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Employed as chef for the forthcoming wedding of Arthur, Lord Montfoy and an American heiress, Auguste Didier finds himself thoroughly enjoying the peace and tranquillity of Farthing Court estate in Kent, with its impeccably run kitchens and rolling pastoral landscape. Even King Edward VII's unpublicised attendance seems troublefree, coinciding as it does with Frimhurst vilEmployed as chef for the forthcoming wedding of Arthur, Lord Montfoy and an American heiress, Auguste Didier finds himself thoroughly enjoying the peace and tranquillity of Farthing Court estate in Kent, with its impeccably run kitchens and rolling pastoral landscape. Even King Edward VII's unpublicised attendance seems troublefree, coinciding as it does with Frimhurst village's elaborate -- though not altogether traditional -- preparations for May Day.But behind the smiling pageantry lurks a much more sinister force. For several people are not who they appear - Arthur is no longer the true Lord Montfoy, having sold his birthright years earlier; the villagers have ulterior motives for dressing up as creatures of folklore; and, most disturbing of all, the real Lord Montfoy -- who has been living abroad under the name Thomas Entwhistle -- turns out to be none other than Pyotr Gregorin, a prominent member of the Tsar's secret service and now Didier's uncle by marriage. A man who has sworn many times to murder him ......

Title : Murder with Majesty
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Murder with Majesty Reviews

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    2019-05-28 05:58

    I liked this book. It made me smile, almost all the way through. If you are wanting a serious read - forget this one. But if, like me, you enjoy The Importance of Being Earnest, you will enjoy this social farce. The murder is almost secondary to the convoluted social mores. Set in 1905, the beginning of the 20th century with His Majesty King Edward VII on the throne, this is an amusing social comedy/commentary.The small village of Frimhurst is transformed by it's inhabitants overnight in order to meet the expectations of the wealthy American heiress marrying Lord Montfoy, unaware he is no longer Lord of the Manor.And are Pyotr Gregorin, Russian spy, and Thomas Entwhistle, English gentleman and current Lord of the Manor, one and the same? Auguste Didier, French Chef and cousin to the King, believes they are and is afraid his life is in danger from Gregorin, cousin to his wife Tatiana, and who has vowed to kill him.Lords, Ladies, Comtesses, and spies abound, offset by villagers desperate to keep their homes and incomes and some of them their lovers.3.5 stars for Murder with Majesty by Amy Myers.Thank you to Endeavour Press via NetGalley for providing a copy of Murder With Majesty by Amy Myers for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

  • Judy Lesley
    2019-06-02 22:42

    I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley and Endeavour Press.This is the first book in the Auguste Didier series, but it surely does read as if there was another case previously worked by Auguste and his friend Chief Inspector Egbert Rose of Scotland Yard. The original publication date for this book was 1999, but that is of no consequence since the story takes place in 1905 in the Kentish village of Frimhurst with a wedding taking place at Farthing Court between Arthur, Lord Montfoy and Gertrude Pennyfather, daughter of the American soft drink millionaire. Auguste is a master chef but he only cooks for His Majesty King Edward VII under specific circumstances. You see, Auguste is married to a distant relation of His Majesty so he gets called on to provide the fare for special occasions taking place outside the royal residences. If this all sounds like very familiar historical mystery stuff, think again. This is the last time anything will be as you think it is in this novel.The village of Frimhurst is pretty much owned by the Montfoy family so when word comes down that an old fashioned English traditional village is needed to impress the bride in the upcoming wedding, Frimhurst gets its act together and pulls out all the stops. This place turns itself into such a caricature of an Old English Village it is totally unrecognizable from the reality. Murder is real though and the woods are literally and figuratively full of suspects. Nobody is where they say they were and lies come thick and fast because it seems political intrigue has managed to insinuate itself into what should be a pretty basic wedding. Didier is involved on both sides of the baize door because of his tenuous relationship with His Majesty, who, by the way, is not officially even supposed to be on the premises when the murder happens. It all gets very mixed up and if you can spot this killer you deserve a prize.I think this book would really be more of a 3.5 star read for me because I found myself getting impatient with it many times. There is a lot of emphasis on French cuisine with the names of French food floating around like dust motes because of their numbers, but thankfully there are no actual recipes. That would have been a step too far for me. Take my advice and make your own crib sheet with the names of the characters on it and who or what they are because I found myself often having to ask, Now who is she? Auguste Didier is quite an engaging character and I enjoyed his interplay with both royalty and commoner alike. There are many more books in this series so if you like this one you will have more to look forward to. Unfortunately they may need some tracking down on our part or we can hope Endeavour Press means to release them in digital format.

