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Maya has been part of the group ever since the day Candace asked her if she wanted to "do lunch" in the cafeteria. Yet when Candace suddenly deems her unworthy, Maya's so-called friends just blow her off. While Maya just wants the girls back like they used to be, she knows that can never happen-because whatever Candace wants, Candace gets, no matter who gets hurt. Maya isnMaya has been part of the group ever since the day Candace asked her if she wanted to "do lunch" in the cafeteria. Yet when Candace suddenly deems her unworthy, Maya's so-called friends just blow her off. While Maya just wants the girls back like they used to be, she knows that can never happen-because whatever Candace wants, Candace gets, no matter who gets hurt. Maya isn't sure exactly where things went wrong for her, but she knows she has to find out who her real friends are, and who among the girls she can trust."[A] suspenseful and realistic portrayal of a popular middle school clique . . . . Readers will identify with and remember these characters." (Publishers Weekly, starred review)...

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The Girls Reviews

  • Brittany
    2019-03-05 21:51

    Maya was part of the group that was headed by the popular Candace. At least she was part of the group until Candace got bored with her. The only reason Maya found out is that she called a friend and her friend's mother asked why she wasn't at Darcy's sleepover. The other girls in the group don't hate Maya though, and they aren't sure why they are supposed to. One by one the girls come to realize that maybe being Candace's friend is that good.I liked this book a lot when I read it back in 6th or 7th grade. This time around I found it a bit unrealistic and the girls incredibly two dimensional. The head girl Candace is really mean on the outside but really deep on the inside? If she were really that deep on the inside she would have probably found some better friends, or just been an outcast. Maybe not though, maybe tormenting other people made her feel in control of her out of control thoughts.This was a fast read about girls finding out where their loyalties lie and that sometimes the most popular, doesn't mean the best. A lot of the time these girls would say things or make references to things that seemed way beyond them. I'm not saying young girls are idiots, but there are certain things you don't allude to at that age, because you haven't been exposed to it. Just because I, upon rereading this, did not enjoy it this time around, this does not mean that younger girls won't find it appealing. It's a quick read and most girls will probably be able to relate to at least on of the other girls. I do like how this book ends though...very leading.First Line:"Last Saturday, I stumbled half asleep into the kitchen, aiming for a bowl of granola, thinking it was just any old Saturday morning."Favorite Line:"My mom's cosmetics were a bottle of dandruff shampoo and a lipstick."

  • Mirkat
    2019-03-09 05:34

    The Girls This is a very short listen; it was just over two hours, and I listened to the whole thing in one day (partly on a run and partly waiting for/riding an Amtrak train).  Maya is a seventh grader who suddenly finds herself shut ouf of the clique she'd formerly belonged to.  Its queen bee Candace had suddenly become bored with her and convinced Darcy not to invite Maya to a slumber party.  The other members of the clique, Brianna and Renee, are included in the party.  The audio production features a full cast to depict the characters, and each chapter is narrated by one of the girls.  The girls who are expected to go along with the shunning have varying reactions to the situation, along with quite different parental approaches to what the girls are doing.  The girls have mixed feelings about Candace, along with their perceived expectation that they always need to agree with her or comply with her wishes.  Candace herself has the feeling that her friends are "feeding off of [her]" with their constant need to please her. I'm not in the target audience for this book, but I feel the author is doing the whole "cliques" thing right.  I think Lisi Harrison needs to read this and absorb the idea that the mean-girl tactics of middle-school cliques are not a cool thing young readers should be encouraged to emulate.

  • Dezirae
    2019-02-28 03:46

    I liked this book because it told about real life problems and all about how to solve them. A couple things I didn't like is the way they treat the girls in the story. How they bully them is the part I dont like. They go behind each others back and talk bad about each other, this happens and real life and *needs* to stop.

