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With her reputation forever tarnished by a youthful indiscretion, lovely Emily Faringdon is resigned to a life of spinsterhood, until she embarks on an unusual correspondence and finds herself falling head over heels in love. Sensitive, intelligent, and high-minded, her noble pen pal seems to embody everything Emily has ever dreamed of in a man. But Simon Augustus TraherneWith her reputation forever tarnished by a youthful indiscretion, lovely Emily Faringdon is resigned to a life of spinsterhood, until she embarks on an unusual correspondence and finds herself falling head over heels in love. Sensitive, intelligent, and high-minded, her noble pen pal seems to embody everything Emily has ever dreamed of in a man. But Simon Augustus Traherne, the mysterious Earl of Blade, is not all that he seems.Driven by dark, smoldering passions and a tragic secret buried deep within his soul, Blade has all of London cowering at his feet, but not Emily...never Emily. For even as she surrenders to his seductive charms, she knows the real reason for his amorous suit. And she knows that she must reach the heart of this golden-eyed dragon before the avenging demons of their entwined pasts destroy the only love she has ever known......

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Scandal Reviews

  • Gavin
    2018-12-21 01:20

    This was a light and fun historical romance. It was typical Amanda Quick in style. We got a light tone, plenty of humour, and a quirky lead couple. The romance was between the main couple was a good one. The premise was pretty fun. Emily Faringdon's reputation was ruined by a scandal when she foolishly ran off with a rouge at the age of 19. Now at 24 she lives in seclusion at her families country estate and her business acumen is crucial to keep her family (father and two brothers) of gambling wastrels afloat. Simon Augustus Traherne, the mysterious Earl of Blade, made him money and reputation in the Far East but has returned to England intent on vengeance on the men who ruined his father and left his family penniless. Lady Emily is his next tool. He plans to use her as a pawn in his plot to take down her father so strikes up a pen pal friendship with her based on her love of romantic poetry. The whole story was a lot of fun. Both Emily and Simon were likeable characters. Simon was a typical Quick hero. Tough, stoic, and calculating but also mostly a good guy. Emily was even more quirky and insane than the typical Quick heroine and it was a lot of fun watching Simon and everyone else get caught up in her crazy ways! I quite liked the romance. Both Simon and Emily were pretty capable and self sufficient but both benefited from having the other in their life. They were just a good match. It always helps when a couple seem to enjoy each other company outside of th bedchamber as well as in it! All in all this was a light and enjoyable read. I liked the romance and enjoyed the light humorous tone. Rating: 4 stars.

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-01-12 02:19

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceScandal is a tale of a fiery dragon and the woman that out of love and devotion would become his own fire-breathing dragoness....“My God, Emily.” For a moment the world seemed to halt. She could barely breathe, let alone respond. “Emily, open your eyes and look at me.”Dreamily, Emily lifted her lashes and looked up into Simon’s harshly carved face. He was so close that she could see him without the aid of her spectacles. She was fascinated by the glittering heat that had washed away the coldness in his eyes. Fire lit the beautiful golden gaze now, a wild flame of masculine desire held under rigid control. “Dragon,” she whispered softly, touching his hard cheek with gentle fingers. “My very own golden-eyed dragon.”He narrowed his eyes as he stared down at her. “Dragons have a dangerous reputation around fair maidens.”She smiled softly up at him. “’Tis no use breathing fire and smoke in an attempt to frighten me, my lord. I know I am quite safe with you.” Scandal is the first book that I have read from Amanda Quick, although I have read some of her titles under her other name "Jayne Anne Krentz" this was my first time picking up one of her historical titles that she has written.  I will admit that I had high hopes for this book and to be quite frank I really didn't know what to fully expect from this book. And I can honestly say that this book was spectacular and I didn't want to put this amusing historical down and if you looking for an honest in depth well written dynamic read....grab up Scandal or any of her other titles. Now I will admit that Scandal has the feel of an older style romance but not in ways you imagine. I will be honest and admit I miss this style of writing in historical romance especially. I really enjoyed the dynamics and what a well-written book this is. I mean honestly, its been a while since I have picked up a book so well written and detailed.Scandal begins with our hero seeking revenge against the families that wronged him and his family. The reasons behind his father's suicide and his mother being forced to live in the north and soon dying herself and where Simon soon learns that not everything goes according to plan. Emily has been corresponding with "the love of her life" in letters and exchanging love of literature and romantic poetry. Emily knows that Simon is her future but she never really imagined that she would meet him in real life. Or that he would share certain delights and passion or agree to marry her. But Emily soon learns that her father wronged Simon's, she understand more than anyone realizes and soon Simon and Emily both find that love heals wounds in ways you least expect.Now I honestly became quickly immersed in Scandal and it had a sense of quirkiness to the story that I found simply delightful. Now first we have our two main characters. Our hero, Simon, is used to be feared. He spent many years in India and deals with problems the way they do. He has power and wealth and everyone tends to fear him. But there is one person that doesn't fear him at all....Emily. Emily, at first, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about her. But she is not what she seems to be on the surface. We see her, in the beginning, being so immersed in poetry and romance and she seems to be a bit dim-witted at times. But she is way more clever than all that. Ever since she was seventeen she has managed to save her reckless father and brothers and handling their gambling debts again and again. She is left alone on the estate unless they need funds. But she knows everything good about making smart investments. She also has a character that you rarely see in romance and I found her to be so refreshing and crafty. She is one of those unique characters that keep you on your toes because I NEVER knew what to expect from her. Some of the plans she hatches, I kept thinking "poor Simon" he has no idea what he is in for here but he does handle it with patience and grace so I have to applaud him for that.I also really liked the ways that these two falls in love and the little ways that they build upon the desire they feel that slowly develops into a strong love where they protect each other no matter what. Their intricate dealings with society, the precise details that are written that make this era just come alive for the reader. And of course seeing how love does change you in some positive ways. The changes we most especially see in Simon was quite frankly speaks of the talent to Amanda Quick. He has such a complex character and seeing how his affection and love that he develops for Emily, changes how he deals with his enemies even.“I am trying to tell you that I probably do not deserve you, elf, but I will kill anyone who tries to take you away from me.” His golden eyes flashed in the candlelight. “In that way, I believe we must be two of a kind.” Scandal is a quick witter and a story full of clever plot runs, delightful characters whose story ends up give you all the feels and offers an in depth look at the regency era in the ways it was meant to be written!! SUPERB!

