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Working at a break-neck speed as a personal assistant to Hollywood's sexiest movie star, thirty-year-old Charlie Edwards struggles with conflicted feelings for an attractive photographer who has just left for a two-month film shooting and a hunky producer.Library of Congress: 2009004798...

Title : Misery Loves Cabernet
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Misery Loves Cabernet Reviews

  • Kourtney
    2019-03-02 10:43

    I'm jealous - I'm seeing lots o' people saying they won this book?!?! I would have loved to be a contender!! I am a huge fan of A Total Waste of Makeup and was very excited to read the follow-up. And it did NOT disappoint! There are great laugh out loud moments, some moments that made you want to hit your forehead with the palm of your hand, and some where you shake your head thinking "been there"...great read that I could not put down. Kim Gruenenfelder has guaranteed I will be second in line to buy her books (always have to be the silver medalist!)

  • Love Fool
    2019-03-03 06:48

    Working at a break-neck speed as a personal assistant to Hollywood's sexiest movie star, thirty-year-old Charlie Edwards struggles with conflicted feelings for an attractive photographer who has just left for a two-month film shooting and a hunky producer.Don't you just love the cover? Seriously, I thought Kim Gruenenfelder took a picture of me one Friday night so I knew I would LOVE this book. The author brings back her humor and my twin Charlie Edwards for another tale of finding love in her crazy life. I don't think Kim Gruenenfelder can write a bad written book. HUGE fan of this lady.

  • Sara
    2019-03-19 13:53

    The beginning of this book gives you a huge déjà vu, and not in a good way. It’s too repetitive, way too similar to the first book, and not in the writing style but in the writing itself. Three major examples are:☹ Exotic animals: Book 1 Drew buys an elephant and Charlie has to deal with it, Book 2 Drew buys a hippo and Charlie has to deal with it.☹ Toilet accident: Book 1 Drew gets stuck with one arm down the toilet while he’s wearing only boxer shorts and Charlie has to pull him out. Book 2 Drew gets stuck with one arm down the toilet while he’s wearing only boxer shorts and Charlie has to pull him out. (Not joking it’s exactly the same thing)☹ Wedding theme: Book 1 There’s a wedding being planned and the author rambles about dyed-to-match shoes, and bridesmaids’ dresses. Book 2 The wedding theme is bit more subtle, but the rambling about dyed-to-match shoes and bridesmaids’ dresses stays the same. I thought she was going to repeat the whole wedding hustle-and-bustle, luckily for the book she doesn’t too much, it’s more in the beginning.Then the books gets better, it goes back to being original, funny (in new ways, with new jokes), and catchy.However, there still are some major bumps:☹ Kate’s story. The beginning is far-fetched, (view spoiler)[A guy that you haven’t seen in ten year does not propose on the day he bumps into you at a party, even if he’s your ex-boyfriend. (hide spoiler)] it just doesn’t happen. Is pushing it a bit too far with the fiction. The ending of this side-story is also too rushed, underdeveloped, and not really exhaustive.☹ This one really is personal, many will disagree. But in the book Charlie has two guys, and the author leans towards the wrong one. I totally had a reader-crush on the other one!! The author choice was so wrong, it was such a letdown that I wanted to scream.☹ Then, the very end. Like its predecessor this book doesn’t properly end. It hints at a possible ending, but the actual goods are not there. I could understand it if there was a third book (it would have been annoying, because I think that even books in series should have a proper ending) but not being there a third book, it was just hyper annoying. I don’t want to imagine an ending, I want to read it.☹ And finally, the little ending you get, besides the wrong guy, is sort of depressing, and I quote (view spoiler)[ “So I think I’m going to spend a little while being single. Not because I don’t want to be in love with someone. But because I’ve decided—at least for now—that I need to love myself more. And part of loving myself is taking care of myself. (hide spoiler)] This is what you tell yourself in real life when something goes wrong, it’s not the ending you want from a romantic book that should make you dream, and not give you a reality check. (And I’m not saying it in a bitter way because I’m married.)What’s the point of reading a chick-lit if you get reality instead of possibility?? Don’t we have enough reality in our day-to-day life? And I don’t say it should be something crazy and unbelievable like Kate’s story, because I don’t like far-fetched, but I like happy endings. I want to go to page 347 and rewrite everything that follows. If the book had stopped there I would have loved it, but the last ten pages are a huge no-no.

