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RULES FOR THE (VERY) RELUCTANT GUARDIAN OF THE SCROLL1. Don't lose the above artifact you've inherited from your ancestors-no matter how much it starts messing up your life.2. Do learn how to control its powers. (And, yes, that means putting up with über-complicated guardian lessons from your father's meddling ghost.) 3. Don't trust anyone. Especially Rhys, the mysteRULES FOR THE (VERY) RELUCTANT GUARDIAN OF THE SCROLL1. Don't lose the above artifact you've inherited from your ancestors-no matter how much it starts messing up your life.2. Do learn how to control its powers. (And, yes, that means putting up with über-complicated guardian lessons from your father's meddling ghost.) 3. Don't trust anyone. Especially Rhys, the mysterious bad boy who's always one step ahead of you . . . and as irresistible as sin.4. Do anything to keep the scroll from landing in the wrong hands. Even if that brings on a heartbreaking betrayal, an evil you never saw coming, and a choice you may not live to regret....

Title : Marked by Passion
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Marked by Passion Reviews

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2018-12-10 18:24

    I do enjoy finding new (to me) authors with new ideas. Kate Perry has served up a humorous and entertaining beginning to a new paranormal romance series with "Marked by Passion". In this series, she introduces readers to her version of some ancient Chinese lore. The powers of the world were written on five scrolls by an ancient monk. When he feared their capture by an evil warlord, he distributed those scrolls to five different families...entrusting them with not only the scrolls themselves, but the powers attendant with them. The scrolls and power are to be handed down each generation to the individual 'marked' as a Guardian and they are to be trained and taught and NEVER should the scrolls be brought together.The series begins with the tale of Gabrielle, or Gabe as she prefers, the new Guardian of Earth. Gabe's biggest problem? After a training accident when she was young where her mother was killed, she has absolutely no interest in the whole 'scroll/power' thing. Added to that, her father and his fanaticism and continuing criticism resulted in Gabe separating herself from the only family she had left...her big brother. So when Gabe, expecting a contract for her upcoming art show, signs for a mysterious package that turns out to be the scroll, her life spins out of control pretty quickly. Enter paranoia and suspicion, not to mention big brother and a couple of sexy men who seem to be vying for her attentions. But are any of these people really interested in Gabe...or just the scroll?Good first book. I liked the humor and even though there were times I wanted to smack Gabe for her continuing waffling, I'm pleased with the ending. The sexual aspect was actually fairly PG for today's market which may impact sales. I'll be waiting for the next book in the series, "Chosen By Desire" in Winter 2010, to see where Perry may be headed next.

  • Sonia189
    2018-11-16 18:22

    When a book is kept waiting in the bottom of the pile for years, when we finally get to it often we marvel at our own waiting for such gems.This wasn't the case, though.Well, one less book in the TBR list.

  • Sarai
    2018-11-29 00:13

    Marked by Passion by Kate PerryRules for the (very) reluctant guardian of the scroll !) Don’t lose the above artifice you’ve inherited from your ancestors – no matter how much it starts messing up your life. 2) Do Learn how to control its powers (And yes, that means putting up with uber-complicated guardian lessons from your father’s meddling ghost.) 3. Don’t trust anyone. Especially Rhys, the mysterious bad boy who’s always one step ahead of you… and as irresistible as sin. 4. Do anything to keep the scroll from landing in the wrong hands. Even if that brings on a a heartbreaking betrayal, an evil you never saw coming, and a choice you may not live to regret.MY THOUGHTSThis book was okay for a first in a series. I did enjoy the scroll aspect and the guardian being seeped in Chinese history. It was a little predictable and I could tell what the heartbreaking betrayal was going to be half way through the book. However, if you don’t mind first person POV and a tough gal as the main heroine this is the book for you!Things I Liked (bold)~ I like Rhys even though he appeared to be perfect he was very mysterious and actually kept my attention throughout the book.~ I enjoyed the ghost aspect. Usually I don’t care for them but this was done well. A father that wants to make sure this possession and responsibility was taken care of even after death. Things I Didn’t Like (bold)~ The main heroine. She was too pig headed and proud. She wouldn’t learn anything about the scroll. I get that something bad happened the first time she had it and her father blamed her but seriously get over it. You know it has A LOT of power but yet you don’t want to learn anything about it? ~ It was told in first person POV just not something I enjoy reading. Rating (bold) BAdditional Info (bold)~ Published 2009~ Price $6.99~Favorite Author Book this is the first book I’ve read by this author~ Author Website

  • Cheryl
    2018-12-01 00:24

    Gabrielle Sansouci Chin works as a bartender. She is also a talented artist. Gabrielle receives in the mail, one day an ancient scroll. The problem Gabrielle has with receiving the scroll is that means that her father, Wu has passed away. Soon after that, Gabrielle receives a visit from her father, in ghost form. Wu tells Gabrielle that he has to get her prepared to battle as she is now a guardian. Gabe does not want anything to do with her new status or especially her father. It is bad enough when all you want is to be left alone and you have someone, who can pass through walls. Rhys Llewellyn has been sent to watch over the new guardian. He is tall, strong, and has abs of steel. Gabe can take care of herself. She does not need her father or Rhys to take care of her. Well on second thought, maybe it won’t be a bad idea to have Rhys around…just in case. Gabrielle and Rhys made a good heroine and hero. Marked by Passion is the first book in the Guardians of Destiny series. I have never read anything by Kate Perry but after finishing this book, I can’t wait to check out the next book in this series. Marked by Passion incorporated the best of both worlds with intrigue and plenty of action. Watch out for Kate Perry as she takes readers into her fantastic world in the Guardians of Destiny series.

