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When fashionable Skyler meets mathlete Nathan, worlds collide -- and a makeover challenge begins! Can Skyler take Nathan from geek to gorgeous in time for the Valentine's Day dance? ...

Title : The Sweetheart Deal
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ISBN : 9780545100687
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 240 Pages
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The Sweetheart Deal Reviews

  • Anny
    2019-03-05 06:52


  • Dreamergirl
    2019-03-12 11:40

    This 200 pager was the easiest read I've ever read but there are some things that were very interesing and worth getting into the human psychology :) How I learned to find my own style in writing is mostly from books like these from the Candy Apple Series when I was little,they really made me become a bettter writer.For example, listen to this:Julia's eyes widened. "You watched a movie together?". "This dumb horror flick." Skyler waved her hand. "But later that night-". "Whoa, whoa , whoa." Julia bolted upright. "This was at night?".Even though there isn't the kind of description with a ton of adjectives like the "beautiful, pinkish sky", the description of what everyone is doing while talking gives you a better clue of what is going on in the plot, even if you've never read this book before you can see scenes in your head clearer. If you're not into fashion this book can be really boring to you and you'd give it 3 stars because there was - a lot of outfit description where it wasn't really that necessary but to me it was kind of fun to hear about it and see what Kowitt could do with it... It starts right at the beginning with:Skyler Henson's palms were sweating. Mortified, she wiped them off on her green plaid miniskirt, hoping no one at Fashion Club had noticed. Today's fashionista outfit- black newsboy cap, enormous hoop earings, above-the-knee white socks- was meant to attract attension. There are a lot of paragraphs like this, describing the material of socks a person is wearing and if someone doesn't know what a kind of material is called- it can get even painful reading those "descriptions". Especially when Holly starts describing glitter and jewelry (I'll admit it, even to me that part was a little too much). It can be a lot to take for someone's taste but this book was a lot of fun because of the plot and the character development. The main character and Nathan are the two opposites but Holly somehow makes them relate and even kind of fall in love with each other. I think you've figured it out alone already but here is the plot review:Skyler Hanson, awesome stylist and Nathan Stillman, a drum player from a rock band cross paths in the most unusual way. When the most popular girl in school Madison Gillete challenges Skyler to transform Stillman into a cool guy almost overnight, it isn't easy for even the best fashion girl to do. Will she make him into a fashionista's dream before Valantine's Day or will she start living the biggest nightmare- of her life?I'd recommend but try reading it as a chick flick and don't take it too seriously :) Interest level: Low Reading level: Medium-low

  • Sydney Bai
    2019-03-11 04:57

    This book was cute, adorable, and fun to read. Skyler makes a bet with her frenemy Madison to decide who should drop out of the race for Fashion Club President. Skylar says she can completely make over anybody good enough to get their current Fashion Club President to ask him to dance at the Valentine's Day dance. Skylar does her best to change Nathan, the boy Madison deemed dorky enough for Skylar to makeover, but Skylar soon realizes maybe its herself that needs a makeover and not Nathan. The book is filled with cute dialogue and lovable characters.

  • Jamika
    2019-03-07 07:57

    What iv'e learned fro mthis book The SweetheartDeal is that don't make bets with your enemies becasue you might loose.In this book the main charcater Skyler makes a bet with ex-best friend Maddsion that if she can't make over a nerd she has to drop out of the Fashion Club their in but if Skyler wins Maddison hass to drop out the race.So Skyler starts her make over with thsi boy named Nathan who is on their schools math team. So he makes a deal with her that if he lets her amke him over she has to get them a gig for there schools Valentines Day Dance. So the first day they went to the "cool" section of the mall where her and her friends hang out to upgrade his wardrobe and to teach him how to talk to cool people so he talks to Skylrer's crush and he makes fun of him so they leave and try again the next day. so Skyler's friend Julia helps out with his walk,talk and style but he changes back into his regulur clothes. SO Skyler gaines a crush on Nathan and feels sorry becasue her friends wanted to here Nathan's band so she gave them a group called "The Vectors" cd so they could play the gig at the dance. So at the end everyone likes Nathan and becomes his friend and Nathan and Skyler forgive eachother.

  • Mae
    2019-03-15 04:36

    The plot is... typical. Girl who thinks popularity is everything until she meets a guy who's pretty real and connects with the person she really is on the inside (that she thought she shut away in order to become popular).But this one is cute. I can't exactly remember the plot since it's been years, but I remember I really liked this book. The girl learns her lesson the hard way, but she still gets the guy :)I might give Impossible a try since it sounds like a more "mature" version of this tale.

  • Kayley N.
    2019-03-01 04:39

    It my most fav. of all the books!!!!!!!!!!

    2019-03-15 08:39

    good book

  • Shobeelay Uy
    2019-03-18 07:35


  • Lula McCuela
    2019-03-04 10:02

    I love the main characters in this, and I also liked how everything plays out in the end.

  • Meeme
    2019-02-25 10:01


  • Mary Kim
    2019-03-18 07:47

    When fashionable Skyler meets mathlete Nathan, worlds collide -- and a makeover challenge begins! Can Skyler take Nathan from geek to gorgeous in time for the Valentine's Day dance?

  • Bhupinder Singh
    2019-03-19 06:52

    it was nice

  • Martina
    2019-03-18 10:56

    This was my childhood, I was obsessed with this one I probably read 5 or so times if not more!!

  • RedEye_Witch
    2019-03-03 03:56

    I enjoyed this book, as much as I enjoyed every other [certain] Candy Apple book.

  • Taniyah
    2019-02-23 06:36

    i need to read it i daont know how to read it i dont know were to click