  • Sara Coon-Thompson
    2019-03-02 13:36

    This book was just ok for me (makes me feel like I should add a "dawg" at the end of the statement, Randy Jackson style) but it kind of annoyed me, mostly because of the main character. I didn't connect with her "neurotic female" persona and I constantly found myself wanting to tell her shut up. I didn't love her friends either - one rude and the other a woman that doesn't know what to do with herself without a man. I didn't read the book prior to this one, 'Total Waste of Makeup', which maybe would have set me up to understand and like her better but I'm not so sure. With all of that said, I'm still going to see if there is a follow up book because MLM was left open ended and I would like to see where she lands. *Update - looks like there is not a 3rd book in the series at this point.

  • Kelli
    2019-02-23 09:34

    Let me start with saying that I was going to give Misery Loves Cabernet 5-stars…until the last chapter. Poignant, neurotic, and heartfelt, MLC made me laugh the whole book through. However, I did not appreciate the “lessons learned” ending to it all. Why can’t the girl just get the ridiculously hot guy in the end, no questions asked? I enjoy reading because it is an escape from the monotony that is my everyday life. I do not read humorous, romantic books to learn a lesson about being complete without a man in my life. Or to find out that yet again, the super hot blonde bombshell that knows everything about sports and is God’s gift to men gets the good guy.Nonetheless, this was one of the most enjoyable books I have read in quite a while. It was easy, funny, and eerily reminded me of conversations my friends and I have had in the past. Charlie is insane when it comes to men (aren’t we all?), over-analyzing every single word uttered by the opposite sex. Yet, she owns up to it—she knows she is crazy and refuses to apologize for it. Having not read A Total Waste of Makeup, I was little confused about the significance of Jordan throughout the story. He seemed so easy to be rid of. I was totally TEAM LIAM from the start. He seemed like the perfect fit for Charlie: passionate, kind, patient, caring, humorous, and gorgeous. So, in the end, I hate Kelly Timbers and I think Liam should’ve left her in the past. Kelly Timbers can sink her claws into any other man she wants. Liam and Charlie were too good together to simply tear them apart in the last pages of the book. (No, I’m not bitter…I just really wanted a happy ending for Charlie!) Also, much of the advice Charlie gives her granddaughter is advice I wish I had been told. However, the stories that got me to that “Ah hah!” moment are what I cherish most…while they may hurt, embarrass, or disappoint, they are what makes my life experience unique. I liked the format of the book, too. The advice that comes after conversations with her family or events involving Drew added a lot to the funny factor of Misery Loves Cabernet.On a side note, I totally disagree with the whole boxed wine tidbit—it’s just so convenient. And it doesn’t taste too bad either.All in all, a great book!

  • Linnea
    2019-03-10 10:35

    This is my first first-read giveaway book from Goodreads, which was exciting! I'd say as a beach or airplane book, it wasn't a hard read, but the characters felt inconsistent or annoying too often to really enjoy it. There are some witty one-liners and situations mixed in, but overall it felt pretty forced and unrealistic. It was hard to figure out who you were supposed to care about. It fits in pretty well to the general chick-lit genre though, as far as I can tell.

  • Emma
    2019-02-28 09:52

    Bittersweet ending... the book doesn't seem properly finished and I preferred the other guy.A bit too similar to book 1 too many episodes repeated like copy and paste.Other than that it was a funny easy read.

