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Cameron Adams had no idea what to expect when he took a position as a live-in nanny for widower Nathan Meyers. Dealing with three headstrong kids who are used to getting what they want is tough enough, but add that Nathan is smart, sexy and full of surprises to the mix, and Cameron is in way over his head. Nathan knows that having any sort of relationship with his kid’s neCameron Adams had no idea what to expect when he took a position as a live-in nanny for widower Nathan Meyers. Dealing with three headstrong kids who are used to getting what they want is tough enough, but add that Nathan is smart, sexy and full of surprises to the mix, and Cameron is in way over his head. Nathan knows that having any sort of relationship with his kid’s new nanny is inappropriate. It doesn’t matter that Cameron is the first man to make him feel anything in years. Cameron is off limits, but the more time Nathan spends with the younger man, the more their attraction to each other grows. As the men grow closer, they have to decide whether what they have is worth risking Cameron’s job and Nathan’s principles. Neither has ever felt a connection like this before, but both have their own demons to work through before they can be open to the chemistry between them. ...

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The Manny Reviews

  • mrs sarah frost
    2019-06-16 13:06

    The Manny Another great book by A.T. Brennan.Cameron had been told that to become a teacher he had to be less effeminate, so he gave up on that idea and became a Nanny to Nathan and his 3 children.The children had been through plenty of nannies and pushed the boundaries with Cameron, but he soon had them behaving, much to Nathan's surprise. Even having them eating fresh veg and fruit, something even he and his late husband couldn't do.There is sexual chemistry between Cameron and Nathan which surprises Nathan as Cameron is so different to his late husband. After one time together, is it going to be enough or will they become a couple?Only thing I would say is that it could have had an epilogue to complete their story or does this lead onto book 2?

  • Ramona
    2019-06-16 11:25

    Cameron is a teacher who can't find a job. After being told he needs to act less effeminate if he wants to teach, he gave up the idea. Having numerous nieces and nephews and working in a daycare has led him to apply for a job as a nanny. Nathan is the father of three children. His nannies never last long. Him home is sterile, not very kid friendly, and he is definitely an absent father. He lost his partner several years before. Not knowing how to connect to his children, he distanced himself, going days at a time without interacting with them.Cameron has his hands full trying to wrangle kids who definitely rule their little world. He slowly gains their trust and once he convinces Nathan to share a dinner, things start to improve.They are attracted to each other and share a kiss (a really good kiss). Both know this won't work in their current situation and try to act as if it never happened. Each almost obsessed with the kiss. Wanting more, but unable to get past the employer/manny relationship.While not sleeping, Cameron runs into Nathan one night. They share a glass of scotch (really good scotch). This is the beginning of their relationship. Some issues, some family drama, and since it is an A.T. Brennan book, you know there will be sex (really good sex). I liked this book. No insta love, thoughtful development of characters feelings, good chemistry, and as always a good supporting cast. Overall a make me feel good book.A thank you to the author for an advance copy of this book.

  • Krishaines
    2019-06-21 04:56

    So much bothered me about this book, but the biggest was how much I dislike Nathan as a father Maybe it’s just me, and i know he got better as the book went on, but he was still so detached from the kids! There was one morning he stayed in bed, knowing Cameron was so tired, and let Cameron get the kids ready by himself. Yes his job is a nanny, but other than dinner and the occasional weekend afternoon he isn’t a part of the kids life, even at the end of the book. And then they adopt a kid, is that the kind of father you want for your child? One that sees them at dinner? He works from home, he could be a part of waking them up getting ready for school, dinner and after dinner activities and bed. He could do fun things on the weekend and not expect Cameron to basically be a single parent.Ugh. It pissed me off so much i couldn’t get over how this crazy’s involved kids person fell for this guy who doesn’t pay his family any attention, or even Cameron outside one date a week, and after the kids go to bed. How is that any kind of relationship?

  • Stacy
    2019-06-18 12:01

    The MannyCute book. Cameron can’t find a job as a teacher so he becomes a Manny to Nathan’s 3 unruly kids. He gets Nathan’s kids to like and listen to him. The relationship between the two men progresses more slowly. They take their time and try to fight their feelings. But in the end they are able to figure it all out. I would have liked to see a like more conflict with the kids and them finding out. But they’re never really told of the relationship during the book. Overall I thought it was pretty good. Defense worth a read if you like single Dad with kids finding someone to love books.

  • avid reader
    2019-05-29 05:26

    The Manny is a sweet romance. It has its fair share of spice, but the predominant feeling is sweetness. And that's O.K. I don't want every book I read to be riddled with angst and dissension. Sometimes an HEA is reached without ripping someone's heart out and stomping on it.These are lovely characters. Cameron and Nathan are a beautiful couple, and the children are easy to like.This break from tension filled dramas is welcome, and I found their HEA to be simple, believable and satisfying.After reading the Den Boys series, I didn't know the author had this simplicity and sweetness in her. I like it. It shows a diversity that will take her far in her future works.

  • Jennie
    2019-06-25 05:25

    Cameron becomes the many for Nathan & his 3 children.The children try to push the boundaries with Cameron - he has the patience if a saint.. Nathan doesn't know or see what's going on as he's quite an absentee parent.It was great to see Nathan & the kids thriving with some attention. The lines between Cameron & Nathan become blurred.. will they, won't they? should they??There was a little conflict without too much drama. Great story with good character growth. I would have loved to see an epilogue.* I won an ARC in a Facebook competition.

  • Charlene Harris
    2019-06-06 12:24

    Sometimes you need that one story that's going to make you smile most of the way through it. The Manny was cute, sweet, and sexy, without making you want to scream from too much angst. I enjoyed the story and hope to read more like this from A. T. Brennan. I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy and this is my honest opinion and review.

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-16 07:20

    Awwww I loved it!It was such a sweet book. Usually when you hear about a parent getting with the nanny or manny it's cause they were cheating, so this was a nice turn of events lol. I love the instant attraction they have, then the slow build up to the relationship. I loved the kids too. I got a bit smiley towards the'll see. Lol.

  • Sylvia
    2019-06-12 13:25


  • Heather Martin
    2019-05-29 05:57

    The MannyThis was a very sweet story with no angst. The kids in the story didn’t overwhelm the overall story even though they easily could.

  • Stina Andersen
    2019-06-24 12:23

    The Manny, by A.T. Brennan, is a sweet romance. I thought Nathan and Cameron was a cute and perfect couple. The Manny is a fast read, but it's a story that will make you smile. And it contains some very hot scenes! Highly recommend if you're looking for something sweet and enjoyable read!

  • Vikki
    2019-05-30 05:56

    One word WOW, another page turner by A.T. Brennan. If you want a read that keeps you gripped and get your blood pumping, this is the book. I loved Cameron from the beginning, and you could tell he was going to make a difference to the Meyers family. You just didn't know what type of difference. But it could only be good, cause he is fabulous. Upon first being introduced to the kids I really felt like they needed a good telling off. But as you go through the book, you learn they heartache they've been through and they only just want to be loved. Mainly by their dad, Nathan. He isn't a bad man, he's just as broken as the kids. However Cameron helps change all that.I love this story as you really feel part of it. The is it or isn't it going to happen, had me gripped and I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it. If you are looking for a nice, HEA but with some naughtyness then this is the book for you. I'd definitely recommend it.