  • Maddux
    2018-12-28 08:18

    I do not think I like Amanda Quick's heroes either. They're all so cool. Marble. Ice men. Emotionless. They NEVER give anything away to their heroines. Can't crack a smile, much less a joke. This irks me. Badly.And if I have to hear the words: Metaphysical, transcendental, or higher plane one more time....there will be explosive projectile vomiting. The ending was the best part. It's over now.3 stars is a high rating. But I suppose it is apt.

  • Obsidian
    2019-01-14 08:10

    I am laughing so hard as I think of this book and what to write. Look I used to devour Amanda Quick's older books with the one word description and usually a random object on the cover. There were some that were really good. And there were some that may be wonder about the intelligence of the hero/heroine involved. "Scandal" is definitely the latter. You have a sort of reformed rake trope taking place here (though the hero is not really a rake, he's just an out and out ass) with a naive heroine that believes that love transcends everything. Seriously, learn to love the phrases "higher plane" and "cast adrift on love's transcendent golden, shore". Also she calls or thinks of the hero as a "dragon" so learn to love that word as well as the word "elf" that the hero calls the heroine.The heroine in "Scandal" is Emily Faringdon. Emily is an aspiring writer (her epic poem sounds awful by the way) and thinks she is going to forever lead a solitary life in the countryside due to a scandal (where the title comes from) in her past. When Emily was younger, she ran away to get married and then realized on the way what a bad idea it was. Emily was not found til the next day, so of course in Regency era times this means she is considered an indiscreet young woman which no man would offer for. This suits Emily's father since he just uses Emily in order to have her keep him and her two twin brothers (Charles and Devlin) afloat due to her investment schemes. Emily starts up a correspondence with a man claiming to have her love of literature and then one days he announces he will be staying at a neighbor's home and they can finally meet. Emily meets Simon Traherne, also known as the Earl of Blade. Simon has his own reasons for pursuing Emily, and it's all about revenge.So kind of tedious and aggravating. When Emily finally meets Simon she decides that they are soul mates (I refuse to go back and look to see if that phrase is used) and even when she is told why Simon is pursuing her and wants to marry her (to avenge himself on her father) she still marries the guy. It was beyond ridiculous. Who marries someone who tells you that your father was responsible for his father committing suicide and you are part of his master plan to get revenge on all people who wronged him.It baffles me throughout this book how cruel Simon is again and again to Emily and she is all, but I know that he loves me, so this makes it okay. I kept half hoping Emily would brain him with something. And though I had a small smidgen of sympathy towards Simon because of what happened to him and his mother due to his father's suicide, him going after in some cases the children of the men who wronged him gets you over that real quick.Simon sucks. Seriously. I don't know what in the world made Emily even want to be with the guy besides the fact she kept saying they had a metaphysical connection. Simon the day after their wedding forbids her to see her father or her twin brothers again. I know back in Regency days you couldn't divorce, but I hated the fact that Quick has Emily decide to not be physically with Simon again after his announcement, and then has her run off. Simon thinks eventually Emily will be too curious about sex with him to not want to do it again and he will end up winning his way. Due to Simon spending time in the East (and no that is the way it is referred to in the book) he has strange notions about revenge, sins of the father, and apparently knows karate. Or Judo. Or Kung-Fu. I honestly did not get his movements at all, though at one time Quick references Simon chopping someone in the neck with his hand and I died laughing for five minutes. Iron Fist this guy is not.We have other characters in "Scandal" and Emily's father is terrible. How she ignores it also drives me up a wall. There's a resolution about that guy at the end which made me smile. But I would have been happy with sharks being in play at some point. Emily's brother get some more detail, but not much in this one, and it would have been nice to follow up with both of them in subsequent books.The plot in this one is really thin though. Due to Emily's past, no one is to refer to her scandal, and Simon is so powerful he believes he can squelch any commentary about it with threats or favors. Frankly, I don't really get why this would matter in Regency days, marriage fixes everything, or so most of the romance books I read had me believe. And there's a secondary plot that involves Emily's secret being discovered that is only a couple dozen pages. Honestly, most of the book is just Emily and Simon having sex, Simon being nasty, Emily being obtuse about his terribleness, and Emily deciding that love will see them through.The writing at times was super hilarious though. Maybe because I cannot believe anyone back then spoke like this. It felt like very bad stage directions were being given to actors a few times.Simon gently refolded the letter and sat gazing into the fire. After a moment's contemplation, he reached out to pick up the beautifully enameled Chinese teapot that sat on a nearby table. He poured the Lap Seng into a gossamer thin cup decorated with a green and gold dragon. As he started to lift the cup, he paused, studying the figure of the mythical beast.The remainder of the comment was lost as Simon pivoted swiftly in the graceful movements of the ancient fighting art he had learned in the East. He knew his unorthodox, potentially lethal method would have astounded the young bloods who practiced boxing at Gentleman Jackson's academy. They would have been even more perplexed by the elaborate techniques for establishing mental discipline and control that the monks had taught along with the physical skills.I can't help it, this whole book just makes me shake my head. We hear about references to China, monks, the "East" and whatnot.The flow was up and down throughout. Like I said, there was very little plot with this one unlike with other Quick books so you are just really waiting for the hero to stop being a jerk and just fall in love with the heroine already. Or at least I was.I do love Regency era books though. I think I get a kick out of them just because I cannot imagine a society like that nowadays. Of course you realize this was what Polite Society in England did back then, but still, these books always give you a good peek at them.This is a romance novel so of course realize there is a HEA.I read this for Romance Bingo 2017, and this book fits the regency romance square.

  • Charlotte
    2019-01-05 03:25

    This book was a cracking good read. I really enjoyed the push-pull between the hero and heroine. It was fun and engaging and I was completely immersed -the very best kind of romance!The tension created by the two different perspectives of Emily and Blade was well done and very entertaining. She is naive and he is cynical and bent on revenge. But Quick inserts enough ambiguity into this dynamic that the heroine never is at the hero's mercy. She never does anything she does not want to do. She has a romantic nature (as in Romanticism, the literary philosophy of the time concerned with passion, transcendence and the Sublime) and insists that their relationship is transcendent in nature. He initially indulges this sillyness because it suits his dastardly plans -but Quick deftly makes it clear that, naive and silly it may be, but it might also be true. And while he thinks it is claptrap, he could be the blind, naive one, not her.And this makes the book great. The initial power-imbalance in a plot with a manipulative hero and naive heroine never really materialises. Instead, it is a constant give-and-take. So very well done.But mostly, this works because it's a great story. I couldn't and wouldn't put it down and closed the book feeling happy. The hallmark of an excellent romance.

