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Who Goes There; is the sequel to Nick's hugely popular Doctor Who memoir, Dalek I Loved You (Gollancz, 2007 & 2008). It's a travel book with Doctor Who at its core. Nick travels England and Wales, seeking locations used in the show, both Classic (pre-relaunch) and New. Being an odd kind of show, its locations too are odd. This is no glamorous trip. Dungeness Nuclear PoWho Goes There; is the sequel to Nick's hugely popular Doctor Who memoir, Dalek I Loved You (Gollancz, 2007 & 2008). It's a travel book with Doctor Who at its core. Nick travels England and Wales, seeking locations used in the show, both Classic (pre-relaunch) and New. Being an odd kind of show, its locations too are odd. This is no glamorous trip. Dungeness Nuclear Power Station, anyone? A flooded china clay pit in Cornwall? As he travels, so Nick discovers another side to our well-trodden country, which is no less evocative. Then he goes to the pub. As in Dalek I Loved You, the travel writing is backed up by Nick's childhood reminiscences and contemporary musings. A companion website offers photographs from the trip, a Google map of the locations and details of the nearest pub. In this innovative way, readers are invited to follow in his footsteps. Scariest of all, given two other books in the pipeline (both humour books, for Arcturus Publishing), Nick has just 21 days in which to write it. Who Goes There isn't just for Who fans - it's for anyone who fancies a trip off the beaten path. And a very funny book....

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Who Goes There Reviews

  • Erik
    2018-12-07 19:17

    Doctor Who novelist and journalist for the UK’s Radio Times Griffiths follows-up his coming-of-age as a DW-nerd, Dalek I Loved You, with this second book. However, this is less a memoir (although there are some personal tidbits scattered throughout) and more a travelogue recounting Nick and his family’s trips through England to visit roughly two dozen sites where Classic and New Who have been filmed. The best part of this is his website that he refers to throughout, where he has uploaded photos that he took of the many quarries, estates, and back-alleys. Not to mention his recollections and re-viewings of many of the episodes that he made right before hitting their filming locations, the hilarious but all-too-brief appearances by his wife and son, and his unabashed enthusiasm for the Doctor.However, it comes across as a hastily written book that was pushed to premature completion by his publisher after the success of Dalek I Loved You. That is, the narrative feels scattered and unfocused as times, as he haphazardly includes flashbacks, commentary on married life, the death of this mother, and other barely tangential thoughts. With a better editor and more time – not to mention including a color photo pages inserted in the center -- this would have been a better book.

  • Bronwen
    2018-11-20 18:08

    Hmmm.I love the premise of this book, and I enjoyed reading about Nick's trips to various random parts of England and Wales - Binnegar Heath Sand Pit and the little villages in particular - as well as his recollections of classic Who episodes.But (sorry Nick) I just don't think it was very well written (or edited, for that matter). The concept has a lot of potential, but instead of an engaging travelogue with a cool twist I kind of felt like I was just reading a blog that had been published as a book.Certain things annoyed me, such as Nick rolling his eyes in boredom at going inside Athelhampton House because nothing was filmed in there and (but his wife wanted to see):"I hate old houses. Could not give a monkey's. I remember being dragged around Hampton Court at least twice as a youth."'King So-and-so once slept in this bed,' you're told."So what? He ain't there now!"Er... somewhat contradictory to the act of visiting all these filming locations where the cast and crew "ain't there now" either.The other thing that annoyed me was he hardly did any research! Struggling to find some of the exact locations because he didn't note down how to find them (despite Doctor Who Locations doing most of the hard work for him) - when he does bring notes they don't contain enough information or he ends up leaving them behind somewhere. He also didn't research any non-Who related history of the sites until he sat down to write the book, which would be fine except for the fact that he almost makes a point of it and then each time tells you about how he googled it after the fact.Finally, this is a sequel of sorts of Nick's earlier memoir, Dalek I Loved You. And I certainly don't feel like I need to read it now because he describes half of it all over again in this book, including two direct quotes of multiple paragraphs! Okay, so you wrote another book about Doctor Who and it had such-and-such impact on your life, that's great, but you don't need to recap it in your follow up!I feel bad for pointing out these negatives because Nick seems like a very human, nice guy, but I just feel that if you're going to write a book about visiting Doctor Who locations you could go about it in a slightly more professional manner. But maybe that's missing the point.

  • Nicholas Whyte
    2018-11-29 17:18[return][return]This is a brilliant book, and I think could be enjoyed even by non-Who fans provided they have at least a mild interest in southern England (and Wales). Griffiths sets off on a quest to find Doctor Who locations - not to do a comprehensive listing, because that has alreay been done, but to check out the places that linger most vividly in the memory, from the years between Spearhead from Space and Destiny of the Daleks, and from the four years of the new series (this book, written between November last year and September this year, is already in the shops).[return][return]Some of the locations of the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker years have disappeared (buildings get demolished; quarries get filled in); some cannot be found despite the best efforts of Griffiths and his long-suffering family; but about half of the places he looks for can indeed be located and retain a certain ineffable Who-ness. Examples: the villages of The Android Invasion and The D

  • Richard Cosgrove
    2018-12-11 18:57

    Who Goes There is a great idea for a book, providing a fan's travelogue of Doctor Who locations written by someone with obvious enthusiasm for the subject, and to a point it achieves these goals, but sadly I suspect a push to get this out for the 50th Anniversary (or just plain bad editing) has resulted in a book that is, unfortunately, a bit dull.After having reviewed other Who titles for the anniversary, namely Neil Perryman's Adventures With The Wife In Space and Graeme Burk and Robert Smith's Who's 50, both of which were well written and highly entertaining, Nick Griffith's book seemed to be lacking in....something, that I couldn't quite put my finger on.It isn't a bad book, per se, but it left me a little cold in places with the writing style, and I'm sorry to say I abandoned it before the end.

  • Ravencrantz
    2018-11-19 23:14

    I was hoping for more Doctor Who related reading but wound up hearing more about his life than the actual locations. I mean, it was interesting enough, I was just expecting something completely different than what I got.I've also yet to see most of classic who, which is what he focuses his Doctor related talk about, so I wa quite lost. I think I'll give it another go after I've seen all of classic who.

  • Mary
    2018-12-05 22:08

    Oh my word. I found someone nerdier than I am. This bloke traveled in England and Wales to visit locations where "Doctor Who" was shot. Oh, wait, I would totally do something like that!! Definitely not for everyone, but certainly for hardcore "Doctor Who" fans.

  • Mark James
    2018-12-09 20:13

    Even as a huge doctor who fan I struggled with this one. Felt like reading a tour guide without the required maps and photos..

  • Connaire Demain
    2018-11-26 17:06

    I very rarely struggle to finish a book, but I really struggled with this.