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Nineteen stunning, disturbing short stories delve into the complex relationship between mothers and daughters.In My Mother Never Dies, the literary provocateur Claire Castillon dissects the darkest aspects of the relationship between mothers and daughters. A woman tries so hard to be friends with her daughter that she begins to revert to her own adolescence; another womanNineteen stunning, disturbing short stories delve into the complex relationship between mothers and daughters.In My Mother Never Dies, the literary provocateur Claire Castillon dissects the darkest aspects of the relationship between mothers and daughters. A woman tries so hard to be friends with her daughter that she begins to revert to her own adolescence; another woman finds her mother engaged in an illicit affair with a man they both know too well; a daughter rattles off all the reasons why she’s disgusted with her invalid mother but realizes through her haze of teenage hatred that she is losing the only person who tells her the truth.Stunning, shocking, unflinching, and ultimately tender, My Mother Never Dies forces us to look at the worst and best of mothers and daughters. Like the work of Miranda July and A.M.Homes, Castillon won’t let us avert our gaze from the terrible and true any more than from the beautiful and true— because it all reveals the depth of our need for each other....

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My Mother Never Dies Reviews

  • Alma Q
    2019-04-16 03:00

    The fact that I read this slim collection of stories for almost six months is more a reflection of my character than the quality of the content. However, I will admit that there comes a point beyond which there simply isn't much to keep the reader turning pages no matter how dedicated they are; the tone and themes start to repeat themselves (view spoiler)[even literally: there are at least two stories focusing on mother/daughter relationships where the parent abuses the kid via medication, one of a Munchausen-by-proxy case and, right before it, one where over-medicating the child eases the parent's anxiety (hide spoiler)] and the pattern of the central relationships - where the child tries + fails to save the mother from some more or less imagined personal weakness, thereby becoming the sufferer herself - becomes too obvious to ignore.A couple of pieces try to mix this formula up (although with no detectable attempt at varying the narrators' voices - particularly disappointing when they're supposed to be children, not just immature adults), but there still seems to be a limit to how many times you can multiply & portray the various uglinessess that selfishness/miscommunication/self-delusion each can cause before it becomes more wearying than fascinating, more overly grotesque than grimly relatable. Well, this collection goes over that point an impressive number of times, considering how short it is.The first few stories really are worth reading, though; I'm sure most people with families will not find Castillon's characters as alien as they'd like, and what is life without a little discomfort?

  • Monica
    2019-04-26 06:14

    Los relatos de esta escritora francesa son increibles... pero al mismo tiempo algunos desagradables y te hacen sentir incomoda, no son grotescos sino que estan narrados de tal manera que te golpean en el estomago, las pequeñas historias de madres e hijas me engancharon desde el minuto uno, me reconoci en algunas y me senti mal incluso, supongo que un libro que te deja esa variedad de sensaciones en el cuerpo vale la pena aunque a veces no puedas soportar lo que cuentan.

  • Karen
    2019-03-27 23:59

    A collection of peculiar stories about mothers and daughters. I say "peculiar" in a good way, of course. I could tell from the first story, "I Said One," that I was going to love this collection, originally published in French. The mother-daughter bond is decidely unhealthy in almost every story, from the mother who agrees to have a baby only to appease her husband and decides the child will have to make do with "distant affection" if not love, to the story of a daughter whose increasingly erratic behavior over her husband's suspected affair fails to elicit any kind of maternal comfort, to the mother whose teenage daughter literally beats her down after her parents divorce. Ah, motherhood, you've never looked less appealing to me. And daughterhood doesn't come off well either. Yet these stories ensnared me. After all, I have a soft spot in my heart for the peculiar and disturbing.