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-01-05 05:07

    A few campy, chuckling moments due to naive heroine, but plot was weak. My mind kept wandering.This author has written many books under the names Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick, and Jayne Castle. She has a wonderful writing style and can make almost anything entertaining. But I feel like she ran out of ideas - as if she pulled the words charming eccentric naive romantic female out of a hat and tried to do something with it, again. Then she added brilliant business financial mind. The positive was that I chuckled several times. But the plot took away from enjoyment. It consisted of two main ideas. Simon takes action to cover up Emily’s scandal from the past, and Simon plans vengeance on some men. The vengeance idea petered out. It was not intriguing.Examples of things that made me chuckle. Frequently Emily says that she and Simon communicate on a metaphysical or transcendental plane/level/realm. She says sex will be a wondrous transcendental experience for people like them. She believed that. Simon did not. He just said what he thought she wanted to hear.Another: Emily tells the footman to find a person from the criminal class to kidnap someone for her. When she meets with that person, she says “are you a professional villain for hire?”The relationship between Simon and Emily happened too quickly - not enough story about that. He pretends to be interested in the same poetry and literature as she. That is why she thinks they communicate on a higher plane. But they meet and quickly marry. There is no interesting push-pull between them.One odd thing about Emily. She was a financial genius in the stock and commodities markets, making money for others - think Warren Buffett. To do that she needed knowledge about the competence of managers in companies and projects. A little hard to believe she could have that knowledge, when she lived in the country and her only social interaction was a lady’s discussion group about romantic literature. I don’t mind suspending disbelief for a good story. But this didn’t work. A better story would be seeing how Emily learned things in the markets and how she outsmarted other investors. But that was not here.The narrator Anne Flosnik was pretty good, but her voices for men sounded weird. I prefer Susan Duerden who is good with male voices.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Unabridged audiobook length: 12 hrs and 5 mins. Swearing language: mild. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 7. Setting: early 1800s England. Book copyright: 1991. Genre: regency romance.

  • Brianne
    2019-01-14 06:07

    Upon reading a synopsis of Scandal, I was hesitant to read it. I haven't read a marriage of convenience in a long time and really, this just didn't seem like my thing. I got about a quarter of the way through and still wasn't so sure. The heroine, Emily, appears almost stupid at parts, too stuck in her romantic literature to face reality. However, there is a point, when she carefully lays out the reasons the Earl should marry her, where Emily's supposed stupidity becomes almost endearing and the reader realizes that she can indeed recognize reality from fiction. It is wonderful to watch the hero, Simon, struggle with himself. An alpha male, Simon finds it difficult to let anyone take charge. And while he definitely struggles with trying to control her, he does not ever really confront the struggle consciously. There are not pages and pages devoted to his arguments with himself, and I loved that. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book in the end. It was an enjoyable read, more so than most romance books I've read in the last few months.

  • Chumchum_88
    2018-12-28 03:13

    In all the Amanda Quick books I have read s far, this was a bit different, I had some issues with the characters.But as usual Amanda Quick delivered yet another great book.One of my biggest issues with the book was the main characters especially the heroine, the only word that comes to mind when I think of Emily is Gullible. Naivete doesn't even measure up, in the story they make it seem that she only sees the good in people, and even the main guy wants her t face reality, I thought her harshest reality was him. I really hated the idea of her worshiping him, and to the public eye she's like a pet waiting for the crock of his finger, which is exactly what some other characters described her. It's not that she looked fearless to me, it's that she have an image f another guy in her head. At first they communicated about literature for several months, then he marries a gave her a reality check, several times, that he's cold-hearted and he didn't even love or like her, that shes a means to an end. Yet she still clung to the idea that they are linked in spiritual ways that not everyone can reach. Honestly it got on my nerves most of the time, I just wanted to strangle her), oh yeah plus her total adoration and devotion to him, t the degree that she would have shot someone for him.The only thing I have to say about Simon is that he was one asshole of a jerk, granted he succumbed to her whims at times, but those times aren't worth all the criticism and the hurtful things her said to her. and I hated that he only told her he loved her at the very very very end. I loved the idea that most of the staff were former pirates and the sort and how all of them in their own way worshiped and adored Emily.Loved how her twin brothers started to look up at him in the manner of hero-worshipingOverall, other than what I have stated about the main characters it a *thumps up*

  • Jessica Wimberly
    2018-12-26 01:11

    OMG how may times do I have to hear words, Metaphysical, transcendental, or higher plane? Ugh It was getting on my nerves.I couldn't finish the book it was so boring the characters were boring. First you have Simon an emotionless, cold-hearted man that only thinks about getting revenge that he doesn't care who he ruins to achieve it. Then you have Emily who is quite fankly boring, All she talks about is having a love connection that is on a higher plane. She goes as far as to ruin not only herself but her family for a man that doesn't even love her.

  • Tetty Marlinda
    2019-01-16 06:30

    #96 for 2017 RCGenre: Historical Romance

  • Willow Brook
    2019-01-19 07:26

    Enjoyable story of a wildly romantic, naive young woman who is married by a man who wants to use her to gain revenge on her family. Normally, I have no use for revenge plots that involve using innocent parties but this is a light, airy love story. Simon's 23 year quest for vengence quickly begins to fall apart in face of Emily's steadfast love and conviction that he is a noble and decent man. That is the fun part. At times, Emily teeters on the edge of annoying with her constant reference to flowery romantic phrases. She definitely strays into Pollyanna territory with her determination to look for the good in all and especially in her husband. However, her practical, realistic side does become more apparent as the story progresses. Also, when Simon loses his temper a number of times with her for her apparent naivete, you see there is more to Emily that the cheery, bright, pretty "Elf" she seems to be on first, second and third appearance. A fun, sweet Regency romance.

  • Lara
    2019-01-01 04:16

    This is an older Quick novel, and the hero's condescension is typical of the time the book was written. At times I was really frustrated, but I also felt that his treatment of Emily was pretty realistic for the time. The story is different from many Quick/Krentz stories. There is no murder, and most of the plot devices that are common in her more recent books are not in this story. It is about a young woman who fell in love with a man through letters, and a man who is consumed with the need for vengeance due to tragedy in his past. She is optimistic and loves the fantastical. He is manipulative and controlling. They make a good pair, though it takes some time for each to fully understand and support the other. Her father is particularly unpleasant, which is also different. Overall, I enjoyed it more the second time around than the first.