  • Elyssa
    2019-03-27 04:28

    (I read this book for 3rd quarter)I really liked the book The Girls because I could really relate to it. My friends used to act like this also. I would highly recommend this because it can really educate people about the point of views of all of the girls in the group. It is very interesting to see what everyone is thinking. I think the author did a really good job of writing this. Everyone gets excluded sometimes, but this really make you think about how it makes others feel.Candace is the ‘queen bee’ of the group. Everyone does what she says to. Maya is slowly realizing how rude she is. As Maya does she starts to want to leave, but is scared to. Maya and Candace’s friends all don’t like Candace, but none of them tell each other this. They don’t realize that the rest of them feel this way. One day Candace has a sleepover with all her friends and didn’t invite Maya. When Maya found out about this she was so upset. At the sleepover, the girls prank called Maya and were very rude to her. The girls at the sleepover, except for Candace, were wondering why, all of a sudden, Maya wasn’t invited. The girls wanted to know why but wouldn’t ask because it would make Candace think that they were on Maya’s side. When babysitting, Brianna, one of the members of the group, asked Candace why Maya wasn’t invited. Candace was so mad at Brianna that she left her alone babysitting. The group was falling apart, and they didn’t know what to do about it. I can connect this to my life. Each character relates to a specific person in my friend group. I thought it was really interesting to see what they are thinking because I’m sure that that is what my friends are thinking in situations like these. I can also relate this to the book The Skin I’m in because Char acts like Candace. They both are controlling of her ‘friends’. Maya is exactly like Maleeka because they both don’t want to be friends with the mean girl, but they are scared to leave them. These books are both about bullying and are very alike.

  • Mayra
    2019-03-20 00:40

    The Girls, by Amy Goldman Koss, is a quick read about the dark side of being popular. If I hadn't already read so many books like this I might like it more, but it was still enjoyable. I gave this two stars because there were boring lapses and I found it unbelievable that these girls like Candace so much. She doesn't even pretend to be nice! She is so frank in her rudeness, especially to Brianna and Maya, that you're surprised her friends haven't left her. I thought that the characters with the most depth were Maya and Darcy--maybe the story should have stayed with them. The others were sort of flat. Candace confused me: She wished her friends weren't always looking to her for guidance, but she jumps all over them when they express their own opinion. Still, at the same time it was actually entertaining to read about all the characters and hear their side of the story. Each girl has her own role in the clique, and they're clearly afraid to break out of it.

  • Camila
    2019-03-12 22:50

    The book The Girls is a really good book that many people should read. this book offers a great lesson bullying and blindly following others. The attitudes and behaviors of the girls in this story are very typical of a group of friends. It shows that in the group of friends there is always the one friend that is being followed by the rest of girls. She gets what she wants and no one is going to do anything to stop her, even if the others know it’s not the right thing to do. We all know how it feels to be left out at some point, and we could all say it’s not a good feeling. Mya in this case is the one that gets left out, because the leader of the group doesn’t want to hang out with her. The other girls just go along with anything she says, because they don’t want to be the ones to be left out of the group.

  • H
    2019-03-01 02:41

    An above average story about a group of friends in which one Queen Bee calls the shots and the others walk on eggshells hoping to be noticed, but not noticed TOO much. Although a little dated (crank calls might draw a blank stare in this age of caller ID) the theme of a group of frenemies and what happens when one girl is singled out to be suddenly excluded is timeless. Narration skips from girl to girl in this short story. Unusual for using the POV of the "meanest" of the mean girls. The only quibble is that kids might find the fact that the Queen Bee is relatively unscathed and unchanged somewhat disappointing, but has lots of rich places for discussion (are the girls really friends? Who deserves more disapproval - those who go along, those who join in or the instigator, etc.)

  • Leslie
    2019-03-11 00:51

    Excellent book about the cattiness of tween girls and how friends turn on each other. This book is a good read for tween girls and even their parents.Listened to this again with my almost 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son. They liked it a lot despite the seriousness, intensity of relationships (girls), and reality of the characters. My daughter said it should be required reading for middle school girls to think about how "friends" use you and what your actions do to others. We agreed that it would be good for boys too because while they may not always outwardly demonstrate drama with each other they use/abuse each other in quite the same ways as done in this book.

  • J-Lynn
    2019-03-07 03:32

    This book is scary because it does such a great job of capturing to back-stabbing, esteem-crushing, scramble to the top at the expense of others mania that are the inner workings of popular girl cliques everywhere. Some of the girls are portrayed as victims who are being walked on by others. But, the reader also hears the story of the girl who leads and manipulates the bunch, throwing out "firends" to be social outcasts when she gets bored with them. Koss allows readers to enter the world of teenage girl dynamics.

