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MM Romance A Disillusioned Dom A Devastated Sub When Craig walks into the first kink club he’s been in for months, the last thing he expects to see is his former Dom, Tim, wearing a collar. If learning his ex is a switch isn’t shocking enough, Craig quickly finds himself on the wrong side of his ex's Dom. When the reunion turns ugly, another Dom swoops in and saves the da MM Romance A Disillusioned Dom A Devastated Sub When Craig walks into the first kink club he’s been in for months, the last thing he expects to see is his former Dom, Tim, wearing a collar. If learning his ex is a switch isn’t shocking enough, Craig quickly finds himself on the wrong side of his ex's Dom. When the reunion turns ugly, another Dom swoops in and saves the day, and Craig is too shaken to argue when the sweet Dom steps in and takes care of him. Alan noticed the boy the minute he walked into his club. It was hard not to. He was beautiful, sad, and fully clothed. Once the boy is in Alan’s arms he knows he doesn’t want to let him go, maybe ever. He worries that even though his hardcore Dom days are behind him, his experience will scare Craig and he’ll lose the chance to have something real with him. Their relationship quickly heats up, but Craig can’t stop wondering if an inexperienced sub will be enough for a seasoned Dom in the long run. ...

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What He Needs Reviews

  • Susan
    2018-09-17 20:22

    2.5 starsThis could have been amazing, but despite the promising blurb I didn’t particularly like it.Craig is finally ready to move on after his boyfriend/Dom left him 18 months ago without a word. He is not ready to see that ex-boyfriend in the first club Craig enters. And look at that, Tim is wearing a collar. His old Dom is now a sub apparently.When Tim tries to talk to Craig, Tim’s new Dom gets angry with Craig and wants to teach him a lesson. And that’s when Craig is rescued by Alan, the club owner.Alan doesn’t know what’s going on, but he decides to take Craig home with him, since the boy obviously needs someone to take care of him…I should have really liked this. This had all the ingredients of a great hurt/comfort book with some kink mixed in. But I never felt all that connected. Alan was supposed to be the Dom who would take charge and rescue Craig, and while he indeed did that, I constantly felt like these two were merely playing Dom and sub. Like they both had to try really hard to fit into those roles.I also thought Craig was a bit too rigid in his feelings towards Tim. He was completely unforgiving to the point that he didn’t even had the patience to let Tim explain anything. I could understand that if it left Craig cold, but he was still so angry about the whole situation. The least he could do is have a talk with Tim. And even when Tim did indeed explain things, Craig was still mad at him. I found him a bit too stubborn in that.And don’t get me started about the Daddy kink. I’m all for a good Daddy kink, but this just felt wrong and out of place. Overall I can’t say I enjoyed this BDSM story. It had a lot of potential, but I never felt that extra 'something' you feel when you read an amazing book.------------------------------An ARC of What He Needs was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.

  • Anne Boleyn's Ghost
    2018-09-19 19:21

    2.5 stars rounded up. Despite some significant reservations, I enjoyed it enough. Well-written with solid elements but a shaky execution. Welcome to insta-love city! Alan, per the description, is a disillusioned Dom. Reluctant until Craig speaks to him and seizes him. Craig was left devastated, but he finds belonging and grounding with Alan. Once again, these elements are solid, and their relationship still read as sweet. But the insta-love was all sorts of wrong in this sort of situation. The story did not need to be confined to the seemingly few days in which it took place. Had it unfolded over the course of a few weeks, it still could have captured the intensity and strength of feelings alongside the doubt. Both men agree that while they enjoy kink – which here entails submission (with a bit of bondage) – they also desire a relationship separate and independent from their bedroom activities. For the most part, the dynamic was hot and tender. I didn’t care for the “Daddy” and “boy” usage, but that’s a purely personal preference. I’m fairly ignorant on what exactly qualifies as “Daddy kink”, but the usage of those terms became less frequent and there was no age play. So if DK isn’t your thing, know that it is surmountable! What ultimately knocked it down for me? Quite frankly, I was wholly unsatisfied with the resolution of Tim’s story. Anyone who follows my reviews know that I have ZERO use for cheaters. But I was not only sympathetic toward Tim, I found Craig’s reaction cold and choppy. If I had learned that (view spoiler)[a predator targeted and effectively gaslighted my ex, manipulated him into leaving me, isolated him, and abused him (hide spoiler)] I would have shown a hell of a lot more compassion than Craig. Did I want Craig and Tim to get back together? No. But it was unrealistic that the revelations didn’t seem to cause Craig to doubt or question *anything*. The revelations could also have added needed (at least to me) conflict to Craig and Alan’s relationship. The ghosts of their past relationships floated over them, but when directly confronted with one, there was barely a fright. As always, well-written works earn props from me. I will likely read more in the series, but with caution.

