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Now available in hardcover for the first time, "The Laughing Corpse" takes readers back to a time when Anita's life was a bit less complicated. As the best Animator in the business-she's as good at raising the dead as she is at slaying the undead-she crosses paths with a creature from beyond the grave, a super-powerful zombie who is tearing a swath of murder through the ciNow available in hardcover for the first time, "The Laughing Corpse" takes readers back to a time when Anita's life was a bit less complicated. As the best Animator in the business-she's as good at raising the dead as she is at slaying the undead-she crosses paths with a creature from beyond the grave, a super-powerful zombie who is tearing a swath of murder through the city. And she discovers that there are some secrets better left buried-and some people better left dead....

Title : The Laughing Corpse
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The Laughing Corpse Reviews

  • Meredith Holley
    2019-01-28 07:39

    This was TERRIBLE. Terrible!!! Why are you here book??? Why do you exist?? Why do you suck SO MUCH??? Ugh!! I was listening to this while walking to work in the morning, and I’m pretty sure I was waking up whole neighborhoods with my loud, “UGGGGHHHHHHH”s because I could not refrain from reacting to what a bitch this book is. This book is such a little bitch. It is not SO bad to start out with, just your normal Anita Blake bitchiness, like, “girls shouldn’t wear pink; girls shouldn’t shop; girls shouldn’t be feminine; girls shouldn’t like boys.” And then the boys like her sooooo much because she is such an asshole. So, don’t worry, slatherings of male approval if you don’t wear pink.OH MY GOD. UGGGGGHHHHH.And THEN, after you trudge through Anita’s complete lack of personality and LAME sense of humor, why not throw on some racism, homophobia, and a huge helping of ableism? WHY THE FUCK NOT?? UGGGHHH. I want to punch this book in its smug little curly-haired kisser. It makes me figuratively puke. According to people who have read beyond this book, at some point, Anita starts having sex with random monsters, which . . . whatever. I don’t even care about that because she is so obnoxiously prudish in these first two books. And, the thing is, if you don’t want to have sex with a vampire, more power to ya girl. But THEN the simpering self-congratulation about it. It makes me crazy. You suck so much, Anita Blake. You are everything wrong about anything to do with gender.I figure there are numerous ways women can react to sexism when they realize it is there, so I’ve made a little chart to illustrate my thoughts on the matter:[image error]As you can see, in my mind, all choices except doing whatever the fuck you want lead to a woman’s life being basically sacrificed to sexism. And this probably works the same with masculinity, too, obvs. I feel like I've forgotten another manifestation of women accepting sexism that looks almost like feminism, but I can't think what it is. And Anita Blake, all through this stupid book, is calling herself a feminist. You know she's a feminist because all the boys think she a spunky little hottie. Puke. This fake bullshit is such an easy justification for people saying they aren't feminists. But, how can you say anything is feminist that hates women and only seeks male approval? Puke.On the one hand, I am so grateful to the women who came before me and forced people to recognize their skills and abilities so that hopefully in the future this stupid conversation will never even happen. So grateful. On the other hand, I think it is disgusting that the lives of capable women are sacrifices to either some kind of awkward attempt to be men or to a fight for the mere survival of girls because they are girls. I would consider someone like Lisbeth Salander an example of a woman who is painful to read about because her life is totally sacrifice to the mere survival of women. I don't think that's bad on Lisbeth's part, just depressing. I would consider Anita Blake a grotesque caricature of a woman trying to prove she is a man. Ugh. So uncomfortable to watch and annoying to hear about. Dude, just let girls wear pink if they want to wear pink. Pink is just a color, so dislike it if you want; but, also, pink is our childhood. And girlhood is not bad, so to the extent pink symbolizes women at our most innocently feminine, it pains me to hear women criticize it with the weight of rejecting their own innocent femininity. Again, like or dislike pink. Whatever you want. But, there is nothing noble or professional about hating the decorations of girlhood.Aside from that, oh my god, the ableism in this book is absolutely disgusting. There is this whole section about a prostitute in a wheelchair, and Anita is like, “OH MY! KINKY! That is disgusting that anyone would want to have sex with a woman in a wheelchair!” No, you are disgusting, Anita Blake.This is totally just a personal pet peeve, but it also really, really annoyed me the way Hamilton imagined being hardened to crime. Anita is hardened to crime here, so that means that she tosses around body parts at a crime scene and dares police officers not to puke in a room where the carpet is soaked in blood.(Sidebar: it only really bothers her when she sees the dead bodies of children. Which, okay, I agree that it is, for whatever reason, exponentially more disturbing to hear about violence to children than adults. In a room soaked in blood, however, it strikes me as weird that she would not be bothered at all by a police officer jiggling a boob attached to a bloody rib cage, but a child’s hand would make her swoon.)I have been privy to some pretty hilarious I-work-in-the-criminal-justice-system jokes lately, and, here, Hamilton did not even come close to what those sound like. Because they are only funny if they are respectful, if they have some kind of hope that some good will come of all of the criminal justice bullshit. This was so disrespectful. Not even close to funny. This link is totally NSFW, but it is How You Do criminal justice system investigation comedy. Hamilton's jokes are stupid, and her protagonist is stupider, and her snotty attitude about everyone who isn’t a 5’3”, 107 lb., curly-haired sprite is stupidest. Gross. UGGGHHHH. I hate you, book.The audio reader was still good, though. I don't know how she managed reading this whole series. Voice of steel. Ugh, puke again on behalf of the poor reader.

