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Apathetic schoolboy Miharu Rokujou is content to meander through life in the sleepy village of Banten. But his quiet existence is shattered when the Grey Wolves of Iga, a powerful ninja clan, attempt to kidnap him in broad daylight. Only then does Miharu discover that the ultimate power of the hidden ninja realm — a power that can do both great good and great harm — is seaApathetic schoolboy Miharu Rokujou is content to meander through life in the sleepy village of Banten. But his quiet existence is shattered when the Grey Wolves of Iga, a powerful ninja clan, attempt to kidnap him in broad daylight. Only then does Miharu discover that the ultimate power of the hidden ninja realm — a power that can do both great good and great harm — is sealed within his body. As battles erupt among rival ninja clans seeking to control him, Miharu must overcome his apathy and learn the ways of the ninja if he wants any shot at survival!...

Title : Nabari No Ou, Vol. 1
Author :
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ISBN : 9780759530034
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 176 Pages
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Nabari No Ou, Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Martine
    2018-10-22 21:31

    Aside from the fact that it's about modern day ninjas (heck yeah ninjas!), there is nothing so far that I find particularly thrilling or annoying, but it's supposed to get more interesting, so I keep reading.Apparently it's a bit similar to Naruto and though I never really saw nor read that, I can point down some of the similarities.So for anyone who is unsure wether or not to start with these series, I'll just leave the words of the person who recommended it to me here:"It’s very different from every other manga I’ve read, possibly because it really has the potential to be bombastic, but manages to be very calm and introspective. Technically, it’s about ninjas, but it’s really a story about ultimate fuck ups and learning to forgive yourself. It breaks down a lot of notions of good and evil and the means used to achieve certain ends and really ties everything together with fantastic characters.It’s also one of the more heart-breaking things I’ve ever read[...]." - Manda, the Queen of CrackVERY IMPORTANT EDIT: IF YOU KEEP READING THIS SERIES, YOU WILL CRY. A LOT! (Unless you don't lack a heart, that is.)

  • Dominique
    2018-11-03 14:33

    Miharu, a 14 year old student, is a master at indifference. And considered adorable by his peers. He only wants a quiet life until he learns that he is the vessel of the power Shinrabansho, a ninjustu creation, wanted by all factions. We can only presume whoever controls or gains the power of the Shinrabansho, controls the ninja world. It seems that Miharu and Kumohira have a past that Miharu does not remember. Aizawa and Shimizu protect him during their journey to Fuuma Village.

  • Chibineko
    2018-10-29 19:21

    I'm always skeptical of manga such as this. Much like the other reviewer, I'm not that much of a fan of ninja. They're just too overdone in today's manga. Everywhere you turn, there's some new manga or anime coming out with the same 2-3 plotlines. But I decided to give this manga a try because I figured that it would be wrong to typecast this series.The plotline follows Miharu, a somewhat normal but apathetic teen who just wants to inherit the family okonomiyaki business in peace. Unfortunately for him, he has the secrets of everything trapped inside of him & several different factions of ninja want those secrets to either be used or hidden away. If it were up to Miharu, he'd continue to live normally, but the powers within him want to be used & will not be denied!I actually rather liked this manga. The plot isn't entirely new, but there are a few nice new twists to it. I like that Miharu is extremely apathetic (on the surface, anyway) about everything & that he often uses some of his latent talents (cuteness, ect) to his own devices. He provides a good chunk of humor in the series, which is definitely a bonus. The artwork is nice & I like the manga's pacing. We get a pretty good look at the developing dynamics between the characters & there's a nice plotline going on.The only thing I'm worried about is that while there's a chance for the plot to grow into something truly wonderful, there's also the potential for this to develop into horribly bogged down plotlines ala Naruto. Still, this is a pretty good start to a series, so I'll be picking up the next volume to see if the good plot & pacing continues.

  • Adriana
    2018-11-03 16:19

    The story is about Miharu, an "apathetic" teenager, and the ups and downs that his life has suffered because the Shinra Banshou, the supreme ninja technique able to control the world of Nabari (Ninja world) and to fulfill its owner’s inner wishes. The Shinra Banshou has activated once again after the “incident” 10 years ago when everyone forget about what happened the day the Shinra Banshou got activated, and so the 5 ninja clans are fiercely fighting to achieve it, but Miharu, the current owner, just wish to recover his past life in the real world and to forget everything about the world of Nabari. Tobari sensei, who has become Miharu’s protector and the one who remember the incident 10 years ago, Fuma leader, Koichi and Ramei are on Miharu’s side and they are struggling to fulfill his wish, but is it really just that? Everything can change in a blink and Miharu’s will and wish get more twisted because continues threats and betrayals making him unable to control the Shinra Banshou and sinking him deeper into the ninja world.It is a good story. If you enjoy reading about ninja or suspense with a bit of comedy you should read it ;)

