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Paul Janus Finnegan was called Kickaha on the artificial universes created by that always fueding super-race known as the Lords. Though he was a mortal Earthman, he had managed to survive every intrigue, war, test and opponent they could devise.But it was when he found his way back to his own world that Kickaha faced the greatest dangers of his adventure-filled career. ForPaul Janus Finnegan was called Kickaha on the artificial universes created by that always fueding super-race known as the Lords. Though he was a mortal Earthman, he had managed to survive every intrigue, war, test and opponent they could devise.But it was when he found his way back to his own world that Kickaha faced the greatest dangers of his adventure-filled career. For he knew the secrets of the powers that moved the cosmos, and this made him a threat -- a target of the terrible hidden forces contending for this very universe....

Title : Behind the Walls of Terra
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Behind the Walls of Terra Reviews

  • Evgeny
    2018-12-07 03:22

    A simple guy Paul Janus Finnegan found a way to another (artificially created) universe where he felt quite comfortable, was adopted by descendants of Native Americans who called him Kickaha, or Trickster. In the previous book he defended his new world successfully and practically single-handed beating the crap of everybody. Unfortunately a tiny little problem requiring immediate attention remained and as a result Paul Janus Finnegan had to come back to Earth after a very long absence. From the moment he arrived he realized there were a lot of people trying their damned to make his life full of excitement with vast majority of them having the only goal in life: to see him dead, preferably after some very exquisite and imaginative torture. Now how is a guy supposed to save our world under such conditions? Leave it to Trickster. I rounded the rating for the previous book up to 4 stars thinking that I will have to round this one down because its synopsis did not sound too interesting. I was 100% wrong. I had to round this one up as well as my real rating for it is 2.5 stars: very much forgettable but with some interesting moments. The previous 3 books took place in very weird worlds where Farmer let his imagination run unchecked. The result: something I have not seen before, or after. Sufficient to say another science fiction writer whose imagination I value highly - Roger Zelazny was of high opinion of the initial books. Who am I to argue with the true Master of scifi? This time most of the action takes place on good old Earth and it is hard (if not impossible) to find something original here after all the countless thrillers, crime literature, action, adventure, etc. Yes, the action is still non-stop, but it gives a strong vibe of "being there, done that". Last chapters finally introduce new worlds, but by that time it was too little, too late. So in the conclusion as an action book it was good enough if not very original, but as an introduction to another strange universe I came to expect from the previous books it fell short. It is still necessary as a bridge between books 3 and 5.

  • Jim
    2018-11-14 03:36

    Not a bad read, but there were a few more issues with the story line, but again nothing major. Kickaha is the hero of the story, which is neat. I've wanted to see more of him since the first book & now I'm getting to see plenty of him. As part of the series, it's great, but one of the outstanding features is that it could stand alone without a problem. Usually the issue with such books is too much background info on the series, but that isn't a problem here. Just enough information is given to let a new reader know what is going on, but not enough to turn off a reader who has read it in order.

  • Metaphorosis
    2018-11-24 06:38

    Metaphorosis Reviews2 starsSummary:Still on the search for Jadawin-Wolff and the last of the Black Bellers, Kickaha and Anana find themselves on Earth. Kickaha learns surprising things about the world he grew up on, and both find themselves quickly at odds with Earth’s lord, Red Orc.Review:Farmer brings the action to Earth in this book. It’s unfortunate, because the lack of other-worldly settings exposes the weakness of the prose. Happily, Farmer manages a stronger grip on the characters in this installment. Kickaha is still the macho leader, Anana still the strong but submissive follower – despite the fact that she has a thousand years of experience on him, and a much more sophisticated background. Farmer papers this over by having her lack language skills, but it’s a thin excuse.While the characters are a little more contained, the action is even more arbitrary than before. The story is easy enough to follow, but I gave up on a search for logic pretty early. The result is a tolerable but not very interesting adventure story.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ralph Carlson
    2018-11-27 03:47

    Another great and entertaining read from the worlds of Philip Jose Farmer.