  • Jilly
    2019-01-22 01:35

    When I read the Kate Daniels series, I would see a lot of reviews that compared her to Anita Blake, and Kate would always come out on top. I could see some similarities, obviously, but I find Anita a little disappointing in how dumb she is. She really doesn't know how to shut the hell up so that someone would NOT want to kill her for a change. "I'm going to kill you," he hissed."Take a number," I said.She'll need to buy more number machines if she keeps up this pace of pissing people off...I mean, seriously, this woman threatens and antagonizes everyone she meets. It just isn't smart. Can't she just simmer with rage and kill people in her head like the rest of us do? now, that's a healthy attitude!So, in this book, there are a boatload of people who want to kill Anita. She's trying to help the police with a murder investigation and her standard way of interviewing people goes along the lines of this: Anita: "Did you kill people?" Person: "no". Anita: "Well, I think you are a terrible person and should die, so I will be killing you as soon as possible." Person: "Not if I kill you first."Anita:"Did I mention that you are ugly and that I had sex with your mother? Also, I'm going to kill you."Person: "Alright this is getting personal, now I'm going to torture you and then kill you."Anita: "I'd like to see you try, bitch!"Person: "Lady, I'm just trying to take your order. Do you want fries with that or not?"And, then she is shocked when people keep trying to kill her! In this book, an old Voodoo lady tells her straight out that she is going to send a zombie to Anita's house to attack her while she sleeps that night. That night, lo and behold, a zombie tries to kill her. Then, Anita acts all shocked about it. That seems a little dumb to me. I mean, the lady was pretty clear on the plan. It really shouldn't have been shocking at all. I think that Anita has so many people telling her they are going to kill her each day that she can't keep up with all of the threats. She needs one of those day-planners to keep track. That's what they had back in the 90's right? When people still had to use pen & paper for stuff. Fucking barbaric!Anyway, I have to say, despite it all, I am still entertained. I'm going to go on to the next book to see how many people try to kill Anita in that one. Also, I'm intrigued by her fashion sense. Don't worry, I will be discussing that in greater detail in my next review. There has been mention of a fanny-pack. That is just too good to devote only a sentence or two on. It deserves the star treatment in my next review.

  • HFK
    2019-01-26 09:13

    Buddy read with Jessica. Our Anita Blake marathon continues with the second installment in the series.One of the key things while reading this series is to remind myself of it being the product of its time, it makes it easier to forgive the overused, familiar elements and go with the flow. A lot has happened since the first publication, but going back to the past also shows how little anything has really changed within the genre. The development is astonishingly minimal in many ways.I liked The Laughing Corpse much better than the first installment; Guilty Pleasures. It comes from having more supernatural elements, more gory details, more darkness, more world building with more action packed binding. It was an easy, fast read albeit not consistent with its flow and pace, which is most likely due to writing that still continues to be shockingly unedited, and just not very good with its repetitiousness.I am still unsure of what to make out of Anita Blake as a character. She has few traits that are appealing to me, but mostly she comes across judgemental and unlikable character. This, however, continues to be an nonissue. But what I would like to know is what is up with all this repetitive gun touching, gun thinking, constant problems with sweat that seem to be a medical condition to each character, and not least to Anita herself. This makes me suspect the coming sexy feast will be awkwardly written sweaty rain.