  • Steph
    2018-11-29 18:39

    Marked for Passion was picked for a specific category for a challenge. Otherwise, I might have missed this one. I'm glad I didn't. I really enjoyed the story of Pour House (great bar name!) bartender/artist Gabrielle "Gabe" Sansouci Chin and mysterious Guardian Rhys Llewellyn (British ... ahhhhhh). When Gabe's father dies, the ancient scroll her family has been charged with protecting is passed down to her, not her older brother. Gabe was "never good enough" for her father, so she left and moved to San Francisco to pursue her art. Her brother Paul, although more interested in their father's work/mission, isn't the one destined to protect the scroll. Try as she might, Gabe can't find a way to free herself of this new responsibility/burden.So, a man walks into a bar ... hardy-hardy-har-har Seriously that's when she first meets Rhys. He walks into the bar one night and shazam! :) Her kooky French mentor, surrogate mother, confidant Madame La Rochelle, her bar regulars Jerry and Milo and her co-workers are all rich characters in their own right. Together they all made a hot, fun read. I look forward to reading the next in the series.

  • Barbara ★
    2018-11-12 22:19

    This reads like the Aisling Grey series from Katie MacAlister but not nearly as well-written. I find myself irritated at Gabrielle's stupidity and blatant disregard for the gravity of the guardianship. She just stumbles along without learning the how's and why's of the guardianship and basically ignoring the consequences. Her estranged father (who is a ghost) keeps attempting to help her but she pushes him away and refuses to listen to his advise. The only bright spot in this novel is Rhys Llewellyn, a rival guardian with a sexy accent and 007 manners. Unfortunately, even Rhys couldn't keep my attention on this story. I am definitely not interested in the sequel to this one.

  • Tracy
    2018-11-29 00:17

    Marked from birth to be a Guardian of an ancient Chinese scroll and the power of the element of Earth, Gabrielle "Gabe" Sansouci Chin couldn't be any less pleased and has, in fact, spent the past fifteen years running from a destiny she loathes. A destiny that caused the death of her mother and ensured constant disappointment from her father. Now that her father is dead, the scroll has come into her possession and the power of the scroll has flared to life in her. The problem with that is that she has no control, wants nothing to do with learning control, and just wants it and all the responsibility it entails to go away.As enemies emerge from the shadows intent on stealing the scroll and taking its power for their own, and a mysterious, sexy Rhys Llewellyn pops into her life seeming too good to be true, Gabe finds it harder and harder to tell friend from foe, and impossible to know whom to trust.While I applaud Kate Perry's fresh voice and unique premise, and recognize her talents at writing a quickly paced narrative with fast, sarcastic dialogue (I have a huge fondness for sarcasm), I had too many problems with this book to enjoy it. I found the lead character, Gabe, to be unlikable through the first three-quarters of the book, and only passably tolerable beyond that. She seemed to have two goals in life, be a successful artist, and avoid responsibility at all costs. I didn't mind the first, but the second, given her comprehension of the inherent dangers of passing off her responsibility, made her seem immature, obstinately self involved, and ultimately stupid. As the story is told in first person from her point of view, thereby insuring the reader spends all their time in her head listening to her bemoan her wicked power and scary responsibility over and over and, well, over again, that's a large stumbling block. Unfortunately, it wasn't the only one.Please note: The following few sections of this review contain details about the book that some may consider mild spoilers. (view spoiler)[The romantic plot arc between Gabe and Rhys seemed bizarre to me, mostly because there wasn't one. They didn't have all that many scenes together, and those they participated in mostly featured Gabe being a total bitch to Rhys, even as Rhys was trying to help her. And about Rhys. Yes, he was sexy, and he was my favorite character in the book, but the fact remains that he's not a nice guy. In fact, he was in San Francisco to steal Gabe's scroll and take her power - which he could only get by killing her. Sure, he didn't do it, because for some reason, he takes one look at her prickly, emotionally retarded, stubborn, belligerent self and "quickly realized" they were meant for each other (he must have gotten a much closer look at her than I did). And that was the majority of the development of their relationship. The rest was sexual chemistry, not romance.And one thing kept niggling me about Rhys through the book... He didn't kill Gabe. He fell in love with her. Okay, but...the fact remains that he's the sort of man who would plan to kill an innocent woman to get what he wants, just because he wants it. I'm not sure there's enough sexy in the world to make that okay for me.Then there were the plot holes and large gaps in logic. Hiding an ancient, powerful scroll in a refrigerator didn't seem all that stealthy, but then again, nobody tried to break into her apartment to search for it, either, despite the interested parties knowing exactly where she lived. Not very motivated scroll hunters, it would seem. And about Gabe's surprise there, in any way, shape, or form. I still don't understand why Gabe would repeatedly blow off her father's spirit, even when the power was making her sick. I get that she had issues with him, but it seemed a little like cutting off your nose to spite your face to me. He was the single person whose motives she could absolutely trust to help with her control, no matter how much she disliked him personally. (hide spoiler)]Truth is, though, the pieces were there for a good book with an original premise and interesting mythos, and I'm sure that Perry has the skill to turn this into a solid, entertaining series. I may not have been crazy about the plot, which didn't really go anywhere or contain much beyond Gabe's attempts to shirk her responsibility, but it was tightly written with little to no annoying filler. And honestly, had I not disliked Gabe to such an extent for so long in this one, I definitely would've enjoyed the book more and been more forgiving of the plot issues. I was also pleased with some of Perry's stylistic strengths. Unlike a lot of first books in a series, this book wasn't weighed down by excessive description, exposition, or world building. There was just enough to inform without being overwhelming.I also genuinely liked that there were some dangling plot threads at the end, like the mysterious anonymous buyer of Gabe's last painting. They offered up enough teasers to make me at least interested in the next book. And I know that the heroine in the second book, Chosen by Desire, is Gabe's friend Carrie, which is actually a draw rather than a detractor. I liked Carrie far more than I liked Gabe and think she'd make a solid heroine in her own story. ~*~*~*~Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

