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"A desperate mother. Her missing child. A stolen chalice." With "Silent Night", Mary Higgins Clark, America's own Queen of Suspense, gave her readers their best Christmas present ever.Now, with "All Through the Night", she once again celebrates the Christmas season with a tale of suspense that will keep readers turning the pages-- all through the night.At the center of the"A desperate mother. Her missing child. A stolen chalice." With "Silent Night", Mary Higgins Clark, America's own Queen of Suspense, gave her readers their best Christmas present ever.Now, with "All Through the Night", she once again celebrates the Christmas season with a tale of suspense that will keep readers turning the pages-- all through the night.At the center of the novel are two of Mary Higgins Clark's most beloved characters, Alvirah, the lottery winner turned amateur sleuth, and her husband, Willy, both of them caught up in a Christmas mystery that calls on all of Alvirah's deductive powers, as well as Willy's world-class common sense.The story begins when a young unmarried woman leaves her newborn child on the rectory doorstep at a church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At the same moment, inside the church, a young man is stealing a treasured artifact, a chalice adorned with a single star-shaped diamond. Both the infant and the chalice disappear.Seven years later, a few weeks before Christmas, Alvirah and Willy are busy helping Willy's sister Cordelia, a nun who runs a thrift shop that doubles as an after-school shelter for neighborhood kids, prepare for the upcoming Christmas pageant. The future of the shelter is threatened, however, when the city condemns the building for that use, and it is further jeopardized when a nearby brownstone to which the shelter was to be moved turns out to have been willed to a young couple who were tenants in the building. Alvirah refuses to believe that the will is genuine and sets out to prove that the couple are con artists. Soon she is involved in the mystery of the chalice and the child.In "All Through the Night", Mary Higgins Clark has fashioned a Christmas gift for all her readers....

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All Through the Night Reviews

  • Vi~Inkvotary
    2019-02-13 06:57

    InkvotaryA nice and lovely christmas story. Alvirah is smart and wonderful as ever and her way to solve problems really charming. And Stellina is a beautiful girl. Mary Higgins Clark wrote this novel in a nice, soft tone and used her style she became famous for. Decent, with some little action but no blood or other things like that. Stellina is such a cutie. She loves her Nonna very much and feels by instinct that her father isn´t really a good guy. If you like to read such stories around Christmas, this is your book.

  • Li'l Owl
    2019-02-15 06:48

    This is a very nice, cozy mystery. I really enjoyed the lighthearted Christmas theme. It doesn't take very long to read it, which is nice. It only took me a couple of hours to read, once I actually had time to sit down! I had a feeling I knew how it would end, but it didn't take away from the story. =o)

  • Jan
    2019-02-13 01:48

    This book was a gift from a dear friend; I would never have bought it for myself. While I enjoyed Mary Higgins Clark many, many years ago, her sappy, HEA, light-hearted stories are not my usual fare. They are, however, great mind candy and fulfill the need too read a Christmas book. I didn't warm to Alvirah's character for some reason, although I think she and her husband, Wally, are clearly a devoted couple and Wally suffers his wife's intrusion into anything she considers a mystery. The sunburst pin that conceals a microphone is too hokey for words.

  • Gabriela
    2019-02-21 06:49

    Another cute and short Christmas story by Mary Higgins Clark. I am a big fan of her mystery novels and it's always so great to find her short stories to pass the time between reads (or to complete reading goals at the end of the year lol). A good recommendation for Christmas time!

  • Amy
    2019-01-31 04:43

    I think this type of book is why I stopped reading Mary Higgins Clark...It was so cheesy!!

  • Debbie
    2019-01-24 05:57

    This was a great little Christmas story. Mary Higgins Clark always nails it.