  • Words
    2019-01-26 04:40

    There was something about Hamilton's first, then second book that irritated the hell out of me, but I couldn't quite figure it out. Then one day I saw a picture of her on the book and I understood what it was. It annoys me when authors make themselves the hero/ine of their books, and then just change the name and the environment to make it fantasy fiction. But even more so when you must keep reading about how powerful, and how unconsciously sexy, and how tough that character is (*why* is she trying to prove how gutsy she is to other male playing around with a dead baby's body parts?). What flaws she does have are laughable - like I care that she *almost* gave in to Jean the vampire's advances despite her no-sex-til-marriage vow.Maybe subsequent books get better.

  • Tilly Slaton
    2019-02-11 06:20

    This book took my by surprise!I have read it twice now, and there are parts that are still heart-wrenching. In the second book of the Anita Blake series, The Laughing Corpse rips you from reality and tosses you unexpectedly into a world of voodoo, betrayal and forced submission.Following the first book, this begins centered around Anita Blake and her job as an animator as well as the consulting work she does for the paranormal police division that investigates homocides that are obviously performed by something other than human.The murder scenes are quite gruesome. I found myself continuing to hold my breath while my heart pounded in my chest. Almost saying to myself .. “Oh nono please ..” And reading as quickly as possible to find out if what I was dreading would be true.Anita is confronted by an old voo doo priestess that scares the living hell out of anyone nearby, and even those whom feel they are unreachable. Safe. Unfortunately, sleeping in bed, quietly and feeling safe, relaxed .. the nightmares can still find you. Death can still come crawling through your windows.The twists of betrayal, and sudden insights of a friend that leaves Anita unsure if the friendship will continue. Other friends are forced into life or death decisions, forced to consider crossing their moral lines of what is and what is not acceptable.The end of the book was somewhat rushed, and as climatic as it was .. I was left wanting. Cliff hangers are a wonderful thing I suppose, but I wanted more. I wanted so much more than what the ending offered me. Kudos to the author, I’m 1/4 into the next book I recommend this read to anyone interested in bloody and gruesome books that are centered around the paranormal and the slight progression of possible romantic relationships.

  • Donna
    2019-02-20 01:12

    I like these books. They are fun and entertaining. I like the MC, Anita. There certainly are character traits that annoy me about her, but they aren't deal breakers. I can't ever take this type of urban fantasy seriously. But with that said, the author has a way with words in her descriptive strokes. Sometimes it has me rolling my eyes, but mostly she does a great job of taking descriptions and adding layers to them. That is what I like the most. This is the 3rd book I've read by her and I have thought this same thing about each of them.So far, the entertainment value of these are fairly high, but I have to say the same thing about the negative reviews. They are a riot to read. I laugh because I actually agree with their grievances, but apparently it hasn't sucked the joy out of these least not yet anyway.