  • The_Book_Queen
    2018-12-03 22:20

    A new paranormal voice has hit the market, one that is sure to only get even better as the years go on! And instead of focusing on vampires, like (as others say/complain) a lot of the paranormal romances have been, Kate Perry's Guardians of Destiny Series focuses on a new aspect, a mix of old Asian lore and magic. Marked by Passion provided a fresh new read, and one that kept me reading from morning to night just to finish! Not many books have that affect one me. Oh sure, I READ from the time I get up in the morning until I fall asleep at night (Excluding breaks, work, etc, of course), but all those hours of reading are not always on the same book. But this time, I didn't want to pick up either one of the other two novels I was working on at the time-- my full attention was focused solely on Gabe's life and sexy encounters with Rhys. (Two words: British Accent!) Though this was Perry's first novel (for this series, at least), I never would have guessed. From page one, I was pulled into the story, and instead of being lost and confused for a few chapters, like you can be in some paranormal worlds, this one was instantly explained. Of course, Gabe wouldn't have even had to have dealt with this new life if her father hadn't been killed, and the sacred Scroll sent to her, but still. The characters were fairly strong, not weak and 2-D, and I enjoyed a lot of their witty banter and dialogue. The story just seemed to flow, and the characters (along with the relationships) evolved along the way. Gabe, for example, wasn't some wimpy heroine, which I can't stand to have in a romance. Rhys was a good example of a gentleman. Sure, he gave her more than a fair taste of passion, enough to tempt her, but he held out, not only because of their growing affection (and eventual love), but also because he respected her. She use to be the kind of girl that didn't want commitment-- if she needed companionship, she'd date someone for a few weeks, maybe more for the occasional good relationship she found, and they'd both benefit from it, but she never wanted commitment from them, it was pretty much about sex. Rhys, I believe, realized this and wanted to show that they could have something more than that. Of course, when they finally did get together, it was pretty steamy. Maybe not erotic romance material, but definitely not some tame excuse for a sex scene either! I think the best part of watching their relationship throughout the book was the sexual tension. Because he'd always refuse her, at least for the first 200 or so pages, their connection and sexual tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife! This, of course, provided more than a few hot mini-scenes along the way, along with some interesting conversations between the two. To me, those things can sometimes be even better than the actual sex scenes, though don't get me wrong, the sex is (usually) a major element that I enjoy reading about,too.Besides the romance, which was very well done, Marked by Passion also had a great plot line, fast-paced and interesting. Every time you'd think nothing more could possible happen, you'd be wrong. There was a bit of suspense, more than a few surprises, and the glimpse into the Guardians' world was enough to make me crave the next installment, which, sadly, will not be out until winter of 2010 (2010, can you believe it?!). As best-selling author, Jeaniene Frost, said in a review for Marked by Passion:"A perfect combination of urban fantasy and romance!"I second that, Jeaniene! That pretty much sums up the book in one short sentence, and I couldn't have said it better myself. 4.5/5 stars! I can't say enough good things about MP, it's simply a great paranormal romance, a new take from a genre that I've always loved, and I am anxious to read any future books from Perry, especially in this series! This one small taste of their world simple is not enough to whet my appetite, and I'm sure that you too will find that it applies to you after you've read the book. In my opinion, it might possible be on of the best 2009 debut paranormal series! Buckle up, and prepare for a fantastic ride with Gabe, Rhys, and all their friends and enemies!

