, but it definitely has a bit of a sweet valley high feel about it, crossed with days of our lives.

  • Christine
    2019-01-10 00:57

    After how much Reed Brennan went through at Bermuda, it was now time for Reed to go back to Easton Academy. When arrived to Easton Academy Reed and the Billings girl were all suprised when they found their Billings House has been destroyed. Noelle has now give up bringing back the Billings House, while Reed is determined to bring back Billings again with her new friend Ivy Slade who is dating the one she still has a crush on/ her ex Josh. New things have now came up in this book, new twists, new plots. You will definalty be loving this series till the end:).I made a text to self connection because I can connect how Reed had rely on Ivy to help her bring back Billings. At this moment, I have a bestfriend who i would always rely on:), but sadly she would be going to different schools than me next year. Although we would still be tight:).I rate this book 5 stars because this book had a really interesting plot. Each book I read from the Private series, I find myself being obessed with those books. I recommend this book to the people whose still reading the private series. There would be a #12 book coming up in August:D.