  • Hina
    2018-12-22 07:20

    1.5 Stars!

  • Jen
    2019-01-16 05:34

    The other day, I did what I usually do when the book I'm chewing on doesn't agree with me - I went to my historical shelf and looked for something easier to handle. I read lots of books like this one (there's just so many millions of them floating about the universe (or so it seems) that it's only probable that I'll brush up against one from time to time) but I'm not quite sure that I have ever seen one like Scandal by Amanda Quick. The main female character, Emily, is so utterly annoying and ridiculous that I'm still in awe of her. Amanda Quick, aka Jayne Ann Krentz, is one of my favorite historical authors and I am gobsmacked that she of all people came up with an unparalleled nitwit such as Emily.Emily is intelligent. She manages her family's finances; more specifically, she manages to keep her gambling addict of a father from the poorhouse by successfully playing the stockmarket and choosing successful ventures. However, when it comes to men, she is an idiot. Losing her reputation at nineteen to a prettyboy Byron wannabe, she settled into a life of quiet spinsterhood in a small village outside the direct influence of London. One day, she received a letter from a stranger, a man who claimed that he had heard through the literati grapevine that she was a fellow lover of poetry, and they became pen pals. Turns out that her pen pal is a man whose father was ruined in a card game by her father and she's living in his old home! Simon has waited a long time for revenge and he's decided to use Emily to get it.Here's where it goes bad. Emily is a HUGE sucker for romantic literature. (Ironic, isn't it, how she didn't fancy Mr. Darcy when her book club read P&P?) Simon uses her awful poetry as a lure, reeling Emily in slowly. He then shows up in her neighborhood after he's sure she's an absolute fool in love over him and seduces her without going all the way (a late night tryst was a sure thing to check that she was, in fact, INTACT). They marry and he makes sure that they consummate the marriage on their wedding night. At this point, I was thinking, hmm. Looking into a man's eyes and thinking that they seem cold to you when he's talking about love and metaphysical attachments is probably not a good sign, sister. However, throughout all of this, Emily goes on and on about how Simon is good and honorable and not at all cruel and dangerous to him and everyone else who will listen. Here is a rather long example of their interactions that appear throughout Scandal, where Emily apologizes to Simon for speaking to her father and tries to understand why he's being cold to her. It is fairly consistent with the rest: (from pages 140-142) "I understand and I am truly sorry," Emily said quickly. "You must know that. But it all happened a long time ago. It concerns our parents, not us. It was the work of an earlier generation. Now that you have St. Clair Hall back, you must let go of the past. It will only continue to torment you if you do not. Simon, you must look to the future." "Really? And what, precisely, do you propose I contemplate when I gaze upon the future?" Simon asked dryly. Emily took a deep breath. "Well, there is the matter of our relationship, my lord," she suggested tentatively. "As you pointed out last night, it has been considerably enhanced and deepened now by our physical union. We share something very special. Surely you will want to let go of the sadness of the past and concentrate instead on the joys of our greatly expanded methods of communication." He looked down at her, brows arched in icy amusement. "Are you suggesting that I forgo the reminder of my vengeance against your family in favor of the joys of the marriage bed?" Emily was increasingly uncertain of Simon's odd mood. A deep foreboding swept over her as she peered up at him through her spectacles. He looked very dangerous suddenly; a dragon had invaded the south garden, a dragon looking for prey. "Last night," Emily said slowly, "you said that for us the pleasures of the marriage bed would be unique. You told me they would be connected to the pure and noble passions of the metaphysical realm. That our union took place on the transcendental plane as well as of the physical plane. Surely that sort of relationship is very special and should be nurtured and cherished, my lord?" Anger crackled in Simon's golden eyes. "For God's sake, Emily, even you cannot be that naive. What took place between us last night had nothing whatsoever to do with any damn transcendental place. It was a matter of simple lust." "Simon, you cannot mean that. You yourself explained about the connection between the physical and metaphysical realms." She blushed but did not lower her gaze. She knew she was fighting for something very important now. "Our passions are transcendent in nature. Remember how you described the way our lovemaking in the physical world was bound to enhance our communication in the metaphysical realm?" ... She bit her lip. "So you lied to me about wanting to enhance our unique metaphysical communication?" "Emily, I did what I had to do in order to calm you bridal fears. We got the business over and done in a reasonable fashion and there is now no chance of an annulment." "That is all you cared about? Making certain there would be no grounds for an annulment this morning?" she asked softly. "You did not feel that last night we were both cast adrift on love's transcendent golden shore?" "Bloody hell. For God's sake, woman, will you cease prattling on about romance and metaphysics? I have had enough of your romantical nonsense. This is a marriage, not a verse from an epic poem. It is time you faced reality. You are no longer a Faringdon. You are now my wife. We shall manage to deal comfortably with each other if you keep that fact uppermost in your mind at all times." "I am hardly likely to forget it, Simon." "See that you don't," he said, his golden eyes blazing. "Emily it is time you understood that I require one thing above all else from you." "You require my love?" A spark of foolish hope still burned within her, Emily realized with chagrin. "No, Emily," Simon said brutally. "What I require from you - what I will have from you at all costs - is your complete and unwavering loyalty. You are now the Countess of Blade. You are a Traherne. You are no longer a Faringdon. Is that entirely clear?" The last, tiny flicker of hope died. "You make yourself very clear, my lord."Emily's prattling about "love's transcendent golden shore" continues throughout the whole of Scandal and it drove me crazy, just as it did Simon. From a writer who creates such intelligent and shrewd women, I could just not understand by Quick/Krentz would go this direction with Emily. Perhaps this is her version of whimsy?As for Simon, I'm not agreeing with his motives or methods but I found him less annoying, if not exactly likable. A man willing to trample over anybody and everybody for revenge isn't the type I'd want to spend my life with. The title of Earl of Blade is certainly apropos, is it not?Scandal is definitely not Amanda Quick's best work. An annoying heroine and ruthless hero make for an irritating trip into regency England.