  • Leandra
    2018-09-08 23:07

    I’m a sucker for gushy-fluffy-lovey-dovey romance and this book definitely delivered. That is all.

  • Josh Dale
    2018-09-15 01:19

    I love BDSM books of most types from the heavy pain inflicting kind to the subtler like What He Needs. Where the Sub wants someone to lead, care and protect them. I am surprised to find out that this is the author’s first MM novel.So, we begin with poor Craig, whose Dom left him 18 months ago, with no notes of explanation. Craig knew their relationship was starting to fail, but for Tim to leave without even trying to mend things, this not only broke Craig’s heart but left him mentally scared, believing he was not a good sub, that he did not give himself enough to Tim.He finally has built up his courage to go to a BDSM Club, the only one that he has not been in with Tim, as he does not want anything to remind him of Tim. But Fate can be cruel as he soon finds out when Tim comes over to speak to him. Craig is shocked to the core, not only by meeting Tim, but that Tim is wearing a Collar and is followed by a Dom. This freaks Craig out and causes a scene when he bluntly shuns Tim. Tim’s Dom thinks Craig is disrespecting him through his actions towards his sub. Could things get any worse? Thankfully not, As Alan the club owner, comes over to find out what is going on. Alan soon realises something is very wrong, and warns Tim and his Dom to stay away from Craig.Seeing how distraught Craig is, Alans Dom side kicks in, he wants to protect Craig, but is also aware that Craig is not his, so is careful not to push the guy too much.When Craig intervenes, and stops the incident in the club, Craig is so thankful. There is an instant attraction between the two men, but neither dares to do anything about it. Craig because he feels like he is a failure as a sub. And Alan because he is bored with the endless line of Subs that just want hard core BDSM, when he wants more, he wants a lover as well as a sub.We follow Craig and Alan as they navigate their mutual attraction and needs from each other. For them to have a future, they must prove to each other that they are all that they want and need from each other. Craig feels protected, wanted and loved when he is in Alans company. And Alan feels alive in a way he has not felt in a long time. He is amazed at how Craig’s body reacts to his every touch and how natural Craig’s submission is, but most of all the love that grows between them.I loved the strength the Craig finds to help Tim when he needs help, but to stay strong and tell Tim that he needs help and that he has helped him but that it does not mean he still has feelings for him.The book is about finding trust and strength, and understanding. I found the book authentic and well written and look forward to following EM Denning’s MM novels.

  • Jessica
    2018-09-18 19:20

    This was a new to me author and boy am I glad to have had the chance to find a new author to enjoy. This book is about acceptance and what that means to each person. It's kinky and sexy and you just fall in love with Alan from the first moment he speaks. Now I am dying to see what happens with the next book. If you like a little Daddy kink you are going to enjoy this book!

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2018-09-13 02:13

    MehThis book isn't terrible, but there isn't really anything worthwhile to recommend it, either. Instalove, shallow dialogue, saccharine sweetness, and very little conflict. I was bored through most of it, and had it been longer, I probably wouldn't have even bothered finishing it.

  • Colleen M
    2018-09-05 23:15

    This was just OK for me - the level of kink and heat was good, and the emotional connection between the characters was there, but there was so much emphasis placed on both Craig and Alan's previous relationships that it overshadowed their own story. Literally every date and conversation between Craig and Alan gets compared to Craig and his ex, or Alan and his.