  • Norm Davis
    2018-12-07 07:30

    Behind the Walls of Terra, Philip José Farmer 9/1/15 -1/9/16 (4 sessions over 130 days ≈147 pages)I'm sorry Philip, you caught me during a “hover over the stars award period” for me, and that means, “I liked it” 3 stars. You know it is 5 star work so we won't worry what I think. Because you are Philip Jose Farmer and because you did write some Doc Savage novels and because you started this novel with enough backstory that it could be a stand alone novel, that's 5 stars in my book. But...Despite the fact the action NEVER stops, as is true of your writing, I somehow became inattentive, reading other books two cycles before coming back to you. That's probably a backhanded knock to 4 stars. More me than you on that one. But then you ended on a climax rather than a conclusion which means, “The Lavalite World” must be immediately amended to a long currently reading list. Bugger. 3 stars is enough. Kickaha on Earth, back to the home world, away from his beloved World of Tiers, (view spoiler)[ chasing down the last Black Beller, which could very literally destroy mankind. (hide spoiler)] In the previous novel, “A Private Cosmos” a beautiful “Lord” hooked up with Kickaha and they managed to (view spoiler)[kill the invading 50 or so Bellers and then chase the last Beller only to (hide spoiler)] end up in Lord Red Orc's universe, where Kickaha was born... “Behind the Walls of Terra”In this series, ANYTHING can and does happen. But in coming to Terra, this time, Kickaha and Ananna had some microcosm of an ability to be prepared. So the minute they arrive, all the buzzers, bells, chases, captures, escapes, killing and avoiding being killed gets kicked into high gear. Here's what you need to know... can't find an ebook for this series. Bummer. It stars with “The Maker of Universes” and 4 books later you managed to take a breath and say, “Ok, where are we”. Well, we are at “The Lavalite World” (view spoiler)[it has Kickaha, his beautiful Lord companion with him, two ancient universe building Lords in tow, another one and his girlfriend(hide spoiler)] lost while trying to negotiate a world blobbing along, coming apart here and there, never knowing exactly where you are... but that's the next book.

  • Ghoule
    2018-11-29 08:28

    La Saga des Hommes-Dieux présente une vision à la fois classique et loufouque de l'Héroïque Fantasy brassée de faux éléments de science-fiction (portails intermondes, fusils futuristes). Philip José Farmer utilise une construction narrative simple et répétitive, basée sur un héros qui : 1. Prend connaissance de son environnement2. Repère le danger3. Élabore une tactique pour vaincre ou fuir le danger4. Exécute sa tactique5. Parvient à vaincre ou à fuire le danger6. Se repose et s'équipe de nouveau pour faire face au prochain danger7. on recommence...Pendant 222 pages, on a l'impression de lire le squelette d'un scénario de jeu vidéo ou d'un livre dont vous êtes le héros, avant le temps.C'est assez bien écrit (traduit) pour nous entraîner plus en avant dans le récit, même si la structure rend la lecture rapidement lassante. Je comprends des lecteurs non habitués aux littératures de l'Imaginaire d'avoir de la difficulté à embarquer dans ce type de récit qui laisse peu de place à l'humain et à la société au profit d'un fil d'action constant.Ce qui est curieux, c'est que même si l'intrigue semble sérieuse, l'univers ne l'est pas. Les personnages principaux se nomment Kickaha et Anania et deux de leurs ennemis principaux s'appellent Red Orc (pourquoi pas Orc Rouge? Est-ce si difficile de traduire des prénoms aussi évidents?) et La Cloche Noire. On se croirait chez les superhéros des années 30-60, avec des prénoms aussi ridicules...Qui plus est, les révélations sur les mondes multiples de cet univers laissent songeur. Des seigneurs tout-puissants qui créent des mondes pour s'amuser et qui se font la guerre entre eux à l'aide de pions? On peut y voir un parallèle entre les nations et les religions guerrières de notre bonne vieille Terre, mais ça me semble quand même peu crédible.

  • Lordquicksilver
    2018-11-20 05:30

    La saga migliora di libro in libroDevo dire che sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso da questo libro. Ad esser sinceri, la saga dei Fabbricanti di Universi comincia abbastanza male, con il primo libro un po' troppo scontato e il secondo decisamente brutto (imho).Poi però già del terzo libro comincia a migliorare sensibilmente. Questo capitolo è molto intrigante, con un'ambientazione a metà tra il poliziesco e il thriller. Fuggiti dal mondo dei Livelli, i protagonisti Anana e Kickaha si ritrovano catapultati nella Terra degli anni 70, che (ovviamente) è molto differente da quella degli anni '40 che conosceva Kickaha. Segue piccolo spoiler (niente di che):....Scopriamo che anche la Terra è in mano al Signore Orc il Rosso, che come un Bilderberger ne tesse le fila nell'oscurità. Egli sta anche combattendo una lotta all'ultimo sangue contro il Signore Urthona, del Mondo Mobile, che vuole strappargli il suo universo tascabile.La lotta tra i due è un mix tra uno scontro tra bande mafiose e uno tra servizi segreti, il tutto farcito dalle onnipresenti auto della polizia che ovviamente ottengono come unico risultato quello di stamparsi contro i pali della luce o finire ribaltate giù da un cavalcavia. Tipicamente poliziesco insomma. Il libro ha una bella verve e non annoia, consigliatissimo.