  • Shera (Book Whispers)
    2018-11-15 16:26

    Thoughts:Gabe is a struggling artist who's finally getting her big break, with her first gallery showing . Unfortunately the past she has run away from has caught up with her when an old family heirloom shows up. It's the family heirloom she was marked to protect, the very item she walked away from after she killed her mother trying to control its powers. Not only does she get uncontrollable earth powers from the scroll, but her father's ghost is connected to it and he's determined to make Gabe take hold of her destiny. If things weren't crazy enough her brother shows up to patch things up and take the scroll back, since Gabe has never wanted it in the first place. On top of that Rhys shows up the night Gabe first gets the scroll. Gabe doesn't believe in coincident and she has to battle her ever growing desire for Rhys, because he very well might want her demise. I don't now how I ended up getting this book, probably in one of my massive book purchases where I get 20-30 books all at once. After chatting about some new debut PNR authors with a buddy from goodreads I had to finally check it out. Especially when she gushed that this was the next biggest thing, once it caught on of course. She claimed it was Kresely Cole good, even as good as the Black Dagger Brotherhood. With gushes like that let me tell you, the expectations were up. Gabe, or Gabriella, was a very strong female lead. Who was haunted by the fact that she had killed her mother because of her inability to control the Book of Earth, which she had been trained to protect all her life. After the funeral she had promptly ran away and went to follow her dreams. Let's just say even though Gabe is a strong female lead who can still kick some butt, even though she could still use some long neglected training, she does a lot of running in this book. She gets this magical artifact that gives her devastating powers that she keeps losing control of, but she does nothing to try and learn how to control it for over half the book. Rhys was an interesting character and made for a mysterious love interest. Heavy on the mysterious. We learn he came to kill and take the powers of Gabe's scroll, but falls in love with her. He fights to make it big in the world and is now filthy rich. That's it, I didn't feel that for how long this book is drawn out that the author did not give enough character development to Rhys. So the romance kind of fell flat for me, I just couldn't connect to someone I didn't know. The story itself was nice, nothing to solid. The killer/bad guy is immediately recognizable and nothing really made me think, “Never saw that coming.” The author had a really great idea with these element books and there powers, but didn't do much. We spend a lot of time with Gabe running away from things and trying to paint. One thing I did like was that the sexual tension was high, and the sex scenes were one. I felt like the reader got to spend more time in the story. The side characters were interesting, I loved the variety. They could have used some more page time, and considering how many pages there is, I felt the love could have been shared. Bottom Line: This book has a lot of potential but lacks an original plot to carry it on. Gabe is a great female lead, but spends too much time running away. The book moves a long at a great pace, but could probably be shorter. In the end it's a really interesting start, there's just too many buts holding it back. Sexual Content:It is a PNR but there's only one sex scene, accompanied by a lot of make out sessions. 2/5 – Interesting . . . quite disappointing. (Library check out!)

  • Melindeeloo
    2018-11-25 21:32

    Though the Heroine Fights Her Destiny, Passion Leaves its Mark in This New Series Starter , Finally artist Gabriel Sansouci's dreams are about to be realized with a gallery showing of her paintings on the horizon. Then destiny comes knocking on her door, Gabe is the `marked' heir to the guardianship of one five ancient mystical Chinese scrolls, even though Gabe has tried to put that part of her past behind her. So now not only is Gabe desperately trying to produce four more paintings for her show while trying fend off those who seek the scroll for its power, she's also trying to master the scrolls Earth magic so that she isn't responsible for California falling into the sea. Adding to the excitement, there's gorgeous dark dapper dangerous sexy Brit bad boy Rhys, the timing of his appearance and sudden interest in Gabe is suspicious. Even though Gabe can't trust that Rhys wants her for herself and not the scroll, she can't resist their instant electric attraction either. And if all of that isn't enough, add her family into mix: the spirit of Gabe's dead father who is bound to the scroll and wants to be her `Obi wan' even though Gabe doesn't want to `use the Force', and her estranged brother who only wants to `help' by taking the scroll off of her hands. Rhys was the main reason I liked the book. Rhys is clearly more of a dark knight than one in shining armor, but his desire to protect Gabe - in spite of his original less than sterling motives - makes him a great bad boy hero. I also really liked Rhys and Gabe's relationship. The attraction between them is well done. Since Rhys likes the challenge that Gabe presents, he has no problem waiting until Gabe is willing to ask for what she comes to need from him. So he continually stirs things up with Gabe but then backs off - making the final payoff so much more satisfying. The plot in Marked by Passion is not deep. The story is mostly about getting to know Gabe. We witness Gabe's struggle with her 'baggage' from the past and watch as she debates how to escape the responsibilities that are hers as one in a long line of hereditary Guardians. And though Gabe's father's ghost is a cool idea, Gabe interactions with her dad are too brief to really play a significant part in the story - but I can see him playing a larger part in subsequent books as Gabe learns the guardian ropes and works through some of her past issues. One small nit - in the first few chapters there are bits of French dialog for Gabe's artist mentor and even though the meaning can be gleaned from Gabe's responses, this still bugged me a bit. From reading this book I wasn't sure whether the Guardian series was going to be a romantic urban fantasy series or a paranormal romance series, because even though everything is not resolved for Gabe by the end of the book, the excerpt for the next book switches to Gabe's best friend Carrie. But according to the author, even though Carrie will be the star of Chosen by Desire (Oct 09), Gabe and Rhys will be back as secondary characters to tie off loose ends left dangling here.