  • Leah
    2019-02-06 03:57

    From my review on Unleash the Flying Monkeys!A sweet holiday tale that may prove too predictable and lighthearted for hardcore fans of the thriller-mystery genre or Higgins Clark’s previous novels.What I Liked MostAll Through the Night had a solid beginning and ending; there were questions for which I wanted answers. I’ll admit I even teared up a bit at the end. There was a positive vibe that warmed my heart which, as a Christmas story, it was probably meant to do.What I Liked LeastDuring my teens I read several of Higgins Clark’s novels that I borrowed from my mom’s bookshelf. Those Higgins Clark novels were suspenseful, often involving a murder mystery, and usually featured a strong female lead.All Through the Night lacked suspense and a strong mystery. It was too sugary for my taste. The mystery wasn’t really a mystery. The coincidences seemed way too thin to believe. And the connections Alvirah made in the story would, in the real world, have to be the result of psychic abilities, or some serious obsessing. I had to consciously suspend disbelief whenever Alvirah “solved” something because it was all just so darn easy. Sure, there was mild conflict but I didn’t believe anyone was in real danger; the overall tone felt like everything would work out fine for everyone anyway.Final ThoughtsAll Through the Night is a good selection for anyone, any age, who wants a quick and easy read filled with Christmas spirit. Remember, don’t expect anything thought-provoking or suspenseful, just light reading that’ll leave you with a serious case of the warm ‘n fuzzies.2.5 stars

  • Tony
    2019-02-21 01:44

    Mary Higgins Clark- All Through the Night (Simon & Schuster 1998) 2.5 Stars This was my first Mary Higgins Clark novel and I have to say that I was not overly impressed. I will be trying other novels by her in the future, but they had better be a more enjoyable mystery than this one. The cover said, ‘suspense story’, but it was not in the least bit suspenseful. A musician gives up her baby to pursue her career, leaving it on the church doorstep. At the same time a young kid is robbing the church and grabs the baby stroller by mistake. Seven years later the musician wants her baby back and is searching for her child and someone is trying to figure out how to prove that a will has been forged. This book sounded so interesting, but I was greatly disappointed. Everything just fell into place a little bit too easily and the end was completely predictable. The plot was fairly good in theory, it just wasn’t executed all that well. The characters were believable, although not very much effort went into helping the reader get to know the characters, or to assist in connecting with them. I understand that it was meant to be a heartfelt Christmas mystery, but come on, make it have some suspense. Don’t false advertise! Sorry for the negative review, but I really was disappointed, it’s Mary Higgins Clark for crying out loud! I do not recommend All Through the Night, not for anyone, unless you are looking for an airy novel with not a shred of thought needed. For more of my reviews, check out my website. www.tonypeters.webs.comTony PetersKids on a Case: The Case of the Ten Grand

  • LuAnn
    2019-01-31 06:34

    In some circles, this book would be considered a novella because of the length, but don’t let that fool you. This is a complete story that will equal any book of twice as many pages.Alvirah Meehan is back to use her amateur sleuth skills to solve yet another mystery. This time, it begins when a baby is left at the doorstep of a church and the thief who is there to steal a treasured chalice takes the newborn home with him. He raises the girl as his own, but years later, the mother returns and tries to find out what happened to her child. Did she die of exposure or was she adopted and leading a much better life?Mary Higgins Clark takes us on a journey of a lifetime as we follow this story and watch Alvirah as she attempts to solve the mystery. It’s great fun and an intriguing tale and you definitely need to add it to your reading list.

  • Toni Osborne
    2019-02-12 08:40

    I found this story slow, boring, and very predictable; the ending is evident from the start. I occasionally read Miss Higgins books but this one I have to admit should have stayed at the book store.