  • Kazeshini
    2018-11-14 14:38

    This novel is about Modern day Ninjas.Rokujo Miharu is a boy that live a carefree live and do not care about anything the story starts when Aizawa Koichi Miharu's classmate pesters him to join the Nindo Club in his school. Later in the night Miharu was attacked by a Ninja.Later Aizawa and miharu's english teacher Komohira Thobari who were also actually ninjas saved Miharu and defeated the ninja.Miharu learns that he was not an ordinary person as he poseses a secret art "shinra banshou" in him which is said to grant any wish the owner wish for.Miharu's english teacher Kumohira Thobari got down on his kneels and swear to Miharu that he will protect him from anyone.

  • Timothy
    2018-11-06 19:25

    Sort of like a Bleach meets Naruto....

  • Rudolph
    2018-11-08 20:18

    I watched the series long before my recent decision to start reading the manga, and I've found myself colored impressed. Miharu takes on a much more active role than he did in the anime, not to mention those extra fight scenes that took place, all a lot of fun to watch and read through. I started reading this series for the same reason I started reading manga in the first place, to compare them to the animated series I've already watched and enjoyed to no end, and get a better picture of the series through the materials that were omitted, and from what the mangaka of the series wanted to tell the readers though comical shorts, messages to the reader, or just a one-off image of a character. This first chapter did not disappoint and I recommend it to all of the Nabari fans out there who haven't started reading the series and want to, it is more than worth it.

  • Lucinda
    2018-11-06 18:36

    This was okay, it didn't totally draw me in but was a decent start.

  • Ray
    2018-11-08 14:15

    I watch the anime and read the manga. It was so sad and touching but still, I did enjoy my read.

  • Delaney
    2018-10-31 17:20

    So we got our protagonist:Miharu Rokujou anindifferent,devious,and absolute cutey cinnamon roll. Then we have the other characters:Sensei Kumohirawho I'm pretty sure is copying Harry Potter. and…also he hates public transportations, instead would rather walk...Raimei ShimizuA kickass girl who just randomly shows up :P .Kouichi Aizawa A cutie cherry blossom. This guywho looks like a pervert already…and Yoitelook he's just floating in the air andhe also wears a hat. Yea, I know--awesome.Overall, I think I am going to continue to read this series. Volume 1 was intriguing already!

  • Dakota
    2018-11-11 16:23

    An intriguing start to a phenomenal fourteen book series. I daresay it is certainly a must-have for manga collectors.

  • Sebastien
    2018-11-03 17:26

    Nabari est un manga spécial. Il est différent. Quand j’ai commencer à ramasser mes nouvelles collections, j’ai eu beaucoup de difficulté à l’avoir a cause qu’elle était discontinué. Heureux de trouver la première moitié à 4$ chaque j’ai donc décider de lire le résumé attentivement pour savoir si je me casserait la tête pour trouver le reste. Le résumé semblait prometteur, un jeune garçon assez paresseux et sans but se retrouve avec la technique ninja la plus puissante qui existe lui donnant les pouvoir d’un dieu. Suite à cela tous les ninjas du Japon lui courent après pour lui voler ce pouvoir. Assez intéressant, surtout que je suis un gros fan de naruto.Cependant, ce manga n’a aucun et je dis aucun lien, ressemblance ou quoi que ce soit qui ait un rapport avec naruto. L’histoire est beaucoup plus poétique, elle relate l’idéologie derrière le ninjitsu et aussi comment doit penser un ninja. L’action est restreinte et gardé vraiment au nécessaire, l’intrigue est carrément centré sur les personnages et sur leurs relations d’allié/amis. Chaque livre évolue de manière poétique, comme un poème écrit en l’honneur d’une grande aventure relaté avec tristesse et souvenirs amères. Comme je l’ai dit tout à l’heure, ce manga est vraiment différent, mélangeant le meilleur du shonen et du shojo.Côté style et dessin, on a droit à un évolution incroyable du premier volume au dernier. Les personnages sont bien dessiné et surtout bien différent les uns des autres. L’action est fluide et on peut voir ce que font chaques personnages. Par contre, le côté shojo nous donne beaucoup de cases avec le fond blanc et peu de détails sur les décors. De plus, certains personnage change d’apparence en cours de route, ce qui peut devenir confus par moment. Avec le nombre de personnages centraux à l’histoire il est difficile de suivre quand les traits des personnages évoluent trop.La seule tristesse que j’ai eu à lire ce manga, c’est que je ne voulais pas lire ce genre d’histoire en ce moment. L’histoire était chargé et consistante, j’avais envis d’un petit manga action avec des ninja. Ça ne m’empêche d’avoir apprécié ma lecture, mais j’ai dû user d’un tantinet de volonté pour passer au travers. Au 5ième volume j’étais prêt a donner un 3 étoile à ce manga et de dire que c’était “over-rated”, cependant à partir du 6ième volume l’histoire prend un envol incroyable qui m’a presque fait oublier que ce manga n’était pas celui que je voulais lire. C’est pour cette raison que ce manga mérite 4 étoiles. Il m’a presque envouté, il m’a presque fait oublier que cette série était loin d’être ce que j’avais voulu acheter à l’origine. Donc, avec le dessin inégale et l’histoire à moitié shojo j’ai décidé de donner un peu plus qu’à l’origine mais de ne pas donner une palme d’or pour ce manga.Je crois clairement que je vais apprécié d’avantage ma seconde lecture de ce manga, et peut-être que rendu là je dirai que j’aurais dû donner une meilleur note. Cependant, je suis contre les critiques de deuxième impression. L’important c’est de communiquer la première impression, comment on la vécu à la première lecture, car habituellement la personne qui nous lira se fiera sur cette première lecture pour savoir comment il va trouver la sienne. Donc, pour ma part, j’ai apprécié mais ce n’est pas ce que je voulais lire.Je recommande donc ce manga à toute personne voulant un manga différent, axé sur les relation plutôt que l’action. Je crois que ce manga vaux vraiment la peine d’être découvert par tout fan du style.

  • Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru
    2018-11-02 18:44

    Synopsis:Unbeknownst to him, junior high student Mirhaur Rokujou, who is content to live without a care in the world, possesses the power inside him to control the entire world--an art know as Shinra Banshou...My Thoughts:I've had this volume in my manga to be read pile for a few years now. I decided to read it because back when I still had the Funi channel, I saw a few episodes of it and wanted to see how the two would compare.This first volume pretty much gets into the action right away. We find out that ninja from all over the shadow world are after something called the Shinra Banshou and it just happens to be written into the DNA of our hero-the extremely indifferent Miharu Rokujou. One of his teachers and a fellow classmate really want him to join the school's Nindou Club, but Miharu couldn't care less. Even when ninja start coming after him to kidnap him and are willing to kill those that get in their way, he doesn't appear to take things seriously.We do see a little later on that he does train, just not where anyone can see. He's actually pretty good at ninja arts and he's phenomenal when the Shinra Banshou takes him over and moves him around. That Shinra Banshou is dangerous, though. It could completely take him over or even destroy his body. Kumohira-sensei really doesn't want that to happen. It seems he's made a vow to make sure Miharu doesn't die. Good luck on keeping that promise. It won't be easy. Especially not with the strong ninja that come after Miharu around. One thing that does seem clear, Miharu doesn't want anyone dying to protect him. I don't remember everything that happens in this series, so I'm looking forward to seeing where things go.

  • Sophie
    2018-10-20 20:35

    I read the first volume of this series as a fan translation earlier and found it intriguing enough to order the real thing. I enjoyed it even more the second time around, and yes, apparently I'm all about ninja and samurai these days (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN), but in any case, this is a fun and promising series. The protagonist is a rather apathetic character who for some reason or other carries the ultimate power of the ninja world inside his body and finds himself involved with a ninja power struggle. I admit I *love* that kind of character who doesn't seem to show or have any feelings, and it helps that he's cute as a button. The art is lovely, and there's good balance between humour, action and emotions, and the characters all are interesting and potentially loveable. While I found the way Yen Press translates the sound effects a bit odd at first, I am now quite fond of the fact that they do a romaji transcription and a translation while leaving the original Japanese. I also like their annotations; I am really quite fond of translations that offer a bit of additional explanations.

  • Nicole
    2018-10-31 14:36

    Can't go wrong with a good ninja story :) This volume introduces readers to Miharu Rokujou - a 14-yr old with an 'over the top' level of indifference/apathy to everything (though is it genuine, or forced, as a way to protect himself and others?). The school's shinobi teacher is trying desperately to get Rokujou to join his a way to teach him the old ways of being a ninja so he can protect himself from "things to come." As the teacher knows, and as we (and Rokujou) quickly learn, Rokujou is somehow the mortal embodiment of the "shinra banshou" - a powerful text that will give him the power to sway the course of, well, anything. And plenty of hidden factions of ninja society want to get their hands on the shinra banshou. As happens with all first volumes, a lot of this volume is story set-up. We meet our main cast of characters - our young hero, the shinobi teacher, a fellow club member, and a female wannabe samurai from another district. We meet some villains, see a hint of the fights to come. A satisfying "part 1" - I'm looking forward to more...

