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Novella (~38,000 words)Genre(s): Fairy tale, science fiction, lighthearted, xenophilia, magic penis, love story, LGBTQ+They call him Marrex the Monster.Deformed and wretched, Captain Marrex roams the black of space with only a pair of eccentric AIs for company. The curse in his DNA means a long, bitterly lonely life for the Ghelyxian, and it’s a fate Marrex knows he can’tNovella (~38,000 words)Genre(s): Fairy tale, science fiction, lighthearted, xenophilia, magic penis, love story, LGBTQ+They call him Marrex the Monster.Deformed and wretched, Captain Marrex roams the black of space with only a pair of eccentric AIs for company. The curse in his DNA means a long, bitterly lonely life for the Ghelyxian, and it’s a fate Marrex knows he can’t change.After a long sleep in stasis, Juniper Bo wakes to discover he’s an unwelcome guest aboard Captain Marrex’s ship. Though he tries to stay away from the surly Ghelyxian, he just doesn’t get why the curse is such a big deal—then again, Juniper knows his tastes are rather… unusual for a Human.When friendship blooms between Marrex and Juniper, they realize they face a future that neither could have predicted in their wildest dreams....

Title : Beauty and His Beast
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Beauty and His Beast Reviews

  • Shin Mon Thway
    2018-12-23 06:42

    I really loveBey Deckard’s retelling of ”Beauty and the Beast”. For a nerdy, quirky, hopeless romantic like me, this novella is a dream come true. 😍 You have a kind-hearted Beauty, a broken-hearted Beast and instead of talking and performing furniture and household items, you have super weird AIs. Alas, bless my sci-fi nerdy head! 😂 Captain Marrex has been roaming aimlessly around universe for a really really long time. And there’s an unwanted guest on his ship, a human in a stasis state locked away in a freezing pod. He has been avoiding this human in stasis for a long time but the time has come when he can no longer ignore him. The power cells of the pod containing the human and keeping him in stasis are depleting and in its last state. Open the pod soon and rescue the human or he’ll die. Captain Marrex has enough on his hands, deformed and wretched, all he wants is floating aimlessly around space. Now he needs to deal with a human who was in a stasis for decades and he both expects and despise the situation. Juniper Bo sacrificed himself and enlisted on a colony ship 17 years ago to feed and support his family. Unfortunately, when he was in a stasis pod, the ship he was in was destroyed by some unknown cause and he has been sleeping for 17 long years. And when he woke up, never in a million years he has dreamed of being in a room with two super weird AIs (one looks humanoid and one is a black cat .. 😂) and being informed that he was an unwelcomed guest on a Ghelyxian ship. And to make matters worse, the captain is a very grumpy and short-tempered, huge guy who is super hairy with 4 horns. He doesn’t mind the looks of the captain since he’s a xenophile. 😉 But how’s he going to deal with a super agitated guy when all he wants to do is to go home and to find out what happened to his family. Marrex is attracted to Juniper instantly (of course, the human is surreally beautiful .. 💙) but he firmly believes that there’s no soul in the wide, vast universe who can look past his beastliness and ugly deformity. He tries to stay away from the human, guarding and hoarding his heart closely but Juniper has ways to crawl inside our jaded Captain’s heart slowly. Juniper can’t understand why Marrex thinks he’s not attractive. He truly thinks the red furs of Marrex is beautiful and the horns and his physicality is exquisite. He wants to transform the sad and lonely captain to a lively, happy man and to let him see how perfect and beautiful his soul is and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his appearance. After they started courting each other and started having a relationship, Juniper thought to go back to his home for a while to check things there. Marrex didn’t want Juniper to go but he had no choice but to let him go. Will Juniper come back to Marrex? Will the beauty and the beast, plus the AIs, have a very merry HEA? Loved the relationship aspect of Juniper and Marrex. It kept me on edge all the time and kept me very intrigued throughout the book. 😊 Since it’s a retelling of beauty and the beast, I know what’s going to happen in the end and at the same time, I don’t know what will happen. 🤔 There’s good amount of sweet angst in the book and it’s quite bittersweet and thrilling to find out how the story will unfold. 😌 And the sex??? 😁 My my my, that was onehelluva, panties flying, breath hitching, super erotic and titillating scene. 👏 I got a massive ladyboner from smuts of this novella. Soooo enticing and sexy. 😍❤️😘 Love, love, loveeed it! 💚 37 orgasms in one time? Please, where can I get myself a Ghelyxian lover? 😂 Loved everything about this novella, the MCs, their personality, the plot and the storyline, all was like a very tasty delicacy. 😉 And the ending was super heartwarming and beautiful. A very very merry HEA indeed. 👏 I even want a sequel of this novella. I want to know more about the adventures of Juniper and Marrex. So pleaseBey Deckard, please do consider my heartfelt petition for a sequel of this novella. 🤟 Favorite excerpts from the novella: 💗💜💗 “I dream about you,” Juniper confessed. “You do?” Marrex’s voice was hoarse. “Almost every night.”“You stepped into my nightmare and transformed it into an enchanting dream… one I’ve been waiting for my whole life, it seems. Do you know what it means to me that you’d stay by my side and give your love to me?” “What’s that?” Juniper spoke in a hush, his voice tender. “I never need wake from the dream.”  5 gorgeous beauty and sexy macho beast stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2018-12-24 04:39