  • Crystal Starr Light
    2019-02-10 08:40

    Anita Blake receives an offer to raise a 280 year old Zombie. But such a raising would require a human sacrifice, and Anita draws the line there. Dolph then summons her to the grisly scene of a crime--the remains of a family. Anita must now find the killer...before anyone else dies.Even though I didn't care for either the novel or the graphic novel of Guilty Pleasures, I decided to give this series another chance. I am glad I did, because this book was a lot more enjoyable than the previous book was.Anita Blake comes off far more likeable this time around. Sure, the chip on her shoulder threatens to devour her small frame, she could definitely use some anger management, and she has some views that seem a bit harsh (such as her angry tirade when a man wants to let his wife know what he will be doing late at night and how he is basically being pansy-whipped), but I at least cared about what happened to her. I also started to get some understanding of her background, of her beliefs, and of her struggles between what she does and how she justifies it to herself.The character list is much shorter this time around too, which helped me get more acquainted with some background characters. I continue to adore Ronnie, and I even have a new favorite character: Manny. That guy was totally awesome. Burt, Anita's boss, was bland, Gainer was pretty meh, Dominga was interesting (but I didn't like what happened to her), and Wheelchair Wanda wasn't too bad. Jean-Claude definitely has the sex appeal down pat, though I can't really say there was anything that really jumped out at me about him. He feels a lot like arm candy for Anita--he likes her because she hates him and that's where the Unresolved Sexual Tension comes from. Of course, there have been FAR WORSE male romantic interests out there, who have absolutely NO chemistry with the leading lady, so I don't want to give the impression that I despise him. Just that I can't see his purpose very clearly.One thing I didn't like about the characters was the racial stereotyping and the sexism. The male police officers sexually harass Anita--and no one does anything. Not acceptable. A Latina woman bemoans how Anita makes enough money to take care of herself and thus not make her want to find a man. All bodyguards are beefy and somewhat brainless; blondes tend to be stupid and airheads (unless they are Ronnie). After awhile, I wanted to start apologizing for their portrayal.The story this time around was told in a much cleaner, more traditional format that made it much easier for me to follow. Anita gets client, refuses offer. Police call her to scene, she starts to investigate. Makes sense. However, Anita still did very little investigating on the murder case. She did investigate why Gainer was after her, but that plotline almost dominated. In fact, Anita spent so much time on the Gainer plot that a total of THREE families were brutally murdered. Of course, her own life is important, but Anita spent WAY more time about something she WASN'T getting paid for. Seemed weird. She also spends WAY too much time yakking it up with Jean-Claude, getting him to explain the whole human servant thing and then having him escort her around the Tenderloin (which I couldn't help but snicker and yell, "STEAK!" at). (view spoiler)[And I so didn't care for how the killer Zombie ended up tying into the Gainer subplot. It almost felt like a children's book, where all the plots tie up neatly at the end. (hide spoiler)]The writing is serviceable, but certainly nothing to write home about. LKH has this tendency to latch onto certain words and repeat them over...and over...and over. Here are a few excerpts:"She had meant to kill me…Why kill me? I couldn't stop her legally; she knew that. So why make such a damned serious attempt to kill me? Dominga had given her word she hadn’t raised the killer zombie…she had something to do with the killer zombie…she’d raised the beast or why kill me the night after I talked to her?...She wouldn't just raise a killer zombie and let it loose.""He stood in front of me, hands at his sides. He stood very still. Snakes or birds can stand utterly still, but even a snake has a sense of aliveness...Jean-Claude stood there with no sense of anything.""I lifted the hand from the carpet...I wouldn't really have thrown the hand. I wouldn't. I cradled the tiny hand in my hands. It felt heavy, as if the fingers should curl around my hand...I dropped the hand on the carpet."“I decided to take the beating…I was going to get beat up, not pleasant, but I had made my mind up to take the beating…if my choices were A) getting beat up or B) performing human sacrifice, I’d take the beating.” And then we have the gore. I didn't mention it last book because it wasn't that noteworthy, but this time around, WOWEE, there is a lot of blood and guts. We get description of at least THREE grisly death scenes and at least one has a child brutally mauled. We have Anita fighting, and she fights dirty at times. Do not read while eating or if you are mild of stomach.This is definitely an improvement over "Guilty Pleasures", which I thought was rambling and centered more on Anita avoiding death than investigating anything. Sure, this has loads of problems, but they are a quick read/listen and it wasn't too bad. I might check out a few more and see where to go from there.

  • Darby
    2019-02-17 04:23

    I have read all of the Anita Blake series and The Laughing Corpse is the second book in the series. Again it is really great entertainment. I enjoy all the characters and the plot. Anita comes into more powers by being Jean Claude's human servant so you get to see that and also her zombie-raising skills come into play. The second book is definitely one of the good ones.

  • Jennymort ~The Dark Lord, House of Slytheread~
    2019-01-26 08:41

    I forgot how much I loved the beginning of this series. More action and blood and guts and -JEAN-CLAUDE.

