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Someone has stolen the witch of Crookhaven's horse, and there will be no peace in the village until it is returned. So bold, brassy Kate O'Sullivan takes matters into her own hands. But instead of saving the day, she manages to land herself--and her family--in trouble with the king. So Kate sets out to save their hides the only way she knows how--with a good story. FilledSomeone has stolen the witch of Crookhaven's horse, and there will be no peace in the village until it is returned. So bold, brassy Kate O'Sullivan takes matters into her own hands. But instead of saving the day, she manages to land herself--and her family--in trouble with the king. So Kate sets out to save their hides the only way she knows how--with a good story. Filled with imagination, wit, and a healthy helping of good old-fashioned Irish blarney, this is a hilarious tale that will keep readers coming back for more....

Title : O'Sullivan Stew
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ISBN : 9780698118898
Format Type : Paperback
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O'Sullivan Stew Reviews

  • Karen Witzler
    2019-06-04 09:41

    Lively illustrations, fun story, Irish setting, lots of elements from Irish folklore. This is the sort of book that kids love to hear read aloud or that new readers love to read over and over. But... I famously have little sense of humor and it is just this side of what I would have called "twaddle" in my homeschooling days. Kate is put in a Scheherezade-like situation where she tells several fantastic tales about her family to a king who wants to hang them as horse-thieves. Of course, all ends well.

  • Cheesecake
    2019-05-30 12:48

    One of my daughter's and my favourite books, when she was still young enough to let me read to her. It's a nice long read for the evenings when they are resistant to sleeping on time. Each story the girls spins to save her brothers and father from the king's wrath is crazier than the last.

  • Jenny
    2019-06-08 09:46

    This story has a moral and celebrates the brains of a young girl, Kate, who ends up as the hero. The moral has to do with being kind to all people, even if they are different. Kate tries to get the townspeople to help the witch whose horse is being taken by soldiers. The townspeople say that the witch isn't one of them and don't help. Very soon their words come back to haunt them and Kate makes a plan to set things right. In a funny manner it the plan goes awry and Kate uses her wit and her storytelling ability to save lives. In the end they all accept that "Everyone is one of us."

  • Melki
    2019-06-09 11:01

    Help, help! The king's men are stealing the witch's horse! When no one comes to her aid, the old crone makes things miserable for the villagers. To put an end to the curses, brave Kate O'Sullivan talks the men in her family into attempting to steal back the horse. But, they're caught, and sentenced to be hanged. Can Kate's magical tall tales mesmerize the king, and persuade him to release her kin?This is wonderfully fun story, with a strong, enchanting heroine, and a surprising, you-go-girl ending.

  • Hannah Scully
    2019-05-29 05:47

    Kate O'Sullivan is a girl living in Crookhaven, Ireland with her father and brothers when one day, the King demands the village witch's horse for taxes. The witch, angry that no one helped her, punishes the town, and so Kate and her family decide to steal back the witch's horse. As they are stealing back the horse, they are caught and brought before the King to either be pardoned or hanged. To try and keep her family from dying, Kate tells magical and seemingly unrealistic stories of times they were each in worse positions.This story includes beautifully detailed images of the stories Kate tells, from fairyfolk to giant's caves. There is quite a lot of text on each page that includes it and would therefore be better for kids who are a bit older. However, the language is not too complicated that it cannot be understood by younger children. There are pages with only one or two words, as well as pages with more text. The pictures really bring the reader in a show a world that is magical and exciting. The images are impressionistic, using a contrast of light and dark images to show the dangerous moments. The story takes place in a real place, Ireland, but takes the reader on a journey into a world of fantasy and creativity as well. Kate O'Sullivan is a smart girl who uses her wit and storytelling skills to save herself and her family from terrible fates. She is a strong girl, inspirational for young girls everywhere.

  • Yapha
    2019-06-23 11:38

    Fun for St. Patrick's Day an all year round. Great strong heroine!

  • Colona Public Library
    2019-06-06 11:58

    The Illustrations are what really make this story work for me. There is a lot of care put into these graceful illustrations. The story is great on it's own about a young woman's adventures and family and then decides instead of marrying the Prince to continue on adventures for 5 years before marrying (if the Prince is waiting for her) If you like fantasy adventure or are interested in Irish culture I recommend this book. ~Ashley

  • Beverly
    2019-06-19 06:01

    Although not strictly folklore, Talbott has used folkloric elements to weave this humorous story of feisty Kate O'Sullivan. She is the only one to stick up for the local witch, when the witch's prize stallion is taken by the king's men for taxes. She talks her father and two brothers into an attempt to steal the horse back, but they are captured and brought before the king instead. As the king asks the four if they have ever been in a worse spot, Kate pops up with "I have." Then she challenges the king to listen to her preposterous stories (one story for each of them) and to agree that each time they were in a worse spot. When the king is about to disparage the last story, his own mother comes forward to claim that it is true. Outwitted, the king frees the O'Sullivans and returns the witch's horse. This long picture book is full of humor, courage and downright blarney. Kate proves herself to be bold, able to think on her feet, and have a boundless imagination.Talbott's illustrations (watercolors?) are full of detail, imagination, and humor as well. This book is great for 3rd grade children and older.