  • Kathie (katmom)
    2018-12-26 03:11

    Emily is deeply into romantic imaginings. She believes that's all she'll ever be able to do, imagine, because she had an Unfortunate Incident when she was 19.EVERYONE knows about it. Her father tells her (and everyone else willing to listen) how RUINED she is. Too bad she'll just have to stay home and make money on the exchange for he and her twin brothers.She begins a correspondence with S.A. Traherne, not knowing that he is Simon Augustus Traherne, the mysterious Earl of Blade.He knows exactly who she is and just how he's going to use her as a pawn in his search for vengence against her father and an assortment of other Gentlemen.Emily seems rather "feather headed" but she really is smart as a whip and has a wonderful heart. She draws people to her because she really IS nice and sweet.HE is not going to be drawn in! HE'S going to be the BOSS of her.You do see where this is going, right?I enjoyed it very much...and I'll be reading this one again.

  • SaturNalia
    2019-01-18 04:33

    Simon has spent 20 years plotting revenge against Emily's father. His grand plan is to seduce and marry Emily and financially ruin the family. Emily easily falls into his clutches, she believes herself to be in love with Simon due to their written correspondences. Simon is cold, calculating and ruthless. Emily is spontaneous, romantic and naive. Their romance was light, funny and very cute. Emily believed Simon was good and honorable, and because he loved her he lived up to that expectation by going around London and threatening anyone who dared to look at her wrong. The best part about their relationship was their commitment to each other and their marriage. Emily's family and Simon's unwillingness to let go of the past tested them. The way Emily kept Simon off balance was funny. Loved every moment and it was over too soon.

  • Mo
    2019-01-12 02:12

    I first read this novel in 1991, which is almost 25 years ago. I've since read it about 5 times.Funny, I used to love the character of Emily. This time around I found her naiveté to be rather tiresome. And if I had to read the word "metaphysical" one more time, I was going to scream!I'm going to let the 5 star rating stand, but I guess I am past this book now (or I'm really tired of it). It was more of a 3 star this time around.

  • Cyndi
    2019-01-17 05:33

    Could there have been a more ridiculous book ever written? If I hadn't read so many other books by Amanda Quick, I'd have to assume this was a joke. No one writes this horribly or includes such absurd dialogue. Quick tried to develop a completely stupid set of metaphors throughout the book by comparing Simon to a dragon and Emily to an elf. They called each other by pet names - he called her elf and she called him dragon. Yup. Dumb. Emily even went so far as to have dragons embroidered on her clothes ... and shoes ... and fans ... and I swear if she could have she would have tattooed a big golden-eyed (because Simon has golden eyes, which we heard about 2,783 times) dragon on her ass. Simon, on the other hand, just called her "elf" incessantly due to her apparent "elfish" appearance (being short, having red curls, and no boobs means you look like an elf, I guess) and her utter lack of people skills (apparently, being so naive that you border on mentally handicapped is "charming" and "unique" and also "elf-like). So yeah. The attempt at being metaphorical and shit did not work. And oh the dialogue ... and all the other writing in the book. Whether the characters were thinking or talking or the 3rd person narrator was ... narrating, every word choice and rhetorical decision made in relation to this novel was utterly awful. Example: It was absolutely intolerable that the great love of her life should have snuck up on her and caught her so woefully unprepared for such a momentous occasion. Yeah. Let that gem sink in. That was Emily's reaction to meeting Simon for the first time. Here's another super awesome example: Simon was her companion of the metaphysical realm. Quick used metaphysical to describe their connection 40 times in the novel and the word "plane" 48 times to discuss their connection in a higher, more intellectual realm (I ran the numbers on my Kindle). That may not seem like a lot but it certainly felt like it. However, my favorite line was this: The third inescapable conclusion was that she was still in love with the mysterious, golden-eyed dragon of the East. I literally laughed out loud when I read this. I only wish that this was not the most absurd line in the whole book. I also wish this was a joke. Unfortunately it's not. Oh! And I can't forget the fact that Emily likes to curse when she gets mad. Do you know what she says? Bloody hell. That's her awful curse ... apparently the only one she knows. I would have liked to see a "damn" or even an "arse." But nope! "Bloody hell" was all she knew. I feel like Quick chose that particular phrase because it sounded British. There was nothing even remotely redeeming about this book. I would almost say that the fact that Simon kind of chewed Emily out for being such a stupid nitwit was good, but then the book ended with him coming to some sort of "Thank god I have such a uniquely charming elf in my life" realization that it totally cancelled out his previous, rational frustration with her. We were supposed to feel bad that he made Emily cry when he "broke her heart" by being, oh, I don't know, normal but instead I found myself cheering on his supposed callous behavior and wishing she'd cry just a little harder. Maybe she'd drown in her tears and Simon could find a more worthy companion and the reader wouldn't have to listen to her babble about romantic poetry and deep connections and blah blah blah. This book sucked hard core. If I could go back and time and chose whether or not to erase my unfortunate Sally Jesse Raphael glasses from my 7th grade school picture or erase the memory of this book, I'd erase this book. Bring on the red glasses, baby, because nothing is more heinous than Scandal by Amanda Quick.

  • Annette
    2019-01-13 01:35

    Emily lives in a small village and has plans to write an epic romantic poem, along the lines of Byron. At the same time, she is a down to earth whiz with investments. She has helped her servants as well as some elderly spinsters build pensions for their later years. She has also maintained a very comfortable life style for her gambler father and her twin brothers. All this is based on her knowledge and ability to choose investments which make a good profit.Emily lives her life based on an Unfortunate Incident in her past. She knows and her entire village believes she was ruined when she was young. Which means no decent man will ever want her. So, living her life on a higher plane gives her comfort.Emily has found a pen friend who appears to be of the same high minded outlook. He writes of the same interest in the romantic poets and the same devotion to living life on an emotional level above the real world. In reality, he is Blade. A very wealthy earl who has a plan. His plan is for revenge against Emily and her family for the terrible things done to his father.On the surface, Blade appears to be a cold, hard and vengeful man with no redeeming qualities. He is quite open about his plan to ruin Emily's father and brothers for the terrible treatment of his father and his family at a time of great need. He acts as though there is nothing he will not do to see the failure of the people he hates. And his plan includes using Emily as his weapon.Then he gets to know Emily. Her sweet nature and love of her fellow man make Blade re-evaluate using her as he had planned. He tells others that she is amusing and that is why he is willing to do things for her which go against his apparent nature. But in reality, his character softens the longer he spends time with Emily and sees her perspective on the world.As the story unfolds, we see no one is exactly as they appear. The characters of Emily and Blade are people who are interesting and many layered. The secondary characters add interest to the plot and are each entertaining individuals. There is humor between Emily and Blade which helps the reader understand each of them a little better. The witty dialogue and budding relationship maintain interest in the story and the hero and heroine.Amanda Quick, (also Jayne Ann Krentz and Jayne Castle) writes with humor and provides detail that is part of the building of the plot. I can easily recommend her books to anyone who enjoys romance, mystery and humor in each book.