  • Cinabru Hoffmann
    2019-04-07 02:02

    Termin de citit volumul cu un sentiment rar : acela de incantare. Cartea este nesperat de pe gustul meu, chit ca e mai curand de dimensiunile unei brosuri (vreo suta de pagini, un pic peste) si te lasa cu gandul ca ai fi vrut mai mult. Are nerv, are stil, are forta, intreaga carte este strabatuta de un vant friguros de dementa si imaginatie bolnava, cu accente sadice care mi s-au parut delicioase. Nu ma mai mira acum ca un critic a primit din partea autoarei un pachet surpriza : o pereche de fudulii, inca sangerande. Demonstratie directa ca domnisoara Claire Castillon are testicule literare serioase. Ca sa o spun frumos. - See more at:

  • Sharma
    2019-04-17 01:13

    The writing in this was suprisingly poor, although perhaps I should accuse the translator. It definitely proved an eyebrow-raising read, given the infanticide and the mothers sleeping with their son-in-laws and so forth, but ultimately I wasn't very concerned with the narrators, and especially not with the method in which their stories were narrated. Again, perhaps an issue of translation.

  • Jenaya
    2019-03-27 01:47

    Eh... I was charmed by the first short story or two about relations between mothers and daughters, but repetitive plot structures and excessive nihilism got old pretty quick. Got 93% of the way through, and didn't bother to finish the last story before returning to the library. Some interesting ideas, but mostly darkness without depth.

  • Aileen
    2019-04-05 05:05

    I just happened upon this book of short stories at the library. They are mother-daughter stories, but certainly not sentimental. It's a great read as the stories are quite shocking. In the first one, the lady tosses one of her children out of the car. Truly crazy stories. Highly recommended.

  • Linnea
    2019-04-03 22:55

    Castillonin novellikokoelma osoittautui pieneksi pettymykseksi. Synkeät novellit äideistä ja tyttäristä olivat ensi alkuun mukavan ranskalaisia ja sopivan vinksahtaneita, mutta loppua kohtaan väsähdin. Tuntui, että samaa pohjatonta onnettomuutta toistettiin liikaa vaikka luin tätä pienissä osissa.

  • Lindsey
    2019-04-26 00:06

    This book was pretty gimmicky, but I love French short stories. The writing is always so crisp and good. I finished the whole book in about two hours, and if it had taken me any longer, the whole dysfunctional mother/daughter relationship theme probably would have gotten old.

  • Noemi
    2019-04-14 04:07

    Claire Castillon te șochează prin relațiile mamă-fiică descrise în povestirile adunate în volumul „Insecta”: ignorarea incestului care se petrece, practic, sub ochii ei, retrăirea adolescenței prin intruziune în viața fiicei, îmbolnăvirea intenționată a fiicei, omorul, repulsia față de mama bolnavă de cancer, refugiul mamei în boală pentru a scăpa de indiferența fiicei și așa mai departe. Lait-motivul ăsta mă face să mă întreb dacă nu cumva Claire Castillon a avut ceva probleme în familie.

  • Jenny
    2019-03-28 00:09

    Recueil de nouvelles sur des relations mère-fille compliquées, souvent malsaines, qui m'a laissé un peu sur ma faim. La plupart des récits se terminent par un évènement ou paragraphe inattendu, plus ou moins choquant, mais un bon nombre de fois j'ai trouvé cela tiré par les cheveux ou pas très intéressant. J'ai bien aimé "Ma meilleure amie", "L'insecte" et "On peut y remédier", mais la plupart des nouvelles ne m'ont pas particulièrement marquée. Dommage !

  • Cecilie Sund Kristensen
    2019-04-15 03:01

    Læst på dansk

  • Alexandritte
    2019-04-04 23:09

    О многогранной материнской любви с французским подходом на любой вкус. Есть и миленькое, и гаденькое, и сладкое и тоскливое.

  • Dragoș Filioreanu
    2019-03-31 05:46

    crazyness - without much of a twist, sadly.

