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Title : Piss On It: New And Selected Poems
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Piss On It: New And Selected Poems Reviews

  • Mischenko
    2019-01-06 02:20

    A collection of poems by Arthur Graham. My favorites were:-The Internet-Coming Clean-Amsterdam-Beneath the Junipers-Shrapnel TownI'd like to thank the author, Arthur Graham, for sharing an e-copy with me.4****

  • HFK
    2018-12-29 07:58

    Earlier this year I read and reviewed poetry collection I Wrote a Poem About You, and was instantly feeling the MOJO of Mr. Graham. When Mr. Graham and his renewed MOJO kindly approached me in order to know if I would be interested in his new poetry, I was (naturally) acting all cool and saying such things as "I would happily read your poetry" and "I am a fan of your poetry" while mentally sending my best (anti)climatic but seductive vibes towards him. I am happy to announce that my vibes probably worked because here I am, sitting with (let it be noted that if I would have the physical copy, I would not sit with but sit on it) a free e-book copy of Piss On It: New and Selected Poems. Let's take a moment to discuss that cover. What that cover says in its simplicity: I fuck hard, long and nice. There is so much confidence, sexiness and manliness in that cover that you just know that whatever is between the covers, that something needs to be Bukowski-strong. Well, what exactly is Bukowski-strong you may ask?Yeah, Mr. Graham's poetry is that. It was that with I Wrote a Poem About You, and it is that with Piss On It: New and Selected Poems, too. Unfortunately, I hardly ever wear underwear when I am home so I can't really strip down and throw my panties on Mr. Graham's way.(Anti)Climax The first night we fucked, we'd stumbled back to your place, nipping my flask along the way. Ten all at once, the deal had been sealed, after one long year of negotiations. Once we had finished, you promptly passed out, snoring spread-eagled on your bed. I watched youfor a while before gathering my shit, tucking you in & walking out.This poem takes me back to a time when I was seeing this dude I had met at a friend's party. Seeing is not really a right word, but more like we just wanted to fuck each others when we were super drunk, and when I say super drunk, I mean it like Finns do. We usually warmed each others up during the days we were not in the same hoods, and our idea of sex would be this:But, the problem was that every time we actually were in the same hoods, we were drunk the way Finns tend to be when they get their rum going. We usually spend our evenings in different clubs, called to each others from the clubs bathrooms and used words like "you fucking shithead, fuck you, fuck you" and "you're such a fucking bitch". Naturally, we always ended up in each others beds. Well, bed is a wrong word because we often found ourselves having sex at friends toilets, in the woods, taxi, floor of the complex apartment and other such places where fucking is not exactly easy when you do not even know what day it is due to the amount of booze you both have enjoyed.We always passed out middle of the fucking. I on top of him, he on top of me, we sometimes got to even puking middle of the very poor hip movements. Sexy. Steamy. Erotic. Our sexual fairy tale came to an end when one night he called me to come over, drunk as usual, and I as much drunk than always, took me a taxi to his apartment. He did not open the door because he was passed out on the floor and I could see him through a mail-entrance. I tried to wake him up by yelling through the small mail-hole such things as "I wanna fuck", "I came for cock" and other classy phrases which explain why I hardly ever drink anymore. Especially because I never ever lose my memory or forget how douche I am when reaching over the tipsy state.His neighbors did not appreciate my seductive hollering, so I was dragged out of the building while explaining I was here just to get some, damn it. After that we agreed that even though we are absolutely wonderful in bed, we just are not that together, and parted in good spirit.And this is why I love Mr. Graham's poetry. It always takes me to places in my memories that would not be my first choices to dwell in. There is always so much ranging emotions available, and my favorites in this collection are Real Tough Guy, In This Place, Minimalist Lifestyle , The Year He Got Divorced , All Men Are Pigs , Mistress and many more.Piss On It: New and Selected Poems is a strong collection of selected poems, and only reason I did not give full five stars is the the more positive (than was with I Wrote a Poem About You) tone that ends up with I Piss On It. If one is willing to dedicate so much effort to destroying something, that something is worth a world.I will give Mr. Graham four lollipop licks for providing me this collection to devour on my Saturday Night Live.

  • Janie C.
    2019-01-18 01:13

    iliked the waythese poems were shapedtheir forms elegantthe wordsconcisei caressedthe smooth linesas they swept in passed the timeas I appliedan sssto my new piercing.

  • Richard Derus
    2019-01-16 03:19

    Rating: 3* of fiveI hate poetry. For someone to write poetry that I give three stars to (who hasn't bribed me with sex) is amazing. I know Arthur as well as one can know someone via the internet over the span of five years, so none of what he wrote about in this small, tight collection came as a surprise to me. I'm pretty much beyond being offended by anything except greed, conservative/libertarian/fascist politics, and religion, so despite my utter shuddering yuck-ick-ptui reaction to hetero sex, I was down with Arthur's observations about hooking up at forty-ish.My favorite poem:T(h)e really onlygood for liketwo or maybethree things:Meeting women,meeting women,and publishingreally badpoetry.

