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An unexpected detour from the standard novel of intrigue, Memoirs of a Physician is the first in a series of Marie Antoinette romances, which reveal the sinister events that led to the French Revolution. Memoirs of a Physician exudes suspense, humor, romance, longing to be, & the becoming itself--all of the qualities that place Dumas' novels among the greatest works ofAn unexpected detour from the standard novel of intrigue, Memoirs of a Physician is the first in a series of Marie Antoinette romances, which reveal the sinister events that led to the French Revolution. Memoirs of a Physician exudes suspense, humor, romance, longing to be, & the becoming itself--all of the qualities that place Dumas' novels among the greatest works of all time....

Title : Memoirs of a Physician
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Memoirs of a Physician Reviews

  • Misfit
    2019-03-10 06:51

    Memoirs of a Physician begins where Joseph Balsamo left off as all Paris panics after a fireworks display goes awry and Andrée is almost crushed to death beneath the mob. Andrée's brother Phillip desperately searches for her and is feared dead - until she is returned unharmed to her family by the mysterious Balsamo. Lower born Gilbert is still madly in love with Andrée and he follows her (working as a gardener) when she is taken into service by Marie Antoinette. Madame DuBarry continues her schemes, as does the mysterious Balsamo working with the Freemasons to stir unrest against the monarchy and lustful Louis XV takes one look at the beauteous Andrée and he plots with her father to make her his latest conquest. Actually, there's a whole lot more to the story than that but this is Dumas and it would take another novel to try to outline the story better. Suffice it to say that as in the first book in this series, the opulence and shenanigans of the French Court, the manipulations of the politicians, Balsamo's hypnotic control over his wife Lorenza and Andrée, secret rooms and hidden staircases, a mad desire by Balsamo's master to obtain the one horrific ingredient needed to complete his elixir of eternal life culminates in a thoroughly unputdownable tale that had me reading well into the wee hours of the morning. I especially loved Gilbert's antics (ROFL, Hollywood would have a field day with this) as he spied on Andrée and the way Dumas used her contempt of his lower status as a way to emphasize the growing disparity between the classes. Next up in the series, The Queen's Necklace (1902). Side note on the first two books in this series - as I understand it they were originally published in one volume called Memoirs of a Physician and are now published separately as Joseph Balsamo and Memoirs of a Physician. I've noticed some complaints from other reviewers on the quality of editing and translation of some of these newly published editions and went searching for an older used copy and was quite happy with that.

  • Sara
    2019-02-28 04:33

    Alexandre Dumas is one of my favorite authors. I can't out his books down - they are fun and keep you on the edge of your seat, plus the time period they are all set in in my favorite.

  • Ladiibbug
    2019-03-16 02:40

    #1, Vol. 1 The Marie Antoinette Romances series - Historical FictionBased on events just before, during and after the fall of the French monarchy, this second volume of book 1 follows volume one, titled Joseph Balsamo.Very engrossing. The arrow stops in the "high" range on the Intrigue-O-Meter, with King Louie XV, his mistress, Mme. Dubarry, his closest advisors -- all of them with separate agendas, trying to manipulate as many people as possible to achieve their goals.Minor characters from volume 1 return, as Dumas develops their stories and sub-plots, which intersect with those at the very top of the French monarchy.After 534 pages (book 1, volume 2), I was very eager to pick up book 2 The Queen's Necklace. Needing to finish books for challenges ending December 31 is the only thing that stopped me.Even with book 1's total of 1600+ pages, I will definitely reread this series within a few years.

  • Czarny Pies
    2019-03-09 23:54

    As Umberto Eco stated in Foucault's Pendulum, Memoirs d'un Médecin is a true feast for any lunatic paranoid. It explains how the Templar-Jewish-Masonic conspiracy organized the French Revolution so as to institute a new world order. Despite its obvious value as a means to understanding world history, this book serves up all the pleasures one expects from a Dumas novel. There is adventure and humour delivered at a break neck pace. I recommend this to any confirmed Dumas fan with time on his or her hands.This novel is the first of four in the Joseph Balsamo cycle which falls apart badly in the second half. The second novel, Le Collier de la Reine, is as good as the first which is where one should stop.

  • Ladiibbug
    2019-02-17 00:37

    Historical FictionBook 1 of a 5 book series, The Marie Antoinette series - books listed here. Book 1, volume 1 is Joseph Balsamo; book 1, volume 2 is Memoirs of a Physician. The other books are are contained in one single book.*No Spoilers*This series takes place in France beginning before and during the revolution. In book 1, in isolated ruins of mountain, a mysterious stranger meets with an assembly of 300 hooded, shrouded Freemasons ("the illuminated") to plot the downfall of the French monarchy. Joseph Balsamo, the group's leader, an alchemist and Freemason, soon afterwards seeks shelter from a storm at the home of the now-impoverished Baron de Taverney and his beautiful young daughter Andree.Joseph Balsamo is full of mysteries and bizarre surprises. I'll leave it at that, to let future readers experience the engrossing details of the unfolding of events for themselves.Louis XV rules, and his grandson, the dauphin (heir apparent) is set to marry the young Marie Antoinette.The scheming Madame Dubarry, Louis XV's mistress, is just one of the many characters orchestrating and manipulating events in a spider's web of intrigues and ambitions.Book 1, volume 1 ends with a spectacular fireworks display gone wrong.Superbly written, I could easily read this book over and over, just to savor the characters, subplots, intrigue and surprises.

  • Yves
    2019-02-25 02:48

    Ce livre c'est la fin du règne de Louis XV qui à cette époque n'était plus le Bien-aimé. C'est le début de la fin pour la monarchie française. Ce livre, c'est aussi la vieille noblesse, comme Le vieux Taverney ou Richelieu, qui fait face à une noblesse libérale qui a lu les philosophe. C'est aussi un système qui favorise toujours les favoris du roi au détriment de la compétence. Il y a aussi les magouilles de la Du Barry. Il y a aussi Joseph Balsamo qui est à la tête du mouvement qui veut mettre un terme à cette vieille monarchie qui n'a plus sa place.Dans Joseph Balsamo, Dumas a pris soins de faire des personnages nuancés. Ils ont tous leurs qualités et leurs défauts. C'est ce qui les rends plus humains, plus vrai. Tous les personnages ont des zones d'ombre. Pour moi, Alexandre Dumas est le meilleur auteur. Après avoir lu sa trilogie des mousquetaires et le Comte de Monte Cristo, je redécouvre cet auteur avec la série Les Mémoires d'un médecin.

  • Heléne Du plessis
    2019-03-19 07:37

    Dumas spent a lot of time throughout the novel relating events, and I thought the book ended rather abruptly, as though he got tired of it and simply wanted to be done. Some of the events which occur and many of the primary characters seem to have accomplished nothing of consequence by the end of the novel. I did enjoy the slight twist at the end- it seemed fitting that it should happen that way. I would have liked to see some more resolution of the events which Dumas painstakingly sets in motion throughout the story rather than the somewhat ambiguous ending we receive.

  • nikoo
    2019-02-17 07:37

    i realy love this man and his ablity for writing the most wonderful books