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When Greg Sterling glances out his hotel window one bleak afternoon, he's startled to see a young woman slip from the park bench where she had been sitting and fall in a crumpled heap to the ground. He races to the woman's aid and vows to help her overcome her desperate circumstances. Soon though, he realizes that his interest in Margaret is more than that of a benefactor.When Greg Sterling glances out his hotel window one bleak afternoon, he's startled to see a young woman slip from the park bench where she had been sitting and fall in a crumpled heap to the ground. He races to the woman's aid and vows to help her overcome her desperate circumstances. Soon though, he realizes that his interest in Margaret is more than that of a benefactor. Captivated by her beauty and indomitable spirit, Greg knows he's falling in love. But before he can share his feelings with Margaret, she disappears without a trace! * Chaste...

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Christmas Bride Reviews

  • Kathleen
    2018-09-18 18:19

    Too much religion in this book, detracting from the story, and the message is somewhat inconsistent with Christ's command to feed the hungry, and to judge not. Otherwise, a sweet holiday romance, written in 1934. Set in New England in the late 1920's during the Great Depression, the story spans Thanksgiving and Christmas. Heartwarming holiday scenes, with the H / h and her kindly old grandparents. Descriptive scenes of the Depression. The author lived through it, so she'd know. Some heartwrenching scenes when poor Margaret (the heroine) is starving and cold. The Christmas Bride begins in the American "Far West" (no idea which state), but is set primarily in Philadelphia and Vermont (I think it was Philly -- the city wasn't named).I chuckled at the various expressions, like "what a peach!" and "a crackerjack cook!" and "Say!" The new technology is not shortened yet: "automobile" (not car) "telephone" (not phone) "manifold machine" (what is that?)Plot:Gregory Sterling finds oil on his land out West, so he sells it for millions and goes back home to Philly. Having been exposed to worldly superficiality, he vows that he won't become like that -- a rich, snobbish, golf-playing lush (hee-hee). Arriving back East after ten years away, he finds his fair city in dire straights from the Depression. The house where he grew up, his old school -- everything is dirty and depressing.Even worse, Greg's old high school sweetheart has become a Jezebel!! Red lips, make-up, and cigarettes!!! Doubly divorced, drinking, and gambling! Why, she's almost the devil incarnate. ;) His poor heart is broken. He becomes bitter and disillusioned, till he meets his starving Christmas bride: brave, selfless, refined, and kind. She is a Christian, too, like him. But just days after meeting Margaret and placing her in the hospital she disappears without a trace! Blame it on the haughty head nurse, Miss Grandon. Heartwrenching scenes when Margaret is half-dead but toiling on. Likewise, when Greg is searching desperately for her, worrying. I liked the scene where the cruel nurse got her comeuppance. Finding her again, Greg helps Margaret get a job. Poor girl finally gets a hot bath, hot food, and a real bed. Phew!With his millions, Greg vows to help the poor, to give them work, not free handouts. He wants to give them the message of God's love, too. His friend, Reverend Rhoderick Steele, helps him create a philanthropic business model. Margaret worries about her grandparents. Will they get to keep their farm in Vermont, threatened by foreclosure? I liked the old folks. QuibblesThe business plan only gets a vague description, but enough that I understood it. Too much time was spent describing the new office supplies and furnishings. BUT, it's the Depression and our millionaire extraordinaire gives booklets to the starving? Not hot soup? Why not both? What was Hill thinking?? Christ fed the 5000 during The Sermon on the Mount, and they weren't even literally starving. This cost the author one star. At the end of the story, the unpleasant scene at their new house did NOT fit. I didn't like it at all. Didn't belong. Ruined the happy ending and cost one more star. Inserted just so Hill could make yet another moralizing speech?In this book, the author goes overboard on the religious stuff. There goes another star. Too much praying and scripture quoting -- that's no way to tell a story. (I liked the Christmas caroling, though.) The Christians are good and the nonChristian are either benignly ignorant or depraved. All black and white. Judgemental. Not compassionate.Some of Hill's books have no religious message at all, most have just a slight bit, and some have a lot. I think this is her worst (or best, some would argue). Mom liked Hill's books, and I'd sometimes read them. They are usually better than this one.I like the original cover art better than this kindle cover. This girl looks too well fed, and her coat is all wrong. She bought a coat in this story and Greg gave her a fur coat. Neither coats fit the picture. Not a big deal.

