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Cat Spaulding, a beautiful detective with a black belt and a knack for solving impossible cases, is hired to rescue a wealthy heiress from a mysterious cult. As Cat and her partner go undercover to infiltrate the cult, they find themselves being drawn into its seductive web--and learning the secrets of the group's terrifying mission....

Title : Iron Shadows
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ISBN : 9780312857080
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 383 Pages
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Iron Shadows Reviews

  • deilann
    2019-04-21 22:05

    This is, hands-down, the worst book I have ever read. The prose is awful. The plot is awful. The issues are treated in offensive and gross ways. The pacing sucks. I'm trying to think of something nice to say. ...wait for it. Nope.This is how bad this book was: my roommate was suffering from severe motivational issues. She was feeling depressed and it was hard to get stuff done. Oh, but I found a way to get her to do anything. I just needed to start reading my book aloud. And I'd hear shrieks of how evil I was... as she was going off to do what she was supposed to.Originally, I was reading the book aloud because misery loves company. When I say this book has purple prose, I am not kidding. And we're not just talking about over-flowery descriptions. Sometimes, it's a severe wtf moment. This guy doesn't need to just put down his thesaurus. He needs to pick up a fucking dictionary!People do not walk in a "moist fashion." A young girl escaping is not a "trouper" unless she is putting on an act. A 747 is not an "iron bird." Whose legs have "golden contours" when they're vacuuming? Here. Try this:She was in her early thirties, with an oval face framed by a cascade of small soft blonde ringlets. Her habit of peering out from behind them sometimes made her resemble a mischievous child peeking through a fence. Presently concealed beneath a powder pink jump suit, her broad shoulders and narrow waist rivaled those of a National-class rock climber or competition swimmer. Neither of these were her discipline of choice. Her taut frame seemed knitted of pure energy, forever on the skittish edge of unraveling. Her birth certificate read Portia Musette Juvell. Since her mother's death a decade before, she rarely answered to anything but Cat, and invariably signed or spelled her first name "Porsche."The bolding is not my own. There's random bolding strewn throughout the book nonsensically. Sometimes right next to italics with no meaning.Oh, and if you have triggers? Just don't read this book. I don't know what your triggers are, but I can promise you they're covered somewhere in here.If I were going to summarize this book... Well, let's try.Women are hateful and full of the need for revenge. They use sex to get what they want, but also to destroy men. Asia and Africa are magical places, unlike Europe. Martial arts! PTSD means you're broken and only magic can heal you. People who have been paralyzed for most of their life will do anything if only you could heal them. Gender essentialism is awesome! Something about tigers hunting together. Incest is complicated.Oh, and then there was the scene where a yarn bomb tentacle monster anally rapes a man.You know, can you just trust me? Just trust me. Don't read this. I promise you'll be better off not trying. Please. Listen to my words.

  • Nick
    2019-03-28 20:17

    This odd book is a mixmaster of genres, as a detective agency is drawn into a bizarre tale of religous cults, supernatural entities and other things outside their normal scope.This is not my favorite Barnes book, by far, in part because I felt the climactic battle and the epilogue were a serious letdown. The epilogue was so far past believable that it really bothered me. The rest of the story would have earned a fourth star. Like in some of his other books, the martial arts play a significant role, but in this case they are not the point of the book. The central characters start off as an odd combination of stereotypes, but end up as being more fully developed and interesting. Two ex-cops who are also an ex-couple, along with the woman's wheelchair-bound brother run a detective agency, but as the story begins they are about to dissolve it, for a variety of reasons. Then, they get handed a plum assignment, one that will pay off their bills and far more. Just get a message to a rich man's relative who has joined a new-age cult. Don't try to kidnap her or anything, just a message and get her on the phone with her loving relative. So simple, and yet things go horribly wrong.If you ignore the epilogue, it's an adventure story with lots of sex and violence, but not wallowing in either. The fantasy elements are deliberately nightmarish and quite well-written.

  • Meg
    2019-04-23 17:19

    "Iron Shadows" by Steven Barnes has so very, very bad a prologue I laughed out loud and almost put it straight back down again; fortunately he manages to recover quite well from starting off with a heroine who has blue eyes, blonde ringlets, superb legs, martial arts skills and a tragic past (and even makes up for it somewhat by describing the male lead as looking like "a WWF wrestler moonlighting as a librarian"). It is a supernatural thriller, with a sex cult and some detecting type stuff. It reminded me somehow of the Diana Tregarde books, and is somehow very ... 90's. I mean, even if it wasn't set in the '90's, I would still know that was when it was written, you know? So, hey, if you liked the Tregarde books and have a freakish nostalgia for the 90's, this might just be the airplane novel for you! Personally I found the author's obsession with heterosexuality tiresome, but the plot has some surprises and there are a few moments of humour. All in all, I can't really recommend it, though I'd be willing to give another of his books a try if the library had one.

  • Cissa
    2019-03-31 23:22

    If you like sex and violence, this is a book for you! Lots of both.However- there were various interesting questions raised during the course of the novel, that were related to the plot but not necessarily relevant to it, and these were really not addressed. I've given this novel a lower rating than I otherwise would because of this. The plot was tight, the characters reasonable- but the questions of what, exactly, was going on and why- the first causes- was left unaddressed.

  • Ray
    2019-04-21 17:28

    It was such a pleasure to work my way through the twists and turns of this excellently plotted thriller, that I am loathe to give too may details. A pair of detectives, one White, one Black, are on a mission to find a woman who may or may not have been swallowed by a cult. Figuring out who are the bad guys, supremely evil, and who are the good guys, devinely blessed, kept me turning pages all night long.

  • R.G. Richards
    2019-04-25 18:07

    Great book, the mystery is figuring out who the iron shadow is. Halfway through I kept thinking about an old scifi movie where people go to a planet and a monster starts killing people. Turns out it is the ID of the guy who doesn't want to leave. Can't remember the name of the movie but it is from the 60's. I guessed right. Great book with a spin. Wouldn't mind reading a followup.

  • Jake
    2019-04-19 17:17

    very good

  • Ade Oluyemisi
    2019-03-29 17:20

    This book I found to be very deep, he touches on all levels of one's being and shows how deep revenge can be and the results it can have