  • Anna D.
    2019-01-16 08:14

    Like most readers I like strong and intelligent heroines. Emily is that, but she's also very naïve and gets carried away with her poetry – which got annoying. Even though later we realize that her romantical (I hate when they used this term in the book) imagination is probably how she coped with the hard realities in her life, it was too late for me to overlook my annoyance.. therefore I never ended up liking her. At all.In the first 3/4 of the book, I didn’t like any of the characters!! And I REALLY wanted to just put the book down unfinished and chalk it off as wasted time I’ll never get back – but not finishing a book when I’m more than halfway through would have irritated me more so I pressed on. I’m glad I did because Simon, Devlin, and Charles’ characters redeemed themselves – and the book got an extra star (from 1 to 2)My biggest complaint about the book was the torturous references and use of the words “Unfortunate Incident,” “higher plane,” and “Bloody Hell.” – I literally cringe and even made an effort to not read those words because it was making me furious. I don’t know why Amanda Quick took forever to reveal the Unfortunate Incident - tell us what it is already! The buildup only made it all the more disappointing when we finally find out what it is. I also understood that Emily’s character curses, but did it always have to be “Bloody Hell” – there are so many curse words and phrases to use! Then to make it worse, Simon started doing it! Ugh! Barf!Also, was it just me (and how I pictured the characters based on AQ’s description) or was this couple mis-matched? Physically/aesthetically speaking. I picture Simon as this handsome, tall, muscular, perfect male specimen. However, Emily is described as an elfin-looking woman with mousy features – how is that attractive? I really couldn’t understand why Simon was attracted to her… even with her financial aptitude-which he didn’t need because he was savvy himself.I hate to say it but I was really disappointed with this book and couldn’t understand how so many people liked it. This didn’t put me off Amanda Quick as a whole since I really liked her book Ravished. Though she has a tendency to write heroines that border or cross into annoying territory (Harriet from Ravished annoyed me, but then somewhere along the story she recovered) I will need to watch out for this in the future. I will definitely be reading more reviews of her other books before I pick up the next one.

  • Hannah
    2019-01-10 02:11

    Sadly, this is now my least favorite Amanda Quick novel. The story is about Simon, the Earl of Blade, who has been corresponding for several months with a young woman named Emily Faringdon. Because Emily has a stained past, born of romantic foolishness, she knows that their correspondence will never be more than it is but she relies heavily upon the illusion and the unlikely connection she's able to have with a likeminded gentleman. Only (but not shockingly!) it turns out that Simon is using Emily to exact revenge against her father and the story begins from here...The reason that I really couldn't get on board with this book is for the same reason that I didn't enjoy Sarah Maclean's A Rogue by Any Other Name: why the hell do they need to get revenge?! Of course the people they hate are terrible and slimy, but let's think about the real problem for a second... did no one ever tell them that if you play with fire you might get burned? What kind of person gambles and then blames the winner for all their problems? Don't gamble if you don't want to face the consequences.And, okay. So I know that this dude technically wasn't at fault. He was just a child. But did he ever blame his father? Kind of... but not really. It seemed like he just wanted to vow revenge on everyone else, including their families, and this is where the story lost me. I don't care what anyone did to his father, he had no right to be mean to Emily. He wasn't awful, but he wasn't nice and why do I want to read about that? He could definitely be verbally abusive and it doesn't help that she just stood there and smiled at him. Am I supposed to find that cute? I don't. I get that she's super sweet and it's funny that she likes him when no one else does, but also she should stand up for herself. That being said: she was not that smart. The book told me she was smart, but I didn't see proof (case in point: her plan at their house party). Also, I really couldn't get on board with all of her "metaphysical connections" and "transcendental planes" because even though she was super cute, that got old pretty quickly.Anyways, I still love Amanda Quick's book and I'll probably go read another one tomorrow. This one just didn't sit well with me, so read at your own risk.

  • Jedi Kitty
    2019-01-18 02:22

    Really cute, quirky and sweet. It had me smiling the whole time. The heroine, Emily, has some duality to her character that reflects her life experiences. She is a determinedly naive aspiring poet, but is also an intelligent investor who handles money matters for her profligate, neglectful father and irresponsible brother. Without a hope for her future, due to a "great Scandal" in her past, she still manages to fall in love with a man she is writing to. She is determined to pursue a metaphysical poetic connection 'on a higher plane' with her correspondent. This both plays right into the hands of, and frustrates the ruthless earl who has manipulated his way into her heart. Despite his cold-blooded revenge plans, he can't quite seem to predict or take into account anything Emily does, and is left constantly off balance.An all-time favorite romance! My favorite Amanda Quick, too. There is a sense of humor running through this story is delightful, but it's tempered with irony, and the deeper feelings of the characters. The heroine is in the clouds for most of her life, but she prefers a life with romance and dreams to the reality she faces. She isn't delusional, she's just living her life the way she wants to. She's over the top, the perfect foil to the too-contained, cool, powerful alpha hero. I loved their story together!

  • Abby
    2019-01-10 06:22

    This was chosen for the Smart Bitches bookclub over the holiday break and while I didn't get a chance to read it then, I did want to come back to it. Amanda Quick was one of my first romance authors and was instrumental on getting me hooked into the genre. At age 13, I LOVED (lived and breathed) strong, quirky heroines, strong heroes, and the negotiation of relationships in romance novels (not to mention the steamy sexxxings) fed the imagination of this young feminist. Quick tends to write exactly that: strong, quirky heroines, great secondary characters (a majority of which are strong, independent women) and, of course, then men who fall in love and cherish the quirks, strength and independence of these women.Alas, SCANDAL wasn't QUITE up to snuff. Heroine Emily is a little too flighty with her escapism into romantic literature and her longing to communication with the hero, Simon, on a "higher, metaphysical plain." There's a beautiful moment when we see Emily's strength and the reason why she chooses to escape into romance, but that strength isn't ever really explored and that made me a sad panda.Simon's smolderingly brilliant and his transformation into the romantic hero is joyful to watch. I just wish as much attention and care had been paid to Emily, so that we could really SEE her depths and not just told that they're there.