  • Ashlee
    2019-02-22 08:34

    Okay, so I admit...I am totally addicted to short-read Christmas stories with happy endings. I picked up this pocket paperback and another one (Santa Cruise, I think...) last year around the Holidays with every intention on reading them. However, I never got around to them, but this year I remembered I had them and wanted to read at least one. It took me about 2 days to read this one and I loved it (i started it two weeks ago but hadn't been reading every day.)This is my 3rd Mary Higgins Clark book. Didn't even realize I was becoming a fan until I found myself continuing to reach for her books. The first one I read was "Two Little Girls in Blue" and the second was "Silent Night" another Christmas book I found at a thrift store last year and read it one sitting.This is the story about a few characters, and the first is a guy named Lenny who is a crook. He happens to be at a church, stealing, the same night as an 18 year old aspiring violinist is giving up her baby to the church. She had given birth that day in a hotel/motel and decided to give the baby up because she only had her grandfather and had no means to support a child. So she leaves the baby in a stroller with warm clothes, some diapers, and food in front of the rectory. She then goes to make a phone call to tell the church a baby has been left, but before she makes it a silent alarm is sounded inside the church from Lenny and she hears sirens and assumes the baby had been found. When Lenny is leaving to make a quick getaway with a priceless chalice and money he stole, he finds stroller and grabs it to make a quick getaway without being detected as he heard the sirens as well, and he has no idea there is a baby inside. Although common sense tells a person to look, what did he THINK was inside? So he goes to his aunts house where he is staying and says the baby is his and that the mother had abandoned the baby and went to California. His aunt buys the story and immediately falls in love with the tiny baby girl.Fast forward 7 years and the story flips a little to new characters. The little abandoned girl was given the name of Star or "Stellina" and she is being taken care of by her 'great aunt' which Lenny's aunt. Lenny isn't around much, as he skips around to different places running "errands" for people for work. Star attends A Home Base program which is an after school program for kids who don't have someone to watch them after school, and Star's aunt is very sick as well. However, the Home Base Program is about to be cut because the women (nuns) who run it can't keep their doors open any longer due to regulations and laws. Luckily though, a very kind woman named Kate inherits her sister Bettie's home and she wants to turn it into a new Home Base for the kids with Bessie's blessing. But a second will is found of her sisters and she finds out that just a few days after she told Kate of her plans to give her everything, she apparently has changed her mind. This is where 2 other characters come in- Alvirah and Willy. Apparently these 2 characters are repeat characters of MHC (Don't remember them from other books but they have been in previous titles) and Alvirah is somewhat of a sleuth. Her and her husband won the lottery and live in a very nice apartment overlooking Central Park, but they are both still very modest people despite their good fortune. Willy helps out at the Home Base Program (his sister is one of the women who runs it) by doing repairs, and Alvriah writes for the Globe. Like I said she is a bit of a sleuth and she is friends with Kate, so when she finds out about this mysterious "second will" that is signed only days after the first one is finalized, she smells a skunk. Turns out that two tenants who were staying with Betty (Kate's sister) had someone dress up as Betty and sign a fake will, with 2 very impressionable but kind witnesses there to say it was "legit" and little did they know that the real Betty was down in the parlor watching TV, enjoying her last few days before she passed away. So the second will is found to be a phony and the first one still stands- Alvirah finds all of this out and the kids will have a good Home Base program. Also during the story, Sondra the 18 year old young mother who gave up her baby returns to NY and is sick to her stomach with worry about what happened to her baby because she finds out nobody at the church found the baby, but rather the sirens were sounding that night because of the burglary. Alivrah seeks Sondra out after Sondra has been hanging around the Church (St. Clements) where she left the child, and Alvirah finds out that Stellina is the child and reunites the mother and daughter. Also, the infamous chalice stolen from the church that night by Lenny is found with Stellina because he forgot to get rid of it and fabricated a story of how it was Stellina's mothers.So, in the end...Sondra and her daughter are reunited and she comes clean about the night she left her, Lenny is arrested, Kate gets to stay in her home, and she gets to turn it into the Home Base Program for the children. The only things that bothered me about this book were that I found that the ending was rushed for one. We spend so much time reading about the will and all the clues Alvirah is following, and the end feels like it was written off too fast. I hate that feeling like I invest so much into a book and the detail and the end is cut too short, like a rip off. I also still don't understand how Sondra gave birth in a motel or hotel room by herself without anyone knowing. Then when Lenny takes Star, his buddy makes a fake birth certificate, but they never mention a social security number. So how does Star's great aunt enroll her in school or ever bring her to the doctor? I imagine she was issued one with the fake birth certificate, but it just seems to convenient. I dunno. Also, the note attached to Star was always kept with Lenny so he could prove he never kidnapped her so I wonder if he is ever found guilty of that. The book does mention that he had taken on a big job with an undercover cop so I guess I can deduct that when that blew up in his face that is why he was arrested. It does bother me that he pretending to pull a gun and tried to pass Star off as a hostage in the end scene when he was being closed in on. Poor Star! Lenny seemed like he legitimately liked the little girl but he was willing to use her as a pawn at any moment. Dirt bag!But alls well ends well, right? It was a cute little Christmas book and I am curious to read more about Alivrah and Willy. I believe they are featured in the other Christmas book I bought from MHC as well.