  • Victor Gentile
    2018-08-28 00:11

    Grace Livingston Hill in her new book, “The Christmas Bride” Book Nine in the Love Endures series published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. takes us into the life of Greg Sterling.From the back cover: “His heart sank more and more over the ghastly thought that perhaps he should never find her again…”Greg Sterling spent the last ten years out West trying to eke out a living on rough, unforgiving land…until he discovered oil and his fortune was made. With his recently acquired wealth to his name, Greg heads back East hoping to prove his worth among those who once doubted his potential.But only hours after arriving, Greg sees a young woman collapse on a park bench and rushes to her side. There’s no doubt that Margaret McLaren needs someone’s help–his help. But just as quickly and unexpectedly as she appeared in his life, Margaret vanishes without a trace. Now Greg will do anything to find her again.Just as Greg’s search comes up empty-handed, old flame Alice Blair sets out to rekindle their relationship. Will it keep Greg from finding his true love?When Grace Livingston Hill’s first husband died he left her with two young daughters to raise. In an effort to support her family she turned to writing. However, Ms. Hill just didn’t want to write anything she wanted to write stories of faith. Nothing blows up, there are no car chases and the future of the world is not in jeopardy yet “The Christmas Bride” is very exciting. Originally written in 1934 “The Christmas Bride” is a wonderful story of how God can take our circumstances and change them to the better. Greg Sterling left town because the townspeople thought he was worthless. Now wealthy he has returned to prove them wrong. Then he meets Margaret, who vanishes on him. As he tries to find her his old flame resurfaces. However his only interest is in Margaret. I think “The Christmas Bride” is an exciting story and a wonderful romance that will keep you reading as to what happens next. Ms. Hill knows how to tell a great story and while it may be old it still is a powerful story.If you would like to listen to interviews with other authors and professionals please go to where they are available On Demand.To listen to 24 hours non-stop, commercial free Christian music please visit our internet radio station www.kingdomairwaves.orgDisclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Barbour Publishing, Inc. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • Sharon Chance
    2018-09-14 20:33

    I have loved Grace Livingstone Hill's books for years, and I'm delighted that they are being reissued now! The Christmas Bride is a gentle story of love, faith and hope and is just a delight to revisit. I highly recommend this charming books!

  • Kristine Hansen
    2018-09-03 01:26

    I started the year on Grace Livingston Hill, and so too I end it on that note. Here a man with newfound wealth finds a girl who is starving to death before his eyes. His efforts to save Margaret are sometimes a little heavy-handed, but the sincerity is there, as it is in his own stumbling newfound walk with Christ. Again, we see the blissful idyll of the family farm, and living simply, held in contrast to the things of the world. At the same time, education and the betterment of one's mind is held in high esteem. I like these aspects to Grace's book as she always inspires me to not only try to live a better life, but to keep pressing on when things are difficult. I find myself praying more when reading these books.

  • Danielle Reily
    2018-09-01 02:21

    I love Grace Livingston Hill's books, but they are a little old fashioned. In a lot of Hill's books the "good people" are very good, giving, caring, they don't smoke, wear make-up, dance, or drink, and they are attractive and intelligent. The "bad people" are very bad, they drink, smoke, drink, gamble, go out all night, they have multiple divoces, are immoddest, and while they can be portrayed as attractive and intelligent they usually end up being considered fake or false. It makes the plot and character development very predictable, almost funny. But I love these books for the sweetness of them, and for the fact that my Mom and Grandmother gave them to me. The books are predictable, but fun, romantic, quick reads. "Christmas Bride" follows the pattern. Very sweet, feel-good romance. The characters are a litle "ccokie cutter", but I still felt for them. It starts with a rescue and a frantic search and it ends with a family and a Christmas wedding. Even though it's predictable, I still found myself nervous for the main characters, and smiling at the end.

