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Mutt Dog is brave and fast and gentle and loyal and smart, but he's also hungry, and he doesn't have a home. Then one day his luck changes, and he at last finds a family--and a cozy, loving place to belong.With its humorous text and irresistible watercolor illustrations, this endearing story by Australian picture-book creator Stephen Michael King is certain to strike a choMutt Dog is brave and fast and gentle and loyal and smart, but he's also hungry, and he doesn't have a home. Then one day his luck changes, and he at last finds a family--and a cozy, loving place to belong.With its humorous text and irresistible watercolor illustrations, this endearing story by Australian picture-book creator Stephen Michael King is certain to strike a chord with animal enthusiasts everywhere....

Title : Mutt Dog!
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Mutt Dog! Reviews

  • Kathryn
    2018-09-13 07:23

    Five stars! Totally tugged on my heartstrings. Remarkable, given that it's such a "simple" story with few words but, gosh, they are so well-chosen and the illustrations are great. The opening page almost brought tears to my eyes. A poor little mutt wandering the streets of the big city with nowhere to go and no one to love him. Whaaahaaaa! It really brings out the loneliness of the dog, though he tries to make the best of it--and the indifference of the people. Of course, there is a wonderfully happy ending in store, and King does a really nice job of making the text come full circle showing the contrast between Mutt Dog's old life and his new one. I just loved this! Thanks, Lisa, for the recommendation :-)

  • Dolly
    2018-09-01 13:27

    This is a heartwarming tale of a stray dog who finds a home. The story is a simple one, and the watercolor illustrations do a wonderful job of telling the story in pictures. I loved the compassion of the woman who worked at the shelter (view spoiler)[who eventually adopted Mutt Dog (hide spoiler)] and I hope our girls learned a little more about the plight of homeless animals and the importance of giving a home to pets from animal shelters. Overall, we thought this book was a delightful story and we really enjoyed reading it aloud. We had fun discussing what kind of name we would have given to Mutt Dog.

  • Lisa Vegan
    2018-08-28 12:27

    Wonderful, whimsical illustrations! There is a happy ending, of course. But, it’s sort of a sad dog story. While only the first 60% of the story has a melancholy feel, and the last 40% is aglow with cheer, sensitive children may find this book a painful experience. The long happy ending helps a lot though. I’m impressed by this author/illustrator and will be on the lookout for other work by him.

  • Amy
    2018-09-12 14:34

    I asked my niece to review this story after we read it. She gave it two thumbs up. She said that she really liked the story, and she liked the illustrations a lot. She said that she would suggest to other kids that they read this book.From an adult's point of view, this story provides many opportunities to talk to kids about a few social issues in a way that they can understand. My niece and nephew both independently made the connection that not only does Mutt Dog not have a home, but many of the people in the story didn't either. Through the dog the kids could see some of the struggles that homeless people might face, too. My niece was also concerned about why some people would treat animals as throw-away creatures and asked me about this without prompting. Even my three-year old nephew furrowed his brow and really *felt* sympathy/empathy for Mutt Dog and the homeless people in the book. He asked questions about what he was seeing in the pictures, and gave me his interpretations of what was being presented.This is a simple, but deep story, and one my niece and nephew both enjoyed, and I appreciated that it engaged their minds and their emotions.

  • Travis Mueller
    2018-09-10 10:07

    Nothing too special here, just a cute little story about a dog finding a home. The art is cute, especially the shaggy dog. But the style also feels naggingly familiar somehow, though I don't recognize any of the other works by this author. Probably just similar to some other artist.

  • Jennifer
    2018-08-19 14:27

    Makes a good read aloud with great illustrations for an elementary age crowd.