  • Tessa
    2019-02-27 01:31

    The Girls is a solid book dealing with peer pressure in middle school cliques. High school age teens will probably find it beneath them; though they may identify with the girls' feelings, they probably will not want to admit it. I could see this being a great choice for a middle school age novel group or book club for girls, since it offers several different perspectives of problems within cliques. It is a good choice for a middle school library.

  • Megan Anderson
    2019-03-07 00:49

    I think this should be required reading, even just summer reading, for every student going into middle school. It's a tale about friendships and bullying and how even something as innocuous as exclusion can be just as painful a physical attack. And, honestly? I wanted to stab the main character with a fork.Excellent, wonderful, amazing--and harsh--book.5/5 on here, 10/10 for myself

  • Sarah
    2019-03-06 01:25

    People can be such, complete jerks! This book makes you realize how cruel others can be, and you need to look at your friendships, are they really your friends? Don't be friends with someone just because they're popular, but they treat you like crap, you deserve better.

  • Christine!
    2019-02-24 23:42

    For some reason, I really enjoyed this book.

  • Jane Clark
    2019-03-08 00:36

    A really great book and a quick read!

  • Carrie
    2019-02-26 23:47

    This book is very similar to the movie Mean Girls. I thought it is a good book for middle school girls. I could see myself in a few of the characters.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-27 04:26

    I loved the way it was written. Each chapter was a different point of view. Amazing!

  • Erika
    2019-03-19 03:51

    One of my students had to read this for Battle of the Books but couldn’t get through it so I wanted to read it to see what it was like. It is all girl drama. A good lesson on how quickly alliances change and how cruel girls can be but not a book I would recommend.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-01 23:31

    Painful to read, good for girls who like drama 4th grade and up

  • Frances Lea
    2019-03-08 22:44

    Might be a good book for 12 year old girls to read about being a kind friend.

  • Perry
    2019-03-18 01:44


  • Deebrownnetwork.Net olivia brown
    2019-03-04 02:50

    The Girls by Amy Goldman Koss is a really good book. In the beginning a girl named maya and her family are going to six flags and was aloud to bring a friend, she called everyone in her friend group and they all said they couldn't go. The reason why they couldn't go is because a girl named Darcy had a sleepover with all the girls and excluded Maya. Maya found out and got really upset. At the slumber party a girl Brianna called another girl renée an elephant just to be funny and Renée didn't feel offended. Darcy and Candace thought it was rude and kicked Brianna and Maya out of the friend group. Renée at lunch the next day sat with Maya and Breanna instead of Candace and Darcy and Nicole because she felt bad. Will the group ever come together again? In my opinion the book was very good but there were a couple boring parts in the book. It definitely taught be a lesson about bullying in an example of a story. I really liked this book and I think many people who read it would too.I would recommend this book to people who like mystery books and lesson teaching books. People who are interested in lesson teaching books would like it because it put bullying into a story and it would teach you how it hurts people's feelings. I think everyone who reads this book would like it.

  • Sophie
    2019-03-26 00:36

    It. was. awesome. It's about a group of popular girls, Candace decides she doesn't like Maya and the other girls question her and, well, I won't spoil the end but you need to read it.

  • Breanna
    2019-03-20 05:38

    The story "The Girls" takes place mostly in school. The main character of the book is Mya. Mya is the one girl that is being bullied by her ex friends Brianna,Darcy, Candace, and Renee. Brianna is the girl that just plays along with every one on bulling Mya. Darcy is that girl that wants everyone to like her and think she's really cool so she starts to bully Mya to. Renee is a nice girl she's the type of girl that feels bad for Mya but is to shy to stand up for her because she's afraid her friends won't like her anymore. Then there's Candace shes the girl that all the other girls wanna be like she's the type that when she does something everyone else follows, she's the head boss of everyone. The problem in the story is bullying. Everyone was really nice to Mya they were all best friends then one day Candace decided she didn't like Mya anymore which then made everyone else not like Mya, except Renee she feels bad for what's happening to Mya but is to scared to stop it. The problem for Mya in the story is she doesn't know what she did to everyone she's confused because she thought that they all like her, that they were all best friends so when they started making fun of her and ignoring her she felt confused,sad, and left out.In my opinion I think the book is an ok book it was kind of confusing because the chapters were each girls point of view not just one girl. The book was a very easy book to read in my opinion, the words were bigger and it had easy words in it so it was easy to read. My favorite part in the book is when the girls are all trying on the wigs in Darcy's house. Honestly I think the book was pretty predictable it's kinda of every bully situation the person being bullied is upset the girls make fun of her and are rude to her. That one girl that feels bad and wants to stop it but is afraid.Over all I thought the book was a good book I just wish it had a little more explanation.

