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A GREEN TALE FOR ALL AGES An enduring friendship sprouts between boy and plant.When a little boy runs in a panic from a haircut, a bird sees to it that his luxuriously follicated head is put to good use and drops a single seed right on top. Time passes, and wait...could it be? Something grows. A leaf! Instead of trying to rid himself of his new living hairstyle, the boy leA GREEN TALE FOR ALL AGES An enduring friendship sprouts between boy and plant.When a little boy runs in a panic from a haircut, a bird sees to it that his luxuriously follicated head is put to good use and drops a single seed right on top. Time passes, and wait...could it be? Something grows. A leaf! Instead of trying to rid himself of his new living hairstyle, the boy learns how to make the leaf grow, and, in turn, winds up growing a lot himself....

Title : Leaf
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ISBN : 9781596435032
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Number of Pages : 64 Pages
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Leaf Reviews

  • Alicia
    2018-09-04 11:58

    With simple line and watercolor illustrations, King tells the story of a boy, his dog and his love for nature. When a bird drops a seed on the boy's head, a sprout starts to grow. With the help of his dog the boy waters and cares for the sprout growing on top of his head. Until his mother cuts his hair, and with it the sprout. King's illustrations makes use of a lot of white space, allowing for the focus to remain on the boy and his dog. Aside from a bit of onomatopoeia used as sound effects, this is beautifully done wordless story. In the end the boy takes the cut sprout and pile of hair clipping, plants them in the ground, and watches the sprout grow into a tree, making Leaf a great selection for a program or booklist dedicated to Earth Day or simple acts of environmentalism. While the target audience is ages 4-8, I think that even older children and adults will adore this story.

  • Kathryn
    2018-08-31 06:54

    Told through illustrations (and the occasional written "sound effect"), "Leaf" reveals the surprising and delightful consequences of a little boy who runs outside to escape getting a haircut. The ending made me smile and one of the "morals" of the story could be that sometimes something you fear leads to something you love. Though I wasn't quite as captivated by this title as I was by King's excellent "Mutt Dog" this is still a pleasant story and one I would recommend to King's fans.

  • Lisa Vegan
    2018-08-25 14:57

    This wordless (except for words for sound effects) picture book was a nice surprise. I found it fun and delightful. It’s a book pre-readers can read to themselves after one read aloud, I think. It’s a funny and lovely and whimsical fantasy story. I absolutely loved the dog. I also loved the leaf (leaves) and what happens with it/them. The ludicrous occurrences are amusing, and this is a very creative story. The illustrations are just perfect, although I admit that it took a while for me to realize that the child was a boy and not a girl. It’s a wonderful book for kids who are attuned to nature, and that is most kids.

  • Dolly
    2018-08-19 15:14

    This is an entertaining tale about a child who ends up with a seed growing from his head. The story is mostly wordless, with a bunch of onomatopoeic sounds throughout. The watercolor illustrations are very good and do a great job of telling the story without a narrative.We totally thought the child was a girl until the buzz cut and the end of the story(view spoiler)[ when we see him grown up with a family standing beside a tree that grew from the seed (hide spoiler)]. I was actually thrilled with our girls' acceptance of same-sex couples, as they insisted that the child could still be a girl. I wholeheartedly agree. Overall, we thought this was a strange, but entertaining story and we enjoyed reading it together.

  • Joella
    2018-09-12 08:58

    Wowzer! This one was amazing. I love good wordless picture books, and this one is golden!

  • Educateempower
    2018-09-01 11:51

    I stumbled across this book whilst I was shuffling through the K section of the picture books.leaf21The green cover stood out (as I was looking for some more environmentally themed books) so I pulled it off the shelf and quietly read the story.Stephen Michael King has written some fantastic books that children love and this one is another book for children to enjoy.Leaf contains little language which is fantastic as it allows the reader to form their own version of the story.It is wonderful to encourage young readers to let their imagination flow. Children love being given ownership of their own learning and ideas and graphic novels and picture books can allow this creativity to flow.Leaf shows the love of nature that children can have when given the chance. It also shows the adult world and how everything needs to be neat, tidy and regimented. A sad story on adults behalf!In this magical story a little boy grows his own seedling in his hair and loves it, cares for it and shares many adventures with it. He spends every waking minute finding the best way to care for his seedling.Unfortunately it’s time for a haircut and the adult world tries to take his small tree away from him. However, his determination and resilience shines through and he continues to care for the tree as he grows older.This is a beautifully drawn book which not only intrigues the reader but really hits the spot on how we need to take a step back and let the natural world become a part of our daily lives.Take some time out to read this with a child (and by yourself) you will feel refreshed and inspired to make changes in your world.

  • Jo Oehrlein
    2018-08-28 07:53

    There's no narrative text or dialogue in this book, but there is some onomatopoeia.The story is about a girl who ends up with a plant growing on her head. Her mother cuts her hair (and the plant) off. The girl plants the sprout and it grows to a tree as she grows.