  • Chris Gager
    2018-12-06 07:44

    Started just a bit last night after finishing #3. Will get more into it tonight after work.I stayed up a bit late last night getting into this. Pretty much picks up where the previous book left off only now we're back on Earth and things look more familiar. I like that! The author's reaction to the bikers and the hippies is amusingly curmudgeonistic. The words he puts in their mouths are ridiculously stilted but I guess that can be tolerated. Finished last night after staying up too late - again! This one's pretty much the same as #3 with a different setting. Kickaha is pursued and is the pursuer. Lot's of action, including people zipping back and forth through those darned gates. Very Confusing. I do ike the imagination shown in the author's presentation of the different worlds that serve as backdrops. The book ends with one not visited before and it's REALLY weird!2.75* rounds up to 3* - a standard rating for decent sci-fi- endless car stuff in LA. reminiscent of The Rockford Files.- Seems to be a logic hole or two in the plot here and there. Was PJF himself able to keep up with all the stuff?

  • Steven
    2018-12-07 01:45

    Messy, yet fun. This book had one of the funniest typos I’ve ever seen. P. 97: “He purchased a package of gun and chewed all the sticks until he had a big ball of gun.” There were lots of other typos too. The book was also strange because it didn’t have any chapter breaks, nor any double spaces between certain paragraphs to indicate a new section. The book was written in 1970, but there were a lot of times that I thought it was a bad imitation of that time period. I had hoped that having the World of Tiers characters return to earth would result in more spectacular things than we got in this book. There were a lot of car chases and running and hiding in alleys, but it didn’t clash the cultures as much as I hoped. At one point a character said, “We should have brought along our anti-gravity belts.” And I thought – yeah! You should’ve! That would’ve been great. The best action was when they went back away from earth to the other worlds again. I’m still enjoying this series a lot, and look forward to the next book.

  • Guy Ferguson
    2018-11-19 09:38

    Love PJ. 2D characters, buxom girls, so why is it appealing? Seeing parallels between the science in this and Dan Simmons Hyperion series, with multiple worlds connected by gates. Why do (a lot of) the best sci-fi writers come from California?*****Read it again. I really should get some new PJF. This time I'm reminded a little of Harry Harrison, his chiselled jawed super strong heroes who assess all the options and decide instantly. Woody Allen they ain't.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2018-11-27 09:49

    Not as good as the volumes that went before (but how many series do hold up that well over 4 or more volumes). Still action, and so on, but not so well written (I suppose). We discover that Earth is also part of a so called "pocket Universe" made another one of the Alien "Lords" (Red Orc). Not so good, some "re-dos" and so on...3 for the "fun value".

  • Clinton Sheppard
    2018-11-23 05:23

    Wolff returns from his entrapment only to encounter the Bellers and then flee to Earth persued by a Beller. Kikkaha follows and attempts to locate them both.

  • Timothy Boyd
    2018-12-02 08:27

    Philip Jose Farmer is one of my top 5 favorite writers. This is an excellent blend of fantasy and SiFi. A superb series. Very recommended

  • David Blecher
    2018-11-28 04:37

    The Gates of Creation

  • Groot
    2018-11-29 05:22

    I presume he went senile or developed an addiction after World of Tiers #3. Read the first three, and then read no further. WTF.

  • David Blecher
    2018-12-06 08:38

    Bicycling Through Space and Time

  • Georgi Sokolov
    2018-12-11 03:40

    Good enough

  • Paul Shaw
    2018-11-13 01:44

    More fun

  • DavidO
    2018-12-01 06:36

    It's like a bad b movie where the hero is perfect and so is his girl and every villain is super bad but easily defested. yawn.

  • David
    2018-11-11 01:30

    loved it years ago, corny but....

  • Peter
    2018-12-12 04:32

    I found the Tiers trilogy fascinating when a teen but nowadays it's a bit ho hum

  • Jonathan
    2018-12-04 09:50

    A series in which the idea is more fun than the execution.

  • B. Reese
    2018-12-01 07:48

    I keep starting this, and then stopping it. I get to the part with the bus of hippies, and it just reads so differently from the previous book. I need to finish the series!