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They're an all-new team, banded together to battle evil and injustice, bearing the name of their predecessors. They're not the strongest, but they are the only hope in the final battle against the greatest enemies of mankind. They are The Last Avengers, united they will fall....

Title : The Last Avengers Story
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ISBN : 9780785102182
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 96 Pages
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The Last Avengers Story Reviews

  • Feather Mista
    2019-03-11 06:45

    Con este comic me pasó algo curioso, que es que cuando no sabía casi nada de los Vengadores me resultaba fascinante y ahora que cazo bastante más su mundo lo pateé y lo pateé hasta que finalmente llegó a mis manos esta bonita edición española.Y me pasó algo curioso también al compararlo, en mi cabeza, con El Viejo Logan, de Millar y McNiven, ya que encontré varios puntos en común con ese epílogo a la historia de Wolverine con este apéndice a la de los Vengadores, que le precede por década y pico. Si bien me parece que La Última Historia... es mejor a nivel argumental que El Viejo Logan, me gustó más este último, supongo que porque la visión iconoclasta y despectiva de Millar pega más que el semi-idealismo vintage de David. Como sea, la pasé muy bien leyendo este laburo, y espero volverme a leer a los dos autores pronto.

  • Villain E
    2019-03-14 06:42

    Written by Peter David and painted by Ariel Olivetti, The Last Avengers Story was the unsung Marvel counterpart to DC's Kingdom Come. (Sort of like Deep Impact was to Armaggedon.) The aged Avengers (and friends like the X-Men's Cannonball and the Fantastic Four's Human Torch) fight alongside their children against Ultron and Kang the Conqueror. While not as epic as Kingdom Come, the story is high impact and entertaining and the artwork is beautiful. Unfortunately the story wasn't a huge success so it isn't still in print, but it's worth the read if you can find it.

  • Shane
    2019-02-17 07:44

    This is a great kind of alternate future story where the original Avengers are old and retired. It's really intense with the HQ of the New Avengers getting nuked in the first couple pages. The art is great and some of the big guys die.

  • Drake S.F.
    2019-03-15 01:36

    Demasiado de los 90. No merece la pena.

  • Jerry
    2019-03-07 01:50

    This is a mostly depressing book that tries to do too much in too little space. Ostensibly an “end of the superheroes” story in the same vein as Kingdom Come and Moore’s aborted Twilight of the Superheroes, it handles its sweeping vision in much less space.There’s a trick writers often use to hide incomprehensible or extremely unlikely lynchpins to the plot: put them in the backstory. Unbelievable things are more believable when they’ve already happened than if the story has to walk through them happening. Peter David does that a lot here, but blunts the usefulness of the technique by interspersing the backstory throughout the real story, which highlights the silliness of the grittiness.Another problem I had with it is that the grittiness (which the characters notice and rail against, as if mouthpieces for the author who is doing it but doesn’t like doing it?) is not really presented as an evolution. The things that the villains do to make better use of their powers in more deadly ways are things that those characters would have done far earlier if they could in fact do them. Kang was never known for his inherent villainous decency, for example.This is highlighted by one of the heroes not using his power directly because it doesn’t affect living creatures. In this world of unlimited usage, why not? Physics doesn’t really care about the difference between living and non-living matter.Some of these problems probably could have been overcome if there had been more space to unravel the story, but instead it’s just shot after shot of what? why? and where did that come from?

  • Evey Morgan
    2019-02-16 23:47

    El horror amigos comiqueros, EL HORROR. Salvo un par de acciones de La Visión y El Capi esto no hay quien lo salve. El dibujo horrendo a más no poder. Huid.

  • Devero
    2019-02-21 06:47

    Una ipotetica ultima storia dei vendicatori, molto intrigante, ma con alcuni punti che Peter David lascia nell'oblio. Non mi riferisco tanto alla sorte di Capitan America che è alla base dell'affermazione finale, nell'ultima tavola, di speranza.Mi riferisco ai molti vendicatori di cui non si parla per nulla, o che non vengono mostrati. Di Iron-man vediamo uno stivale e forse un pezzo di maschera. Miss Marvel Carol Danvers non è mai citata. Falcon? Vedova Nera? La Bestia?In sé la storia resta notevole, e Ariel Olivetti fa un buon lavoro ai disegni, ma le troppe cose non dette da David gli fanno mancare la quinta stella.

  • Oliver Bateman
    2019-03-04 02:42

    this is a beautifully illustrated bleak little masterpiece from marvel's "weird 90s" era, which also includes warren ellis' ruins and garth ennis' "the punisher kills." worth a read, if only because david is probably the best and most underrated push-the-plot forward guy in the business.

  • Variaciones Enrojo
    2019-02-18 23:48

    Edición española que traduce The Last Avengers Story.