  • Molly
    2019-03-21 02:30

    A family member gave this to me for my class library, and I had some time on a Saturday, so I thought I would read it. I read it in an afternoon. I had never heard of it before, but it’s Scholastic, and talks about middle school on the back, so I thought I would give it a shot.A decent book. The main thing it has going against it is that middle school girls are supremely irritating and the author captures that perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that I found myself rolling my eyes pretty frequently.The Girls explores the complicated and dramatic relationship of five “best friends” in middle school, and how severely their relationship changes over (get this) a weekend because of (even better) absolutely nothing. What I loved was that each chapter is written from a different girls’ perspective, so the reader really gets to see how all the drama of middle school unfolds (I’ll give you a hint: fear, hormones, and a huge gap of real communication). Seriously though, if there’s anything I’ve learned about this age group, it’s that they have a really hard time seeing a situation through someone else’s eyes, and this book demonstrates how complicated even the most mundane of situations can become in the eyes of the wrong person.What I didn’t like is that I am not a middle school girl. These girls are irritating. Their problems are stupid, they are all very mean to each other, and nothing happens. But I am not the target audience for this book. My job is to put it in some readers’ hands and hope that they take the right message away.Warnings:Drugs: None.Language: I think there might be a “damn” or two.Sex: Implied, between adults, certainly not among the girls.Violence: None, unless you count the emotional violence of twelve year olds.

  • Monicaaa
    2019-02-25 00:44

    The Girls, a novel by Amy Goldman Koss tells the story about a group of friends led by Candace, the queen bee. Maya became part of the group the day Candace asked her if she wanted to "do lunch" in the cafeteria. When Candace suddenly deems Maya unworthy, the other so-called friends just blow Maya off. The characters in The Girls include: Darcy, Renee, Brianna, Maya and Candace. The major obstacles that the girls dealt with were when all the girls were invited to Darcy's house for a sleepover and Maya wasn't. Brianna learned that Candace decided Maya wouldn't be invited, and there was no reasoning behind it. The girls do whatever Candace says, even if that means betraying Maya. As long as they're with Candace, they think they are cool, so they'll do whatever Candace wants, even if that means hurting someone else.The author constructed the text in chapters for each girl. The first chapter was Maya, and then it went back and forth between each girl's point of view/story. It gave it a more personable feeling, but at the same time a more holistic feeling. The tone was suspenseful and real, but it was annoying because it made the reader feel like they were in the middle of the drama. As far as devices go, none were found. It was a lower level of reading, intended for the PRIDE girls to learn about being a good friend and not getting in the middle of a group with a queen bee who rules your life.This novel wouldn't be my first choice, or second choice, or even thirty-second choice. It is a good read for the younger generation who seem to deal with the "mean girl" types. It was just predictable, and a bit boring. It was all girl drama in a way, when the right thing was sort of obvious, ditch Candace! Definitely younger girls, in the middle school range.

  • Natalie Pearson
    2019-02-26 02:47

    Book Title: The GirlsAuthor: Amy Goldman KossLexile: 710Star Rating: 4 starsI liked most of the book, there were some parts I didn't like because I thought they were unnecessary. It was entertaining, and it also helped me with a couple of my own friend problems. It was also entertaining because it had a little humor and a lot of drama, which I love, and it connected with my life today. I also liked it because it thought me more about bullying and different ways that people bully other people.One of my favorite parts was when Renne stood up to Darcy and Candace and said " I don't care what you think about Maya, I like her and I will fight for her." It showed me that even though the two popular girls didn't like someone, that not all of their group just followed along with what Darcy and Candace said. My least favorite part was at the very end when Candace tells her new friend, Nicole, that she really didn't like Darcy. She said " Darcy is sweet, but she is like a piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe." After I read that, I thought to myself, then why are you still friends with her? I mean seriously, if you don't like her just tell her that!!I think that any girl in the 12-14 year old range would like this book, because the characters in the book are girls at similar ages and their problems are problems that girls in that age range experience. For example, when the other girls didn't included Maya in their party, and they didn't talk to her at school, that type of situation has happened to all of us before, and reading a book about it might help us be able to talk with each other about it.