  • Mrs. MA
    2018-09-04 11:04

    How does one make a book with so few words, yet so much emotion? Ask Stephen Michael King, he is an expert.

  • Jaq
    2018-08-21 14:07

    Charming tale.

  • Lynley
    2018-09-09 12:59

    A great surrealist picture book with no words apart from onomatopoeia and mimesis. Given that almost all stories about kids and dogs are white boys, I was actually a little disappointed to find the kid isn't a girl (I'd thought he was, due to the long hair).The story reminds me of that creepy Tooheys Extra Dry ad with the Yamasuki soundtrack.

  • Margie aka The Bumble Girl
    2018-09-13 09:44

    Although LEAF was published back in 2009 it is a new favorite! My boys purchased this adorable book for their baby brother because of its memorable and sweet illustrations.The book is told mostly through it's illustrations - words are very minimal, and that's what we love about this story so very much!We are assuming that LEAF is the boys name - he seems like a happy little boy who loves to play and get dirty, like all little boys do. In the beginning of the book, there is what we assume to be is his mother, who wants to cut his longish hair. And of course, like most little kids, he does not want to get a haircut and runs away. Once outside, a bird drops a seed onto his messy hairy head and out sprouts a tiny twig. With the sun, rain and his little adventure with his puppy, Leaf and his twig enjoy their freedom and time with nature for the day.Leaf then returns home for his bath and bedtime. He then dreams about his twig which then takes a turn into a nightmare. So when his mother is waiting with the scissors again the next morning, he does not run away and does what he has to do. Mom cuts his hair, twig and all... we are so very sad. But relieved when we see Leaf take his twig and plants it outside.As Leaf grows up - so does his hair and twig. We see Leaf turn into an older boy, teen, young man and then a father. And through each milestone, Leaf visits his twig which has grown up right along with him - a small tree into a huge one. Lots of memories have been left to our imagination.It is such a touching story. I was all teary-eyed by the time I finished the end of the book. The illustrations really do reach out to you and you cannot help but react to how Leaf is feeling and what he goes through. Actions do speak louder than words. This book clearly comes from the authors heart - his dislike of social uniformity, the loss of his hearing at the age of 8 and his passion for art and books.I highly recommend this sweet book to be shared with children a year old and up.

  • Erin
    2018-08-22 09:50

    Wordless, but includes a couple sound-effect wordsAudience: ages 4+, both boys and girls, the environmentally friendly, gardeners, learners/the imaginativeAppeal: This is a clever little book in which a young boy, running away from a haircut, gets a seed dropped on his head by a bird. And a leaf grows there (it kinda looks like the lightbulb of an idea)! The young boy tries to learn how to care for his leaf when his mother gives him a haircut and it's removed. Sad, he plants the little leaf. And it grows into a nice big tree alongside the boy who also grows up. The book ends with a bird dropping a seed (from the tree) onto the head of the boy's dog.Application: I would use this novel to show the importance of dedication. The boy loved his leaf and did everything he knew possible to care for it. And his hard work, in the end, paid off! It also has a slight environmental scant due to the fact that it's a leaf he's taking care of--but that seems minor to me compared to the other themes.Award: Stephen Michael King's books have been on many Australian children's book award lists, but not any that I can document.

  • Jack Kirby and the X-man
    2018-09-06 15:06

    There has certainly been a buzz around this book - culminating in it being announced as an Honour Book in the Early Childhood section by the Children's Book Council of Australia.I think this hype ruined the book for me!Early Childhood includes a pretty large range of abilities - from a newborn unable to focus properly through to an almost-reading 5-year-old. This wizzed above my son's head at about 30,000 feet.It is a simple tale of a young boy avoiding a haircut - then discovering a bird has dropped a seed in his hair, which grows into a small sapling.I think the sequence of growing up with a tree was more emotive in Shaun Tan and Gary Crew's Memorial.

  • Kara
    2018-09-01 13:58

    I am not a child for this, but I went back my childhood. The book was just. . .wow.I remember buying it for the illustrations itself, and I didn't actually realize that there is no text in the entire story, except for the sound effects used; illustrations itself would give you the story, and I really would like to have a notebook edition of this. LOLAnd as for how the story went, it was very imaginative, and I guess if texts were laid on it, it would probably hide meanings from each line for children to understand, it was a very good idea to be just illustrative, and readers itself would give the meaning of it.