  • Aifos
    2019-01-28 07:12

    What a rush!!!I'm officially part of the Anita Blake fan club. I would love to see this on TV (it would be terribly gory, even worse that The Walking Dead, I'd have to skip those parts, I have a weak stomach).Anita Blake is once again in trouble, this time she has to deal with some kind of meat-eating zombie, she doesn't really know what it is, and she fears it may be the worst thing she will ever have to catch. This monster ate a family of three members, leaving only blood splattered everywhere and a few half-eaten remains (yum!). She also gets another job proposal, this time from a very dangerous man called Harold Gaynor, who offers her a million dollars to raise a 300-year-old corpse. However, to raise a dead body this old she must sacrifice a "white goat", aka a human being. Evidently she refuses to do so, as it breaks all moral codes she has. Gaynor doesn't take her refusal well. (let's keep it that way)The third person who threatens Anita's life is the voodoo priestess Senora Dominga Salvador, a very dangerous woman who Anita suspects has had a hand in raising the zombie who's been murdering families. Dominga Salvador wishes to train her, to make Anita reach her true potential. Again, Anita refuses to have anything to do with her, especially after she sees what Dominga has hidden in her basement.Also, there is still the remaining problem with vampire Master hottie, Jean-Claude who wants Anita to become his human slave. Trust me guys, there a lot of wtf/mind-blowing moments...Again, I really enjoyed myself, LKH is a master at keeping me thoroughly addicted and at the same time completely grossed out. This series is definitely not your cup of tea if you don't like to read stuff about corpses getting eaten or ripped apart, as these kind of things tend to happen a lot. All I can say is that I will keep reading, I can't stop now, I literally can't stop flipping the pages!

  • Angela James
    2019-02-21 08:37

    Doing a re-read after years away from the series, and after quitting the series about 10 books in. Interested to see if I want to keep going this time, now that I know that things fall apart a little romance-wise later on, rather than going in with hopes of happy endings!

  • Krissy
    2019-02-11 01:14

    I shouldn't have waited so long to read this book after finishing book 1. I had a difficult time remembering all the secondary characters. But luckily despite that I still enjoyed this book. What I did not enjoy was all the sound effects in the audiobook. They were loud and annoying and distracted from the narration. I could barely hear the narrator! The only thing the sound effects managed to do was give me a headache. If the narrator is good enough they can build suspense with just a change in their voice. No sound effects needed.

  • Kathryn
    2019-02-13 09:33

    Note: this book is on my gruesome-horror shelf. Certain scene descriptions were disgusting and consequently depressing.So far, this series is not what I expected. It is slightly grittier and not the least bit upbeat, but more along the lines of what I expect from quality dark urban-fantasy. I enjoyed this book more than the first, largely due to being more familiar with Hamilton's world and characters, something which is typical of long running series. The first books are usually the weakest. I desperately want to jump into book 3 but am pacing myself. Sadly, I know some of what happens in later books yet I think I have a good many to go before I encounter those which most reviewers claim started the downward trend into poor plotting and gratuitious sex.

  • Wanda
    2019-02-07 02:39

    ***2017 Summer Lovin' Reading List***How can I not adore a book that has a character bearing my name? May I say that I did love Wheelchair Wanda, the prostitute with a heart of gold? Even better, she lives while men die around her like flies!But the book is about Anita, who is just a bit rougher and tougher that your average Urban Fantasy heroine. Because she is an animator/nercromancer, there are also far more zombies than I'm used to in the genre. How is it that I can lurve the vampires and feel so ambivalent about the zombies? I just don't understand their appeal.Nevertheless, Anita experiences what so many (if not all) UF heroines do--they suddenly find hidden depths to their powers which solves their current dilemma, but opens a whole can of worms, to be explored in further volumes. Has she found her leverage to use against Jean-Claude, the King of Vampires in her city, or will she be lulled into a false sense of safety with him? (I'm betting on door number two!)Right, off to order book three from my friendly neighbourhood public library!