  • Paranormal Romance
    2018-11-18 21:28

    Marked as the heir to the role as guardian of an ancient and powerful scroll, the heroine never accepted her fate and fought tooth and nail against it. Remembering the day that the scrolls powers killed her mother, the heroine cut ties with her father and brother and moved away, vowing to never again be sucked into the foolish idea of destiny. But destiny has found her. One night at the bar, she receives a package and inside is the damn scroll. This means her father is dead and though she's confused about why, she does feel great remorse over his loss. But as it turned out, her father isn't completely gone. He haunts the scroll and much to her displeasure, that means he haunts her too. But she's stubborn. Despite his urges to forget about her Art and her useless bartending job and force on her training and mastery of the scrolls powers, she refuses. She runs from it as hard and as fast as she's run from everything else difficult in her life, including any deep relationship. Then she meets the hero. He's dapper, cover of GQ worthy and everything about him attracts everything in her. He refuses to be quelled by her standoffish personality and in fact seems to be more amused by her defensive nature. But he soon reveals that in his intention at the beginning to steal the scroll. And despite his desperate urgings that that plan went out the window fast as soon as he laid eyes on her, the heroine finds the perfect excuse to push him away. However, it's clear she needs desperate help. She had the scroll stolen from her, people are trying to kill her and the powers within her are quickly becoming uncontrollable. So she accepts his help to train her when he offers because he can tame the mountain of power inside of her, but also because no matter what she can't seem to stay away from him. This book was a solid 'alright' on the awesome scale. I would have much preferred it not to be in the first person perspective as I wasn't entirely sold on the heroine as a character. I thought her insanely stubborn to the point of stupidity and frankly boring as hell. She just didn't excite me and to spend the entire book inside the mind of a girl who runs away from all her problems than feels hurt when people doubt her ability to achieve was a headache. I read this book on the weekend when I have other things on my mind and in order to push myself to read takes a special book that has something to captive me and this didn't have much remarkable about it. I did like the hero with his whole calm, cool and mysterious James Bond thing going on. And I did like how relentless he was in his push to get the woman he wanted but even he couldn't spark something in the muck. Overall, a lackluster story and one that didn't make me excited to read anything further in the series.

  • Toula
    2018-11-14 00:12

    First in a series . Guardians of the Chinese elements that control some parts of the world . Each guardian is marked and has a scroll for the element that he/she is looking after . Hero is Ryhs (he's an old soul . Heroine is Gabriella (Gabe ) . Gabe is a guardian and knows her duty put she has been avoiding it . Gabe doesn't want anything to do with the scroll or the responsibility. Gabe gets the scroll and then she knows that her father has passed . Gabe feels like someone is always watching her and following her after work on her way home. Ryhs shows up in her life with a British accent and a suit that costs more then her yearly rent . . Little does Gabe know Ryhs is a guardian also (Fire ) . He seeks her out for a reason Another strange thing is her Brother shows up after 15 yrs of being absent in her life . Her brother is also after something from her . Find out what both Ryhs and her brother are after

  • Jennifer
    2018-11-16 21:20

    This review was originally posted on my review blog : Falling Off The Shelf.Gabrielle Sansouci, also known as Gabe to all of her new found friends, has an ancient secret that she is sworn to silence. She is the next heir to a family heirloom that goes back hundreds of years, and she doesn't want it. She can't help it though, because she has been marked since the day she was born, and has been training for this day her whole life. Despite all of this, she is still surprised the day it lands in her lap, and she's plagued with the responsibility of wielding the powers it brings forth to the owner. All she truly wants is to go on with life as being an artist, but life isn't always what you want it to be.I first ordered this book because I was sent an ARC of the second book to this series, Chosen by Desire. I hate reading a series out of order, and the only way that I could prevent that was to make sure I grabbed all back installments. Luckily, there was only one book to get, so I'm getting caught up pretty quickly.This book pulled me in from the very start, and it had a very interesting story to tell. I was looking forward to a new spin on the paranormal romance genre, and I got it. Gabe is a very selfish character though, although I guess that's how she would be with the way that she grew up. When you have a destiny that is not what you desire, there is only one thing you can do, and that's fight it. I'm pretty sure I would do the same thing. I just wish that Gabrielle would have overcome her fears a little sooner in this first installment. Most of this first story wasn't truly about the legend of the scroll, but more about Gabe and her inability to trust, love, and take on a responsibility that was given to her at birth. I think that if Gabe could have gotten over her fears just a little sooner, we would have been able to enjoy this story better. On a side note, I knew from the start who would be the bad guy at the end, and I was not in the least bit surprised by the little twist, because it was just too obvious.I will say that I did enjoy this story, and I look forward to reading the next installment, Chosen By Desire, later this month. I'm hoping that there will be less information and more action in the next installment. I am excited that it will be featuring Gabe's best friend, Carrie. I'm also excited to learn from author Kate Perry's website, that there will be a third installment to The Guardians of Destiny Series, and it will be called Tempted by Fate, and it will be released in 2010.

