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A hero for his country--home to win her heart!Jonas Kirkpatrick left town to be a soldier without ever looking back. But Shannyn saw him every day in her little girl's green eyes....Six years later, Jonas has come home, changed utterly from the carefree boy Shannyn once knew. Hardened by war, Jonas can't allow himself to open his heart.Until he discovers what he left behinA hero for his country--home to win her heart!Jonas Kirkpatrick left town to be a soldier without ever looking back. But Shannyn saw him every day in her little girl's green eyes....Six years later, Jonas has come home, changed utterly from the carefree boy Shannyn once knew. Hardened by war, Jonas can't allow himself to open his heart.Until he discovers what he left behind--the unbreakable bond with a child he never knew existed, and the enduring love of the only woman who can make him whole again....

Title : The Soldier's Homecoming
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ISBN : 9780373175048
Format Type : Paperback
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The Soldier's Homecoming Reviews

  • Booklover
    2018-12-30 01:08

    Excellent terrific read,i really liked the way the author brought about the issues related to physical-psychological problems a soldier faces and go through due to certain dangerous missions and a particular tragedy,bombing,war or any mission how it impacts their lives and change them in a big wayJonas was a sniper and how when he loses his best friend Chris Parker changes him and the guilt,anger,resenment he carries for over a year,he is in a mess when he comes back and he meets Shannyn whom he loved but leaves behind to protect her but he does'nt knows he fathered a child and Shannyn kept it from himShannyn is head strong woman and a good mother,she does everything and takes decisions to protect Emma and to save her dotty from the childhood she had,i really liked the way Shannyn never gave up and kept fighting for her love and to make a family for Emma and she never stopped searching for the full of life fun loving and optimistic Jonas Jonas is a great soldier and good man and great father,though he keeps pushing Shannyn to protect her and also realises he is hurting her but he always takes care that Emma's feelings are not hurt and when he sees Emma is scared of him that is when he also accepts he needs help and takes step in that directionThe story gives the message that sometimes fighting is also necessary to stop the love from shattering and to make a family,the bonding between Emma-Jonas-Shannyn was good and the fact that Jonas never gave false hope to Shannyn he knew that he was angry cause Shannyn kept Emma from him and Shannyn was angry cause he left without a backward glance and starting a new relation or going to bed together was going to complicate things so he kept his distance and made things clear from the start and when finally he is guilt free and decides to live fully and move on life that is when he runs to 2 most important girls in his life and complete his familyGood readRecommend it

  • Anna Marie
    2018-12-26 03:09

    Guy passes his time with girl, goes off to be a sniper without a backward glance in her direction. When she ends up pregnant, she figures he doesn't want to be a dad, he wants to play Special Forces soldier, and since he didn't want a relationship with her, never wrote/called, she just had the baby herself.Guy gets injured (overworked literary leg wound, natch), gets bitter, ends up back in town, sees the kid, and gets pissed at HER. ((?!)) Of course he demands his rights, they fight/sizzle, and end up together. The End.I'm getting sick of cranky heroes. Get over yo' bad self, mistas. You ain't got nuthin nobody else got. There are TONS of you out there, and some of them have manners, chivalry, and kindness. A positive outlook goes a LONG way... and I don't see why these women put up with these guys. Forget it. It's not worth it.I'm just getting irritated with so many cranky fictional men, I guess. At least it was a super-short skim. And there were no verses or obligatory turning-to-Gawd moments, as in the 'Inspirational' fiction I've been inundated in, lately. ((shrugs)) It just wasn't a good read.

  • Mary Morstan
    2018-12-20 04:57

    Sorry, I appreciate that the book is well-written and has a unique twist on a common storyline. And I really liked the way the author covered PTSD, by taking it seriously and not glorifying it. But I just could not get over the heroine's pettiness, selfishness, and general small-mindedness. And it seems like the author supports her choice, by not having her feel any real guilt and justifying her continued nastiness. If I wouldn't want to be friends with her, I cannot imagine putting myself in her shoes: a requirement for really enjoying any book.Not telling someone they have a child is NOT THE SAME as not telling someone you love them. If he is not a child-rapist and you didn't tell him because you thought it was for the best, you are a child abuser and probably a criminal. You don't deserve a HEA with him. You deserve a kick in the head. Even if he did hurt your wee little feelings. Sorry about that. To conclude: Ladies in romance novels, priorities. Please develop a sense of them.

  • Fiona Marsden
    2018-12-27 03:08

    This is a very sweet story that deals with the subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on the life of the soldier and also the people he comes back to.Jonas came from a long line of soldiers and the army is his life. WhenHe left town six years ago he was young and idealistic and prepared towork hard to be the best soldier he could be.Shannyn is the girl he left behind without a word. Their summer romancehad seen her fall in love with Jonas so when he left and never contactedher it broke her heart. And justified her in keeping a very big secretfrom her absent lover.Now Jonas is back, a changed man. His scars are visible and life changing, but it is the invisible scars that make it impossible for him to consider a life that involves building a family around his newly discovered daughter.The story focusses on Jonas's efforts to build a relationship with his daughter and the side effect of having to spend time with Shannyn.How Shannyn and their daughter Emma help Jonas to come to terms with his guilt and grief makes for a lovely story.In spite of the darkness of the PTSD sub plot this is not a dark book. Quite a pleasant light weight read that provokes thought and sympathy for the many soldiers in the world facing danger on a daily basis.

  • Mary
    2018-12-30 09:17

    I enjoy reading Donna Alward's books. I am slowly catching up with her backlist. This is one of her earliest books and is a good story. Ms. Alward does not make it easy for her characters and this book is no different in that respect. Both of the main characters, Jonas Kirkpatrick and Shannyn Smith, have been hurt by the other and they have a long journey to a satisfying reunion. They are former lovers separated by war and have moved on with their lives, except for one big secret and things withheld from one another.I like the characters and have found that Ms. Alward's dialog and the characters' emotions always ring true. It is one of the things I have come to count on from her and she never disappoints. And she almost always makes me cry when reading one of her books. I would recommend this book or any of her other ones.

  • Melissa Morr
    2019-01-05 04:55

    The Soldier's Homecoming tugged at my heart-strings knowing a lot of soldiers have left the one girl they cared about & loved without telling them how they felt so they don't have to worry what about leaving them if something happens to them during combat. Donna Alward made me feel so connected to Jonas & Shannyn with their conflict that they both felt 6 years earlier with Jonas leaving Shannyn without a word & Shannyn not telling Jonas about her pregnancy. It was so hard to put this book down just wanted to keep turning the page.

  • Radhika
    2019-01-01 07:12

    It was a good read . It is relevant to the current era we are living in. The life of young men who go to war and the effect it has on their personal livesJonas is proud to be a soldier and is ready to defend his country. He just leaves to the war zone and his sweetheart Shannyn is bereft alone and pregnant. He is back after six years with war wounds physical and mental. He meets Shannyn again and she has a secret...his daughter Emma who is five years old now. Will he allow himself to be a part of their family again and let Shannyn and Emma love him and heal him.....

  • Emma
    2019-01-17 03:21

    I found this was an easy read. Donna Alward draws the reader into the story and the characters were real.

  • charmaine White
    2018-12-27 04:09

    OkA little slow startup,but a nice story.Not what I thought it would be.Ill have to try another of her books,maybe it's just me

  • Claudia
    2018-12-21 09:06

    I never liked the heroine. She was so selfish and complacent. It was also kind of boring.

  • Connie
    2018-12-26 02:58

    This was a really good story with great characters.

  • Laura's Book Addiction
    2019-01-09 07:12

    I just love it. Just prefect