  • Gary
    2019-02-13 08:28

    not as good as the first one couldn't get into it

  • Merve Özcan
    2019-01-24 06:23 Aslında uzun zamandır aklımda Anita'nın tüm kitaplarına yorum yazmak vardı ama niyeyse kısmet olmadı. Finallerin yarın olması bende her zaman ki gibi blogla uğraşma içgüdülerini tetikledi ve işte ben, kendimi Anita'nın 2. kitabını yorumlarken buldum.Gülen ceset aslında Anita'dan okuduğum ilk kitaptır. Rastlantı sonucu bir sahafta elime geçmişti ve bende okumuştum. Kaç yıl öncesinden bahsediyorum inanın bilmiyorum. Düşünün o zamanlar daha ingilizcem iyi değil, Türkçe okuyorum. (İnsan 20 olunca 1 yılın değeri bile çok büyük oluyor.) Sonradan Gülen Ceset'in bir geçiş kitabı olduğunu ve asla favori kitabım olamayacağını anladım. Jean-Claude ise favori vampirim olarak gönlümde taht kurmuştu ve kendimi başka oynak yaratıklara bırakmam imkansızlaşmıştı... Bizimkisi büyük aşk... (Sağ altta gördüğünüz gibi Anita bile bunu kabul ediyor)Bu kitapta Anita'nın başı zombilerle derde giriyordu. Kendi güçlerini keşfediyor, evinde saldırıya uğrayıp polise yardım ediyordu. Yaralarına yeni yara ekliyor Şehrin Efendisi ile o kötü mahalle senin bu kötü mahalle benim geziyordu.Çok güzel bir kitap değil bunu kabul edelim. 1 ve 3'ün yanında bence lafı bile edilmez ama Anita'nın gücü için açıklayıcı, onu tanımamız için faydalı bir kitap. Anita'nın her kitabı okumaya değer. Ben ilk 8 kitabı 4 defa, 8 den sonrasını 2 kez okumuş adamım. Bir kere daha okumayı planlıyorum.Gülen Ceset ise Anita kitaplarının geleneği olarak vampirlerin, bu durumda zombiklerin sahne aldığı bir bar. Yeni kitaplarda bu özelliği göremesek de serinin ilk kitaplarında her zaman hoşuma giden bir ayrıntıdır.Yıl 2013 oldu ve ben hala neden kapakta vampir bir kadının vampir bir erkekle yarı çıplak olarak yer aldığını anlamadım. Çözülmemiş bir gizem daha... Hayır, Anita bildiğin (en azından o zamanlar) "evlenmeden sevişmem!" diyen bir kadın.Benim sevgili Cellat'ım...Bunu da Goodreads'ta yazmışım.Bu kitap serinin diğer kitaplarına göre daha geride kalmış gibi hissediyorum. Her ne kadar okuduğum ilk Anita kitabı olsada, Anitanın orjinal karakterini koruduğu bu kitap zayıf, olaylar bakımından yetersiz, ilişkiler tarafından da boş bir kitap. Anitanın geçiş kitabı diyebiliriz. Çünkü yazar bu kitapla Anitanın güç potansiyelinin önünü açmış ve diğer kitaplara kapı aralamıştır.

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    2019-01-30 03:34

    After reading Guilty Pleasures and falling hook, line, and sinker into the Anita Blake world, I eagerly rushed forward to devour the second offering. The Laughing Corpse digs deeper into Blake’s world, shows off more of Jean-Claude, Ronnie, and the polices characters.As always, Anita is surrounded by problems with no immediate, easy solution in sight. Emphasis isn’t placed heavily on her vampire slaying, more with her job as an animator. The suspense and story is strong from the beginning; action begins immediately and never lets up. The ending is one of the strongest out of the series, nearly knocking me to the floor with its intensity.The voodoo priest as the villain is also one of my favorites out of every book. She’s dark, creepy, and as evil as they come – her showdowns with Anita were brilliant.Jean-Claude still isn’t shown much, which is a shame. The chemistry between him and Anita is amazing; Hamilton plays up on it heavily and it’s always thrilling to me, in more ways than one, to read their exchanges. This time around Jean-Claude wants something else from Anita (I won’t give away spoilers) and seeing her run from it is great fun.Hamilton consistently writes with a light, humorous hand while dealing with dark, depressing material. The characters she has written about are strong, unique in their own ways, and goal-driven.I enjoyed this one even more than the first – it keeps getting better, not an easy feat to pull off. I can’t find much fault with it, great stuff. The Anita Blakes are also rich in mystery; it somehow manages to come together at the end, remaining secretive and mysterious throughout the novel.The gore is pretty heavy, particularly the death scenes. Another big thumbs up for this book.A definite recommendation for a sequel just be sure to start at the beginning in order to keep up to date.

