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Would Christy and her boyfriend work out their problems or break up? Would her parents' rules ruin everything? What did God want her to hope for?...

Title : A Heart Full of Hope
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A Heart Full of Hope Reviews

  • Carmen
    2019-01-16 02:19

    In this book, Christy makes her first foray into dating. I personally feel like she's already been dating for a year, but I guess that was just "hanging out" and not officially "dating?" o.OBoth love interests that Christy has are men (boys?) who I don't feel really deserve her. I feel very protective of Christy, and it makes me anxious when guys don't treat her right.On the one hand, we have Todd. A strong Christian, a California surfer, and a putz. He hesitates to hold Christy's hand. He's kissed her a few times (five times over the course of a year, no tongue). He is always preaching to her about God, quoting the Bible to her, showing up late to dates, asking her on a date that turns out to be a group-outing, etc. He drives Christy nuts with his wishy-washy, non-committal, afraid-of-physical-contact hesitation. On the other hand we have Rick. Ostensibly a Christian. He thinks he's an alpha male. Bossy, dominating, controlling, ALSO shows up late for dates (what IS it with these guys?), competitive and jealous. Doesn't he just sound like a great catch? He's waited 9 months for Christy to turn 16 so that they could start dating. Now that he's got her (she went out with him and on the first date agreed to "go steady" with him) he should be Proceeding With Caution. Instead, he's jealous of every guy who talks to her. He yells at her for taking a job without talking it over with him first. He STEALS a bracelet that Todd gave her (a gold one that says FOREVER) and trades it in at the jeweler's for a big silver one that says RICK. (She's not your dog, Rick. Grow up.) He's critical and controlling of what she wears, her hairstyles, and her make-up.Instead of putting her foot down on how uncomfortable all this makes her, the basically spineless Christy just goes along with it, feeling more and more sick to her stomach with every passing day.I really feel that I like Christy. I can identify with her, I care about her, I worry about her when she dates Rick, my heart aches for her when Todd brushes her off. I have strong feelings about Christy. But I don't like the author's basic message - that Todd is the perfect man, that Christy needs other people to "guide" her and "help" her make the "right" decisions, and her message that dating boys, wanting boys to touch you (just hand-holding or kissing, okay? Nothing heavy) is BAD. Because it brings you away from God, or makes you a slut, or something.Christy does good, brave things often. But instead of the author rewarding her for this, she punishes her for it. In the last book, Christy was brave and talked to Todd about her feelings. She feels upset that he almost never touches her (like hand-holding! Not sex!), and does a great job explaining to him that she needs a little affection. He shuts her down, saying men are the leaders and women are the responders, and in a nutshell, she should be grateful for any scraps of affection he gives her. PUTZ.In this book, Christy deals with the opposite problem - Rick is moving too fast for her. She does a really brave thing and talks to him about it. It takes serious guts to do this, I was really proud of her. Rick agrees to back off, but kind of makes fun of her for being a prude. Of course, in my opinion the serious problem with Rick isn't the 'fooling-around' part but the part where he thinks he owns and controls her. To the blessed relief the readers, (view spoiler)[ she dumps his a** at the end of the book.(hide spoiler)]Another brave thing Christy does in this book is tell Todd about her true feelings for him. I was stunned. I was sure spineless Christy would keep her mouth shut, and as a result the author could make many misunderstandings between Christy, Todd, and Rick. But no! To my amazement, Christy has the ovaries to tell Todd how she feels. She is alone with him on the beach. Good. She tells him that she really, really likes him. She doesn't really want to be Rick's girlfriend. She has feelings for him - and she's had them for a long time. It's sweet, and heartrending, and so brave and meaningful.What does Todd do? Kiss her? Tell her he feels the same way? Tells her that he likes (loves?) her too? No. He tells her, "It was selfish of me to think I could hold on to you and wait for you to grow up." OOOOHHHHH, DIS. Way to make the girl who loves you feel like sh*t, Todd. And then, he says, "May I bless you?" WHAT A PUTZ. EPIC FAIL. Then he