  • Dolly
    2019-06-24 08:03

    This is a humorous tale about a young girl named Kate who saves the day with her quick wit and storytelling ability. The narrative is fun to read aloud and our girls love that Kate is such a strong female character. The illustrations are colorful and the characters are very expressive. The title of the book seems a bit odd, but otherwise we really enjoyed reading this story together. This book was selected as one of the books for the March 2014 - Ireland discussion at the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at Goodreads. interesting quote:"It's so easy for folks to say how much they care, but who among us ever shows it?" (p. 30)

  • Aubrey
    2019-05-29 09:58

    I read O'Sullivan stew when it first came out! Gosh, how long ago was that? I guess 1999. For years afterward I'd never forgotten the story and occasionally I'd look for it at the Barnes and Noble or the library, but I could never find it since I couldn't remember the name.Thank you Goodreads! Without this site I'd never have found this beloved classic again! It actually turned out perfectly because in 2009 my baby brother was born, so I was able to buy it after I'd found it and have someone to read to. My brother is still a little bit young for it's lengthy text, (he is, after all, only two) but he loves looking at the pictures and the voices I make for Kate and Fifi the Witch. It's our favorite.

  • Kelli
    2019-05-27 13:49

    I loved this story! O'Sullivan Stew is a funny tale about a girl who must save her village from a witch's wrath by getting her horse back. Kate uses her wits to think of wild tales to convince the king to spare the lives of her family & to return the horse. It had a message of inclusivity, promotes cleverness & bravery, and my favorite part was where Kate turns down the king's proposal in order to have adventures. YES!

  • Carol
    2019-06-04 08:42

    This is a wonderful tale full of unbelievable tales, twists and turns. Characters aren't exactly what they appear to be (the witch) and the ending took me by surprise the first time I read it, but I REALLY loved the ending; not so typical of your "fairy princess" ending although everyone is happy in the end.Love the illustrations and the story. Imaginative and creative. My girls really loved it too!

  • Tricia Douglas
    2019-06-25 10:42

    I read this one for my GR children's picture book group - March theme of Ireland. O'Sullivan Stew reminds me of Aladdin's tales of 101 Nights. In this book Kate keeps telling stories to save her friends from the King's wrath. She must tell tales that describe her in situations worse than the one she is already in. Of course she does. The tales are entertaining and the illustrations are colorful and fun. This was a new book for me and I thought it was very imaginative.

  • Karen Jones
    2019-06-15 13:52

    I love this book and so do my girls. It's got wonderful, funny illustrations and a great story (or is it 5 great stories?). I bought it mostly for the illustrations. The one that sold be was the one with the seamonster with a rowboat stuck sideways in his mouth. The look of dismay on his face is priceless! The rest of the illustrations are great too, but the seamonster was the best.

  • Angie
    2019-06-12 11:43

    Read this to my niece & nephews (7, 5, & 2). It's a fun story with good pictures and kept the attention of the older children. The writing was fun to read out loud and it was fun to look at the cover picture with them before starting the story and have them point out things in the stew.

  • SamZ
    2019-05-30 10:58

    I liked this tale of a young girl who tries to save her village from the wrath of a local witch. It was cute and a few of the illustrations made me chuckle. I liked the twist at the end and the tales Kate tells to save her family. She definitely has the gift of blarney!

  • Marcie
    2019-06-18 05:55

    Another winner. I've been reading fairy tales to my girls and this one was great fun. This one stars a smart young lass whose hilarious storytelling saves her family and town. We enjoyed the illustrations too.

  • Jenny
    2019-06-19 10:44

    Love Kate's storytelling and how she uses it to get out of a tight spot...and love that at least one (perhaps all?) of the adventures are true. Fun story...although long... And fun, bright illustrations.

  • LeAnn Forystek
    2019-05-30 07:47

    I loved this fairy tale. It was full of enchantment and the ending was the best part. At first I thought the ending would turn out being cliche', but they had a tiny twist which I felt was fun and made me proud of the girl's decision.

  • Nicole
    2019-06-18 06:45

    this is another one of the books I picked up to read out loud to my friend Joe. I really really loved this. it has many stories in one and they're all very good. the pictures are gorgeous and have lots of detail that takes a bit to look at.

  • Nadine Jones
    2019-06-20 11:51

    What a perfectly charming book! Can't believe I never heard of it before - this will become on of our staple must-reads around St Patrick's Day.

  • Gideon
    2019-06-23 13:37

    This is a book about someone who told her king a bunch of stories so he wouldn't kill her and her family. And got the horse back for the witch who gave her the horse.

  • Inhabiting Books
    2019-06-11 12:57

    A clever, and fun book. I especially appreciated how the author ended it.

  • Kendra Schaefer
    2019-06-22 08:04

    great book for kindergarten, tho it has a lot of vocabulary that may be difficult for the students.

  • Donna
    2019-06-25 10:44

    Love the pictures in this book and it is a delightful story with a fun ending. I like to read it with a bit of an Irish brogue for my children. Very lyrical writing.

  • Chelsy
    2019-06-23 08:35

    I really really like this book. A LOT. I don't get tired of reading, at all. It's so fun. Entertaining, fun, and refreshing. Totally a must read!

  • Sarah
    2019-06-27 06:36

    Cute, but a bit forced.

  • Cws
    2019-06-25 13:37


  • Christine
    2019-06-15 11:46

    A great story for children to read alone or with a parent but too long to use as a read aloud, to a class, during a library visit.

  • Mark Dewey
    2019-06-03 12:37

    This was a nice light-hearted book. I enjoyed it, and the pictures.The story reminds me somewhat of a fairy tale, although it's not exactly one. I like the Irishness.