  • Deborah Ross
    2019-05-25 00:03

    This charming, quirky historical mystery was my introduction to the work of British author Amy Myers. First released in 1999, one of ten adventures of intrepid chef and not-so-intrepid detective, Auguste Didier, it’s now available as an ebook from Endeavor Press. The year is 1905, and already rumblings of war have reached even the placid English countryside. Didier, a distant relation-by-marriage to Edward VII, has been summoned to an ancient manor house to cook for a wedding. Only the groom posing as the lord of the manor in order to impress his American heiress bride no longer owns the estate and the man who does bears an uncanny resemblance to Didier’s sworn enemy, a ruthless Russian spy. What could have been a sedate whodunit confined to a single household quickly spins into a much broader tale that eventually leads to the Paris catacombs (I’ve been there – they’re just like that!) and back to England. Action and character are handled with a delightful wit and wonderful use of language that left me wanting to run out and find all the other volumes.

  • Susan
    2019-06-03 23:50

    In the Spring of 1905 American heiress Getrude Pennyfather is all set to marry Lord of the Manor Arthur Montfoy at his estate of Farthing Court. A guest of the wedding will be Edward VII, and as the invited chef Auguste Didier.Unfortunately all it not what it seems or who it seems and in consequence a murder is committed.This brings Scotland Yard's Inspector Rose to Kent. As this is actually Number 10 in the series there is some reference to previous stories but it can be read as a stand-alone.It was an interesting story and I will probably want to read from the start of the series. Whether I get bored with the talk of French cuisine remains to be seen. Without them I would probably give the book 4 stars.A NetGalley Book

  • Susan Johnston
    2019-06-09 22:58

    Princess Fuzzypants here:The premise of the book is rather different than most. It is an historical novel/mystery set in Edwardian Times. The protagonist is a world renowned chef who just happens to be married to a cousin of King Edward. It puts him in awkward positions as he is both related (by marriage) to royalty but he is expected to cook for them as well. He navigates the world's between upstairs and downstairs with aplomb.In his position as chef, he is asked to help out at an important wedding. When he discovers a man pledged to murder him is the host, he realizes something is wrong. He tries with equal measure to protect his King and himself.Auguste is an entertaining character. As often is the case, as an artistic human, he can be highly strung so there is some doubt as to his take on events, particularly when the groom is found skewered by an arrow to a May Day Pole. Who killed him and what other nefarious deeds are being plotted.There is humour, particularly in Auguste's relationship to King Edward,. It adds an extra element of fun that increases the pleasure of reading the book.I give this book four purrs and two paws up.

  • Kathleen Gray
    2019-05-17 23:53

    This is a fun little period piece- a cozy set in 1905. There are, however, a number of characters and subplots that you have to keep straight. Didier is an interesting amateur sleuth because he's a chef and there are lots of references to French cuisine. A quick read. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

  • Beth Sammons
    2019-05-29 00:06

    An international incidentOh the traditions and rules of British aristocracy. A young American woman to unknowingly wed an English penniless lord. The village was to put on an act for the Americans. Unfortunately murder interrupts the party.

  • Brenda Freeman
    2019-06-03 00:57

    Slow moving and too many French food names tossed in.