  • Jaleesa
    2018-08-25 10:34

    Mutt Dog is a story about a homeless dog. He’s brave, fast, gentle and loyal. He’s also hungry and lonely. He ate whatever he could find and every night, he looked for a new place to sleep. One night, he found a shelter, filled with people who were cold and tired just like him. The dog became friends with a woman who worked for the shelter. She gave him a biscuit and a bed but the next day, she sent him away. In the midst of looking for a place to sleep with an empty stomach, the scruffy dog hears his new friend calling out to him. Once home, the kids brushed out his matted knots, gave him food, lots of love and the name “Mutt Dog.” He now knows where he belongs.Mutt Dog addresses the topics of poverty, homelessness and loneliness in a kid-friendly way. It teaches children to be kind and to help others. The story shows you instances of people being helpful and some people who aren’t as compassionate. Although I like the illustrations, the illustrator used water colors and a quirky drawing technique that may be a too abstract for small children to see clearly. Overall, I enjoyed the book. I will say that it starts off very sad and doesn’t pick up until the end. It’s a heartwarming tale, which will provoke emotions many students can relate to.

  • Brittaney Reed
    2018-09-13 11:25

    King, S.M. (2004). Mutt dog. Florida: Harcourt Inc."Mutt Dog" by Stephen Michael King is such a wonderful children's book about a homeless stray dog. Everyday the stray dog scrounges for food, and looks for shelter. That is until one day he ends up at a real Homeless Shelter where a woman takes pity on the dog. She gives him a bed for the night and food. But, she explains there is no room for the poor dog because this shelter is for humans. The woman eventually decides to take the dog home with her and her family falls in love with the dog. Mutt dog now has a place to call home and a family of his own. I loved this book it I such a heart warming story. I am such a sucker for animals in need. I think children would enjoy this book very much. I would recommend it for ages pre-k through third grade. It really shows children the understanding of what people and animals who don't have homes go through to survive. I think this book has a positive lesson and message for children.

  • RitaSkeeter
    2018-08-20 09:33

    Unlike most children's picture books that have children or animals with easily resolvable problems, Mutt Dog introduces children to the concept of homelessness. Told in very simple terms it shows Mutt Dog, who is alone and uncared for, as he finds a new family to love. I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I applaud the book for it's social conscience and for introducing a difficult topic to young children. On the other hand, is it wrong to want to protect your children from the ugliness of the real world just for that little bit longer?My rating: 3 stars due to the conflict I feel between thinking this is a gentle introduction to the topic for children but wanting my kids to experience rainbows, dinosaurs and fantastical creatures for awhile yet.Master 5's rating: why don't the people have houses? Can we save up our money and buy them all houses?Master 3's rating: didn't like it.

  • Big Book Little Book
    2018-09-09 14:18

    Lesley: www.bigbooklittlebook.blogspot.comWhat a lovely story. Can I even admit that it almost made me tear up… almost! This is a story about a stray dog, who had to be brave and fast and smart just to survive. We see him scrounging for food and trying to find places to sleep until he eventually finds a halfway house where someone takes pity on him and finds him somewhere warm and dry to sleep and gives him some food.This story has a very happy ending and just generally has a ‘feel good’ factor to it. It provided a nice chatty conversation with my pre-schooler about animals and caring for animals and how animals might feel if they were all alone. I am very glad there was a happy ending for this little dog!Verdict: A delightful read for your pre-schooler. Might even be a tear jerker for some!!

  • Katrina Germein
    2018-09-16 15:31

    Stephen Michael King’s text is simple and beautiful, like the illustrations, which are somehow both funny & charming and moving & meaningful. For me, this book has just the right amount of Stephen Michael King’s trademark whimsy married with an important story and a clear narrative. The tale has a happy ending that leaves readers feeling great yet along the way readers are given the opportunity to consider deeper themes of belonging and kindness. The story acknowledges and normalises difficulties faced in our community in a gentle, frank and respectful way. I wish I owned a copy of this book when I was working with children who’d experienced homelessness.Read a longer review https://picturebooksilove.wordpress.c...

  • Heidi-Marie
    2018-09-06 07:08

    A definite book for animal lovers. It's nice when a story can turn out this well. But coming from a non-animal background, I would still worry about the background of an animal who can't tell us what that background is. (I'm thinking disease, etc.) I'm all for animals being treated kindly, and domestic ones being treated kindly. But I'm still hesitant about bringing ANY animal in my home. Not something I'm familiar with. Anyway. The book is good. And will be a nice filler in a storytime.4/15/15 Used as an opener for my Dogs theme. Not bad. My tiny crowd (we had a ton of snow) liked it.