  • Ibjoy1953 Hannabass
    2018-09-18 21:27

    It’s been a long time since I’ve read a Grace Livingston Hill book! I am so glad they are making a comeback. I really enjoyed this wonderful Christmas story.The head nurse on the hospital floor was a bit arrogant and took things into her own hands a bit too soon. Greg brought Margaret into the hospital and paid her entire bill, setting her room up as a memorial to give poor people a nice room for free while in the hospital. When Margaret found out, she really made an idiot of herself. But Greg soon set her straight!This well written story is full of realistic characters that you will grow to love, and Grace Livingston Hill gives readers a heartwarming story to read during the Christmas Holidays. Pick up your copy now, so you will have it when the holiday season gets here!I received this book from the publisher Barbour Books to read and review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 55.

  • Kate
    2018-08-26 01:32

    Gregory Sterling is suddenly a man of the world after the discovery of oil on his property. When he witnessed Margaret McLaren fall he took it upon himself to assist in her care however he could despite the questioning of others concerning his honest motives.Alice Blair whose past was known by Gregory realizes that some things need to be revitalized before the hour is overdue. But at what price?Will love be rekindled or will there be another?This read is a classic romantic gentle novel that will take the reader back to another time period. Prose is dated yet refreshing! I did enjoy the character of Gregory charming, easy to connect with and realistic! Scenery was exquisite and very descriptive felt as if I were there.I found reading that most parts within the book made it impossible to put down but a few though I struggled through. This is a faith challenging and inspiring read that is good for a relaxing winter day.Thanks to Barbour Publishing for the complimentary copy from the Christmas Giveaway!

  • Meredith Resce
    2018-08-28 01:25

    I have loved reading Grace Livingston Hill in the past. She always writes in a bygone era - for the post modern reader. Of course it is her own era and therefore the attitude, language and Christian practice and ideals of the time are authentic. I admit that having recently been ruthlessly schooled on post modern writing styles, I was a bit distracted by her old fashioned writing style of telling, rather than showing. In the past this never bothered me, but I noticed it a lot this time. Still a lovely little story.

  • Jerry
    2018-09-04 01:24

    This is my first experience with classic Christian writer Grace Livingston Hill. I have to say, even though I'm not a huge fan of older literature other than the Bible, I really enjoyed it. It had a timeless appeal and quite a bit of old-school charm. If you're a fan of Christian fiction, you should definitely check Grace Livingston Hill's books out. Though she may have left this world decades ago, she lives on through her writings...and for good reason, too.

  • Kristin
    2018-09-20 21:17

    Not my favorite GLH book, but I did enjoy the story. This particular GLH story has surprisingly little character development--both protagonists are close to perfect from the very beginning, and the one conversion that occurs requires very little persuasion to reach that point. Overall, an enjoyable read but not very memorable.

  • Mollythepirate
    2018-09-06 22:19

    Written in 1934 and reprinted in 1994 with the most ridiculous cover possible. There was sparing use of slang, just the occasional, "Say, she's a crackerjack cook!" which actually tickled me quite a bit. Although I don't know anywhere I can check my bags for ten cents and buy a peanut butter sandwich for five cents anymore I thought this book felt pretty "new." Not too sappy but very cute.

  • Karen
    2018-08-26 18:17

    The Christmas BrideExcellent book about a man who suddenly becomes rich and can not understand how the world has changed in 10 years. After seeing a young lady collapse in the park, he provided for her care. I highly recommend this book!

  • Melissa
    2018-09-02 18:06

    I liked this one, especially having read it around Christmas. It was wonderful to read about the relationship between two people who are Christians. It contains a bit of mystery along with adventure and romance. All in all, a good read.

