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To Save a Victim, Camille St. James May Have to Become One Herself. Seven years ago, tragedy ended the troubled marriage of Camille and Jack Vermillion. Now, as head of the Truth Project, her life safe and orderly, she focuses her lawyerly skills on freeing wrongly incarcerated individuals on death row. Jack paid a bitter price for his mistakes. No longer a high-powere To Save a Victim, Camille St. James May Have to Become One Herself. Seven years ago, tragedy ended the troubled marriage of Camille and Jack Vermillion. Now, as head of the Truth Project, her life safe and orderly, she focuses her lawyerly skills on freeing wrongly incarcerated individuals on death row. Jack paid a bitter price for his mistakes. No longer a high-powered corporate attorney, he's now pastor of a small church in Blood Bayou. Unsure of her own beliefs, Camille is highly skeptical of the conversion of this man she hasn't seen in seven years. Then tragedy strikes again. Jack's sister is murdered, apparently by a prisoner Camille has set free. To prove his innocence, Camille must return to Blood Bayou. But that means facing the hostility of the town -- and Jack. And as She Works to Find the Real Killer, Someone Is Determined to Stop Any Means. ...

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Blood Bayou Reviews

  • Monique
    2018-09-14 23:19

    Hmm so a first for me..this is actually a Christian mystery novel..I had no idea of the religious angle until I was two chapters in and finally decided to read the jacket and find out what the book was about LOL..I admit I was intrigued by the way it begins and basically the whole premise but just as I suspected the religious aspect overshadowed the story and the plot fell through but the message of salvation and redemption was loud and clear..Okay so the story begins with a woman being murdered in her own home..and the only clear suspect is an ex-convict released from Death Row for murder on a technicality...the lady responsible for freeing him Camille is still dead set on his innocence and goes on a dangerous search to clear his name and her own...Now in itself this plot is thought provoking and would be a great way to begin a mystery novel and I settled down to find out who did it..until her ex-husband shows up on the scene and things get dragged out, and the moral and message seeps into the novel somewhat unpleasantly..So seven years ago Camille and Jack were madly in love however Jack was a closet alcoholic and one tragic incident of drunk driving ended their marriage and since then he was incarcerated and a born again Christian, of all things a minister..The side plot of Camille's and Jack's reunion takes center stage despite the interesting murder plot and that is halfheartedly tied together and extremely drawn out..I wont say I disliked this novel but it definitely could have been better without the weak romance between the divorced Jack and Camille..I felt their chemistry was forced and kinda silly and while I appreciated and respected the morality of the book and how it enforces the belief that people everywhere no matter what can change I probably would never knowingly pick up a Christian novel (I have my own special relationship with GOD and he knows what I like to read about in my spare time:) but would recommend to anyone who wants a friendly reminder in the middle of a mystery that all it takes is faith and patience to see the good in others...

  • Jill Williamson
    2018-08-31 20:26

    After her horrible divorce, Camille St. John poured her life into the Truth Project, an organization that helps wrongly convicted people prove their innocence. Just as a man from one of her recent cases has begun his old life again, a woman is found murdered and the evidence points to him.The entire town of Blood Bayou is convinced that Camille’s client is the killer. Even more disturbing than that is the identity of the victim: her ex-husband’s sister.Despite her vague connection to this murder and how difficult it will be to see her ex-husband, Jack, Camille feels it necessary to pay respects to her ex. After all, she and the deceased were once sisters of a sort. Camille finds Jack completely changed. Once a drunk, he is now a pastor. At first Camille doesn’t buy his so-called life change. But as they search for the real killer, Camille can’t help but see the truth: Jack is not the man he was. They still share a rocky past. Can they work together to find the real killer, who now seems bent on making Camille his third victim?This is the first Karen Young book I’ve read. I always enjoy a good mystery. This one starts out really good, but I feel like it needed some more time in the rewrite stage. It was entertaining. The characters were well written and realistic. But it was obvious to me “who done it.” I wish that the author had introduced a little more suspicion into some other characters to keep the reader guessing. Also, the story is entirely in Camille’s point of view, until it nears the end. Then we are suddenly privy to a few other points of view. I’m a stickler for a well-written book. And while this one was written well, with engaging characters, these few mistakes felt lazy to me. I appreciate a book more when the author takes the time to perfect it, and despite being entertaining, this one felt like it needed a bit more work.