    ~3.5~Magic penis indeed. And not just metaphorically! The Beast LITERALLY has a giant, striped, self-lubricating dick that -- WAIT FOR IT -- produces a kind of stimulant that leads to multiple orgasms (and by multiple, I don't mean three; I mean DOZENS). Frankly, that sounds exhausting. But, hey, Juniper is into it. He's into Marrex too, even though Marrex is grumpy and angry. You'd be too if you were banished from your kingdom and stuck on a worn-down spaceship for a century or two.Marrex isn't human like Juniper and never will be. He's been "cursed" to take on a more gnarled & twisted form of his species (so four horns instead of two, longer claws, that kind of thing).The two AIs, VAL and S1N, stole the show. S1N is a snarky, sarcastic cat (the form really suits him because cats are assholes), and VAL is the peacemaker (he's just a floating face, but what an expressive face it is). I dug this story until the end. The sex was weirdly hot, and I liked the sci-fi twist on the classic fairy tale (which has always been one of my favorites). I just wish the ending had been less abrupt. There is an epilogue, but it leaves many questions unanswered.

  • Lorraine Lesar
    2018-12-23 07:37

    Dear Father Christmas,Remember that letter I sent? Well I've changed my mind. I now want a Ghelyxian (pronounced Hell-EE-zee-an).Thank you.He could have just blown the pod out the airlock with Juniper Bo inside. He didn't. And so their love story begins........This is a call out to every lover of Beauty and the Beast storylines. GET THIS BOOK. They call him Marrex the Monster, I call him 37 times and counting 😉. I LOVED how Bey Deckard handled this storyline with his own original take on it. Highly, highly recommended.

  • SheReadsALot
    2018-12-30 04:19

    FOUR HEARTS--Light Bey Deckard, y'all! If his darker work scares you, this is a title that you can try.This was light and sweet and just a bit snarky. Fun time to be had here!Beauty and His Beast is an adaption of the famous fairy tale told in SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! And did you read the tags? The tags are everything because:That's right, boys and girls....MAGIC. PENIS. Before you start thinking about all of the fun possibilities... let's chat about the stars of the story, hm?[REALLY FUN GIF HERE - NOT SO GR FRIENDLY- SEE ON THE BLOG]Not the penis (though it definitely made my top mental list of fave magic penii). I'm talking about Marrex and Juniper Bo! Beauty in this case is a human names Juniper Bo. He's been in stasis for seventeen years and is awakened by 2 mischievous AIs, S1N and VAL. Okay really one is more the leader and the other follows. But thanks to their interference, Beauty aka Juniper was freed. Time has passed for the 22 year old and he doesn't know what Marrex's lonely ship found him. But he's grateful.Marrex is an alien that resembles a demon in a way (red fur, four horns, fangs +> You know I was ALL over that). He is a disfigured due to a curse from puberty and banished from his home planet. He works on a space ship by himself and has his AIs for company. Finding the human scarred the loner and puts him out of his element. Being as Marrex takes his nickname 'Marrex the Monster' to heart, he acts like one in the beginning. It takes time and Juniper's charm to finally thaw the Beast.This story has low angst. Marrex seems grumpy at first, but inside he's sweet. He's never had anyone to cal his own and he can't believe anyone would look at him favorably especially someone as beautiful as Juniper. There are so many variations of this theme and I really liked what the author did with it. There was enough time to get to know the main characters as they got more familiar with the other. And the AIs brought snark relief.The conflict was good. I was curious about Juniper's family and wanted to really delve into why they were that way. His sisters got under my skin. The ending and epilogue were great but I wanted more resolution with the sisters. And maybe how the family aspect got to be that way as easily.The sex was hot. Duh, magic penis.LOL no seriously magic penis was le awesome. Marrex's anatomy was different. You'll need to read to see what it does. (Hint: O-mazing) It wasn't sex heavy, keeping with the lighter fun theme. But each sex scene was meaningful.All in all a sweet, romantic story between an alien and his human.Let's hear it one more time for magic penis.Yeah, that's the stuff!A copy provided for an honest review.