  • Jo ★The Book Sloth★
    2019-01-28 05:36

    The Laughing Corpse is one of my least favorite AB books and I really don't know why. It's interesting, doesn't have all the sex craziness, no relationship drama but still... It doesn't have Edward either.There is this one moment in the book that ruins it for me. Anita is, if nothing else, supposed to be the good guy(she says so herself many times) but in order to get what she wants from Wanda she lets JC terrify the poor woman. That's just wrong in my book.Then we have the "Manny thing". I mean good guys are you know...good. They don't go around sacrificing people. Why does everything have to be so grey in this series? Black and white are nice colours to have as well.Generally the book was good enough. I liked the Seniora a lot for a bad guy. She had all the right psychotic characteristics. I didn't like Gaynor though. He was greedy(too greedy) not crazy. Weird? Me?

  • Táňa
    2019-02-07 08:18

    Ještě lepší než první díl! Hrozně jsem se u knihy nasmála, ale nechyběli ani okamžiky kdy mě pálily oči od slz. Naprosto geniální kniha! Ode mne dostává zasloužený plný počet hvězdiček! :) Má pravdu. Co si sakra kdo myslí, že tu chci dělat? Ukrást tělo? Kdybych chtěla, celou tuhle budovu vyprázdním a se všemi mrtvolami si zahraju „všichni jdeme sborem“.

  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    2019-02-08 07:19

    I found I was liking this a little more than the first one. I liked the first one, but with the second, I started liking Anita more, same with some of the other characters. She was likable so that was nice. Plus the plot was the main focus. Only two books in, but I'm liking the series. So far anyway. Hopefully the rest of the series is just as good.

  • Louisa
    2019-01-31 01:42

    This book was so awesome! Loved being in this world again, digging deeper, and I can't wait to read more!

  • Ezgi Su
    2019-01-30 01:41

    Gülen Ceset'i, serinin ilk kitabı Suçlu Zevkler'e göre çok daha iyi buldum. Açıkçası ilk kitabı bir bölüm okuyup bırakıyordum. Benim için pek akıcı, sürükleyici olmamıştı maalesef. Gülen Ceset ise biraz daha ürkütücü bir kitap çünkü çok fazla zombilerle ve cesetlerle karşılaşıyorsunuz. Ama bence asıl başarı yazarın olayları, sahneyi en ince ayrıntısıyla anlatıyor oluşunda.Kan, ceset -hatta ceset parçaları- ve tabii ki zombiler... Tüm kitap boyunca sık sık bu 3 şey ile karşılaşıyorsunuz. Bazı bölümlerde miğdem bulanmadı değil, ama yine de zevkle okudum diyebilirim.Sevdiğim çok şey var kitap ile ilgili. Özellikle espriler... Anita'nın ölümle burun buruna geldiği anlarda bile bu özelliğini kaybetmemesi gerçekten övgüye değer.Sevdiğim bir başka şey, Jean Claude oldu. İlk kitaptaki son derece sıkıcı ve ilgisiz hallerinden sonra burada bambaşka bir şeye dönüştü sanki. Okumayanlar için söyliyeyim hemen, kendisi Şehrin Efendisi yani bir baş vampir olur. Anita ile olan ilişkisini hala tam olarak anlayamadım ama daha önce JC tarafından 2 kere ısırıldığı için Anita, onun insan hizmetkarı konumunda. Tabii bunu kabullenmiyor bir türlü ve her seferinde reddediyor JC'yi. Kitaptaki kapışmaları da çok eğlenceli.Sevmediklerimden bahsedeyim. JC'nin çok nadir ortaya çıkması sinirlerimi bozdu. Bir aşk sahnesi falan bekliyorum, cık! Son bölümlerde gelecek, Anita'yı kurtaracak diye bekliyorum, o da cık! Bir sinir oldum bir sinir oldum. Ama sonradan düşündüm de böyle olması gerekiyordu zaten. Anita güçlü bir kadın ve bu da JC'nin oldukça hoşuna gidiyor olsa gerek.Genel olarak toparlarsak keyifle okuduğum bir kitap oldu. Bundan sonraki kitapların çok daha iyi olduğunu söylüyorlar. Bu demektir ki arayı çok açmadan 3. kitabı da yakın zamanda okumaya başlayacağım. Yazarın bu sefer beni hayal kırıklığına uğratmayacağını düşünüyorum...