  • Sophie Messineo
    2019-03-26 22:43

    In my book the character Maya, the protagonist, goes through hard experiences with her friends. One day they decide to leave her out and not invite her when they hang out. She invites each of them all individually to hang out and they all responded no so she knew that something is was going on. She expected that they were hanging out without her and she was right. Everyone knows what it feels like to be left out and it does not feel good. You feel like you did something wrong. The girls in the book say that they don’t like Maya anymore and don’t want to hang out with her. The girls were trying on wigs and acting out people when Darcy said, “‘Hey guys! Who do I look like?’... ‘MAYA’ Candace called” (Koss 15). Then they girls were saying what animals all of them would be and Darcy asked “‘What would Maya be?’... ‘Some baby animal’... ‘A cockroach!’ Candace laughed, ‘Quick! Step on it!’” (Koss 31). No one stood up for Maya even though some of the girls still liked. They did not want to stand up for her because they thought everyone would disagree with them and not invite them. Candace was almost the head of the group so whatever she said they did. It was her idea to disclude Maya and they all followed along.

  • Beth
    2019-03-22 02:42

    I wanted to like this book and be able to recommend it to the 4th and 5th graders at the school I work at but I don't think I can. It was too flat, as another reviewer indicated. Too little time was spent on the background and real emotions of the characters as the very short chapters jumped perspectives between all the girls. The ring leader is the ring leader why? Candance was outwardly mean and confrontational. Not sure why any of the girls like her. I don't see girls at this age that are so desperate to be in a certain group of girls. I see girls that are sometimes desperate to find others that enjoy the same things they do, and sometimes it can be hard to find others with shared interests as kids are shy to express their interests. These girls did not express any real interests and did not communicate at all. I wish there would have been more of a learning experience in this story. I did not come away from this thinking that girls at our school could relate to these characters. Too bad as it was a quick read and well written overall. I wish Candance would have found someone that she could share her actual deep thoughts with, instead, she continues on her road of negativity, acting bored and saying hateful things. Not sure that I would read more by this author.

  • Azucena
    2019-03-04 04:38

    This book is so interesting because there are five girls and there all friends and on someday they will always like to hangout because that's all they will do hangout hangout but anyways there names are Maya,Renee,Darcy,Brianna,and Candace they were friends since they were a kid. This book talks about the five girls witch is called "The Girls" they talk about there life and what they do in the day but they mostly talk about how there friends don't invite each other to there parties because all they want to do is get revenge on each other,because all they wan to do is fight all the time because they are falling apart from there friendship.My favorite character is Darcy because she does a lot of good things and so interesting things in her life,like example she helped her mom clean her house and do her dishes, but she was only doing it because she wanted to go out to her friends house but that's okay I do that sometimes also. Candace is kinda grump all the time because her little sister always bugs her and never leaves her alone she's always going into Candace's room and destroying her room so that's why Candace will most of time be grumpy. This book is good so you should read it,it's really good,also Maya was walking and....... read the book to find out.

  • Ashley
    2019-03-12 01:48

    I was torn on weather or not I liked this book. When I save it from my friend's Goodwill box years ago she said it was like a watered down version of the Clique books but it wasn't anywhere near as juicy as The Clique books. The chapters alternate between girls without a set pattern so it was difficult to remember who was currently narrating the story and because so little time was spent on it, what background went with which character. The ringleader Candace lacked motivation of any kind and seeming ditched her friends for no reason and the ditched friends became all who cares let's be friends without her much to fast. No time was wasted on realistic emotions.The minimal plot failed to grab me and it felt like nothing was happening even thou arguably there were 'things' happening just not very exciting things. The dialog was blah and the writing lacked creative flair. If you wanted to read about middle school drama go read a Clique book instead.