  • Joseph
    2018-12-20 01:15

    Fresh from the Utah underground comes a new collection of poetry from Arthur Graham. Straightforward, to the point, and a little vulgar. Is this really poetry? Was Wendy O Williams a musician? Yeah, but not for everyone, but for those strong enough to handle it and not hooked on rhyming couplets it's good poetry. In your face like a good punk rock song but one that full of empathy. Some will get it with a shout of "Hell, Yeah" others will seek refuge and pray for forgiveness.

  • Harry Whitewolf
    2018-12-22 01:24

    Before reading Piss On It, I’ll admit that (generally speaking) I liked rather than loved the poetry of Arthur Graham’s that I had read. This collection has just changed that. Firstly, he’s cleverly taken a few of his best previous poems and placed them alongside new ones which are just as good or better, making a very satisfactory whole.Secondly, I feel he’s improved his poetic writing style and it appears that he’s spent more time on carefully crafting form.Thirdly, he’s demonstrated that he can write more than simple-worded free verse (by paying attention to form but also) by selecting carefully chosen, fitting words and showing that he can write with rhyme and assonance very well too.“Still I wouldn't tradea night in your arms for all the whores in Amsterdam.”“I've roastedon roadsides& I've frozenin forests& I've howledwith coyotes while drunk amongst the bones.”“Drinking gin beneath the junipers, my flask turns bottoms upAnd I watch you as you die beside your own sad empty cup”Fourthly, the content of the poems is Graham’s best, where familiar themes like sex and little wry jokes are still prevalent, but they’re mixed with a wider view of the world; a world that is both beautiful and bullshit.And some of these poems even feel like they’ve been written specifically for his Goodreads readers and online community, when he’s calling out all the bullshitters and dick-sucking authors; which one can comfortably do in the realms of poetry inside the pages of a book more than one would be able to do with a standard-written blog.“We have nothing but praise for the work of our friends. Our friends' work could use work,but don’t tell them.”“The really onlygood for like two or maybe three things:Meeting women, meeting women, and publishingreally bad poetry.”And fifthly, the best line in the book is: “She was the classiest broad I ever groped behind a dumpster”. It feels like only Graham could come up with such a beautiful line, and I think it sums up what Graham’s poetry writing is all about.So I’m only rating this book 4.5 stars, ‘cos I don’t want my praise going to Arthur’s head, where, god forbid, he might start to take himself seriously and start writing poetry that doesn’t reflect the Graham we know and love.

  • Vanessa Largie
    2018-12-25 01:06

    I just finished reading this collection of poems. 'Minimalist Lifestyle' and 'The Internet' were the stand outs for me. Honest with a raw dry humour!

  • Arthur Graham
    2018-12-20 07:08

    Kindly PayPal $5 to [email protected] for your signed, handmade print copy. Otherwise, free ebook here.

  • Ian
    2019-01-16 01:24

    I Love You Despite Your PomeI could have loved you madlyIf it wasn't for the verse.Instead it ended sadlyWhen you told me mine was worse.

  • David Schaafsma
    2018-12-26 03:26

    Thank you to Karen for reading (an recommending) all of Arthur’s work and reviewing it and his little potty mouth with her little potty mouth on Goodreads. After a year of kissing the royal literary establishment, this coming year I vow to read and support more “alternative” stuff and not be so shy about supporting Arthur, who is refreshingly profane and often hilarious. Oh, you are too fairly compared to Bukowski, Arthur, live with it!Another One Done It's been said before, but poetryis a lazy form of literature. Anyone can write a fucking poem. Look, I'm doing it right now, and I'm about as lazy as they come. Shrapnel Town There comes a point when you've lived there long enough,you can't even walk down the goddamn street without breaking your own heart several times. That spot by the lake, and that bar where we met, and that place you once lived down the road. Back in simpler times, these were all fragments of a lifewhich once somehowmade sense. It was all so long ago, this town and those days, but the shrapnelstill hits meevery time.

  • StevenGodin
    2019-01-03 04:13

    I loved these!, and no, I am not taking the piss, I genuinely did. I also love the cover, it's like a trendy folk singer from 1960's Greenwich Village, with the text reminiscent of a wanted poster from the wild west. No way I would piss on that!, not even for money. Too cool.Speaking of piss, I must visit the Thomas Crapper, Friday is MillerTime! and I have taken on board too many cocktails. Big Thanks to AG for the freebee, with the $5 saved I can now afford a pizza.