  • Sarah
    2018-10-22 20:44

    Reading this manga was like pulling teeth. First of all, there is nothing new under the sun with the whole "You have a magical secret power inside you". It strikes as a bit of a Naruto knockoff, especially once he is surrounded by friends with fighting skills and an exceptionally devoted teacher. But the problem with this book really is the main character. The whole point is that the main character doesn't care. I mean, really is apathetic. Not apathetic and funny or apathetic but brave when he needs to be. But just doesn't care and BORING. Oh so BORING. And it makes it hard for me to get into this story. I don't care why Miharu is so indifferent. I just want him to go away. I will not be reading the second volume.

  • Lissibith
    2018-11-04 14:17

    I have absolutely no idea why this manga grabbed me, but it really did. I found the characters a bit predictable and filling some stereotypical roles, but I also found that I liked them anyway, that the stakes were immediate and high, and that, most importantly, I want to know more about what's going on. Maybe not about the ninja societies and all, but that's really just the background. I want to know about what's going to happen with these characters - what they plan on doing next, how the major problems will be addressed, etc. And that's what, for me, makes this a really solid opener to a new-to-me series.

  • Kate
    2018-10-16 19:30

    This series has a couple of things going for it: it's recommended by someone who shares similar tastes to mine and it's published by Yen Press, a company that does good work on translation and packaging. The selling point in the synopsis so far is that the story is about modern ninjas. And, while that's nice and all, the protagonist is aptly described as apathetic, and it's getting old fast. I prefer my characters to have a little more kick in them, but at only one volume in, it's early still. I'll hold off on judgment for now. Onward, ho!

  • Angela
    2018-10-29 16:38

    First of all, IM SO GLAD that this manga was finally printed in the US. I have already read the manga online with translated pages but as soon as this came out, I just HAD to get it. Nabari no Ou is very boring at first. It seems like a pointless plot but after a while, it gets very exciting and sad. As Miharu, the main character, forms a bond with Yoite, and Yoite's death is very very melacholy and reflected against the whole book.I love this series and I cant wait till the next volumes come out so I can add them to my collection. :D

  • Corley
    2018-10-31 13:39

    It's been so long since I first read this volume that I'd forgotten just how much I actually like it. The art's a bit...meh for the first several volumes, but as the story progresses, I find myself slowly falling in love with Kamatani's style as it develops. There's comedy and, though not much in this volume, heart, and the plot eventually takes on a life of its own, so much so that I enjoyed this more the second time around. First Read: 9/20/10Second Time Reading: 1/2/14

  • Joy
    2018-10-29 15:16

    Very generic shonen series about a modern day school boy who learns his body holds all the secrets of the hidden ninja world, which not surprisingly makes him an object of interest to many, many people. This sort of humdrum setup could only be redeemed by really strong characterization, and unfortunately there's no hint of this so far; the protagonist is mostly a blank, and the side characters are fairly run-of-the-mill. This isn't bad so much as it is just boring.

  • Logan Simpson
    2018-10-24 15:28

    Nabari No Ou is about a boy named Rokujou,who apparently has the "shinra banshou" inside of him.This is a powerful art that all shinobi desire.That's all I'm going to say about the plot,cause I don't wanna give much else away.It was a pretty good 1st volume,but it reminds me a little to much of Naruto.And I'm a huge Narutard so that's why this only gets 3 of 5.Haha

  • Mog
    2018-10-21 15:25

    Anyone who compares this series to Naruto is just being silly. The characters are far more charming, the plot far more interesting and to top it off it has platonically gay ninjas. How can you possibly beat that?And by the way, this comes from a FAN of Naruto, so don't think I'm badmouthing Naruto here either.

  • Matea Trevino
    2018-10-22 18:21

    This is for the overall series.This is a well done series. Yes it is about modern ninjas so there is a lot of fighting in it. It also has a lot of feelings and an abstract story line. Overall, it's fantastic and a good read.

  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    2018-10-31 21:21

    Cliffhanger ending that makes you want to read the next volume. The main characters all have their secrets. Especially their teacher. There action scenes and some funny scenes. Shimuzu's a cool character. Going to read more from this series.

  • Melissa
    2018-10-14 16:26

    Miharu has the Shinra Banshou inside him, one of the most powerful secret art, now that is known that is in him Ninja clans want to have control of it. Miharu must become a real ninja.

  • Miharu Rokujou
    2018-10-31 19:31

    nabari no ou is probably the best manga i've evre read, in my opinion i mean. <3 love it. so sweet and so sad :(

  • Chloe Shriber
    2018-10-17 19:41

    adorable uke with multiple possible semes? *dies*

  • Rachel (Sfogs)
    2018-10-20 18:24

    An adventurous new series to get into yay!Really enjoyed it!

  • Snow
    2018-10-29 13:40

    reviewing for Graphic Novel Reporter