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Dakota will do anything to get his stolen guns back, including pinning on a tin star as deputy sheriff. But then Dakota learns the man he's after is innocent. Don't miss Arson! and Silver Saddles....

Title : Rattler!
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ISBN : 9781555832285
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 222 Pages
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Rattler! Reviews

  • John Wiltshire
    2018-12-13 20:29

    Must reads.

  • Tex Reader
    2018-12-12 23:26

    4.0 of 5 stars – Wonderful Way to Ride Gayly Into This Series’ Sunset.I hadn't read a good gay western set in the old wild west in quite a while, and I got totally into this trilogy. The author has a great name for a writer of westerns, yet I have no idea who he is (I assume it's a pen name; but I couldn't find any author bios on the books or internet). So I don't know if he'd mind me saying that he reminded me of a gay Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour, or Larry McMurtry, some of my favorite western authors. Iverson's books are similar, and this third one was just as good as the first two to end what has become a favorite western series of mine.In this third book, unlike the mysteries in the first two, I witnessed the murder in the prologue; and Iverson did a pretty good job of keeping my interest as I watched to see how folks would figure it out. That went on for a bit too long, so I was relieved when they started making by then some obvious connections. But I did enjoy how this came full circle in the end, back to the private oasis, Colts, and "Rattler!" that started the story. As a bonus, I was pleased that the MC (Dakota) was still with Junior and appreciated that Iverson took this opportunity to further develop their maturing relationship in a way that reflected the realities of such things, especially in those times. There was even a nice coming out scene, if you will, in an old west style that made me smile.I also liked this for the same reasons I liked each in the series. First off, for those interested, it worked well as a standalone, with its own self-contained story, smoothly providing any explanations needed to bring a first-time reader up on previous happenings, while also further developing the character and life of the MC, his lover and other supporting characters in a way that continued an arc across the trilogy.Second, it was a nice, short, easy read, with a good, well-paced plot and character development. I enjoyed the walk back in time to the old west, and Iverson's down home style described it vividly - the mid-1870's West Texas setting, the town and people, their culture and clothes, the land and climate. Although there were some stereotypical elements, like being the fastest draw in the West, I liked the mix and clash of different cultures, including some gypsy culture, as well as the culture at the time regarding gay men. Even the men's attraction to each other (both physical and emotional) and lovemaking (mostly off camera) sounded like the old west. Third, Iverson also developed nicely the whole set of characters. Of course there was more on the MC; but even with the supporting cast I got a good feel for who they were. With Dakota, Iverson really got into the life and mindset of a trail-hardened, now somewhat tamed gunslinger. This was effectively facilitated by the first-person POV, allowing for things to be said and described in the voice and thoughts of the gunslinger in a way that put me in that time and place. Dakota was an old west version of a street smart, people-savvy tough guy who was good with a gun, and I grew to like him for all his skills, heart and humanness. His common sense form of justice was appealing, and his way of sizing things up reminded me of a saying from an old TV show: "no brag, just fact."The level of quality that Iverson maintained in this series was impressive; and as others have mentioned, I lament that there were only three books and will certainly miss Cap/Dakota. Who Iverson is may be a mystery, but rest assured his legacy lives on with this enjoyable trilogy.

  • S.x.x.
    2018-11-25 01:28

    So good, solid writing. Competent with style.