  • Obsidian
    2019-03-16 10:27

    Please note that I gave this book 4.5 stars. However, Goodreads does not have half stars so I rounded this up to 5 stars.I loved and laughed out loud so many times reading the first book in this series. The second book following personal assistant Charlize (known as Charlie) Edwards while she tries to navigate her job, her family, and her relationship with her boyfriend Jordan who has left for a two month assignment to work on a movie. I am going to be honest. I really didn't feel the character of Jordan at all in the first book. Nothing that happens in this book had me in his corner at all. I actually felt for Charlie trying to deal with wanting her relationship to work out and realize that she is feeling attracted to another man. One of the reasons why I didn't give this book five stars, was that we had Charlie treading water and obsessing on and on about Jordan and I didn't get what was so special about him. At all. I think if the book had showed them while dating I could have seen what made him so attracted to Charlie. Instead we go to the point where Jordan is off doing his assignment, and Charlie is freaked out about their breakup (or just a break). We once again have funny asides with Charlie's best friends, Kate and Dawn. And we have her family once again showing how crazy they all are. One of the funniest scenes was Charlie recounting how their family was going to keep away from certain topics during Thanksgiving due to what has occurred at previous family gatherings. The writing and flow was great. I thought the whole book worked together quite well. The ending I also really didn't feel at all. I think it was because the ending hints at possible more drama and not really a happily ever after for the main character.

  • Susan
    2019-02-28 08:41

    After I finished "Total Waste of Makeup," I couldn't wait to get hold of "Misery Loves Cabernet." In the "chick lit" stable of heroines, Charlie Edwards was definitely preferable to most of the inhabitants, being strong enough and self-confident enough not to constantly fret over her romantic status (of course, baby-sitting her boss, Drew Stanton, took a lot of time and energy).I didn't find Misery as much fun as Makeup. In the span of weeks between the end of one and the beginning of the other, Charlie started to veer towards the Desperate Ditz territory owned by Bridget Jones. Why? She has a boyfriend, he's off in Europe and all of a sudden, her being is consumed with whether or not their 3 week old relationship will last and whether or not he's going to cheat. In other words, what endeared Charlie to me was toned way down and I got somewhat annoyed with her in her obsessive moments. Another man comes on the scene and now we're dangerously close to ol' BJ and her damned diary. (There's talk of another Bridget Jones movie. Have we offended God that much?)I continue to enjoy seeing the surrounding nuttiness through Charlie's eyes. I realize Drew Stanton is a caricature, but how many Sexiest Men Alive rescue hippos? The interplay among the generations of the Edwards family is hilarious and I want to adopt Mauwv.I recommend "Misery Loves Cabernet" to those seeking a lightweight, fun quick read.

  • Jayne Ormerod
    2019-02-23 07:57

    Maybe you can’t “judge” a book by its cover, but I’m willing to buy a book based on the cover and give it a try. Or maybe it was the title that caught my eye. Either way, while wandering the book isles of Target, this book practically jumped into my cart. I was not disappointed.If you are in the mood for a laugh-out-loud funny book, this is the one for you. Main character the level-headed and savvy Charlie Edwards is the personal assistant to a movie star. While slightly over the top, the book draws its humor from the foibles, cluelessness and bloated ego of a movie star. Add in Charlie’s personal relationship problems and a best friend who is planning a wedding (with Charlie as one of the bride’s maids) and there is plenty of “story” to keep this read interesting. Throughout the book Charlie is taking notes for a book of advice to her great-great granddaughter. Such advice includes things like “You won’t meet your future husband at a bar,” or “You know what the right thing to do is, even though it’s usually easier (and temporarily more fun) to do the wrong thing.” This book has been added to my “keeper” shelf. I should note that it is the sequel to A Total Waste of Makeup. Target didn’t sell that one so I’ll have to see if I can find it elsewhere.