  • Deborah
    2018-12-29 02:29

    This is my favourite retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Here the Beast is the grumpy but loveable Captain Marrex or Marrex the Monster as he’s known. Juniper Bo is human who finds himself aboard the captains ship after seventeen years in stasis. Marrex has been alone for so long (112 years) he’s not sure how to talk to Juniper and since he believes himself to be an ugly monster he assumes Juniper will see him that way as well. Which all means it’s up to Juniper.This is such a beautiful retelling and while I absolutely loved Marrex and Juniper, after all this is their story and it only works because of them Val and Sin were the icing on the cake.These two were funny, cute and adorable.The author really has taken the best of all the versions (in my opinion anyway) and put them together and created this hot, funny and charming tale.

  • Barbara➰
    2019-01-02 05:27

    **37 Orgasm Stars**Oh what a joy! Beauty and the Beast Sci-fi MM edition. This was so much fun and so sweet. It was definitely a different take on Beauty and the Beast with not only a swoon-worthy Beast but a swoon-worthy Beauty as well. And who can resist MULTIPLE in 37!!! Oh and don't forget the magical lube.I really enjoyed it.“I dream about you,” Juniper confessed. “You do?” Marrex’s voice was hoarse. “Almost every night.”“You stepped into my nightmare and transformed it into an enchanting dream… one I’ve been waiting for my whole life, it seems. Do you know what it means to me that you’d stay by my side and give your love to me?” “What’s that?” Juniper spoke in a hush, his voice tender. “I never need wake from the dream.”~Marrex

  • DarienMoya
    2019-01-14 02:26

    Well, well, well..... can I get a Amen for magic penis. Can I get it in 37 orgasms, can I get in a might need a defibrillator because heart failure is imminent.This was such a cute story. I am all for interspecies loving, and this with its ode to Beauty and the Beast was just perfection. I’m so glad that Marrex remained all beastly, because I was one of those kids that got pissed when the Beast turned into a prince and fucked up the whole story. As I said cute story with mostly zero angst, a little drama to add a bit of sauce but with a happy ending befitting of a Prince and a Prince 🤴 👹“Oh I forgot the lube. No worries I gots the lube right here in my lube sack becaus I’m a self lubricating Hell-EE-ZE-AN” 💦 💦 💦 WET 😉

  • Truuss
    2019-01-14 09:42

    Loved this story... hard...Juniper, a human from Terra Deux, is awakened after 17 T years by S1N and VAL.Their grumpy Captain Marrex, a Ghelyxian, didn't want to wake him (yet), he didn't know what or who was in the stasis pod they saved.Marrex is cursed... abandoned. He didn't find his mate at the time he should have. Floating in his ship with just S1N and VAL (the ship's computer) by his side, through the darkest sides of the galaxy... for over a hundred years ...His features are not how they’re supposed to be. He has extra horns and his claws are long, his red fur isn't how it was originally. Through his eyes, he is an ugly beast. Therefore he is grumpy and rude, especially to his new guest Juniper. He will not show his gentle vulnerable side to anyone. Ha!Juniper is the most beautiful human Marrex has ever seen in his life, an angel so opposite from himself. Only Juniper doesn't see an ugly beast. He sees right through him, and with his sweet honest behavior and his beautiful features he is totally disarming to Marrex When Juniper’s personality vaporized Marrex’s wall... it's not only his wall what comes down!No road is without a bulge, there are some family problems that take Juniper away from big Marrex for a while. Without Juniper, Marrex is just a shell without a purpose and no faith in the future. Thank god Juniper’s confidence is stronger than his.Wonderful creatures in a sexy romantic sci-fi environment with a lot of magical stardust.Delicious read with endearing fluffy humor, hot encounters, love and much more.This is written in a smooth vivid way, steady pacing and awesome if I was watching a movie...I couldn't get enough of it. I read it twice in a row. So all the 5 glittering stars!Read and reviewed for Diverse Reader