  • Tausha
    2018-09-08 01:15

    Cute, clean read. This one was a little cheesy for me and very preachy, but still a cute read. The style of writing made more sense to me once I noticed the author actually lived (1865-1947). Glad I read it, but probably wouldn't read again.

  • Magma
    2018-09-07 01:15

    ohmygosh! this is the first Grace Livingston Hill book I read when I was a kid! I still love this one the most probably.....or it's tied with The Enchanted Barn.*after reading* I always love it every time I read this book.

  • Dianna
    2018-08-25 18:15

    Not one of her best, but I liked the strong current of Biblical themes. I thought they got a bit extreme at times, but I liked to see how the heroine's grandparents trusted in God through their hard times, and how the newly married couple had strong values and convictions.

  • Rachel
    2018-09-09 01:19

    I like these clean Christian romances by Grace Livingston Hill; however, I will say that her good characters are almost too perfect and her bad ones horribly evil, which can make them amusing although that's not the intent. They are well written though.

  • Carrie Daws
    2018-08-29 22:23

    It's an older book and I had to adjust to the writing style. It's written in the omniscient point of view, which I also had to adapt to since I don't read many of those. But the story is sweet and the main characters charming.

  • Gina Mcandrew
    2018-09-02 22:20

    Pretty goodThis isn't my favorite book by the author, but is a pleasant read. As always, the author includes a strong gospel message.

  • Roberta
    2018-08-22 02:22

    Another Christian love story culminating in a Christmas wedding. Somehow she pulls it off without being too, too sappy. BUT, I don't think I could read GLH any other time of the year.

  • Mkrieg
    2018-09-11 20:11

    A very pure and sweet Christian love story. I was left with a happy feeling.

  • Margaret Boehm
    2018-08-25 00:34


  • Graham
    2018-08-23 23:24

    This would be a great movie.

  • Sarah Cearley
    2018-09-16 19:28

    Grace Livingston Hill is my guilty pleasure...

  • Annie
    2018-09-06 18:09

    very predictable, but cute.

  • Wilani Wahl
    2018-09-12 20:31

    I love Grace Livingston Hill and this book was true to the others. It is a wonderful book. Very clearly talks about the Lord and being a Christian.

  • Carrie
    2018-09-16 02:11

    I was first introduced to Grace Livingston Hill as a young reader. She was my first foray into Christian or Inspirational Fiction. I enjoy her simplistic writing style, her ability to speak on lifestyle purity in away that is completely foreign today and may have even been foreign in her own time, her ability to bring redemption in a dark world, and for her simplistic preaching within the story lines."The Christmas Bride" is a wonderful story of being in a place for "such a time as this". Greg recently sold his property and came into a large fortune. A chance sighting allows him to witness the collapse of Margaret, who is past her last dime. Using his fortune, he seeks out treatment for her. An unfortunate event sends Margaret out into the world without Greg, who spends day after day searching for her. After Greg is able to find her, he helps her in ways she never imagined. I would say more but you really need to read this story!If there had to be a con it would simply be that the simplistic yet powerful purity that she writes about is so foreign for us today. Sometimes it is hard to imagine someone acting or responding in the ways that the characters do. One simply has to be willing to look at the context and beyond trying to make it fit into current culture.

  • Lyndee S. Pitiak
    2018-09-13 19:08

    My former mother-in-law introduced me to Grace Livingston Hill. The Christmas Bride is one of the three Christmas novels that she wrote. This one is my second favorite of the three and I read them every year.

  • Keary Onken
    2018-09-01 02:12

    I really liked the set-up and the first half of this book. But then when he just stumbles upon her, it just killed the narrative tension. After that it felt like Hill just kind of phoned it in. And I seriously could have done w/o the unbiblical Scolfield pre-millenial dispensationalist nonsense.

  • Roberta
    2018-08-28 00:29

    This is a very good christian book. I love the story.