  • Diane
    2019-03-17 12:32

    Maybe 3.5 stars. Actually, the book is very entertaining. However, it's pretty much a repeat of "A Total Waste of Makeup." With both books, I started out thinking, "What a bunch of garbage . . . .another one of those single-women out partying and looking for men books!" But the writer's wit sucked me in. The books are a lot of fun. With "Misery Loves Cabernet" though, I was wishing that Charlie, having found a great guy and begun a relationship, would actually learn something. But no! Jordan takes a job in Paris and she begins obsessing about the relationship. God forbid they'd actually have a real conversation about it. Instead, she starts "dual obsessing" . . . another hot guy enters the picture. I was a little irritated at the shallowness of it all, and how expendable/interchangeable men are in her world. I hope book number 3 is not a continuation of the advice book to Charlie's great-granddaughter and a tale of obsession over guy #3. It's still a fun book. Maybe I needed a little more space between books 1 and 2. These kinds of books need to be more of an occasional diversion.

  • Tracie
    2019-02-26 07:52

    I enjoyed reading this book - just not as much as the first one, A Total Waste of Makeup. I don't know if I read this too soon after the first but some of the things that were funny or just quirky in the first book started to seem completely implausible and even annoying in this book. Example: Charlie's boss, Drew, gets his hand stuck in a toilet. And then he does it again. Another example: Drew turns his dressing room and bathroom into a winter wonderland - complete with a layer of ice on the bathroom floor. I could go on and on. Charlie's family is back in this book and just as quirky as ever. Her best friends, Dawn and Kate, are also present and much of the book centers on the hoopla surrounding Kate's wedding. Charlie's love interest, Liam, seems like the perfect man for her. Their dialog/scenes were well written, witty, and fast paced. I think part of my dissatisfaction with this book stems from me wanting Charlie and Liam to get that 'Happily Ever After Ending'.

  • Allison
    2019-03-20 05:33

    This book was entertaining and easy to read. I laughed out loud at some points. I liked all the characters in it, and was pleased with the ending. I felt comfortable when I put it down (I hate when you read a book, then the ending is disappointing). This writer's style is along the lines of Emily Giffin (who I love), so this was right up my alley. I love the idea of writing advice for future generations. I would like to put all of Charlie's advice in a journal myself. Some of my favorites include: 'never buy a mansion - they're too much to clean,' 'some days are a total waste of Wakeup,' 'never drink wine from a box,' etc. A few times I saw the advice and said to myself, 'oops.' This is a great vacation book, a great book to unwind with. I recommend it.

  • Vicki
    2019-03-06 13:31

    I was a lucky first-reads winner with Misery Loves Cabernet, what a great title. "Charlie" is a thirty-something single woman who is unlucky in love. She has a fabulous, but demanding career and she finds herself always making wrong choices when it comes to men and relationships. Misery Loves Cabernet is an enjoyable, quick read for all women. I found myself rooting for Charlie throughout the whole novel. I did enjoy it and I may read Gruenenfelder's previous novel Total Waste of Makeup to preface all the characters that appeared in this one. Thanks Good Reads for the chance to get a first hand glimpse of this novel.

  • Danielle
    2019-02-28 13:43

    Hey, I'm not a snob. I'll read just about anything. Magazines in checkout lines, anything in the doctor's waiting room, signs on buses, labels on the back of jars, you get my point. So I read this "chick-lit" book because I had just finished some books so smart my brain hurt and frankly I liked the title of this one. And the cover is cute -- who wouldn't want to curl up with a book with a cartoon of a woman sipping wine in a bathtub? But the book itself? covers similar territory and doesn't really add anything to the genre. And frankly the ending was a total stunt to get you to BUY THE NEXT BOOK. No thanks. I promptly left it in the laundry room for someone else to read.

  • Ven
    2019-03-19 06:54

    What kind of technological vortex does Charlie live in where one week she is on a dial-up connection that cuts every time her call waiting goes off in "A Total Waste of Makeup" to a few weeks later in this book to having an iPhone? And did the author really have to say iPhone every time she referred to her mobile device? These two things really irked me.Although "A Total Waste of Makeup" was ridiculous, I liked it. Not so much with Misery Loves Cabernet - the ridiculousness went over the top with Drew's demands and Charlie's fickleness was annoying to the point where I didn't care anymore about any of the characters. The rushed ending was a blessing. No more Gruenenfelder for me.