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-01-15 06:17

    Ahhhhh I just LOVED this story! This is just a wonderful, sexy, a perfect blend of fairy tale with sci-fi and I LOVED IT!I adored S1N and VAL, the two AIs in the ship, and how snarky they were and meddling. And I absolutely loved Marrex and Juniper. Their chemistry was insane and when they finally got together?! WOW HOTNESS. Seriously. I need a Marrex of my own!This had a great blend of storytelling, world building (interesting world building but not distracting from the romance like a lot of sci-fi stories tend to do for me), romance, angst and conflict, and a true HEA ending! I just want more! I think I could definitely read more with these two and other characters set in the same universe. WONDEFUL story, I highly recommend it! What else should I read from this author?? Really loved the writing!

  • Bey Deckard
    2018-12-21 04:39

    Update: paperback now availableOnce upon a time, long long ago, someone gave me an illustrated copy of Beauty and the Beast as a present. The story was a retelling of a retelling: this was Deborah Apy’s version retelling the one written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1756, which was a retelling of the original story, La Belle et la Bête written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740. I loved the story and the illustrations by Michael Hague really intrigued me—they were creepy and dark and fantastic. I loved his images of the horned, shaggy-albeit-well-dressed, angst-ridden Beast. Interestingly, we never get to see the miraculous transformation of the prince… The final painting in the book is of Beauty finding the Beast dying of heartbreak in his rose garden.Years later, I would see the Disney version and, though the story isn’t all that similar to the original, I liked the comedic aspects of it. However, I was disappointed with the Beast’s transformation—call me strange, but I actually preferred him as he was.Beauty and His Beast is a story that’s been percolating in my brain for a few years now. It’s a mashup of the original stories, the Disney version, and bit of another book that has nothing to do with Beauty and the Beast, but was my absolute favourite when I was really young: Disney’s The Black Hole: A Spaceship Adventure for Robots.This story is not dark, not very long, and not particularly serious—just my silly take on a much loved, oft-retold fairy tale… in space.P.S. - Ghelyxian is pronounced Hell-EE-zee-an and Ghelyx, Hell-ixP.P.S. - Michael Ferraiuolo will be doing the audiobook narrationP.P.P.S. - I'm working on the paperback right now. It should be available Dec 5-6Find it here at Amazon (kindle & KU):

  • Trio
    2018-12-25 02:37

    Bey Deckard puts his unique spin on my all-time favorite fairy tale with his creative and clever Beauty and His Beast. In this version our Beauty isn’t a simpering, coquettish virgin but is confident and world-wise. And our angry Beast, exiled to a solitary existence, is mysterious and alluring. I couldn’t wait to see how they’d work it all out. I can’t honestly think of a version of this story I haven’t enjoyed, but with Bey Deckard’s imagination and flair the result is captivating.The story takes place in the distant future where many different life forms coexist. In addition to their diverse physical characteristics, these folks also add their unique cultural traditions to the mix. The attitude toward aliens, or “offworlders”, varies amongst Humans and intolerance is as likely as fascination. Thankfully for the Beast, Beauty has quite the kink.To summarize quickly: With his body deformed by an ancient curse, Captain Marrex has given up hope of finding a companion who is not repulsed by him. When his spaceship picks up some refuse it contains Juniper Bo, a Human who’s been held in stasis for the past 17 years. Against the captain’s orders the two artificial intelligence units who make up the crew unfreeze the gorgeous young man. It’s impossible for Captain Marrex to ignore his stunning physical attributes but he intends to resist Juniper’s charming personality.Well the story proceeds as we know it will, but Deckard adds some interesting components to the tale. In addition to the supremely hot sex these two have (I’ve got my fingers crossed for the movie version!) Deckard gives us something to think about regarding tolerance, acceptance, and generosity of spirit.This one never gets too heavy and is infused with plenty of humor, the two AIs play off each other beautifully and provide the perfect comedic interludes. There are also some clever references to our current day culture and ways of daily life which made me chuckle. I like to imagine that people x number of years in the future might actually think like this. While I’m a fan of everything Bey Deckard writes, his sci-fi/fantasy always affects me the most. There’s no limit to his imagination and he paints such stunning visuals with his words it’s easy to get swept away. He creates such great depth in the relationships between his characters, due in part to their extraordinary differences, that the romance seems that much more intense. Beauty and His Beast is a most enjoyable retelling of this classic tale, one I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