tells her, 'Oh, by the way I'm moving to Hawaii." He promptly disappears for the rest of the novel. What on Earth does Christy see in this guy?!?!!?What breaks my heart, what absolutely breaks my heart, is how grateful, happy, and stunned Christy is to receive a little bit of physical affection. Listen to these quotes from the book:"As the four of them talked, Rick's warm hand rubbed the back of her neck. Christy loved feeling adored. This was what she always dreamed it would be like with a boyfriend.AND- ... She felt so secure slipping her hand in his and feeling his strong fingers wrap around hers like a blanket. Rick held her hand firmly during her entire walk, and Christy loved it.After being around Todd, who starves her in regards to skin-on-skin contact (again, I want to stress we are talking about G-rated stuff here), Christy is just lighting up on the inside when Rick doesn't pull his hand away. HE ACTUALLY WANTS TO TOUCH HER AND LETS HER TOUCH HIM. In my opinion, Todd has done her no favors by making her so unsure and insecure of his feelings. It's just damaged her a lot and made her confused about guys.Because Jones Gunn's message here is wrong. She is saying, "Any guy who touches you wants sex. By letting him kiss you, you're leading him on. Because you enjoy a man touching you, you are a slut with no morals." This is completely not true, and a very insulting message to both males and females.This is one of the only books I've ever read where I'm actually hoping for a third love interest to come along. We have a love triangle, and I'm actually frantic for it to become a love square. Usually I hate love triangles, but here, with these two dismal choices for Christy, I'm actually desperate for Jones Gunn to bring an actual normal male in here so that Christy can learn that men are not all either a.) saints who refuse to touch you or b.) slavering potential rapists. The author will never bring in that kind of normal guy, though, because she thinks Todd is the perfect Christian man and is doing the right thing by being such a putz. *rolls eyesLastly, but perhaps most importantly, I want to bring up Christy's father's absolutely awful behavior in this book. When Christy comes home late from a date, her father is angry. Now, Christy just got back from saying putting her foot down with Rick, who she thinks is moving too fast because he wants to French kiss her. o.O How does her father respond? He assumes she was late because she was doing immoral sexual stuff with her date. He basically calls her a slut. OMG, I cannot even tell you what a bad move this is. Implying that your daughter is a slut when she's still a virgin is one of the quickest (if not THE quickest) way to ensure that she will start sleeping around. Not only that, but to a young woman, Daddy's opinion of you is so important. You're always trying to please your father, looking up to him, adoring him, and a father's constant love and pride in his daughter is VERY CRITICAL for her self-esteem and healthy development. So instead of trusting his loving, responsible, strongly religious, moral, obedient daughter - he immediately and for no reason assumes that she's become a "loose" woman, insults her, and as a result she flees to her room in tears.I think it's important to mention that THIS IS NEVER RESOLVED. Her father never apologizes to her. Instead, it's implied by the author that this is what Christy deserves for coming home past curfew. THIS IS SO F*CKED UP. Christy, and any young woman, deserves to have some enjoyable dating experiences. Wanting to go out with a boy, hold hands with a boy, kiss a boy - is not wrong. It doesn't make you a slut. And guess what? MEN CAN BE NICE, RESPECTFUL, CONSIDERATE PEOPLE. This message that men are all one thread away from losing control and raping any woman they're with is f*cking insulting. It is a slap in the face to all the wonderful, kind, sweet, respectful, patient men that I have known in my life. Even Todd, who you'd think is the farthest thing from a rapist you could find - NOT SO. Instead, the message Jones Gunn in sending is "Todd is not touching you for your own good. You may not appreciate it, but he is resisting holding hands with you because feeling your soft, tiny, feminine hand in his would probably make him throw you down on the ground and take you by force. You should be grateful that he knows best. And you should be worshipping the ground he walks on because he has the self-control of a saint. Everything he does is for your own good, and if you can't understand it, that's okay - you're just a female and the world is a big and scary place. Thank God you have this strong, Christian man here to make all your decisions for you and keep you safe."RAGE!!!!!