  • StacieM. Ritchie
    2018-12-21 01:13

    This is another example of the historical romance that Amanda Quick is known for. Emily Faringdon has been bailing her twin brothers and father out of debt since she was a teenager. She has a youthful indiscretion that led her to be relegated to the country and she longs for a love that will look past the scandal attached to her name. The Earl of Blade has had a plan of vengeance for fifteen years, and he started to correspond with Emily because of her family. When he meets Emily, he finds himself attracted to this odd woman. He decides that his plan will include marriage to Emily. Her father tries to stop them because he sees his income leaving him. Emily, who knows the history, agrees to marry Blade. They move to London after an interval and she is brought into society. As Emily tries to develop her relationship with Blade, her family causes her lots of problems. Blade realizes that Emily is everything he wanted and that vengeance is not very sweet. He takes care of her family and they live happily ever after. This is a quick read but highly entertaining.

  • LJ
    2019-01-01 08:23

    SCANDAL - VGQuick, Amanda (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) - standaloneWith her reputation forever tarnished by a youthful indiscretion,lovely Emily Faringdon is resigned to a life of spinsterhood until she embarks on an unusual correspondence and finds herself falling head over heels in love.Sensitive, intelligent and high minded her noble pen pal seems to embody everything Emily has ever dreamed of in a man.But Simon Augustas Traherne,the mysterious Earl of Blade,is not at all what he seems.An earl our for revenge and a romantic; it was a fun, pleasant read.

  • DemetraP
    2018-12-28 07:09

    I loved Scandal by Amanda Quick. It's a historical about a hero who comes looking for revenge and instead falls in love with the heroine. This is a pretty funny book. Heroine wears glasses and is obsessed with reading romantic poetry and says things like, "We connected on a transcendental plane." She refers to an "Unfortunate Incident" in her past and the entire village refers to it as the "unfortunate incident"It kept me entertained and I liked how the hero was obsessed with the heroine.

  • Belinda McBride
    2019-01-16 06:19

    OK, so its been eons since I read any sort of romance of this sort...kinda regency, I guess, but not heavy on the historical end. Well, the author (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) just caught me up with the eccentric heroine, the dark, dangerous hero and the odd journey they take together. Its well worth reading, even though she treads the line very close with the heroine, making her just borderline TSTL. But she redeems her beautifully and in all, it makes for a delightful, fun read.

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-01-02 08:34

    The book had a slow beginning or should I say a not very interesting beginning and then got much better. I was a little surprised at how much I liked it. I would recommend this book