  • Bark
    2019-02-20 01:23

    As I reread this series I am aware of just how much it has changed and mutated into something completely different from the original books. The Laughing Corpse is book #2 and focuses almost completely on Anita's zombie raising duties and her job helping the police on Spook Squad. This book is horribly gory and disturbing. I originally read it back before I had children and am relieved that I didn't attempt to read it when they were toddlers. That's all I'm sayin'.In this book, Anita is called in to help with a murder investigation. A family has been attacked and it appears it is the work of some sort of up hyped up super zombie. While investigating the case Anita is being pressured to raise a long dead zombie for a million or so bucks. She refuses because she'd have to sacrifice a human in order to do so. This Anita has morals and she's sticking to them.There is a lot of action here but way too much description when it comes to Anita's guns (snore) and attire. Seriously, are there readers out there who really care what color the "swishies" are on her many pairs of Nike's? Jean-Claude makes a few appearances and attempts to seduce her with his other-worldly eyes and puffy shirts but this Anita still kills vamps and doesn't date them. Many characters are introduced here that I don't remember. Anita has quite a few girlfriends, sidekicks and co-workers who disappear in the later books. Despite my complaining I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It's very morbid but has the dark-edged wit that the later books are lacking.

  • Ahrcadia the Duck Tamer
    2019-02-01 07:40

    Whoever said that the Anita Blake books just get better as you go was wrong. This was far worse than the first mediocre book in this series, and the only redeeming factor was the last third. The beginning was so boring, in fact, that it couldn't hold my interest long enough for me to read more than a few pages at a time.I only hope that this series starts looking up, because my brother bought the first eight or so books, and it feels like such a terrible waste not to read them, since he never did.Slow paced, dumb, and quite lacking in motives where most of the characters are concerned, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone with a lack of patience. Or, for the matter, a ton of it. The book sucked, plain and simple, and both stars were for the last third, with the exception of the ending, which sucked almost as much as the beginning.And for a book about vampires, there was a startling lack thereof.

  • Christy
    2019-01-25 08:21

    I know a lot of people love the Anita Blake series, but I don't think I'll be one of them. I really dislike the main character. Why must I read over and over again that she's just so tiny and petite and yet tougher than she looks? Once per book would be way too much and it's in at least every other chapter. And why do I care what she's wearing? Anita is not likable. I understand that later on in the series she turns rather slutty, and I'm thinking I might just skip ahead to those books, if I read any more at all, just because that would at least be entertaining. I can't imagine her falling for anyone other than herself, though. The gory scenes are pretty gross and disturbing, as they should be I guess. Did the monster really have to gut a little boy though? Children are usually off limits in these kinds of books. I'm glad I didn't order the next book at the same time I ordered this one or I'd feel compelled to read it. I think I'll just move on.

  • Cindy
    2019-02-08 01:25

    OK, I did not enjoy the image of one more blood soaked carpet, with a baby blanket or a little small hand left in the coagualting carpet! ACK! I do love the silly world Anita Blake inhabits, where vampires have legal rights and zombie-raising is an acceptable occupation. Will vampires get the vote? Will Anita survive to see the answer? Stay tuned, kids, same bat time, same bat channel! (I loved tv's Batman, too!) This book was so gory, which I mention because it is like the elephant in the room that isn't really talked about by the characters. Some of it is needed to carry the tale, true enough . . . but gack! Here's hoping Hamilton can carry off this series without resorting to bloody gore in every tale.

  • Kat Kennedy
    2019-02-05 03:15

    The Laughing Corpse is a well written and action packed read.Anita's character is fantastic, capable, practical and stubborn. The other major players in this story are intricate and colorful.The mystery is better this time, though in retrospect a little unbelievable, even for this universe.I enjoyed the character growth and the plot progression.Over all a great read!

  • Komal
    2019-02-15 03:13

    One of the best things about Anita is her give no fucks attitude. She's all "You think you can take me zombie? Do you?! I think not." And bam, down goes the zombie and off goes Anita. It's all very fascinating. 4 stars cause it ran a bit long in the middle.

  • Büşra Öztürk
    2019-02-10 06:37

    Tabi ki çok güzeldi*_*

  • Sandra
    2019-02-06 03:42