  • hidefan
    2019-02-17 05:54

    La Estrella Robada es un relato corto de Mary Higgins Clark que está protagonizado por uno de sus personajes habituales, la detective aficionada Alvirah Meehan junto a su marido Willy.En esta ocasión no encontramos ningún asesinato, sino que el misterio, o misterios porque son dos, van por otros derroteros. Por un lado, Alvirah intenta echar una mano a una amiga que acaba de heredar la casa de su hermana y planea dejársela a la cuñada de Willy, que es monja, para utilizarla como centro social para los niños que no tengan a dónde ir después de la escuela mientras esperan a que lleguen sus padres de trabajar. Pero, para sorpresa de todos, la susodicha hermana cambió el testamento en el último momento y le ha dejado la propiedad a los inquilinos a los que les alquilaba el ático... aunque Alvirah sospecha que estos no son trigo limpio y busca encontrar la manera de demostrar que han falsificado el testamento.Por otro lado, siete años atrás una adolescente abandonó a su bebé en la puerta de una iglesia en Manhattan, esperando que le encontraran un buen hogar a su niña. Lo que ella no sabía es que dio la casualidad de que en ese mismo momento había un ladrón robando en la iglesia que se llevó el cochecito. Ahora, Alvirah se encontrará con la compungida madre, que acaba de descubrir la verdad, y buscará pistas para dar con el paradero de la niña, que está más cerca de lo que las dos piensan.Aunque sea una historia corta, no llega a las ciento cincuenta páginas, La Estrella Robada tiene todos los elementos típicos de Higgins Clark y de hecho es de las historias de ella que más me han gustado de las que he leído últimamente. El hecho de que no haya asesinos le aporta frescura a la lectura y la resolución de ambos misterios, que tienen algunos elementos en común, es fluida y satisfactoria. Siempre es un gusto leer a Alvirah, esta mujer que pone toda su voluntad para resolver las intrigas que se encuentra y que cae muy bien, y vemos algún que otro personaje también habitual de la autora como la hermana de Willy o la ex-policía ahora metida a monja que trabaja con ella. Como siempre, en el libro encontramos los puntos de vista de casi todos los personajes involucrados en la trama, y el hecho de saber desde el principio quiénes son los responsables de sus respectivos delitos no le quita emoción a la historia, al contrario, estás deseando saber cómo Alvirah va a conseguir atar cabos, demostrar cosas y resolverlo todo.La historia se sitúa un poco antes de Navidad por lo que casi podríamos decir que es un cuento navideño; me dio un poco de pena habérmelo leído en verano porque creo que lo hubiera disfrutado todavía más en esas fechas. La historia de la pequeña Stellina con su nonna y su deseo de encontrar a su mamá es encantadora y reconozco que se me saltaron algunas lágrimas con el final.La Estrella Robada es otro buen trabajo de Mary Higgins Clark, ideal para leer durante las fiestas navideñas si queremos una historia cortita y no demasiado complicada que nos llene de ternura y buenos sentimientos.

  • Shalet Jimmy
    2019-02-04 00:37

    All through the night – Mary Higgins ClarkIt was a winter night. Christmas is round the corner and it's the night she decided to abandon her infant, neverthless to say, with a heavy heart. She was just 18 years old. With no other alternative left, she decided to leave her baby at St.Clement's rectory. She wanted the baby to grow in New York with a lovely family. She loved the place and was wanting to come back once she could stand on her own feet.Her plan was to leave the baby and then alert the monsignor from a phone booth.It was the same night Bishop Santory's chalice was stolen. He had planned it but little did he know that he would find a baby along with the chalice in a stroller which he strolled back to his house. When the security alarm rang, he ran and conviniently put his backpack under the foot of a stroller which was kept in the rectory. Seven years after, her guilt made Sondra search for her baby but was shattered to know that the St. Clement vicarage never got such a baby. Thus began her search for her baby. Alvirah's friend Kate was in deep trouble as she found her deceased sister, Bessie left her house, in her will to a stranger husband and wife who recently, occupied one part of her house. Just two days prior to Bakers' informing her about her sister's will, Monsignor Ferris had informed Kate just the opposite of what the Bakers said - she left her house in the name of her younger sister and Kate was thinking of giving it to two nuns to run a shelter home for poor children. Alvirah found the will brought by Bakers phony. How these two puzzles are related, that reader has to find.I would call this story a “ short and simple mystery” for Christmas. There's no murder and 'who dunnit' but two puzzles which are vaguely connected. But without establishing that faint connection, the whole mystery cannot be solved.I enjoyed it. What attracts me to Mary Higgins Clark's book is always her language. It's so simple yet powerful to make you feel that you are not walking with the characters but running with them.My second book of Mary Higgins Clark, this year.