  • Kazza
    2019-01-11 02:25

    Don't worry about the take on Beauty and the Beast meets space, think about Marrex's magical and mystical (and large) dick and it's self lubricating and stimulating multi-orgasmic jizz. Mmm hmm. All magic dick moments aside, this is a joy to read and total reread material.Beauty and His Beast is an interesting, joyful, and strong entwining of a classic tale within another world and time. I was impressed with the sci-fi/fantasy world building alongside the romance. This spin comes complete with very likeable characters – from Juniper to Marrex, to S1N and VAL. It’s strong writing that didn’t overplay the story or location at any stage. (view spoiler)[That there is no magical prince appearing because of love, rather a visibly happier individual, really made this version so, so right. (hide spoiler)] It was light but there were moments that tugged at the heartstrings just enough to involve and engage the reader that little bit more.He wondered how long it would take this time before Juniper begged him to stop. Hopefully, a long time. Then he would carry Juniper into their quarters, and he’d bathe him and tuck him into bed and cuddle him for the rest of the night while the Stellerion raced towards the Human’s homeworld. And Marrex would lie there awake, trying to ignore the doubt burning in his belly. Bey Deckard continues to impress me to the point where I’m pretty much auto-buying his books as they come out. He really is mixing it up within gay romance and queer fiction – dark, thriller, horror, contemporary, fantasy. He writes with a deft touch in this retelling of a classic, giving the characters a nice platform to shine. Not once did I think – ‘Yeah, I‘ve read this before’. If you’re not really into the usual contemporary Season’s stories but like the general December reading buzz, or you just like the sound of the book, I say grab it and enjoy. Beauty and His Beast has a buzz of its own and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • JustJen
    2019-01-15 03:44

    Review by The Blogger Girls.Nobody makes me love sci-fi quite like Mr. Deckard. And this story is on the sweeter side which I was also not quite expecting. Or, I should say, not as much as I was expecting something a bit darker. This was fun, sweet, interesting and humorous, and I quite enjoyed it!Juniper is a human who has been in stasis for 17 years when he finds himself on board a ship captained by Marrex, a Ghelyxian, or some type of alien, who has also been cursed to get uglier and die since he didn’t find a mate by the time he hit puberty. Marrex has bee living in basic isolation on board the ship for a long time with only the company of his two AIs, S1N and VAL, who help maintain the ship.It doesn’t take long for Juniper to warm up to Marrex, and vice versa, as Juniper finds ways to earn Marrex’ trust. He fixes things on the ship and ends up providing much needed conversation and companionship, and their mutual attraction quickly grows. Juniper is not put off by Marrex’ physical appearance and, in fact, finds him very attractive. With the help of S1N and VAL, Juniper wins Marrex over completely.But it isn’t all hearts and flowers for these two. Juniper makes contact with home and returns to find things in not very good shape. With the help of some meddling sisters, a rift is caused between Juniper and Marrex, while Juniper is busy trying to fix things at home and help his somewhat incapacitated father.Again, it doesn’t take long for things to work out, and thus, the heartbreak/angst is shortlived. Suffice to say, this was a really sweet fairy tale with the added interesting sci-fi tidbits that will make you want to take a spin on the ship or have your own S1N and VAL in your life. Definitely recommend this fairy tale delight!