  • Catrina Bradley
    2018-08-23 01:29

    Thanks to the dedicated work of Claire St. James and the Truth Project, a wrongly-convicted man is released from death row. Just days later, a woman is murdered and he is the sole suspect, assumed to be guilty by everyone. When Claire discovers the victim was her ex-sister-in-law, she is forced to return to the town of Blood Bayou and the ex-husband she hasn’t seen in seven years.Claire becomes entangled in a mystery everyone else in town denies exists. The more questions she asks, the deeper into danger she puts herself. Perhaps the biggest mystery to Claire is the change in her ex-husband. Could Jack’s faith and his God truly have that power? Claire is the main character, but this is as much Jack’s story as it is hers. He is now pastor of the local church, and the community has forgiven his speckled past. Can Claire also learn to forgive him? The lush bayous make a perfect backdrop for Karen Young’s novel: dark, dank, and a little creepy at night when predators prowl; warm, sun-dappled and romantic in the daytime when love reignites. I was a bit disappointed to find out that I had pegged “who done it” well before the end of the book. Although I had ruled out this suspect because I assumed it was a “red herring” – one who looks TOO guilty and we're sure it's not him - I was let down to find out the guilty party was so obvious. Also, I was annoyed by some of Claire’s actions; her character seemed to be smart enough to know better. I dislike typical fictional-female stereotype behavior. That being said, “Blood Bayou” is a fast-paced thriller that builds suspense with each chapter as details are revealed and plot twists are dropped in. Blood Bayou is also a Christian novel; the message of salvation is blatant, but woven into the plot and the dialog naturally and beautifully, making this a book a non-believer could enjoy and not be offended by.

  • Librtea
    2018-09-16 23:18

    Read the prologue to Karen Young's book, Blood Bayou, and you will be happily hooked and hard-pressed to put the book down. The gripping opening pages set the tone for the remainder of this story of mystery, romance, and suspense. Camille St. James works for the Truth Project, a group dedicated to exonerating innocent individuals who have been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death row. When Camille returns to Blood Bayou to try to prove a man's innocence in the murder of her ex-husband's sister, she has no idea that her return will elicit such hostility from the town's residents and provoke threats on her life. Camille is also unprepared for the mixed emotions she experiences during encounters with her former husband Jack Vermillion, whom she has not seen in seven years. Blood Bayou is an engaging and suspenseful book that artfully combines mystery and romance. This is the author's first Christian novel. Young lends a spiritual aspect to her characters' lives which enhances and enriches them. As noted, the opening pages are vivid and riveting, and while the remainder of the book doesn't quite live up to the prologue's promise, readers will find themselves caught up in a satisfying and compelling story.

  • IrenesBookReviews
    2018-09-11 22:28

    What a fast paced book! If you like suspense with a little romance you will really enjoy this book.You will follow Camille St. James as she deals with a recently released from jail client and the murder of her ex-husbands sister. How the two are connected and Camille’s relationship with her ex-husband make for an intriguing story.I thought this book was well written and a fun read. I enjoyed the story and the suspense! There was just enough romance to make it fun and keep you involved in the character lives. A great read!I was given this book by to review

  • Alyssa
    2018-08-30 01:30

    One of the BEST books I have ever read!! It really kept me on the edge of my seat! :) I borrowed this book from a friend, and I loved it so much I am buying it for myself to have to read over and over again!!! :)

  • Renee
    2018-08-26 00:36

    If you enjoy shows like CSI and NCIS, you'll enjoy reading Blood Bayou. It's a crime drama/murder mystery with Christian characters and storyline woven into the novel. I especially like that it's a book I can pass along to my 17 year old daughter without any concerns of inappropriate passages.

  • Roxanne
    2018-09-16 21:36

    I loved this book. I kept me wanting to read and wishing it wasn't over.... Look forward to seeing what else Karen has to offer.

  • Ruth
    2018-09-07 20:40

    This was a great book. I could not put it down. I look forward to reading other books by this author.

  • Dawn Traylor
    2018-08-24 18:44

    GreatA really great read! The character development was so excellent you felt as if you truly knew them. The only reason it’s not a 5 star is I’m always trying to decipher the mystery and I hate when I can figure it out. She kept me guessing for awhile, but there was a point where I was pretty sure who it was and I was right.

  • Jacquellyn
    2018-09-04 02:48

    I enjoyed this book. There was tons of conversation. Maybe a bit too long, but I didn't fee it dragging. I liked that the relationship was very well mixed with the mystery. It wasn't just a romance and it wasn't just a mystery. It was both.