  • Rebecca Gransden
    2019-01-04 01:22

    Some poems I recognise, some new to me. Usually I like the concise nature of everything Arthur Graham has a hand in, but this time I felt shortchanged in Arthur. Needs more Arthur. For what is here though the sardonic weariness and heartsick glamour is very present as always. When Arthur appears on his covers the world is given a gift, and I look forward to a low-key release of these collected in one artsy volume, perfect for any coffee table with a very wonky leg. Arthur’s poems are cheeky and painful, worth a shot for sure.

  • MJ Nicholls
    2019-01-17 08:22

    Arthur Graham, a handsome devil on a chair from Salt Lake City, is writing the sort of poetry Morrissey might have penned if he came from Utah and reversed his celibacy to the nth degree. As in the last collection, I Wrote a Poem About You, beneath Graham’s debauched humour is that prickle of pathos, where the poet permits us that moment of intimacy before he resumes taking us vigorously from behind. In this collection, the bitter side of serial philandering and versifying in a shruggy world over-saturated with hedonistic versifiers is reflected in poems ‘The Internet’ and ‘Mistress’. The penultimate poem ‘Shrapnel Town’ is my favourite, a strong account of a Casanova’s tragedy, and the final poem is a late-night barroom yelp that delivers a strong sting of recognition. Keep versifying, AG.

  • Jason
    2019-01-10 04:12

    Not a bad collection, shame it isn't very long (not a penis joke). Arthur gives us a glimpse of himself, watching old ladies cleaning washing machines, sex behind dumpsters (the washing machine lady? who knows, that bit ain't specified), and his aspirations to kiss more ass and suck more dicks.Favourite poem was "Another One Done"It's been saidbefore, butpoetryis a lazyform ofliterature.Anyonecan write afucking poem.Look,I'm doing itright now,and I'm aboutas lazy asthey come.

  • Cody
    2018-12-31 09:02

    Looking every bit like Halston hanging out front of Max's Kansas City (while a blonde Lou muscles-up "Rock and Roll" inside), bulge-packing poet Graham lays it on the line here. What is 'it,' exactly? Well ostensibly his dick, but that's only at first glance. Two poems herein, "Shrapnel Town" and "Minimalist Lifestyle," betray the 'fuck-cum-drink' Maslow's Hierarchy that Graham swears to subscribe to elsewhere. One quick read would show you a youngish rake, a second a rather big-hearted complexity behind all that wang-dang-doodle. I don't doubt him the wunderkindededness (real word) or the prodigiousity (realer word) of his cocksmanshipism (realest word); somebody has to be fucking all those pent-up doubters in Salt Lake City. I can't help but feel a kinship with him, excepting the crusty fucksheets of newly flagged-staked ass—a sort of brotherhood among drinkists and debauchers smart enough to know that howling at the moon in the middle of the desert may sound cool as fuck on paper, but when morning comes you'd better be goddamn sure you left enough in the bottle to drink yourself straight. Maybe I'm projecting my own shit, but methinks AG knows these immutable truths his own self: the nightwolves are laughing at your pitiable lamentations, and the bottle can never love you back. That's what I see behind these poems: a coeval castaway signaling 'SOS' while surrounded by millions. I send my signal flare in response, brother, if only to illumine this night however briefly.(Still think he shoulda named it or a future poetry collection Moby-Dick.)

  • A. Blumer
    2018-12-25 02:23

    A look into one man's asshole as well as his heart. Great closers with 'Shrapnel Town' & 'Piss On It'!Only 3 stars because it wasn't my favorite, but Graham is always worth the giggles you get.

  • John D
    2018-12-19 04:20

    Piss On: It is a collection of poetry that assaults the reader from the first page to the last: the poems move in barbed wire humour and the imagery is often raw, stark and illuminated very occasionally with sentiment: Piss On It: is a robust selection of work, among those I enjoyed in particular were: Minimalist Lifestyle: The Year He Got Divorced: The Internet: What Might Have Been: (Anti) Climax: Amsterdam: and the title poem: A collection of works that gives the reader a glimpse into Arthur Graham's world of Horror Sleaze and Trash. Read this book.

  • Douglas Hackle
    2019-01-04 07:20

    Hey, toss that copy of Gone Girl on a Train or whatever basic-ass, trendy book you’re reading right now into the garbage bin and read this instead.

  • Casey Kiser
    2018-12-22 06:20

    I love poetry. But I loathe a poem that drags on and on. I don't know but I start thinking 'just get to the point, I've got laundry to do!' If I want to read stories, I'll get a book of stories. Anyway, I try to write poetry that gets to the point for assholes like me and this guy's stuff gets me kickin like a cheerleader. This collection contains 21 short shots of piss with sass. And with his sex rocket wit and shameless images sharply worded, he's always a good time. If I had to pick favorites: 'Minimalist Lifestyle', 'Mistress', and 'Coming Clean'.