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2019-01-04 04:38

    ★★★☆☆½ ~ 3.5 StarsConsidering that I have a 'beauty and the beast' shelf, I kinda like this trope. And this has Bey's unique twist. Disgraced Captain Marrex roams deep space with his AI's S1n and VAL for years until they come across a pod that contains Juniper Bo in stasis. Marrex is a big grump and the AI's insert their own brand of humor. Juniper turns out to be a good mechanic around the ship and slowly finds his way to Marrex' heart and Marrex, his. However, will their blossoming relationship survive when Juniper returns to his family home?

  • Christelle
    2019-01-04 06:23

    Meh…I felt detached and couldn’t get into this story of the Beauty and the beast in a sci-fi setting. Not the first time I read from this author and end up with the same feeling. I guess this author is not for me.

  • Beth doesn't writeenough reviews
    2019-01-03 09:24

    My that was a wonderful trip! This is not the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, thankfully. It upsets me that many people don’t know that Disney didn’t create this, or many other stories they made into movies. IMHO, the original stories are much better. Dark, cruel and twisted.Anyway, on to the Bey Deckard version.. Bey did include some of the humor and sweetness of the Disney version in the form of two artificial intelligence characters S1N and VAL that I greatly enjoyed. I thought Juniper and Marrex were wonderful together. Bey really made me feel for Marrex and his tortured soul. I’d have loved more world building in regards to his planet though. Juniper’s trip home nicely brought a touch of Cinderella into the story also. Marrex’s Magic Penis (capitalizedbecauseitsathing) is scexy. That’s scary & sexy together. Don’t know whether to be turned on or worried about Juniper staying hydrated! All in all a very enjoyable read. I was so involved I didn’t stop for highlights or updates!

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-01-06 01:34

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsI am a sucker for the Beauty and the Beast trope in my romance novels, so I was eager to pick up this story from Bey Deckard. I think the author does a really nice job with this one, bringing in the key themes of the original story, while still giving us something unique and creative here. We have the gruff and surly Marrex, emotionally scarred by his isolation and his rejection, not to mention years of living alone with just S1N and VAL for company. He is paired with the beautiful and lively Juniper who is able to see beyond all those outside trappings to the man he really is inside. While Juniper is far from an ingenue, there is still a sweetness about him and I enjoyed watching Marrex slowly soften as he comes to accept that Juniper’s friendship and attraction are sincere. There are a few other elements with regard to Marrex’s background, as well as the effects of his curse, that nicely pick up the threads of the original tale. But this is not a straight retelling, and Deckard also gives us some interesting twists, particularly in how the story plays out with Juniper’s family. So I think we get a nice mix here and I found the story quite engaging.Read Jay’s review in its entirety here.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2018-12-31 03:18

    I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet quick read. Both VAL and S1N were terrific and added some comic relief to the story. I liked the way that Marrex and Juniper were brought together. The story pulled me right in and I was kind of bummed when it ended. Juniper's family was everything it was supposed to be in its awfulness. I totally recommend this book to anyone looking for a good escape from reality.

  • Dee Wy
    2019-01-05 09:43

    Delightful re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. Enjoyed the taming of the beast so very much. Great characters with interesting sci-fi elements. Perfect!

  • Kathleen
    2019-01-02 02:34

    3.5 starsA rather adorable MM adaptation of Beauty and the space!

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-01-09 01:19

    4.2 StarsJFC, Bey Deckard can write anything, can't he? I mean, I've mentioned I hate Fairy Tales (B&tB is a guilty pleasure, though; watching any iteration of it is comparable to hate-sex: I can't help enjoying it but then feel really badly about how wrong it is, afterwards.) but if all of the remakes in MMRomance were this interesting and well-done then I'd be on board with a total re-vamp of the genre. So long as they were Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.I think that there should be more books featuring S1N and VAL. Also, LMAO at VAL's "I'm afraid I can't do that, Juniper," because in my head it sounded like HAL (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) telling Dave the same thing. (Aaaaand here we have another review where I prove - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that I am a nerd.)