  • Gabriela
    2019-03-29 03:59

    When I read Claire Castillon’s short stories for the first time I was amazed and a bit in love. I thought “she’s so damn courageous, she dares to open such a door, she must be either crazy or smart”. Now I think that door is only a bit cracked. Yes, she dares to speak about mothers and daughters and about women and the relations between them in a unique way, but she doesn’t seem to want to explore her characters more. To keep it short, the story I liked best it the second one, Insecte, she there seems to try to go to the core and that’s what I wanted from this writer. On the other hand, the one called Noeud-noeud, it’s not one of her best works. But that’s probably because I believe the best way to write from a handicapped person’s perspective it’s using stream of consciousness technique so it must be something personal :)Anyway, the unique writing style of Claire Castillon is there in this collection and I admit once again I find that style to be quite challenging and defiant. And that I like.

  • Oana
    2019-04-25 23:13

    Trebuie să recunosc că am avut o surpriză neașteptat de plăcută citind această carte (prea) scurtă de povestiri despre care nu știam absolut nimic. De altfel, cum autorii francezi contemporani au fost mai degrabă dezamăgiri pentru mine, am pornit la drum cu așteptări destul de scăzute. Era nevoie de o femeie cu coaie (căutați „Fait gaffe a tes couilles” și Claire Castillon pe net pentru un pic de picanterie) ca să-mi demonteze această prejudecată. O colecție de 19 de povestiri macabre despre relații fucked up dintre mame și fiice, Insecta e scrisă bine, deschizând o lume întreagă de tabuuri și emoții nepermise. Situate undeva între experiment și realitate, povestirile lui Claire Castillon dau senzația că autoarea s-a jucat cu un „Ce-ar fi dacă” ușor sadic în legătură cu aspectele mai puțin roz și pufoase ale relației mamă-fiică. Am câțiva prieteni care știu sigur că nu au cum să lase cartea asta jos dacă apucă să citească primele trei pagini. Spor la citit!

  • Biblibio
    2019-04-17 02:15

    An unsettling and creepy read, My Mother Never Dies suffers mostly from its writing style. All the stories are narrated in the often-problematic present-tense, thus giving the whole book an urgent, driving feel. The styles don't really range from story to story and ultimately blend into one another.The stories themselves are disturbing and often unexpected, something that is as much an asset as it is a detriment. I can't pretend, however, that I wasn't a bit underwhelmed by the end. By sticking to one single theme, Claire Castillon somewhat played out her theme by the book's end. By offering little contrast to the horrible mother-daughter relations featured, many of the teeth-gritting themes are repeated in a way that is both unnecessary and unpleasant.With no standout stories, it's hard to truly recommend Castillon's short story collection. An interesting study in the twisted side of mother-daughter relationships, but a somewhat lacking collection overall.

  • Niina
    2019-04-20 04:11

    It seems many people prefer Äidin pikku pyöveli over Castillon's other short story -collections, yet I felt this was a bit weaker than the others. Sure, Castillon did it again, surprised me from page to page by imagining all the possible ways a daughter's and mother's relationship could maybe get fucked up and wrote them on paper. What I find surprising is how hard it is to write a review after some time has passed - I can recollect only a couple of stories clearly enough, which might indicate that either the collection was a bit too tight or the stories followed too similar a pattern. Anyhow, I could say this still makes it to one of my favourite books of short stories, even though the significance of the text might be bit hard to catch.

  • Baci
    2019-04-02 05:10

    Pas deux histoires identiques et pourtant, une vraie sensation d'unité entre les nouvelles. J'ai dévoré ces pages, j'ai eu peur, j'ai eu mal, j'ai frissonné, j'ai été secouée... et j'ai pensé à mamaman. Très fort. Me disant qu'au fond, il est peut-être pas si pire, le lien qui nous unit. Probablement qu'elle aurait pu faire mieux et en même temps, ça va, non ? Les mots de Claire Castillon sonnent très juste. J'ai eu du plaisir à les lire et ça fait du bien d'être transportée, happée au coeur d'une histoire qui fait oublier où vous êtes le temps de sa découverte.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-05 01:16

    Perhaps a dozen and half short stories depicting periods within various mother-daughter relationships. Only a few captured me. Perhaps because my own mother-daughter experience is quite...uneventful. And loving. I always appreciate more what I have experienced myself on some level, which thankfully was not the case in this collection. The extreme is always at least moderately entertaining and more often memorialized than the mundane. Stories need conflict to last, but Castillon did not seem to find it worth the effort to tease any interest out of a primarily healthy relationship.