  • Emily Beach
    2019-01-04 02:26

    This is my favorite book out of the Christy Miller series for many reasons. Out of all her books I felt like this was the most well written and really made me feel as though I was in the environment with the characters. These characters are very relatable and help the reader get into the novel. I feel like these characters and books are relatable because the characters are common everyday people in everyday situations. If you are looking for an action packed crazy adventure these books are not for you. But this reality fiction series is a good guide for christian teens growing up in this world.

  • Lydia Dyslin
    2019-01-18 07:33

    4 stars out of 5, just because Rick annoys me to no end. Review coming soon!

  • Laura
    2018-12-28 01:34

    I've enjoyed reading this series and going through the ups and downs of Christy Miller as she tries to steer through life. This book had a slight damper though, I did not like Rick. I've actually never thought much of him. Some of his actions in this book were a little underhanded, and very possessive. I probably would have dropped him like a plate of hot coals if he had tried those stunts on me. I wouldn't have had him be my boyfriend, no sirreebob. Aside from that detail, I still liked the book and would probably recommend it.*Taken from my book reviews blog:

  • Kerith
    2019-01-19 02:22

    As one reads through the Christy Miller books some of them tend to run together and feel a bit lightweight, yet are still fairly important stories for Christy's growth as a character. This is one of those -- Christy has turned 16 and is allowed to date, and so is "wooed" by the big man on campus Rick Doyle. She discovers that being by pursued by the hot guy isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Readers will know from the beginning how things will work out, but that's all right, Christy stays true to herself.

  • Jerry
    2019-01-17 06:17

    After finishing this sixth volume, I wonder who Christy will pick: Rick, Todd, or someone else entirely? Hmm...The story, writing, and such were consistent with the previous entries in the series.EDIT: See my review of the entire series at:

  • serena482*
    2019-01-09 04:38

    Although I very much enjoyed this book, I have to give it a three star rating, because I just don't really like the main character, and I despise rick. :( Also I do not like the kissing and all the hugging and weird talk. I do like Todd though. :) This book is definitely for an older audience, of about 13 and up. So I enjoyed the book, but had quite a few things I didn't like.

  • Alison Mazrin
    2019-01-13 04:19

    This was by far the worst Christy Miller book ever. I thought that Christy must have been high, because she was never thinking! She made so many bad decisions and messed everything up. And then she chooses to remain innocent by not reporting Rick's thievery. What a moron.

  • Rosalee Land
    2018-12-23 04:27


  • Kathryn
    2018-12-24 09:23

    Started off 2014 by re-reading a few old favorites...

  • Amanda J
    2018-12-31 03:28

    Read this christian books series as a tween. High school drama with an emphasis on the characters' relationship with Christ.

  • Diana
    2018-12-21 07:20

    Nobody is really at their finest in this one and I end up frustrated with a lot of characters but...I know what is coming so it's fine.

  • The Third Place A Teen Library
    2018-12-31 05:18

    F GUN cms bk. 6

  • Laura
    2018-12-28 07:24

    Nice continuation of the series, looking forward to the next one! It was a bit predictable, but it still had me interested.

  • Rivkah.
    2018-12-23 08:20

    I Remember really liking these books when I was little. I really liked it.

  • Elizabeth Blackmon
    2019-01-03 03:23

    Great read

  • Tashawna
    2019-01-03 01:39

    I bought "A Heart Full of Hope" off Amazon and was excited pretty excited to read this book and continue with Christy's story. :)*full review to come*

  • Keri
    2018-12-24 08:24

    Last read May 2011

  • Rachel
    2018-12-21 03:20

    Love the cover <3 Great book