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An ambitious executive finds his life turned upside down by a lovely runaway and her younger brother. But will he be able to do what it takes to save the two people who have so effectively brought upheaval into his well-ordered life?...

Title : In Tune with Wedding Bells
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In Tune with Wedding Bells Reviews

  • Anna
    2018-08-26 15:11

    Although there are some parts of this book that stretch credulity (I have a hard time seeing how strain, and going without sufficient nutrition would cause an illness that would land a person in a hospital for the better part of a week) I still greatly enjoyed this. I am sure this is, in part, because I am a sucker for cute kids. Noel is sweet, clever, and almost unnaturally well behaved, but I think that may be a reflection of the trauma he has endured over the last two years of his life. I love that Reuben falls in love with the little boy before he even looks at the sister as more than as someone who needs his help. I like the enormous courage and faith of Gillian who is willing to flee a dangerous situation and move across the country where she has few friends and no support to save herself and her brother from a potentially disastrous guardianship, and ready to do so again when the danger follows her. I like her determination to be self sufficient until reminded that Perhaps God's plan involves her accepting help. And in the end I like that Reuben takes his time falling in love and compares his feelings for Gillian with those he has had for other women in his life.

  • Nancy
    2018-08-23 15:03

    This is a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad book. My issues with it are threefold: first, the main female character, Gillian Guthrie, is an enfeebled idiot. Her backstory is that she's an orphan whose dead father was well off. When her mother dies and her evil uncle tells her that her father's money was lost in an investment, she immediately believes him despite having been warned that he's untrustworthy, takes her five-year-old brother and runs off to the city. She works herself broke in order to pay off her mother's hospital bills - to the point where she often goes hungry. Eventually, she passes out at her office from exhaustion and bad nutrition and thereafter spends a week in the hospital and is still all tuckered out for plot reasons. Throughout the book, she's incredibly meek and doesn't do a whole lot of anything except cry a lot: in happiness, in excitement, due to worrying, just because. She's incredibly weepy and helpless for someone who is often lauded by the other characters for being strong and awesome.Secondly, the hero of this story, Reuben Remington, has an incredibly sketchy name and is a total weirdo. Despite being a fairly lapsed Christian, he reacts in shock - shock! - at being invited to a house party and asked to take part in a play. Because plays are evil? Or something. He has the same dislike of makeup and nail polish (crimson nails are the sign of a woman of loose morals) despite them being fairly mainstream by the time these novels were written. Reuben Remington, moreover, is constantly judging women for being too forward or 'bold' and comparing them to Gillian, who is, as previously mentioned, basically a barnacle who needs to be carried all over the place lest she tire herself walking a few feet.The third, and most memorable reason for this book's badness, is Gillian's little brother, a five-year-old named Noel. Noel is kind of like a little robot; a plot-sensitive robot. Noel goes from speaking in broken, little-kid speech (mistaking is for was, for example) to basically spouting spoken-word poetry with perfect grammar(including the word 'cunning' used correctly) depending on whether it's better for a plot point that he look cute and innocent or wise beyond his years. His sister has him indoctrinated so that almost every other word from his mouth has to do with God, and he basically never misbehaves or acts out, despite being under significant stress and having to suddenly adapt to new environments/living situations.In short, this book is chock full of preachiness, flaw-free characters, and unlikely situations. It's really not one of Grace Livingston Hill's better outings.

  • Melissa
    2018-08-30 11:06

    Don't remember this one much, except that I liked it at the time.

  • Carolyn
    2018-09-11 11:04

    Okay, I read this book in a single day. It held my attention throughout, but it is not my favorite Grace Livingston Hill book. Nope, not really. The hero of the story is at least thinking about who he wants as a life partner, but the heroine, Gillian is very bland. The only thing she ever thinks about him, is that she can't ever think of him as someone special, not to assume he really cares for her that way. There was really no romance in the whole book until the very, very end. They were just friends up until that point. I also didn't like that she seemed kind of dense when it came to her horrible uncle. Compared to other villains in her stories, this one was lame and predictable. There are better books of hers to read.

  • Jerry
    2018-09-10 10:19

    Conventional wisdom states: "You can't beat the classics."In this case, that's absolutely right.This novel may be about a century old, but, it has a timeless appeal, and is more enlightening and inspiring than many "modern" romances, even those with a Christian label.Seriously, if you haven't read anything by Grace Livingston are missing out, big time.

  • Lin Stepp
    2018-09-13 10:20

    Still another Hill book ... this one an old-time story of a young man coming to the rescue of a woman and her small brother in a hard time. Scenes are sweet ... characters endearing. Loved the undercurrents of intrigue and an unexpected ending.

  • Megan Rednour
    2018-08-23 10:03

    Like all of her books they have a wonderful clean story! And all of the characters come together with God in their hearts and love for each other! Great read :)

  • Dail Sams
    2018-09-12 11:08

    I confess I'm a sucker for the old-fashioned, Christian romances of Grace Livingston Hill. I've read all of them, including this one multiple times.

  • Brenda
    2018-08-27 15:03

    Not one of my favorites, but it's GLH, so it followed the formula. That's why I read her books.

  • Susan Reimers
    2018-08-25 08:08

    Great storyI enjoy enjoyed the book very much. Grace Livingston Hill has a wonderful way of sharing faith and God's love in her books.