  • Person113
    2018-12-30 02:26

    Thank you very much for making this a free ebook for all, Arthur. Thank you kindly... As this collection of comedic poetry is pretty fantastic, especially for such a short and rather rough & raunchy work of sleazy comedy. Many of the poems are hilarious and relatable for many reasons. Some are gross and are intended to take you out of your comfort zone a little bit in their odd, slightly off putting sort of humor. Some are a bit more poignant and mix crude language with a profound and gentle honesty hidden in humor of the blackest variety (a style of writing that I have always thought was quite beautiful). The collection is extremely horribly awfully very highly largeloggously levershipendixtallyinitaly (ok those last two weren't words (believe it or snot) but they mine as well be for the simile's sake) short, of course, and left me wanting more. More, more, more! Consume! Consume! Consume! Well, maybe consumption is better than hip far leftists will tell you, as it allows one to read stuff like this.And, yeah, I will admit the collection was far from perfect, but it was extremely entertaining and funny so why not fall in love with it to some certain sort've kind of extent, eh?

  • G. Brown
    2018-12-19 06:23

    Hey, toss that copy of Gone Girl on a Train or whatever basic-ass, trendy book you’re reading right now into the garbage bin and read this instead. And while you are at it, just copy and past any of Dig-Doug Hacksaw's reviews you might find and REDUCE REUSE RECYLCE because the Earth is all superfuckedup and I only got one mother, how bout y'all?

  • Leo Robertson
    2019-01-18 08:18

    So Arthur appears on the cover beneath the title PISS ON IT. Is that an invitation? Ahahaha.Good stuff, deals with Arthur's arthurtypal passions ;) He'll be glad to know that I still can't tell where and when he's joking, which is surprising because I consider myself THE foremost scholar of Graham!Graham treads this material well, though it is well trodden. I don't open these chapbooks expecting a nuanced opinion on the current tragedy of white genocide in South Africa, but you know, if Graham enjoys surprising his audience there are many new ways he could choose to do it!(Just gonna spoiler the next line in case family and IRL friends choose this moment to dip into my reviews... FAMILY! Leave it spoilered. I'm about to be rude.)(view spoiler)[To his Bukowski-esque wonderings about being ousted from cliques, or if a bit of industry whoring would advance his writing career, I offer the following: Hey, take it from me, If asskissing and dicksucking ever got anyone anywhere... (hide spoiler)]

  • India
    2019-01-17 09:19

    Always a fan of AG's poetry, which I feel just gets better and better, and I loved the poetry in this book. Among old favorites, I loved the new poems. They always feel dirty and sexy and raw and I love it dirty and sexy and raw (lolz). I was a particular fan of 'The Year He Got Divorced', 'The Internet', 'Priorities', 'Vondelpark', '(Anti)Climax', and 'Amsterdam', but it's difficult to pick favorites at all. Well done.

  • Rodney
    2019-01-10 03:11

    A mix of some new and some previously released poetry, highlighting Graham’s alluring style. Many were sexual and gratuitous, but the more introspective ones were those I identified with and enjoyed the most. It doesn’t hurt that it has of the best covers I have seen on a zine. Could’ve been longer though. Here are my favorites:Mistress(Anti)ClimaxShrapnel TownAmsterdamAnother One Done

  • Stephen McQuiggan
    2019-01-15 06:21

    Arthur Graham is a busy man - he spends his time trying to impregnate the world with his vile logic (and judging by the cover, he's now touring with The Bad Seeds) - so we should be thankful he has taken the opportunity to vomit out these foul little vignettes for our edification. Some are more Situationist graffiti than poems, some share way too much information, and some (Shrapnel Town in particular) are strangely moving. Anyone with the balls to heckle Bill Hicks deserves a hearing. If you can't find the time to read this then I strongly suggest you sit down and re-evaluate your life.NB: Do not attempt to urinate on the eBook edition.

  • Igrowastreesgrow
    2019-01-08 04:15

    Great collection! Always a pleasure to read your poems...

  • John Gartland
    2019-01-12 03:03

    Handsome, cynical, talented bastard! I laughed a lot reading these; and some pieces knife right in, make you bleed, like that shrapnel he carries with him. OK, we're all walking wounded, but this guy does it with memorable panache.

  • Kent Winward
    2019-01-03 03:03

    Ok, so how do you review a chap book by a friend that contains these lines?We have nothing but praise for the work of our friends.Our friends' work could use work,but don't tell them.Of course you give it Five Stars because even the whores of the literary industrial complex work day jobs. P.S. (As in Piss) Got to love self-deprecating irony.

  • Daren
    2019-01-04 02:00

    This is the only poetry I will read in 2017!

  • A E Fox
    2019-01-19 09:07

    1. The order is great. 2. Love how it ended. 3. Totally my kind of read. I plan to tell some of my writing friends about it. 4. My favorite is "Beneath the Junipers".