  • Terri
    2018-08-27 21:11

    ReviewMy Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5What He Needs by E.M. Dennng is the first book in the Desires Series. This novel is a MM romance that has BDSM, a Daddy/little relationship and D/s Relationships in it. Craig is a new submissive who was hurt by Tim, his ex boyfriend/Dom,18 months prior to the start of this story. Alan is the owner of a kink club as well as an experienced Dom who was hurt by his ex boyfriend/submissive, Mike. Craig was never into the club scene. He detested going to them, yet Tim had dragged him to them repeatedly. In an attempt to move on from the past and find what he was needing, Craig finds himself in Alan’s Club. One that he never would have expected Tim to be at. Much to Craig’s shock and dismay, Tim was there, collared and a submissive to his new partner, Paul. As the hurt came forward in Craig and bubbled to the surface then exploded outward, Paul became irate at Craig for the language and attitude that was given toward Tim. Enter Alan. Sweet Dom Alan who is determined to get down to the bottom of what was going on. Instinctively he knew that Paul and Tim were behind the problem yet Alan had no clue what what or why. Finally getting the situation under control then forcing Paul and Tim to leave, Alan took Craig into his office to help settle the boy down. Things progressed from there. When I say progress, Boy do I mean progress.While I don’t want to give away any more spoilers about what happens, I will say that within the pages of this story, I found myself falling in love with Daddy Alan and little Craig. At the same time, I developed a deep dislike bordering on hatred for Tim and in the end Paul and Mike as well. Many times I wanted to knock Tim and Mike upside the back of the head for hurting Alan and Craig the way they did. I will say that there were a couple minor editing issues where a word was left in that probably should have been taken out but that did in no way take away from my enjoyment of this book. I give What He Needs 4.5 stars and look forward to reading more in this series.

  • Tiffany
    2018-09-14 20:11

    It was just okI kind of have a thing for Daddy/Boy kink, but this didn’t feel very kinky. Kneeling a few times and calling someone Daddy doesn’t not make a Daddy kink book. Also, Craig was pretty whinny.

  • Cheri
    2018-09-13 00:21

    Yeah, I liked this one. I liked this one so much I want more. I want everyone else's stories. I want more of Craig and Alan, too, so I hope they show up in the other books.I loved these characters. I could really feel what they felt. Lost, found, bumps in the road.

  • Sue bowdley
    2018-09-09 23:28

    This is the first book by this author but it certainly won't be the last....This is a light bdsm story between Craig and Alan....Alan steps in when Craig's ex confronts him in Alan's club.....This was done really really well and I loved how Alan took care of Craig...How they fitted together.....Craig's ex was a horrible man how he left Craig and how he treated him.....I really do think this author can go far with her MM books x

  • Finnegan
    2018-09-12 21:22

    At the beginning I felt sorry for Craig, but as the book continued, he just got more and more annoying. He was such a drama queen, and I did not like the way he handled Tim in later scenes. So I lost all my sympathy for him. I liked Alan though, and liked their unconventional relationship. Pity then, that in the end I really couldn't stand Craig.

  • Natalie
    2018-08-27 22:25

    A little Daddy kinkThis wasn’t too bad but not one of the best BDSM novels I’ve read. It moved very fast and wasn’t drawn out, which was good, but moved the relationship right into insta-love, within a couple of days. Not that they said it but they thought it. It’s very mild BDSM with a just a little bondage but the Daddy kink isn’t anything that appeals to me. The emotional, weepy Craig, still wound up after a year and a half since losing his boyfriend, sounded younger than he was, even without calling Alan Daddy. I got the impression while reading, that the authors experience with BDSM and kink is entirely academic. It sounded okay but not like something learned outside of research. Maybe I’m offbase, but that was my impression. There wasn’t much in the way of plot and the situation with Craig and Tim didn’t feel natural. Neither did Alan and Craig as a couple. There wasn’t much spark and I really wasn’t feeling them. Sorry, just a mediocre read for me.

  • Sali Mes
    2018-09-04 02:15

    Really enjoy this book. Well written, feels real.Just, a few typos and missing words.(view spoiler)[ I like that Craig can curse and doesn't get reprimend for it.I like that they are both absolutely honnest with each other. They tell each other they like each other. So many books have the "I'm scared to tell him I like him". It's nice that they start their relationship being boyfriend/dom/daddy all at once. Without the prestence of only sex and scene between them.I really enjoy the characters grow. Even if the dom was clearly more experienced, his relationship with Craig and anything they did was still new, because it's the two of them.It's nice to see a sweet, well adjusted, non bratty sub. One who has a backbone, who can so NO and fuck you loud and clear.(hide spoiler)]Loved him!! Can't wait to read more in the series.

  • Mitzy Krizek
    2018-09-18 02:04

    Sweet, touching story. Found that the characters drew me in, wanting to know what happened next. What happens to them, to the others. How did they get where they were. Found myself cheering for Craig and Alan. Disliking Tim and Mike Wanting to know more about Steve and Matt. Had a hard time putting it down. The story answers your questions regarding the background of the characters. How they developed to who they were in the story How the main characters found what they were searching for. Ended up falling in love with Craig and Alan. Watching them find one another ,find what each needed. Beautiful story. Cannot wait for the next one.

