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Mary Elizabeth Wainwright, carefree daughter of a famous family, had expected to have fun at her cousin's wedding. What she hadn't expected, however, was to end up being the maid of honor--or to have John Saxon, the handsome best man she met just before the ceremony, proclaim his love for her during the wedding recessional!Now many forces threaten to pull Mary Elizabeth anMary Elizabeth Wainwright, carefree daughter of a famous family, had expected to have fun at her cousin's wedding. What she hadn't expected, however, was to end up being the maid of honor--or to have John Saxon, the handsome best man she met just before the ceremony, proclaim his love for her during the wedding recessional!Now many forces threaten to pull Mary Elizabeth and John apart: distance, social standing, finances, a lost lava letter, belief in God, and a wealthy man who is determined that nothing--and no one--will stop him from claiming Mary Elizabeth as his own . . ....

Title : The Strange Proposal
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ISBN : 9780842359443
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The Strange Proposal Reviews

  • Anna
    2018-09-11 22:57

    I love that in this book the heroine is wealthy, strong, bold and ready to defend herself and others. She rarely needs rescuing but in fact does the rescuing both of her young cousin from the pretensions of his mother and also of her hero, despite his persistent pride. Of course the one area in which she does need help, finding her faith, is the most important of all. In that she is helped by both of those that she is later able to help in more material ways. I read this one before and I have to say that I always feel bad for Helen Foster whom we never meet but she is referred to a number of times and not usually in flattering ways.

  • carrietracy
    2018-09-15 20:49

    Sometimes, I just grab books off the shelf at the library, without knowing much about them. The edition at my library looked sweetly old-fashioned, and I expected something along the lines of The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer but a book, or perhaps a more grown-up version of the old Beverly Cleary high school romances like Fifteen. It was not at all what I anticipated. The plot was about what I expected, although the dialog was not terribly interesting, nothing snappy or witty or unexpected. What surprised me (and was not immediately evident from looking at the cover at start) was that this is unequivocably a Christian book, with Bible study sessions and the gentleman lead tearing his heart out over whether or not his lady fair would be worthy of his love and pure in her love of Christ. So, I'm guessing that for a select set of readers, it really is a sweet if old-fashioned love story that relates to their own values and lives as followers of Christ, but that for those that lead a more secular existance, or follow a different religion, the merits of this book are not enough to overcome the religious tone and it is best left on the shelf.

  • Jerry
    2018-08-20 23:52

    A Quickie ReviewIt's Grace Livingston Hill, the queen of Christian romance! What more do I need to say? Well, I guess I could say one thing: Fans of modern Christian writers such as Karen Kingsbury or Beverly Lewis should check the late Mrs. Hill's books out; despite their age, they have a timeless appeal.Content Concerns: Nothing of note.Score: 5/5

  • Mary Wilkinson
    2018-09-18 19:08

    I love Grace Livingston Hill's books, mainly because she writes from a different era. Though the publishers tried to update her books by putting a 70's picture on the front, her stories are still set in the classic Grace Livingston Hill time period, the 30's and 40's. This was a time in our history where life had rules, there was a distinct right and wrong, and classes of people were defined differently than today. Not that it was better, it was just different; unlike our world today where everything is relative to our feelings. The Bible played a major part in people's lives, but the sins of today were going on then too. Grace Livingston Hill's books always have a beautiful and exciting love story, one where Christians and non-Christians lives collide. I read her books to my 97 year old mother-in-law, Anna, and she relates in a different way than me. I am awed by the way people lived in that time period, and she actually lived in the 30's. When Grace describes clothing of the day, Anna remembers having a dress made out of that material. If I don't understand an idiom of that day, Anna explains it to me. These are wonderful books to share with an older friend or relative. You can read them aloud and not worry that people listening will be shocked by any passages. Instead they will be encouraged.

  • Franny
    2018-09-02 00:02

    This one was another one that I couldn't put down. It was sprightly and bubbly, dealing with the age-old question of, "Am I good enough for Christ?" The romance developed precipitately, just as the best man was walking down the aisle with the groom's cousin, who was asked to be the maid of honor when the original maid of honor couldn't make it at the last minute. Mary Elizabeth Wainwright is the only daughter of a widowed millionaire. John Saxon is a penniless student, studying hard to be a doctor. He sees the girl of his dreams coming up the aisle towards him, and believing her to be the missionary friend of the bride, tells her he loves her! He has to leave immediately after the wedding, so he doesn't feel as if he has a moment to lose. As he is leaving on the night train, she slips him her address and he writes her a love letter. Later on he finds out who she really is and is appalled at his temerity. I loved to see the development of these two young people's characters, set amidst the heat of a Florida orange grove in the dead of summer and a crucial, fatal illness that John's mother develops. I particularly liked the relationship that developed between thirteen year-old Sam and her cousin Mary Elizabeth. It is a moving, tension-filled story that was just great.

  • Melissa
    2018-08-25 21:10

    This was an ok read. It is very Christian and sweet, but I am not sure I would read anything else by this author. I did enjoy the beginning and how he saw what he wanted and went after it. I didn't read the first book and all the characters at the beginning wasn't too bad, it can be a stand alone read. I guess what bothered me was the preachyness.Of coerce these aren't my beliefs in the book so it is hard to read about the k narrow-mindedness in the book, not that I am picking on that religion. It's just not what I believe and therefore hard to read.

  • Lois
    2018-09-01 19:56

    This is a nice spinoff of White Orchids.Once again, I enjoyed Livingston's characters. Boothby is a fun villain. I liked the developing friendship between 21 year-old Mary Elizabeth and her 13 year-old cousin, Sam. My brother and I match those ages, so it was fun to read about their antics. :) The couple falls in love at first sight (at least, the man does) and they don't spend much time together at all. Yet, the satisfying ending left me with a smile.

  • Dorry Lou
    2018-08-20 18:03

    I discovered this author years & years ago. Must say I have not read any of her books for a long time. This book was one the library had on sale. For the most part I enjoyed it. Its a story about a wealthy family and a poor guy struggling to go thru' medical school. He meets the rich girl at a wedding and is completely taken with her without realizing she is so rich. This author is very religious so much is on converting characters. The story was good and enjoyable reading.

  • Martha
    2018-09-07 01:52

    A typical GLH book, but with a little less than a romantic courtship. Boy sees girl, boy falls in love with girl. Boy asks girl to marry him, she thinks he is joking. They write letters, fall more deeply in love and get married.

  • Allison
    2018-09-19 20:13

    I shouldn't have liked this book as much as I did because it was so fluffy and the part that takes place in a FL Orange grove made me think that Hill probably has never been to FL. But still, an enjoyable little fluffy Christian romance read.

  • Reeds
    2018-08-30 20:49

    sequel to White Orchids

  • Ameliedanjou
    2018-08-29 02:02

    This is the sequel to White Orchids, and starts at the wedding of those characters. May not work as well all by itself.

  • Breanna Ragsdale
    2018-09-11 22:05

    It was really good and, like always, she ended up with the right guy for her. :)

  • Donald A. Messenger
    2018-08-21 19:47

    Good storyI always enjoy reading grace Livingston hill novels. She is very strong in her spiritual advice. I wish there were more books like that today.