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Every little boy's graduation from diapers to the potty is always a very important moment and one to make both parents and toddlers proud! In The Potty Book, Henry needs to have his diapers changed so he can go out and play. Then mom and dad bring home a big box, and Henry is anxious to open it up and see what's inside. Is it a rocking chair? A bed for Teddy? No, it's a poEvery little boy's graduation from diapers to the potty is always a very important moment and one to make both parents and toddlers proud! In The Potty Book, Henry needs to have his diapers changed so he can go out and play. Then mom and dad bring home a big box, and Henry is anxious to open it up and see what's inside. Is it a rocking chair? A bed for Teddy? No, it's a potty which means that it's time for Henry to graduate from his diapers. This gentle and humorous little story is charmingly illustrated and told in verse. Little boys will enjoy looking at the pictures and having the story read to them. Meanwhile, they'll start getting the idea that it's time for them to grow up, exactly like Henry. So that at last, they'll be able to say "I'm off the potty!"...

Title : The Potty Book for Boys
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ISBN : 9780764152320
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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The Potty Book for Boys Reviews

  • Jen
    2019-01-27 01:20

    My son loved it when he was potty training. He even kept reading it after he was done!

  • Mama Bibliosoph
    2019-02-17 06:25

    Many of the low-star reviewers (on Amazon) were frustrated with the plot (Henry potty trains himself) and how the book fails to teach potty training mechanics to kids. Also, the title is randomly gendered. There isn't a lick of sense in it being "for boys." But these were not deal-breakers for me, so I bought it anyway.I think the book's simple aim is to motivate kids to be more independent. And the set-up for this is Henry listing all the things he can do by himself: eat breakfast, brush his teeth, pick out his clothes, and get dressed for the day.My twins have autism and can't really do any of these things independently. As a result, the night I sat down to read this to them, I choked up, and quickly ad libbed my way through these pages. I'm sure the author and publisher would say that they didn't mean for kids with autism or other delays to feel badly about themselves and the book wasn't written for them--but I really think that books should find ways to work for a diversity of kids. Besides, I can only review this book from my perspective, and from where I'm sitting, it's full of assumptions.

  • Tami
    2019-01-25 04:12

    The Potty Book for Boys is a potty training books that looks to a little boy’s eagerness to grow up. It starts off discussing all the things that the little one has learned and can now do that he couldn’t as a baby. That, the next step is potty training. This book has a kind of light sing songy feel to it. The little boy in the book has a teddy bear who he talks to and helps him while on the potty showing that potty training isn’t scary. In fact, it’s fun and a natural part of growing up.I’m not sure if my little guy is convinced that potty training is fun. However, this book did fix one issue we had been having. The first potty book we read had a little girl sitting on the potty with her clothes on. My little one assumed that you needed pants on to use the potty. This created a great deal of confusion and anxiety. The Potty Book for Boys also shows the boy sitting on the potty with his clothes on but then shows him taking off his pants to actually use the potty.

  • Samantha Penrose
    2019-02-01 01:30

    This book is great! Its got the rhythm, its got the ryhme, it covers the potty training expirience from start to finish. The little boy in the story, Henry, starts by introducing himself and telling you about the big boy things that he can do (like getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc). Henry gets a suprise...a potty. He gives a little insight..."I look down at my diaper, it seems to fit just right. My diaper's where I pee and poop, morning, noon, and night."Henry and his teddy bear practice and expiriecne accidents, and times when nothing happens at all.Then one morning Henry wakes up and it just feels right...he gets the job done and shares his news with mom, dad, and a grandparent. Henry gets to pick out new underware, and lets you in on the secret, you can potty train too!

  • Milo
    2019-02-15 05:24

    "I want to look at the potty book." This is what Milo said when Mamma asked him what he thought of the book. When he sees where the boy pees in on the floor, he says, "That boy is sad, because he peed on the carpet." He then bends over and kisses him better. He likes to look at the book over and over, especially when when sitting on the potty himself.

  • Kylene
    2019-02-08 09:29

    We have the girl version for my daughter, so we bought this one for my son. It's exactly the same, except the names of the little kid and the pronouns. The illustrations are also exactly the same, just one is a boy and one a girl. I have no complaints. It's catchy and my kids like it. I'm sure I'll be reading boy version a lot over the next year or so.

  • Dylan Reisz
    2019-02-08 02:24

    I learned that I can pee pee or poo poo in the potty and sometimes I have to sit and wait and sit. Also, I learned to laugh and clap when there's pee pee in the potty and accidents are ok. I know all the things that Henry likes to do, oh yes, I really do!Henry is my current super hero and I enjoy hearing the Potty song loop all day long.I can now sing "bye bye pee pee / bye bye poo."

  • Rochelle Sondae
    2019-02-10 06:33

    Sturdier pages than most hardcover books. Nice small 6 1/2 inch square book for little hands. I like that the illustrations alternate between a complete in-home setting and sparse images with a white background.

  • Carling Barker
    2019-01-28 03:20

    My son learned to go on the potty with the help of this book. He loved it! He insisted that I read it to him every night even for awhile after he was trained. lolWhen it comes time to potty train my little girl I will get the girl version for sure. I highly recommend!

  • Shawna
    2019-01-27 06:09

    This rhyming book is sweet and fun for the would-be potty-goer. I recommend it as a great book to keep your child interested in potty learning. It's very upbeat. My son comes away from it smiling, excited and ready to give the potty a try.

  • Nicole
    2019-01-30 01:12

    This has quickly become a favorite book of our 18 month old as well as us (his parents). He connects with the story and is on his way to be ready to potty train. As parents, we appreciate the simple and rhyming story.

  • B
    2019-02-18 02:13

    also a good little potty book for boys,well liked by our young trainee....and also has the "so proud of me" thing going on at the end of the book, and a cute part where they call grandma b/c they know she'll be proud too. oops, did i just give away a spoiler in my review there ? :)

  • Emerson and Theodore
    2019-01-22 07:33

    Max collection. From the art and title I though we already had this book. Must be a companion book to the one we have about Michael--a boy who just got a new potty. This book takes it a step further to really using and being a big boy all the time.

  • Michael
    2019-01-24 05:26

    So far ineffective, alas...

  • Patti Masuda
    2019-02-06 09:32

    yep, the potty training has begun. Reagan does not really care for this book and i have yet to find a GOOD potty training book. would love any suggestions.

  • Katie
    2019-02-11 02:22

    This was an excellent book about potty training for boys! Really positive message, colorful pictures, and nice rhyming scheme. Devin loves it!

  • cece
    2019-02-02 04:08

    i hated it its so gross and for boys

  • elissa
    2019-02-21 03:18

    My mother-in-law gave this to my younger son, and we read it a lot with him.

  • jacky
    2019-02-18 02:20

    Once Upon a Potty is a better version of the same thing. Basics told without a gimmick. I do like that its a board book a little more resilient in the bathroom.

  • Sam
    2019-01-24 05:29

    my little guy LOVES the book, he reads it while he sits on the potty. a little boy gets his first potty, and learns how to use it with his friend the teddy bear.

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-30 08:19

    MY son LOVES this potty book. He spends hours sitting on his little potty chair reading it. It is a great book to give a little boy the incentive he needs to try out the potty.

  • Safa
    2019-02-18 07:36

    I have 2 boys. I first bought the book for my 6 yo (almost) but now my 21 month old loves it!

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-31 01:35

    This is one of the best potty books I've ever read.

  • Professor
    2019-01-22 05:11

    Seemed to be a useful tool. So far hasn't worked any magic but at least it helped get the basic concepts out there. Not my favorite thing to read but it is functional.