  • StephanieG
    2018-12-12 20:18

    Ever since Gabrielle was born and her father seen she was marked to be a guardian of the scroll he has tried training her. He devoted all of his time and attention to her, to prepare her to be a good guardian. But this was never what Gabrielle wanted; all she wanted was to paint so when a fatal accident resulted in her mother’s death she ran away from that destiny only to have it delivered to her by carrier all these years later upon death of her father is the only way for Gabe to inherit the scroll. With the scroll in her possession and her powers uncontrollably stronger and the ghost of her father nagging at her to step up and embrace her destiny she's not sure she can handle it all. Then she meets this incredibly handsome man that sends her body into sexual overdrive when he walks in the room. He tells her he wants to help her control her powers and that he is a guardian to. But can she trust him? Is it just a coincidence he shows up right after the scroll gets delivered to her? Then to make matters even more complicated her brother Paul shows up after not even a phone call since she left home all those year and he has a easy out for Gabe , he wants the scroll. He says he will take over guardianship for her. Then she can focus in her painting. Could she give it to Paul? Why does it make her feel like she is shirking her responsibilities? She never wanted this guardianship. But if she doesn't have the scroll she will know for sure if Rhys wants her or her just her scroll.I thought the book was good. I had a hard time with how much French was used in the book with no glossy so at times I had no idea what they were talking about. The story line was different and unique I liked that. It was a quick read. But what I loved was Rhys .. Omg he just radiated sex. He was always well dress and his deep voice with his British accent. oooh so nice .I loved it when he called her love. I loved how he pursued Gabe, he knew he needed to make her see she wanted him before he could fully have her so he kept at it till she was practically begging for him . But he was never too much. Gabe on the other hand sort of got on my nerves at times. I couldn't have denied Rhys as long as she did. She was just a little too distant for me I thought she should warm up sooner. But all in all it was a good read I'm curious to see what happens next there is still three more scrolls and guardians out there.**Athenna**

  • Kelly Moran
    2018-12-10 19:25

    Author, Kate Perry’s book, Marked By Passion is listed as part of The Guardians of Destiny Series, with Chosen by Desire set for release in February 2010. She has other titles in contemporary romance; Project Date and Project Daddy. Kate Perry is a 7th degree black belt Kung Foo San Soo and collects swords. She resides in San Francisco, California with her love, Nate.Gabrielle Sansouci Chin was just about to have all her dreams come true- to have her art displayed in a gallery with her own show. Problem was, the last two paintings contracted weren’t finished. She just became Guardian of the Scroll and inheriting the artifact mean all the powers of Tu ch’i that came with it. Her dead father’s ghost kept lurking and meddling in her life trying to teach her guardian lessons. Mysterious bad boy, Rhys claims to want to help her but seems to have ulterior motives- Not to mention it was getting harder and harder to ignore their magnetic pull. And to top it off, her brother, Paul, decides to pop back in her life to renew their relationship. She knows it is her destiny to protect the scroll at any cost, just as her ancestors have done for generations, because in the wrong hands, it could destroy the world. But darn it, she just wanted her life back.If I’m being completely honest, I found two faults with the book. First, it was a bit predictable. I pretty much knew who the ‘bad guy’ was and where the plot was headed, though it kept me interested none the less. Second, I found the way that Rhys fell in love with Gabe immediately was unrealistic- but then again, this is a paranormal romance and it moved the plot along.The story is told in first-person, usually not my first choice, but I’m not complaining because Kate Perry has a great gift for portraying body language, facial expressions, and dialog- which engage you in the main characters and secondary ones flawlessly to keep you reading and wanting more. I found her quirky sense of humor seeping through into the characters, making the book both steamy and hilarious- A good combination if you ask me. The father, Wu, as the ghost and her mentor, Madame La Rochelle, were brilliant add-on’s for the book and I adored them immensely.Marked By Passion, by Kate Perry, is an entertaining, witty, and sensuous tale that is guaranteed to have you rolling with laughter and fanning yourself all at once.Kelly Moran,Author and Reviewer

  • Bookaholics
    2018-11-17 17:17

    Marked by Passion by Kate PerryParanormal Romance- February 1st, 20094 starsMarked by Passion is a fresh start to a new paranormal series by debuting author Kate Perry.Gabrielle Sansouci Chin is known as Gabe to her friends and patrons at the Pour House she tends bar at. Her life is on track. Her first showing at a premier art gallery is about to open. She just has to finish her last three paintings, the center piece to her theme. But, nothing ever goes as planned. It isn’t her contract she signs for but rather the scroll that she has inherited upon her father’s death, along with the powers that go along with it. Her gift or curse rattles not just her, but the earth. Is it just paranoia to suspect she’s being followed or does somebody else want her legacy? And if they do, how far are they willing to go to get it?Her father’s ghost is attached to the vicinity of the scroll. It is not the best of family reunions. His death has not mellowed his low opinions of her in the least, but it has brought back into her life Paul, her big brother, and for that, she can almost forgive her inability to control the tu chi i. One final person is new to her calling. A British guy that pushes her every button from anger to lust! But unfortunately, there are no coincidences. Gabe can’t control the powers of the tu chi i and she’s deadly to anybody near her. There’s only one possibility: get rid of the scroll without anybody else ever finding it. Except during an altercation with one of the people tailing her, she loses the scroll. Things go from bad to worse. Her powers go into a tailspin. The police investigating the crook’s murder seems to believe that if she’s not the suspect, then she has the answers. Fat chance. She’s just as much at a loss as they are. Kate Perry has written a story with very likeable characters. Gabe has a quick mind and a sassy attitude. It is a story that will have you cheering and crying for her, and things are definitely sexy, hot between Gabe and Rhys. However, I was frustrated at the story line. I kept thinking I’d find answers to my questions and expectations reached as I turned each page, and yet, I was left hanging until nearly the end of the book. It is well written and suspenseful, but it was not a book I was unable to put down.Reviewed by Jackie from Bookaholics Romance Book Club