  • Lee
    2019-03-19 11:36

    3 1/2 stars. I hadn't read the first in this series, but it still made sense. I think it was for the best anyway, as I hate it when the love interest becomes a bit of an ass in the sequel. The new love interest is likable, however, and for the most this was a quick fun read which I'd recommend for a rainy day. One personal thing I found humorous is that I do have a friend who has worked/works as a PA to an actor and it didn't make me long for her lifestyle, that's for sure.

  • Sabine
    2019-02-23 10:40

    Mediocre chick-lit - a D-Grade 'Bridget Jones' set in L.A. I never really got "into" it. Characters lacked any depth; some were too perfect for reality, and the author tried way too hard to make others eccentric. It's almost as if she thought that adding quirkiness rounded her characters out, but the women just came across as spoiled and self-centered and the men as surreal ken-dolls.

  • Agnes Sy
    2019-03-05 10:37

    I did not enjoy this book as much as I did the first one. At times the story felt forced and exaggerated. It had its moments, but overall it kind of lacked the humor that A Total Waste of Makeup had. I found myself just skimming through the last few pages because I almost lost my interest. Eek.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-03-12 10:33

    A great sequel! I love Gruenenfeld's sense of humor and how she didn't give this installation a typical chick-lit-style ending.

  • Ayse Isil Ari
    2019-03-19 05:44

    Charlie'ye kızmakla kızmamak arasında kararsızım.

