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Will lovely Jane Arleth leave behind her old-fashioned ways—and handsome John Sherwood—to marry a man of great wealth? Grace Livingston Hill is the beloved author of more than 100 books. Read and enjoyed by millions, her wholesome stories contain adventure, romance, and the heartwarming triumphs of people faced with the problems of life and love....

Title : Happiness Hill
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ISBN : 9780842314879
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 323 Pages
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Happiness Hill Reviews

  • Werner
    2018-08-30 21:03

    I read this as a really little kid (I'm thinking maybe age nine, or younger), at the stage where I'd more or less read anything. The plot description in the Goodreads entry is familiar, but I don't recall the details of the book well enough to presume to rate it (except that I remember that, even back then, I thought it was awfully shallow --even more so than Horatio Alger's books), and it isn't a type of fiction I'd read today, or bother to re-read. However, I've always regretted that I couldn't remember the title, so I could list it on my "read" shelf for the sake of completeness. (Adrian Monk would understand! :-) ) But I'd never forgotten the name of the heroine's rich but unworthy suitor (after all, how could you forget a name like Llewellen Lauderdale?), and when I ran across a book description of this title, on another Internet site, which mentioned him, that was my "Aha" moment! :-)

  • Jerry
    2018-08-22 00:09

    A Quickie ReviewNow this is what I've come to expect from Grace Livingston Hill! The previous two books of hers I read were a bit sub-par, but this one was great. Fans of this writer who haven't read this one definitely should.Score: 4/5

  • Christine
    2018-09-12 01:51

    12-29-08: I'm in the middle of other books, but suddenly had a desire to read this one! It's one of my old favorites, but I haven't read it in eleven years, holy cats. Best part is, it's like reading a new book! This one is totally surprising me with unique twists to the characters. And the story just embraces my heart with the relationships among family and friends! There's a thread of mystery and intrigue, with moments of mortal danger--just enough to keep me turning the pages with eagerness. Written in 1932, the culture and setting are fascinating. Also great--there's a ton of story. It could be ending at p. 250, but I have eighty more pages to go! Sweet!

  • Kathryn
    2018-08-27 21:49

    This really is a strong 3.5 stars. Although Grace Livingston Hill was a Christian romance novelist, this is hardly a romance novel by today's standards. The Christian thread is a bit too prevalent for me, yet on the other hand played a very strong part in the story. This is another book recommended by someone whose reading recommendations I take very seriously and he rarely steers me wrong, Dr. Joe Wheeler.

  • Joan Nicholson
    2018-08-26 17:46

    Sweet, restful readI'm older and can remember when courtesies were observed in daily life: a time when foul language was never heard and rude behavior was unknown. GLH's enjoyable stories take me back and give me a rest from the jittering, jarring world of today. The Arleth family is one you wish were your neighbors and John Sherwood a beloved friend. I've read Happiness Hill about eight times and always enjoy it.

  • Anna
    2018-09-17 01:46

    A cute love story, but sometimes a bit illogical. Some of the story-lines were sketchy and not particularly well developed so they didn't feel very real. It would have been better if it were a little longer or a little less complicated.

  • Lydia
    2018-09-18 18:57

    Loved every part of this sweet story. I had forgotten that I had already read this one years ago. Love the twist on rags to riches and surprise element. Although the reader suspects what is coming...somewhat predictable but great story.

  • Sarah Cearley
    2018-09-18 22:48

    Grace Livingston Hill is my guilty pleasure...

  • Susan
    2018-09-07 19:07

    This is the first GLH book I read as a young girl. It has always remained my favorite, though I have enjoyed many through the years.

  • Kathy L.
    2018-09-16 17:56

    Of all the novels Mrs. Hill wrote, this is my absolute favorite. When I was 13, a friend of my mother's gave me her original hard-backed edition of Happiness Hill, and I could see that it was well worn from having been read so many times. At the time this was the first I had heard of GLH, and when I read this book, I was hooked! Now, 40 years later, she is still my favorite author, and Happiness Hill, in my opinion, is still one of her best novels. It's Hill at her best. There is the classic triumph over tragedy, romance, suspense, and the ever-present worldly antagonists. It's a rag to riches story, and it's the story of love of family, with a heroine who fights against all odds thrown at her. Of course, the Gospel message is skillfully woven into the fabric of the story. The main characters do not use religion as a crutch. Instead, they work hard to keep body and soul together, while trusting in the Lord in good times and bad. This book was written during the Great Depression; the author gives such a vivid description that the reader can almost feel the hunger and misery of the time. Rags to riches in the material sense is a happy ending story, but as the reader, I finished the book feeling that if this family had not seen their fortunes turn around, so to speak, they still would have had "happily ever after" because of their love for one another, and their love for their Saviour, Jesus Christ. I read this book so much that I had to tape the binding together and put the book away for sentimental value. Several years ago, I went on the internet and bought another hardback edition, so I can read it again and again. Once in awhile when I'm struggling or feeling down, and in need of inspiration, I will pull out a GLH book to brighten my day. Happiness Hill is one of about 3 of her books that I value the most. "Matched Pearls" is another one, and also "Partners". All of her books are inspirational, and it's hard to find any one favorite. Mrs Hill helped to shape this young teenager 30 years after she passed away. That's just one story, and I imagine the crown she is given in heaven has jewels added to it every year!! Her influence still goes on. I have heard that without realizing it, Mrs Hill was a pioneer and founder of a brand-new genre, Christian Romantic Fiction. I'm sure all of her fans agree!!

  • Twist
    2018-09-13 22:10

    While this isn't one of my favorites of Ms. Hill's books, it is a good one. I always enjoy reading the scripture that she incorporates in her books, that fit the situation. She gives a clear description of how to become a Christian. Jane is a strong figure, but she is human with all of the weaknesses of flesh that that comes with. She longs for more in life, but doesn't realize that she is going about getting it, the wrong way. John is a patient man. We never do find out how old he is, or if he is older or younger than Jane. He is a decent man, but not a Christian, when he meets Jane. She is able to help him find his way, while she is finding hers.The end of this book was a surprise to me. I find it humorous that Ms. Hill wrote this back in the '30's, and that a TV show was created that did this exact thing almost a century later.I can recommend this one.

  • Andrea
    2018-09-11 00:12

    Great book. This is about the third time I have read it.