  • Catherine
    2019-04-10 01:48

    This book was recommended in the very meager LA Times book section. What were they thinking?If you're heavily into French cinema, then you might find these short stories appealing. I do appreciate French cinema but in small doses. Some tactful adjectives I would use for this book: quirky, weird, off-beat. Perhaps something was lost in the translation…but I really don't think so. I have to say don't waste your time on this one.

  • Minna Iikkanen
    2019-04-02 22:50

    Kertomuksia äidin ja tyttären suhteesta, joko äidin tai tyttären kertomana. Eri elämän vaiheista. Näissä tarinoissa tiivistyy varmasti kaikki mahdolliset ongelmat, joita voidaan tyypittää, kuten äidit jotka ylihuolehtivat, tyttäret jotka laittavat äitinsä vanhainkotiin, äiti kokee tyttärensä kilpailijana yms. Antoisaa luettavaa ja pohdittavaa kaikille, joilla on "issues" omassa äiti-tytär-suhteessaan.

  • Janitag
    2019-04-25 00:54

    Just plain creepy.I don't know if I liked this or not. The writing style that stayed the same throughout the whole book was Castillon's biggest weakness with this one. All the short stories felt somehow the same. Only a couple of them I actually enjoyed. I could not relate to anything in this book since my relationship with my mother has always been very warm and loving.Don't get me wrong; I like weird. But this just felt a bit too much.

  • Bogdan
    2019-04-16 01:03

    I enjoyed this collection of short novels about relations between mother and daughter, and I learned a lot about women's world. I must confess that I did not understand very well women's behaviour befere reading this book, and this lecture helped me to gain some knowledge in a field I usualy was totally lost.My copy of this book is in romanian.

  • Hanna
    2019-04-27 01:01

    Epätasainen novellikokoelma (välissä todella hyviä ja sitten heikompia) äitien ja tyttärien vaikeaista suhteista jompien kumpien näkökulmasta. Mukana niin lastaan rakastamaton äiti, uutta teini-ikäänsä elävä äiti kuin äitinsä sairautta vihaava tytär. Hetkittäin hyvin voimakasta, äärimmäistä ja brutaalia tekstiä.

  • Cdan
    2019-04-27 03:49

    Megabad. the author, Claire Castillon, almost convinced me with her studied smile, but no, the text is poorly written, the metaphors were forced on me slash didn't exist, the characters were too "special" (as in too "complicated") to relate to, the ending was a blowout, and i'm gonna stop now because I think you get the picture.

  • Ana Cretiu
    2019-04-01 03:00

    This is THE book that opened my taste for short stories. I simply loved it. The simplicity, the oddness, the strange characters, it really suited me. However, i can't really say that i recommend this book, since I am aware that it doesn't appeal to everybody, it was just a book that I randomly found and randomly loved. :)

  • Cátia
    2019-04-01 02:12

    um livro trazido da biblioteca sem nenhum preenchimento na data de devolução... só podia ser estranho!!estes contos têm finais espectaculares, daqueles em que a última frase provoca uma reviravolta que nos retira da perspectiva pela qual tínhamos sido levados pela mão. duro de ler mas muito bom!!!

  • Sara Phelps
    2019-04-10 22:50

    I read this book in honor of my mom, as I approach the 16th anniversary of her death. Well, it didn't turn out to be quite the homage I expected. This book is just weird. There are 19 short stories - there were two that made me snicker. The rest were FREAKY. And I'm not opposed to freaky in priniciple, but this was just too much.

  • Alice
    2019-04-05 05:58

    This was a rather odd book. The stories remind me a lot of Roald Dahl stories, even though the theme of motherhood/daughterhood is so remote and different from Dahl's stories. Both authors are very unsettling and unexpected, though...with the unexpected becoming expected after just a couple stories. This was hard to read at times but I can appreciate that. Definitely made me think.