  • Kimberly
    2019-01-30 05:55

    Absolutely loved this diamond of a Christmas book. Ive read this one twice, with many years between both reads and reading it the second time felt familiar but completely new. A good book can do that.This book had two situations going on throughout. One a forged will and two an infant left in a paper bag outside of a Rectory.I really enjoyed this and it added lots of joy to my already full heart of Christmas spirit.

  • Lybo Buchanan
    2019-01-29 06:54

    An Alvirah & Willy mystery revolving around a precious stolen church chalice & a newborn left on the steps of the church.

  • Carol
    2019-02-19 04:49

    Not bad. Quick read. Kept my interest.

  • Linda
    2019-02-17 00:56

    Very good book, I enjoyed it and I LOVED the ending!!

  • Chris
    2019-02-03 08:38

    My disappointment might have been becuase it was abridge but there was no suspense at all.THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYThe cover said, ‘suspense story’, but it was not in the least bit suspenseful. A musician gives up her baby to pursue her career, leaving it on the church doorstep. At the same time a young kid is robbing the church and grabs the baby stroller by mistake. Seven years later the musician wants her baby back and is searching for her child and someone is trying to figure out how to prove that a will has been forged. Everything just fell into place a little bit too easily and the end was completely predictable. The plot was fairly good in theory, it just wasn’t executed all that well. The characters were believable, although not very much effort went into helping the reader get to know the characters, or to assist in connecting with them. I understand that it was meant to be a heartfelt Christmas mystery, but come on, make it have some suspense.

  • Marty
    2019-02-02 04:31

    A short quick book that reminds me of the O. Henry stories in the early 20th century. … New York: unmarried girl gives birth to a daughter and leaves it at a church with a note hoping her daughter will be adopted by a kind family. Baby is, instead, mistakenly stolen by a church burgler. Burgler tells his grandmother that the child is his and so girl is raised by the grandmother. Real mother eventually wants to reclaim daughter…….. It all comes together at Christmas.

  • Libby
    2019-02-12 02:34

    I always enjoy this author. The characters were great! Sondra was a very interesting character that ended up giving up her baby to a church. Then there were 3 con artist in the book but will not mention the name of them because it will ruined the book. Please read this book I think you would enjoy it.

  • James Rody'
    2019-01-31 07:57

    No soy mucho de leer este tipo de historias pero esta me ha sorprendido y encantado. Es estupendo como estas pistas inconexas al final nos ayudan a resolver este enigma. La detective Alvirah es increíble, capaz de resolver cualquier caso que le asignen. Junto con su esposo Willy, hace un gran equipo. Stellina es encantadora. Una novela que está muy bien lograda. No le sobran ni faltan páginas.

  • Ily
    2019-02-02 01:57

    Lessi questo breve romanzo parecchi anni fa e ricordo che mi piacque, sia per la scrittura, semplice e chiara, sia per quel tocco di delicatezza nell'affrontare le tematiche che presenta. Si legge veramente in poche ore. A distanza di tempo non smentisco questa impressione. Consigliato per chi ha voglia di svagarsi con qualche lettura leggera ma a tema natalizio :)

  • M Sue Shockey
    2019-01-31 07:42

    I enjoyed it, but would prefer the other books by the author, i have read all of theaof her books hard cover and on my kindle, looking forward to next oneThat's all I have to ssysbout the book

  • Kinsey
    2019-02-08 04:35

    Two mysteries rolled into one. Another problem solved by Christmas. I found this novel plenty enjoyable, nothing earth-shattering. Fun for the holiday season.

  • Eva
    2019-01-28 05:39

    Una storiella mystery a sfondo natalizio. Carinissima!

  • Plum-crazy
    2019-02-18 06:46

    A quick & easy read. Not as suspenseful as her longer novels but nevertheless entertaining....even though you know exactly how everything will pan out & the ending is a bit sugary!

  • Ester Elbert
    2019-02-08 03:48

    Beautiful christmas story with a bit of mistery

  • Patti
    2019-01-23 08:40

    very good story for the holidays. quick read. i enjoyed it.

  • Sandra Tait
    2019-02-21 04:37

    A good little Christmas story! Glad I re-read it!

  • Melanie
    2019-02-05 07:47

    I always enjoy a good Mary Higgins Clark novel. I so enjoyed the characters Alvirah and Willy. I am definitely going to read more of their stories. Very enjoyable Christmas mystery.