  • Sandy Emerson
    2018-09-01 00:42

    When I started reading ‘Blood Bayou’ I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I had real issues with the main character. She seemed self-absorbed and the way she had no sympathy for the actual murder victim kind of pissed me off. She went through the motions of empathizing with the family members and friends who and lost someone they had cared about dearly. I have to admit, though, that now that I have finished the novel, I can actually see how clever the author was when it came to Camille’s development throughout the story.‘Blood Bayou’ could be classed under three genres, I think – psychological thriller, murder-mystery and Christian Fiction. It’s a clean book when it comes to sexual content , however because of the type of genre it is, it does have violent content. The book is set in Louisiana in the Bayou. It carried a good vibe of small town living. I think the only thing I would have liked more was to have more descriptions about the Bayou itself – mainly because that’s where the murder took place. I felt it was really lacking in that regard. When a book makes me feel as if I’m really in the place the book is set, I enjoy it more. The characters were interesting. I have to admit that Jack, Camille’s ex-husband, was my favorite. I think I connected with him the most. He had made mistakes – big mistakes- in his life, however he had fought through to the other side. I think what also fascinated me was that he was a Pastor and he was working with Camille to track down a killer. I don’t read about that type of character every day. Jack did things when it came to making amends for the prior things he had done that touched me.There were a lot of elements to this book that ended up making it an enjoyable read for me. Some of it was quite predictable, and funnily enough, some of the plot threw me back to the Wild West. I don’t want to say anything more, because I really feel it would be a spoiler. I also enjoyed the romance to this book. I loved how it wasn’t insta-love, but more a rediscovery of two people who had truly loved each other, only bad circumstances had made them split up.I think the most humorous element of this book was the way the police handled the investigation into the murder of Jack’s sister. Camille had a way of describing them that made me laugh. And, although, I think it was kind of unrealistic how the police were portrayed, it was funny.Overall, I did enjoy this book, even though I nearly didn’t finish reading it because I was so annoyed with the way Camille was at the start of the book. I guess I’m character-driven and if I don’t like a character, the only thing that holds me to a novel is the storyline and that’s what made me continue reading it. I’m glad I did.

  • Shirley
    2018-09-02 01:27

    I received this book directly from Simon & Schuster as part of Library Thing's Early Reviewers program. This is my first book review in response to Library Thing's Early Reviwer program. I would like to first of all express my appreciation to the publishers (Simon and Schuster/Howard Books) for having sent me this book in exchange for a review. It has been a rewarding experience. I have not previously read a Karen Young novel, and am grateful for this opportunity to be introduced to her.Blood Bayou was truly enjoyable. I was actually a bit surprised to discover how much I liked it. I had been a bit skeptical as I started reading the book, for a number of reasons. I don't often read murder mysteries, I had not read any works by Karen Young previously, and I just about never read a book categorized under the "Christian Fiction" genre; as it sounds entirely too religious in theme.The story grabbed my interest from the start, however; and had me in its grip until the very end. That's not always easy to do, even by a work from one of my favorite tried-and-true authors. The characters are well defined and the story masterfully crafted. Karen Young is an excellent writer; which is all too much of a rarity these days. Time and again, I will start a "bestseller" and end up in frustration and disappointment from a poor and clunky writing style. I have found a new author to add to my "good" list!The Christian theme of the story was not too overpowering to take away any of the enjoyment of reading it and, in fact, added a great deal of depth to the storyline. The plot was suspenseful and believable. I am really looking forward to delving into more Karen Young novels soon and would definitely recommend Blood Bayou.RESPONSE FROM AUTHOR KAREN YOUNG:Hello, Shirley, Thank you for your positive review of my book, Blood Bayou. I'm glad my publisher selected you from a number of reviewers to receive the book. I'm glad you liked it and hope you'll look for other releases in the future. As you will see on my web site, I have written many books, but Blood Bayou is my first effort at writing Christian fiction. I was nervous at first, but words of encouragement such as you've written in your review go a long way to assuaging my anxieties. Again, thank you. Best wishes, Karen Karen Young Stone

