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Most of the leaders of the early church were community leaders and successful business people. Silvoso's inspiring book shows why it's time to break down the wall between labor and religious service and view labor as worship....

Title : Anointed for Business: How Christians Can Use Their Places of Influence to Make a Profound Impact on the World
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ISBN : 9780830728619
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Anointed for Business: How Christians Can Use Their Places of Influence to Make a Profound Impact on the World Reviews

  • Joseph McBee
    2018-10-29 16:20

    I both liked this book and was infuriated with this book.I liked it because it was very practical and had wonderfully inspiring stories. The author takes marketplace Christianity (his term) very seriously and is passionate about helping men and women in business serve and advance the Kingdom of God. In that way, it is a great book. You come away from it thinking "Yes, I want to do this!"I was infuriated by this book because of the way the author handles Scripture. It's not like he was misquoting verses, or making heretical statements or anything, it was really more subtle than that. He obviously has a great love for the Word, but he did some things with it that made me a little uncomfortable.He had a habit of attempting to translate biblical situations directly to a modern context. For example, he called David a "junior partner in a family owned animal husbandry business." I get what he was trying to do, but it seemed a little absurd.There was also quite a bit of stuff that was borderline, or downright overt, prosperity gospel nonsense. That stuff always makes my skin crawl.The author comes from a pentecostal or charismatic foundation, which doesn't bother me because that is a large part of my past. However, for those unfamiliar with the parlance of that world, some of his terms, concepts, and stories won't make a whole lot of sense. In fact, they will seem really odd.This, and other things I won't go into here, keep me from marking this book any higher. If you can see past the faults, you will find some really good stuff here. However, I recommend you go into this with your eyes open, and your Bible too.

  • Chris Hall
    2018-11-08 08:27

    Money. Not one of my favourite subjects but I thought I'd give this another go. Bought it a while ago but after one chapter it's been languishing on my shelf.As with most books of this genre it tends to make claims between the gospels and 'business' which I can't really buy into. Silvoso also seems to be trying to make an extra office of the church - businessman in addition to the others like prophets, evangelists etc.A nice try but to be honest it was never going to be a starter for me. So 2 stars.

  • Steven Ly
    2018-11-16 09:28

    This book allowed me to see in scripture where God used people in their currently calling. It allowed me to see the specific impact on the Kingdom they had and it demonstrated that everyone can be used in their currently calling within the marketplace.

  • Rob Markley
    2018-10-31 09:48

    God led me to this book and it was what I needed. Not perfect but a wake up call to understand the business world as a spiritual world

  • James McHugh
    2018-11-06 08:38

    I was looking for far more of the final chapters of this book earlier on in my reading. It seemed to lag in getting to concrete examples of the things that the author had seen God do in his own business. Tons of scripture is provided to back up the stance of each point made and I was glad to see that the focus was not primarily on obtaining wealth; however some of the connections seem to be a bit of a stretch between what scripture is saying and how it applies to business today. All in all this is an encouraging read and for someone like me who worked in full time ministry in the past, and now works in the business world, it was good to see the trap that can be fallen into laid out in clear words. So often Christians seem to be relegated (or at least made to feel that they have been relegated to a lower standing in the kingdom when they enter the business world, despite the fact that they work with non-believers hand in hand far more than they ever did in ministry. This book encourages Christians to be a tool of God’s Kingdom wherever they are and not downplay the place that God has you at this time in life. A simple read and perhaps a good read for Christians working in the business world, but nothing incredibly awe inspiring in terms of the message.

  • Bobby Roy
    2018-11-16 09:44

    There are lot of good points and distinctions made in this book. For example, the idea in chapter six that transformation and reconciliation need to happen in the marketplace in order for God's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven was profound. Having said that, there are other points that I could not reconcile. For example, in the same chapter, "When it comes to bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, the first move always belongs to the rich, because they are the ones who have the position and resources to initiate the process." I disagree. This view disempowers those without resources. It sets up class roles for people, which can be just as harmful as gender roles. The actuality is, if one is alive, one has the only resource necessary to be an agent of change=LOVE. Fortunately, ideas like this do not ruin the book for me. I recommend reading the book, but through an ever critical social justice lens. If we truly stand for equity, we can neither be explicit nor complicit in the compromising of justice.

  • Steve Cioccolanti
    2018-11-12 12:19

    This is top advice for any Christian called to business. Most of Jesus' disciples were businessmen, not theologians. If you think living for Jesus ought to be a 7-day thing, not a Sunday morning thing, you should read this book!

  • John
    2018-11-06 09:37

    This book changed the way I relate to "the world" and evangelism. A MUST read for all pastors and marketplace Christians, and for all who think business is contrary to the gospel.We are winning.

  • Jane
    2018-10-27 14:21

    It was okay. Not my favorite but the testimonies from the middle to the end were very moving.

  • Clint brooks
    2018-10-17 15:43

    Really gives you a heart and understanding for marketplace evangelism.

  • Edward
    2018-10-21 10:47

    An extremely important read if to get the picture of how God sometimes calls us to our careers and places of business.

  • Mcneal
    2018-10-27 12:25

    This book has my eyes wide open into the relationships that was built and the lives that was changed by christian leaders and business owners. This is a good read and recommend it to everyone.

  • Ugonna
    2018-10-16 14:43

    I started this book a long time ago and don't think I've finished it yet.