  • Rebecca Ann
    2018-09-09 06:50

    This book would be best for one on one instead of storytime because the few words included are onomatopoeias. This is essentially a visual story of a young boy (I thought it was a girl the whole way through) who is fleeing from a haircut. While he's outside a seed drops on his head and sprouts into a leaf. Eventually his caretaker catches up to him and cuts off his hair and the leaf, but the boy plants it in the ground and it grows into a lovely tree. There's a cute little twist at the end as well.The illustrations are gorgeously sketchy and simplistic pen and watercolor with a limited color palette of mostly moss green, sky blue, dirt brown, and muted yellow. red flags: none

  • Larissa
    2018-08-24 10:03

    While escaping from a pair of scissors threatening to take his hair, a young boy runs outdoors and into a large green bush. When a little bird fling over with a seed in its mouth accidentally drops his seed on to the young boy's head a wondrous thing happens.Leaf is an amusing and adventurous book where the words maybe absent but the story is loud, bold and a lot of fun. This is a book of noise and sounds about nature and life and how all things are connected. A wonderfully bright and engaging book that highlights the beauty of nature and the importance of taking care of the world around us.

  • Joanna
    2018-09-08 11:09

    When a young boy tries to escape a haircut, a bird drops a seed onto his head and a leaf begins to grow from there. The boy nurtures the leaf until he is finally given a haircut, so he plants the leaf in the ground where it grows into a tree.This wordless picture book is easy to understand and has likeable characters. The simple watercolour illustrations are captivating.This book would be great for pre-readers, for group discussion with primary readers, and as a writing prompt for intermediate students.

  • Sarah
    2018-08-31 14:09

    Leaf is a nearly wordless book--more sound effects then words--about a small child who escapes to nature rather than have his hair cut. A seed falls in his hair and a leaf grows out, he has nightmares about the terrible things that could happen to it, and eventually he has his hair cut off along with the leaf growing. He rescues it, and along with his dog they plant the tree. Than over time they watch it grow. Cute and simple.

  • Beth
    2018-09-05 07:54

    This unusual wordless picture book (with the exception of onomatopoeia on each page) shows what happens when a little boy runs away from a hair cut: a leaf begins growing in his scalp. He decides he wants to keep the leaf and spends the rest of the story figuring out how to take care of it. As with all wordless picture books, this is a great text to use with kids when talking about making inferences.

  • Robin
    2018-09-06 12:11

    Loved the artwork in this nearly wordless (save for sound effects) picture book. Several pages have a multi-panel style that made me think of it as a graphic novel/comic (though no frames). Spare, linear, whimsical artistic style. Very humorous (when trying to water the sprout on his head but repeatedly missing and watering the dog instead) and touching (when his mom "snip snips" his hair.)

  • Natalie
    2018-08-20 12:46

    A boy (although I was convinced it was little girl until the end) and his dog have haircut avoiding adventures out of doors. One day a bird drops a tree seed on his head which sprouts and gets planted, then grows alongside the boy.Pratically wordless with charming pen and watercolor illustrations.

  • Crystal Jackson
    2018-09-06 15:13

    GREAT book. It is a simple book with little words and great illustrations. It is funny to watch this little boy and his leaf's journey together. I thought this book was extremely unique. This is a great book to use to engage young children in conversation so they can try and guess what is going on in the story.

  • Chacha (Vanessa) Centeno
    2018-08-26 12:06

    I like the illustrations and story. The book was listed on a gender neutral character list and the character is obviously portrayed as a male. Overall is it is a good read, I like the reluctant to get a hair cut perspective.

  • Westerville
    2018-09-11 08:58

    "A sweet, small, "green" picture book. Interesting alternative to "The Giving Tree." - Becky, Teen LibrarianReserve a library copy!

  • Liza Gilbert
    2018-08-27 07:10

    An absolutely lovely wordless picture book about being silly and growing up. This is also a fantasic and subtle work about a boy and his dog. It is great without words, but would also work well as a launch pad for budding young storytellers.

  • Molly
    2018-09-13 13:45

    This book is great to allow children to interpret and anticipate a story. It is a beautiful picture book with very minimal text. The art itself tells a lot of the story, which allows children to interject their story. A wonderful text to read with a young child, who can take over the story.

  • Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)
    2018-08-19 07:03

    A bird drops a seed on a boys head of overgrown hair, and it sprouts to life. Beguilingly simple illustratioins, with basically no words. Although I spent most of the book thinking the character was a girl, til the mother did the buzz cut. D'Oh.

  • Arminzerella
    2018-09-07 15:09

    Mostly wordless picture book. Boy with wild hair escapes his mother's scissors and a seed starts to sprout on his head. When she does finally catch him up, he takes the remains of his hair (with the seedling) outside and plants them. A wonderful tree springs up.

  • Jen
    2018-09-06 07:58

    soooooooooooooooooo cute. This could be a great book for practicing making stories up. Students could pick a picture and write the text, or could all just describe what is going on since there are no words. There are sound words though. lovely. will buy someday.

  • Miri
    2018-08-29 12:00

    I thought the main character was a girl until the very end, and I liked it better that way, but it's still a lovely book.