  • Anne
    2019-03-01 08:56

    Ok, that’s ending?! I was already in love with Liam, goddammit! Who wouldn’t like a hot guy with an Irish accent who kisses you hello on the lips?! Jordan’s got nothing on this guy. He’s the dream! Also, I love how he made Charlie realize that she can be more than just Drew’s PA, that she’s meant to be a producer. "As Drew and Liam continue their membership in the mutual admiration society, I offer to get Drew a drink, then make a hasty getaway. I just can’t see Liam for too long without needing to come up for air."I liked the first book more. The first book could be my relationship bible but the second book has less fun tips. They’re just not as long and hilarious as the pieces of advice on the first one. There were some parts that made me cry though. Like when Jordan told Charlie that he’s planning to work in Germany after Paris – over the phone. Gosh, I hated Jordan the entire book. At least, she has Drew though. Yes, he can be really impossible most of the time but he always got Charlie’s back. But LOL, on the first book, she was on dial-up nga and then on the second book, she suddenly has an iPhone. What year was the iPhone released? XDOk, on to my favorite lines:"Do not read and reread a man’s text message, or e-mail, or listen to his voice message, over and over again. Do not try to delve into his words for hidden meaning, or call your friends to get their opinions on “what he really means.” It’s a message, not the Constitution—you’re not supposed to study it." – OUCH. Simula pa lang eh, sapul na agad! Hahahaha!“You know what the right thing to do is, even though it’s usually easier (and temporarily more fun) to do the wrong thing." – Sheeeet. I swear, this book speaks to me."“Liam. Your name is Gaelic for ‘strong-willed warrior.’ ”I choke on my drink.Liam appears charmed by that information. “Why, yes it is. How on earth did you know that?”At which point Kate innocently says, “Well, I remember looking up the name one night when . . .”It’s at that moment that Kate realizes she should be ending the sentence with, “When Charlie was so infatuated with you that she was looking up your name on”" – Stalker Charlie. Thankfully, I never got to this point. LOL.“Isn’t that just always the problem with grooms—you need one for a wedding, but they’re subject to availability?" – GDI :("For you teenagers out there: Just let me for one minute—I’ll pull out." – Hahahahaha! So true! Sabi ko nga sa friend ko, other than contraception, you should have self-control. Stand by your word na kung hindi pwede, hindi pwede. Whatever he does, say no. LOL.“It’s better to receive a single rose from a man at your door than a dozen roses delivered to your office. The single rose comes from a man who took the time to pick the rose. The other comes from the man’s assistant calling the florist. Always treasure a man’s time more than his money." – I like this one. Better if both but if you can really only choose one, yeah, I’d choose time. Realistically speaking."As I begin limping back toward Drew’s house with Liam at my side, I think about an article I read years ago explaining that when a man sweats, he secretes pheromones, which makes a woman want to bed him. And it must be true. Liam smells amazing. Not men’s cologne yummy—rolling around in a bed with him yummy." – Shet, another lesson about hormones. But this is sooo true. My friend and I were just talking about how you won’t forget an ex’s scent even after so many years.“Don’t discuss your love life in vivid detail. No one really needs the blow-by-blow account." - Noted. LOL. This so hard to do though."Never beg a man to take you back. The only thing worse than having a man leave you is having his last memory of you crying and begging." – Noted. Again."Never admit to a man that another man dumped you." - Noted. LOL. For the third time."I can hear Liam suppress a sigh as he leaves us. The moment he is out of earshot I whisper to Drew, “What the hell are you doing?”“Getting you a comforter,” Drew says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.“A what?”“A comforter. You know, like, a guy who can comfort you, help you get over Jordan. What better way to get a guy in your bed than to actually own the bed?” – Comforter. Hmm.“I have to say, and I mean this with love, you don’t strike me as the online dating type,” Liam says.Okay, debate time: Do I focus on the words, “I mean this with love,” or the statement, “You don’t strike me as the online dating type.” – Shet, ang funny. Why do women love to dissect every word said by the guy?! LOL.“Men who actually want to break up don’t tend to call the next day. Unless you still have their key.” Liam reconsiders. “And even then, some men just pay a locksmith to change the locks.” - Noted. "If you can’t be with the cake you love, love the cake you’re with.” – Cake."Men are fuckers who just want to mess with your head." – LOL. I actually disagree. I think they’re simple. Women tend to mess with other women’s head more.“Call me. I have news.” Five words that annoy me even more than, “It’s not you, it’s me.”" - True."When women break up, more than half the time what we mean is, “I need this relationship to change.” Or, “I need you to change.” When men break up, what they mean is, “I want to break up.”" – OMG. So true."Don’t obsess about your looks, but don’t ignore them, either. Potential suitors can’t see your brain from across the room." – Sad, but true. "Be happy you’re married and never have to wait by the phone again." – LOL. I said something similar to a “married” friend. Just be thankful you don’t have to go to singles’ events anymore."The following morning, I awake to the smell of bacon. Really . . . is there any better smell in the world?" – Really."You’re never going to win an argument by telling the person they’re stupid. Be nice at first, and try to win their trust. Then nail them with the truth." – True. Sabi nga ng friend ko, when you tell them directly, they don’t get it. Reverse-psychology actually works XD

  • Bree
    2019-02-22 08:50

    I loved the humor in this book and the family had me laughing out loud. I just hated the way it ended. I'm a sucker for a happy ending and I felt as though this book was just left unfinished. I would love to see a 3rd book so I can see if Charlie ever finds her one true love. Overall, it was a quick, light, funny read.

  • Jennifer Guerra
    2019-03-07 11:41

    I loved this book even more than the first one! Charlie is great! Her family is insane, her boss is a handful, and her love-life is mediocre at best. This book will have you laughing and in the next moment a little sad. Great book!

  • Jenni
    2019-02-28 12:43

    I'm not going to lie, I was seriously disappointed this book ended the way it did.However I loved the book anyway. I was actually sitting here laughing as I read it!

  • Jb62
    2019-03-04 13:48

    I hovered between 2 and 3 stars. I liked the humour and the overall storyline but I found some of it pretty silly. Can families really be that zany?

  • Michelle
    2019-02-20 06:53

    I liked the first book better and I was more into the guy that doesn't get picked so 4 stars....

  • Sarah
    2019-03-19 07:57

    it started off good, I was hooked and then it took a turn and Charlie became annoying with her constant self -doubt.

  • Cassie Eskew
    2019-02-23 12:49

    Not really worth my time.

  • Connie Hutchison
    2019-02-22 05:52

    Pretty funny - easy to read -