  • Leslie
    2018-12-11 23:32

    I picked up Marked by Passion because the back cover plot summary sounded interesting. Five Guardians watching over five scrolls, each one associated with a different element (earth, fire, water, metal, wood) in the Eastern tradition.Gabrielle, the main heroine, knew from an early age that she would be the next Guardian of the Book of Earth. Her father started training her, seemingly ignoring Gabrielle's brother (who seriously coveted the whole power idea). One day, the power Gabe was using spun out of her control and her mother died. So Gabe ran and got a job as a bartender. She decided to concentrate on her painting and forget about scrolls, end of the world power struggles and her old life, period. However, fate tends to find those who flee from it and the scroll comes back into her life with her father's ghost attached. Not only does the scroll appear in her life, but so does a very handsome Welshman by the name of Rhys. Apparently he is another Guardian and wants the scroll for himself. Of course, that idea changes once he meets Gabrielle. Then he just wants her. That is the romance bit in this story and the interaction between Gabe and Rhys is one of the reasons I was able to finish the book.Here is the reason the book got three stars: Gabrielle has access to world-ending power and plain refuses to learn to control it. Now don't you think that you would not want to repeat a past mistake? Gabe seemed like a very immature character and frankly got on my nerves on more than one occasion.Another thing that grated my nerves was her interaction with her father's ghost. She never explained her choices to him once and honestly I do not know if he would have listened. (He seemed to be so focused on the scroll and her future Guardianship that he never bothered to try to understand his own daughter). He also was obnoxious and condescending.Anyway, the book did try to weave in some action and suspense into the plot and the climax was tolerably exciting. I plan on reading the sequel just to see if the story moves any further, because it left off with a somewhat cliffhanger ending.

  • Kristi (Books and Needlepoint)
    2018-11-23 21:22

    Gabe had left her family and her heritage behind 15 years ago - after her mother had died - for which she was responsible. She was now a bartender at The Pour House and an aspiring artist. With her first showing in a few weeks, all she had to worry about was finishing the paintings in the series - or so she thought.When the package arrived, she assumed it was the contract for her showing - until she discovered it was accompanied by a ghost! The ghost of her father, Wu, no less. It came as a shock to her to realize that her father was dead, but she had put her family and heritage behind her long ago - and now they were back.The package contained a scroll and she had just become it's guardian. Tu ch'i - the power that accompanied the scroll - began to surge inside her. Wu had come to teach her how to control her power before it controlled - or worse - destroyed her.Two more men entered her life within days of receiving the scroll. Her older brother, Paul, who had always felt he should be the one destined to be the Guardian, but without the birthmark, it was not his destiny. And then Rhys - who was handsome, rich, powerful - and could calm Gabe's tu ch'i with just a kiss.I have not read a lot of paranormal books, but they are quickly becoming my favorite. Kate Perry gives her characters such life. Even though it was a paranormal - I felt like these were people you could actually find at the corner bar. The chemistry between Gabe and Rhys sizzled off the page!In addition to Gabe, Wu, Paul and Rhys there is also Jesse - Gabe's ex-boyfriend from a year ago, Carrie - another bartender and the epitome of the Midwestern girl next door and Vivian, the buxom bartender you love to hate. These people rounded out the story and helped to give it a realistic flair.If you like paranormal, you will like this book - if you like romance, this book will also appeal to you. If you like both - then this will be a true winner!The second book in the series - Chosen by Desire is due out in the winter of 2010.

  • Stephanie
    2018-11-14 23:26

    In this book, which despite its drawbacks, I had a hard time putting down, I felt as if I were forever waiting for the story to get going as the reluctant heroine verbally spars with her would be assassin/romantic interest, ignores clues as big as a stop sign, pacifies bar regulars at a Cheers type pub, and behaves like a child who doesn't want to go to the dentist even though she has a toothache.I was ever waiting for her to just finish her paintings already. To be as discombobulated as she is only would prove her father's point that she is too unfocussed. The constant breaking into French as she visits her friend/agent is handled pretty well, but obviously.And, while there is a bit of a red herring in the villains' corner, the villain is the one we are lead away from. As a reader I find this a little annoying because it feels like the writer thinks I am stupid and the obviousness is a surefire way for me to see the heroine is. After all, she has an intuitively charged magic birthmark that is always sending a signal when something isn't right. It would be like ignoring the ringing phone at the Fire Station.The energy that Gabrielle has to handle is also hard to characterize and unpredictable but it always flairs in certain situations.The sexual encounters are not as hot as I expected they would be and there aren't many. Mostly the romance develops and marinates. Eventually it gets tasty. It's hard to see why the romance develops though, sure the heroine is pretty but she is also bitchy, ill-mannered, unfocussed, a slob and lives in a hovel.So, it is an okay book, mildly erotic, mildly entertaining and mildly suspenseful. It is as if the author knew what she wanted to write but couldn't quite find the words or structure to write it.If I rated, which I don't it would get an It's Okay rating on a scale from Gak! to This Changed My Life!Marked by Passion is Book One in the Guardians of Destiny Series.