  • Riina Y.T.
    2018-12-30 07:44

    Man, how to do this? *sigh* I have no idea where to begin or what to tell you besides the obvious: I ♥ IT SO MUCH IT HURTS. Bey's characters never fail to bring me »JOY« and always when I need it the most. Once again, I absolutely adored those guys! And there's four of them, well sort of... :)We have Captain Marrex aka "Marrex the Monster", the grumpy, lonely and broken-hearted Ghelyxian, cursed and hiding out in space for 112 years. Juniper Bo who after a long sleep in stasis wakes to discover he’s an unwelcome guest aboard Captain Marrex’s ship. Juniper Bo, the young human man with a gentle soul and a serious thing for aliens. *whispers* ...kinky...*whispers*»NEEDS TO BE MENTIONED« The captain's two »adorable« and always bickering AIs almost steal the show if I'm being honest ;) I mean, you can try NOT to fall in love with S1N the sassy black cat. I dare you, try it try it try it (and watch yourself fail miserably!). VAL, the floating, humanoid face was the cherry on top of the freaking OMGTHISISAMAZEBALLSANDITSINSPACEEEE sundae. Who doesn't dig a *BOYS IN A SPACESHIP* story? *sigh*I enjoyed watching Juniper and Marrex grow close, watch their friendship blossom into something beautiful. It's such a great love story, you guys!! ❦Despite being novella sized, Beauty and His Beast was absolutely satisfying and gave me an all around well written and beautifully told reading experience with memorable characters and an unforgettable version of a fairy tale classic. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, *one more very dramatic sigh* - Bey, your mind is a fucking beautiful thing. ALL THE »hearts« AND »stars« AND »HIGHLY RECOMMENDED«!!!» ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥«

  • Em
    2019-01-09 09:16

    I really enjoyed this sci-fi play on Beauty and the Beast, it was a lot of fun and just what I was in the mood for. Something lighthearted, easy to read and kinky! What's not to like.

  • Наталья
    2018-12-20 01:14

    4.5Потрясающая космическая мешанина из всевозможных версий классической сказки!Я в восторге!

  • Claudia
    2019-01-13 04:42

    I can't say enough how I love a well written beauty and beast story - I specially love that Bey Deckard didn't turn the beast into something he is not... Juniper fell in love by his Beast and he got to keep his Beast - even is a tamer one... Awesome bookloved it ❤❤❤

  • Meep
    2019-01-18 09:30

    DNF at 38%It's not bad, it's just not for me. Don't judge a book by the cover - the moody image and introduction referencing older Beauty and the Beast tales led me to expect a darker story. The reality is nearer to Red Dwarf meets Disney with odd dreams along the way.For me it felt too superficial; never got much of an image of the ship and the characters so far haven't shown any hint of depth that might make me care enough to read on. There's no tension, just some histrionics over a little cut.Also the fashion choices - harem meets circus clown?

  • Maria
    2018-12-20 08:16

    Fantasy, fairytale, sci-fi, romance, erotica (magic penis). This book has it all. And, most importantly, it’s really well written, interesting, and a pleasure to read. Listen, I’m a woman that never made it past the Empire Strikes Back. I know, shame on me. Would it help if I mention that I’ve read or seen Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice dozens of times? They are mentioned in this book. Holy hotness you could not have twisted my trigger any more if you tried. And that’s before the magic penis. All men should have a magic penis. Cool characters, the real ones and the not so real. Now, the absolute best part of this story that so rocked my world? Marrex (the Beast) does not change into a Ken doll at the end. He’s a little less scary but still not human. The author so gets it here. Loved in spite of, or perhaps because of. Either way? Primo. I think I may have to put on a flight suit and jump on the fantastical that are the writings of Bey Deckard. Never too late to trip into something new.

  • Mike
    2019-01-11 08:37

    Enjoyable all-male, science fiction take on the Beauty and the Beast taleI found this is be a very enjoyable diversion, incorporating a just enough clever science fiction setting to provide an entertaining version of the traditional fairy tale. There was a nice mix of humor, politics, family drama, and steam to go with the central relationship/romance story. The ending was a bit melodramatic, but overall a satisfying ending for a nice, diverting reading experience.3.5 stars - rounded up for the humorous AI and the hunk of a beastly Alien

  • Sofia
    2018-12-30 04:24

    This one was great it made me smile. I am a sucker for floating sarcastic cats it seems, plus furry chests plus no in your face writing, subtlety wins with me as always.Just what the doctor ordered for a girl bowed down by a multitude of flu microbes.

  • Zuzu
    2019-01-11 08:31

    3.5 starsInterstellar Beauty and the Beast! I really enjoyed this one.