  • Olivia
    2019-01-01 07:13

    It was rather like having a dragon in the parlor. One knew one ought to be extremely polite, but one did not know quite what to do with the creature.-Emily's thoughts about Simon“My God, Emily.” For a moment the world seemed to halt. She could barely breathe, let alone respond. “Emily, open your eyes and look at me.” Dreamily, Emily lifted her lashes and looked up into Simon’s harshly carved face. He was so close that she could see him without the aid of her spectacles. She was fascinated by the glittering heat that had washed away the coldness in his eyes. Fire lit the beautiful golden gaze now, a wild flame of masculine desire held under rigid control. “Dragon,” she whispered softly, touching his hard cheek with gentle fingers. “My very own golden-eyed dragon.” He narrowed his eyes as he stared down at her. “Dragons have a dangerous reputation around fair maidens.” She smiled softly up at him. “’Tis no use breathing fire and smoke in an attempt to frighten me, my lord. I know I am quite safe with you.”-Simon & Emily“Now, pay attention, Miss Faringdon, for I have something extremely important to say to you.” “Yes, my lord?” “Henceforth, whenever we are threatened with being cast adrift upon love’s transcendent, golden shore, I want you to slap my face."-Simon & Emily“Simon?” She looked up at him, clutching at the lapels of his black brocade dressing gown. “Hush, love. We’ve done enough talking for tonight. The time has come for us to learn to communicate in other ways.” His mouth closed over her parted lips and he heard the soft little moan that caught in her throat.-Emily & Simon“Simon?” “Do you trust me, little one?” “Oh, yes, Simon. I trust you completely.” She looked up at him through her lashes, her arms wound around his back. “I vow I will always protect you, Emily. Remember that. Whatever else happens, know that I will always take care of you.” “Yes, Simon.”-Emily & SimonSimon looked at her red curls glowing in the reflected heat of the fire. Like polished copper, he thought. Then reality hit him full force. “This is our wedding night.” “Yes.” “Our wedding night and I just bedded you on the floor of the library. The library, for God’s sake.” “I prefer to think that you just made love to me on the floor of the library,” Emily said, yawning hugely. “I must have taken leave of my senses.” Simon sat up abruptly, running his fingers through his hair. “We should be upstairs in your bed. Or my bed.” “Do not fret, Simon. It does not particularly matter to me where we spent our wedding night.” Emily smiled sleepily. “I can leave the details out of my journal, if you like.” “Good God. By all means leave the details out of your damn journal.”-Simon & EmilyEmily was aware of the feel of the gold satin under her back and hips. It was a wonderfully pagan sensation. “Do I look like a harem lady now?” Simon smiled slowly and combed his fingers through the triangle of red hair at the top of her thighs. “A very rare and unusual harem lady,” he agreed. “You would bring a very high price, indeed, if you were to go on the auction block.” She looked up at him through her lashes, feeling deliciously wanton. “Would you sell me?” “Never,” he vowed, voice darkening abruptly.-Emily & Simon"The thing I do not entirely understand,” Simon said reflectively, “is how I came to be in this situation in the first place.” Devlin grinned the charming Faringdon grin. “You mean rescuing Charles and showing us a trick or two about how to be going on in the world? I expect it is all Emily’s fault.” “You are correct, of course. It is all her fault.” “She is the one person on the face of the earth who does not think you are a cold-blooded devil, you know,” Devlin said. “Emily’s tendency toward the romantical is occasionally awkward.” “I know,” Devlin said, not without sympathy. “One always hates to disillusion her.”-Simon & Devlin“Emily, your emotions are overset. You had better go to bed.” “Oh, do stop being so bloody condescending, my lord.”-Simon & Emily“I love to touch you, Simon. You are so hard and sleek and strong. Like one of your beautiful, jeweled dragons come to life.” “You are not afraid I will rend you to pieces?” She smiled faintly, bent her head, and touched the tip of her tongue to his chest. “You would not do that.” “You are very confident of your power, are you not? Perhaps a little too confident.” “It is not a matter of power, Simon. It is a matter of love.”-Emily & Simon"Emily, I want to talk to you.” “Yes, my lord?” She waited with an air of alert expectation. “Damn. Must you always look at me that way, elf? I vow that you are going to turn me into a Bedlamite with that unholy combination of naïveté and mischief. You almost make me forget that just yesterday you were busy trying to employ a cutthroat.” “I am sorry, my lord,” Emily said, not appearing the least bit repentant. “Are you planning to lecture me again on that matter?” “No.” Simon stood up and walked over to the window, turning his back on her. He studied the drenched garden behind the townhouse while he collected his thoughts. “I have a difficult task before me, Emily.” “What is that, my lord?” “I wish to apologize to you,” he said softly. There was a small pause before Emily said carefully, “Whatever for?” “For my unchivalrous behavior last night,” Simon muttered. “I did not treat you well, elf. I behaved in a most ill-mannered and ungentlemanly fashion.” “You mean all that business about ordering me into your bed? Rubbish. Pray do not regard it, my lord,” Emily said lightly. “I had an excellent time once I got there.”-Simon & Emily"You appear to be the only person in the whole of London who does not go in fear of him. That is no doubt one of the reasons the ton finds you so fascinating, my dear. You blithely dance where angels fear to tread."-Araminta to Emily about Simon“Do tell me what you were doing in the nursery with Charles and Devlin, my lord,” Emily said from the other end of the dinner table that evening. “I am most curious.” “Curiosity is not an admirable trait in a female.” Simon surveyed the exotically spiced East Indian curry George had just placed in front of him. Emily gave him a mischievous grin. “You could hardly expect me to ignore all those loud thumping noises as I went past the nursery door.” Simon was aware Emily was deliberately teasing him. He was equally aware that Greaves and George were listening to every word as they stood watch over the dinner table. “In future, my dear, you will kindly knock before you enter a room in which you hear thumping sounds.” “Yes, of course,” Emily said with an acquiescent nod. “I mean, one never knows what one will encounter when one opens a door after hearing a thumping sort of noise, does one? It might be anything. One might even chance upon three men who are not wearing their shirts or something equally outrageous.” “That is quite enough conversation on the subject, madam wife.” He shot Emily a severe glare. The response was an irrepressible giggle. “I refuse to end this discussion until I know what you were doing. Were you practicing a fighting technique of some sort?” Simon gave up. “Yes, we were. I am not certain how it came about but somehow your brothers managed to talk me into demonstrating it for them. It is something I learned during my years in the East.” “Would you teach me?” Simon was truly shocked by the suggestion. Emily’s charming eccentricities could be amusing at times but there were definitely occasions when she went too far. “Most certainly not. It is not a proper activity for a female and it is definitely not the sort of thing a man teaches his wife.” “Hmm. I am not so certain it would be a bad notion to teach me,” Emily mused, unintimidated. “After all, the streets of London are not particularly safe, to say nothing of places like Vauxhall Gardens. One never knows when one might encounter a dangerous villain on a dark path, for example, and be obliged to defend oneself from a fate worse than death.” “That is quite enough, madam.” George, the footman who was serving that evening, was suddenly overcome with a fit of loud, sputtering coughing. He rushed from the room. Outside in the hall the coughing turned into a roar of laughter. Greaves, the butler, looked extremely pained. Simon glowered at Emily.-Emily & Simon“I will protect you, dragon,” she whispered.-Emily to Simon"You are a tigress when you set out to protect your own, aren’t you, my dear?” Emily stared at him in confusion. “I could not let him humiliate you, Simon.” “No, of course not. You love me. You adore me. You think I am noble and generous and brave, a paragon among husbands.” Simon took a sip of brandy. “You would do anything for me.” “Simon?” Emily’s voice was uncertain. “You must forgive me for being somewhat dazed at the moment. Actually, I have been in this state for the past several hours. No one in my entire life has ever tried to protect me, elf.” Emily continued to stare at him, unable to speak. “I have taken care of myself for as long as I can remember,” Simon continued. “And when I met you, I realized I wanted to take care of you, too. But the notion of someone being willing to risk her life for me, the concept of someone willing to shoot a man to protect me, has temporarily scattered my wits.” “Simon, are you trying to tell me you are not repulsed by my actions, after all?” “I am trying to tell you that I probably do not deserve you, elf, but I will kill anyone who tries to take you away from me.” His golden eyes flashed in the candlelight. “In that way, I believe we must be two of a kind.”-Simon & Emily“A long time ago I wrote three letters asking for help.” “You wrote them to Northcote, Canonbury, and Peppington. Yes, I know,” Emily said gently. “When that help was refused I vowed I would never again ask anything of anyone in this world or the next. But now I find I must break that oath. Please do not ever stop loving me, elf. Losing your love would destroy me.” “Oh, Simon.” Emily’s fingers twisted in the folds of her wrapper as the happiness threatened to explode inside her. “I love you, Emily,” Simon said quietly, his eyes never leaving hers.-Simon & Emily#SimonAndEmily #TheDragonAndTheElf #Love #CastAdrift #ThumpingNoises #NonexistentUnfortunateIncident #EpicPoem #Romantic #HaremOfOne #Investments #Cravats #LibraryFloors #Debts #Eccentrics #Protective I love this book, it has long been a favorite of mine. I adore Emily's eccentric and romantic ways, and the way she handles Simon is brilliant. I also love Simon. He goes through a great deal of character growth throughout the book, thanks to Emily. The dragon and the elf make a perfect match. I highly recommend this book.

  • Adrianna
    2018-12-22 09:15

    I am a big fan of Amanda Quick. I practically own all of her books, and I am slowly buying them as multiple formats: Audiobooks, ebooks, and either paperback or hardcover print copies. My favorite Amanda Quick novels are her earliest ones, such as Desire, Dangerous, or Seduction. Scandal is another favorite. I really enjoy Emily and Simon's unique story.Emily is a more likeable character than Simon, who was always a little rough around the edges for me. I keep reminding myself that he is a dragon, and dragons are impenetrable. Yet, Emily finds a way through his tough skin to touch his very heart and soul. The book touches on issues of gambling and suicide. I was frustrated that not all the supporting characters understand that gambling is a truly devastating addiction that affects many. It is true, though, that you cannot help those who refuse to admit they have a problem. Emily and Simon save who they can and, in the process, bring their families closer together to heal past hurts and sins. Anne Flosnik narrated the audible version of the book. I seek her readings of Amanda Quick's novels first because she captures the voices and emotions the best. Even with some slightly deeper and darker topics, such as the gambling addiction and suicide, the book is a lighthearted romance. If you seek a fun read with a happy ending, this is the book for you.