  • Jackie
    2018-09-02 08:30

    A lovely story about a dog living on the streets, scrounging for food and shelter each day. Along comes a woman who works at a shelter that helps people who are the same as Mutt Dog. Each day, they need food, warmth, shelter, and comfort, just like Mutt. She gives him a bed for the night, but sends him out the next day when she says there is no room for him. Eventually, her heart softens and she brings Mutt home to meet her family. They've fallen in love and now Mutt has a place to call his own. Used for "Caring for Pets-Dogs" storytime-01/10.

  • Camille
    2018-08-20 09:20

    The story of a homeless mutt dog roaming the city looking for something to eat and a place to sleep. Starts off rather sad, but end very sweetly.I like the ink-with-watercolor illustrations, but I wouldn't use them for a storytime because they're not clear enough to show an audience and there are also some small insets. But if a child wanted a nice beginning-reader-level picture book or a parent wanted to share a dog book with their kid, this is perfect.

  • Skye Kilaen
    2018-08-26 09:16

    This is a great little book about a dog, especially if you know anyone who has adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue. The dozen or more names they try out for the dog particularly crack me up. Radiator?! This isn't our first Stephen Michael King book, and now I know to look out for him. His work has a quiet sweetness that's so calming.

  • Tricia
    2018-09-14 11:27

    I'm wary of dog books...for the reason that Korman wrote "No More Dead Dogs". Of course, this is a picture book so it has a better chance of a happy ending. Illustrated in a way to draw the reader into the story, this book details a homeless dog's journey to a new family. My preschooler loved it so much that she wanted to read it again as soon as we finished.

  • Matthew
    2018-09-10 08:16

    This tale of a homeless dog in the big city offers readers a reminder of the harshness of life for the homeless as well as a glimpse of hope for the dog who manages to escape this difficult life thanks to the kindness of a volunteer at a halfway house.

  • Peacegal
    2018-09-01 15:24

    This surprisingly sensitive picture book explores both animal and human homelessness with dignity and grace. It could potentially spark a lot of good discussions about homelessness, shelters, and helping both people and animals.

  • Vanda
    2018-09-10 15:15

    my little brother got this book from the school library and he loved it. As a 20 year old I loved it as well and the illustrations are adorable pls

  • Beth
    2018-08-30 10:17

    A homeless, yet resourceful dog always manages to find a place to sleep for the night, but today's find just might have led him to his forever home.

  • T
    2018-09-11 10:12

    Great story and illustrations

  • Heather Gunnell
    2018-09-15 09:34

    A sweet, heartwarming story about a stray dog finding his forever home.

  • Megan Higginson
    2018-09-09 13:25

    Lovely playful story of an unloved dog finding a home.

  • Susan
    2018-08-21 15:17

    Great illustrations!!

  • Sandra
    2018-08-21 07:23

    I loved reading this book to my chhildren

  • Marissa Burkey
    2018-08-30 11:20

    Cute book about a stray dog being adopted

  • Konnie
    2018-08-25 11:16

    This is an adorable and enlightening book that had the K5 children at my school "awing" all the way through...

  • Jane Humane
    2018-09-18 14:35

    This is a precious tale that illustrates both compassion for homeless animals and mutts. I didn't like that the characters named him Mutt-Dog after he was adopted but overall a great story.

  • KarenMLISt
    2018-09-19 07:25

    For anyone who has ever adopted/rescued a mutt dog, this book hits home. For anyone who hasn't, this book will warm your heart anyway! Wonderful illustrations! Wonderful read aloud!

  • Briana
    2018-08-27 12:13

    Homelessness, for animals and humans, is a key theme in this book. It made me sad. Then it made me happy. Adoption is a beautiful thing. Rescue a pet today! Or a human. ;D