  • Cricket Muse
    2018-09-14 02:25

    Karen Young provides readers with a murder mystery with a feisty female protagonist in Blood Bayou. Camille’s stormy marriage to Jack Vermillion ended seven years ago and she hasn’t looked back. Instead, she uses her lawyering skills to create Truth Project, which helps wrongly charged incarcerated individuals. However, freeing one man sets off a dangerous chain reaction of revealed secrets and murders. Camille finds herself in the middle of the controversy and back in contact with her former husband, who traded his troubled past to become a pastor. Though she is drawn to the changes in Jack, their chemistry continually sparks former tensions as they are find themselves being stalked by a killer. Young provides all the needed elements for a great mystery read: an action-filled prologue, a strong cast of characters, a dynamic plot laced with twists and red herrings. The overriding sub-plot is Camille’s struggle to understand Jack’s conversion to Christianity and how it has transformed him from a violent, self-centered man to a man of God. Young deftly explores Camille’s own struggle with faith issues while dealing with attempts on her life. While the detail embellished style and implausible plot points tend to divert attention away from the drama at times, the initial suspense of the murderer’s identity is carefully held back until the right moment. Readers of Terri Blackstock and Brandilyn Collins will appreciate Young’s contribution to the murder-mystery genre.

  • Virginia
    2018-09-07 18:27

    Romantic suspense by bestselling author Karen Young. This book opened with a terrific hook: "Luanne Richard opened the door to her killer wearing a smile and little else." What follows is a heart-pounding scene in which the unfortunate Ms. Richards is pursued by a madman with a knife. The police arrest a suspect who was released from prison three days earlier, after his conviction for a previous murder was overturned by an enthusiastic lawyer who promptly loses her job for setting a murderer loose. Camille and her ex-husband, a pastor who is haunted by his mistakes of the past, are caught up in a fast-paced race to find the real killer before he strikes again.This is Ms. Young's first forray into Christian fiction, but I'm sure it won't be her last. It's an enjoyable story that will satisfy follow-the-clues readers who like a satisfying dose of romance blended into their chase scenes.

  • Stacy
    2018-08-20 19:23

    3.5 starsThere is a lot to like about this book. The people of Blood Bayou are ones that you will recognize if you have ever lived in a small town and the mystery keeps the story moving along. I found Camille’s lack of faith refreshing and honest. And I really liked the fact that the author did not wrap up Camille’s religious journey with a shiny bow at the end.I will say that the mystery wasn’t much of a mystery. It did not take me too long to figure out what was going on and there were not really too many surprises. It seemed that the mystery was just a vehicle to get Jack and Camille together and talk about faith. This is not a bad thing – I found it very enjoyable – but I wouldn’t have minded a few twists I didn’t see coming.I recommend it for a nice friendly read.there's more on my blog

  • The BookWhisperer
    2018-09-17 02:43

    Blood Bayou was my first experience in Christian Fiction. Young is a very dedicated, and entertaining author; that I will be looking to see more work from in the future. [return][return]This was a story of a marriage on the path of destruction. After seven years they are unexpectedly reunited. Jack having given is life to the lord is using this as a second chance; while Camielle is struggling to avoid judgement and accept the changes in her ex husband at a distance. Camielle's new job has her investigating crimes that some feel are better left alone. When her investigating leads her to Blood Bayou she may have found more than she can handle. Young has created a masterpiece of faith, mystery, love, and deception that leaves the reader craving for more.

  • Cindy Griffin
    2018-08-23 21:38

    Blood Bayou was a good, suspenseful murder mystery. Even though I had the killer pegged early on, Karen Young kept the book interesting with plot twists and character interactions. This book is Christian fiction, but unlike others in its genre, it is not overwhelming in its statement. This book was a good, easy read and I look forward to more books by this author.

  • Carole Jarvis
    2018-08-22 01:41

    "Blood Bayou" is an excellent inspirational romantic suspense novel written by Karen Young, a popular author in the ABA.Full review:

  • Nicole
    2018-09-02 23:29

    Karen Young wastes no time drawing you into the drama in Blood Bayou, and her writing style keeps the story flowing nicely. For those not necessarily big on the Christian aspect, it's not so overpowering to feel as though it is being shoved down your throat.

  • Howard Books
    2018-09-07 00:45

    From a "spellbinding storyteller" (Romantic Times) whose novels have sold more than ten million copies comes a riveting tale of romance and suspense that explores what true forgiveness means--both in the world at large and in the home.

  • Lynette
    2018-08-20 21:42

    I was not impressed with this book. The beginning was dragged out. It didn't get interesting until 1/3 of the way in the story. By the time I was almost 1/2 the way through I knew who done it. There was really no depth.

  • Connie
    2018-09-20 00:31

    This was a great book with lots of suspense and loved that is was her 1st Christian Novel! Very well done!

  • Susan Katz
    2018-09-03 23:20

    Way, way too obvious.

  • Elaine
    2018-08-24 18:26


  • Lynn Holland
    2018-09-04 23:48

    Really 3.5 stars since I figured out the killer less than half way in.