  • Lola
    2018-12-02 23:11

    I love Kate Perry, i enjoy her writing and the way she builds her characters with a sense of humor, strength, and self assurance. With that said i do have to say that i was both intrigued and disappointed by this book. Again, Perry chose to write in first person, whereas this works with her other books, i felt it was a hindrance here. Although Gabe was not like other typical romance heroines, i felt she was a recreation of Perry's female character from her debut novel Project Date, only with a more painful past, and less bubbly personality. Gabe's severe determination to remain ignorant about the extent of her new found abilities was so frustrating to read over and over again. i understand that she had a traumatizing past experience with it which left her somewhat broken, but should that not have been more reason for her to want to master and control her "cursed" powers? I mean the girl is knowingly -yet accidentally- causing earthquakes for goodness sakes. She's equipped with this powerful ability, and is knowledgeable in karate, she has to protect this ancient scroll and its secrets, she knows she is being followed by scary men constantly, yet she still wants to rebel against her dead father by defying him and acting childish? if i didn't like her on some level i would have hated the whole novel. In all honesty i felt that Rhys was a more compelling character. Shrouded in mystery with somewhat dark and conflicting ulterior motives, i found myself wishing the story was from his perspective. Had Perry giving Rhys a voice in the story, and delved deeper into his past and his journey to finding Gabe, i have no doubt this would be a 5 star novel. Despite all that it was lacking plot wise, the passion and heat between Rhys and Gabrielle was stay up all night worthy. This was a good jump off point for a future series. I just wish she'd explore more with her storytelling abilities, no more first person.

  • GoldenjoyBazyll
    2018-12-05 22:37

    She's an artist who just got a showing in a San Francisco gallery. The day the contract is to arrive a Chinese scroll comes and with it tu chi energy starts flowing through her body. Her father, the guardian of the scroll, has died and she is the next guardian. This books gives new meaning to the saying "You can run but you cannot hide." I am enjoying the flow of the story line which includes her dad-Wu- who comes back as ghost to teach her how to deal with the tu chi... another guardian- Rhys- who is a gorgeous GQ from Whales and a host of other interesting characters. The questions are.... will she be ready for gallery showing.... will she choose to guard the scrolls and will she get the GQ! Not a literary masterpiece but a fun read!

  • BobbieCrawford
    2018-11-24 23:36

    Marked by PassionWritten By: Kate PerryPublished By: Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, 2009, First Edition, 400 pages, softcoverISBN 978-0446541008Marked by Passion is a very engaging novel. The story is fascinating, with a set of highly detailed characters who are very striking and distinctive. The settings are described so well that you feel like you are in the room with the characters. The plot takes exciting twists and turns, making me wish I have super powers too! The pacing of the story was really great and the speed was quickened at just the right... **Please follow the link to read the whole review:http://bookreviewsbybobbie.wordpress....

  • Lori
    2018-11-18 21:37

    The first half of this book drove me crazy, with the heroine refusing to see what was right under her nose, her refusal to question people who could give her answers she needed, and a general unevenness of plot, but the heroine is still an interesting person. The hero is also interesting, though there are some problems there, too. Mostly, the heroine’s refusal to question the people around her made me crazy. Still, the last third of the book made the earlier unevenness less frustrating. The satisfying ending and the very hot sexual attraction between the hero and the heroine made me willing to try book 2.

  • Juliko
    2018-12-03 17:24

    3,5 stars for me. I thought it was fine and I liked main characters, but couldn`t find myself fully involved in this book. Not so mach action and I often asked myself a question: where`re we going with all this? And one thing more: I couldn`t count how many times the hero left the heroine. It was like a game for him. Say a last word, brush a kiss-goodbye and live the scene proudly. I do hope next books will have more action and will open this world of Guardians fully.

  • Julie
    2018-11-24 20:39

    Good book. Interesting plot. Want to read the next one. Hope the next one goes into more depth with the characters and explains the premise a little more. I think this book set up what the point is and I hope the next one goes more in depth with the story. I like the characters. I wanted a little more information. The love story was a little flat. I would have liked a little more there but it filled its purpose.

  • Tammy
    2018-12-02 00:40

    I really tried to like this book. I read until page 108 and had to quit - I had too many other books calling my name. The story was slow moving and bland. Seemed like it went in circles. The interesting parts were few and far between.

  • Tiffany
    2018-12-10 19:26

    Quite good. I saw the ending coming a mile away, but I still enjoyed the story getting there. If you enjoy romance with just a trace of paranormal, this isn't a bad book. I definitely developed an interest in the characters and their story. I'll be looking into getting the sequel as well.

  • Karen Desmond
    2018-12-08 22:29


  • Theresa Dansereau
    2018-11-21 19:29

    loved this book. Perfect amount of everything.

  • Joann Downie
    2018-11-20 20:25

    I absolutely loved this book, I havent read PR before, this book was just great! I look forward to the 2nd one!