  • Colette
    2018-09-16 18:11

    I don't think I was in the right mindset for this book, I just couldn't get into the Daddy/boy relationship in this one. Normally that doesn't bother me, not my kink but not problem either. I won't go into any details as it is really me, not the book. I will pick up the next one when it comes out, there were some interesting secondary characters I would like to know more about.

  • Ramona
    2018-09-11 21:12

    I enjoyed this book. I've read Daddy kink books in the past but haven't really gotten into them. This one held my interest. Craig goes to a club hoping that he can find someone to help him get over his last disastrous relationship, but knowing that it will probably not happen. He is on the verge of leaving when his worst nightmare appears before him.Alan, the owner of the club is going through his life by rote. Knowing he's not happy but not sure what to do about it. When they meet their worlds fall into place. Alan comes to realize Craig may be the sub he's been seeking for so long. Craig thinks Alan can become the Daddy he so desperately needs.These men find the strength they need in each other. Enjoy.

  • Jaimed
    2018-09-23 19:10

    LovedI loved this story. The characters are real and while they have had a rough go with their prior relationships, they are perfect for each other. They both have doubts about how we'll they are in a relationship, but both are eager to assure the other on how great they are. Give this story a chance. This is a great book for someone writing about this for the first time. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

  • Aila
    2018-09-17 21:14

    I really enjoyed Alan and Craigs story! I enjoy reading BDSM and this had some of that in it. But it was a little different than I am used to and it was nice to see a more sweet side. I am super excited because I feel like the book set up to have multiple books in this series with the side characters. There is a little bit of insta-love in this novel but I think that it works because the two main characters are perfect for one another. Cannot wait to read more!

  • Me
    2018-09-01 02:25

    Beautiful read with a bit of kink ;)A beautiful read with a bit of kink, how could one go wrong? The interaction between Craig and Alan would melt any cold heart. It was insta love between the main characters but wasn't sickly over the top, just sweet with a bit of spice. I loved how loose ends where tied up, wink, so you weren't left guessing. Highly recommend this book!

  • Amor Leer
    2018-08-28 23:28

    This is my first book by this author, and I won't be my last.What He Needs isn't a BDSM book, but more a daddy/boy book.Craig is looking for something and he hopes to finds it in a kink club. Can Alan be What He Needs?I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the compatibility between the main characters.I would definitely recommend this book if you like a bit of daddy/boy kink.

  • andrea moran
    2018-08-25 21:27

    HotWhat can I say?! Absolutely loved this book, two men who thought they were broken finding what the need together. Super hot but also sweet in places too

  • Natosha Wilson
    2018-09-17 21:10

    This book turned out to be a really good book in my opinion. If I had to give a description of what this book is about I would describe this book as being aboik about not only a broken submissive but also a broken Dom. It takes these two broken men to put one another back together again. Craig is a broken man. Worse then that he is a broken sun that has not been able to get over the betrayal of the man that was his supposed Dom. The one person that Craig should have been able to trust above anyone else betrayed him by leaving without a word over a year and half ago to not be heard from again. It broke Craig but he is ready to try and move on and that is why he is at the first club that he has been able to make himself go into since Tim did what he did.What Craig does not expect is to walk in and find Tim not only in front of him in the club but to also be collared by another Dom. Talk about a shock. More like a double whammy for Craig. As far as he knew Tim was a Dom himself and now he is a submissive and just the fact that he has the gumption to come up to him after all this time is the icing to the cake.When Alan notices Craig when he first walks in he is curious. When he sees the distress on him by being confronted by Tim, Alan cannot resist coming to his rescue. This is the beginning of something new for both men and maybe something special.Can two broken men figure out a way to not only heal themselves but each other or is having two broken hearts in one relationship just too much especially when one of the ex's is trying to step back in the picture again.I truly enjoyed this book. Craig is a little on the whinny side at some points but overall a great read. I can't wait for he next book in this series to come out. Especially if it is about one of the supporting characters,Steve. I think his story will be explosive.Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review

  • VioletMarshall
    2018-09-22 21:03

    This is the first book in The Desires Series. This was an engaging book the writing was great. This book was a refresh twist on the usual BDSM story. There were elements of BDSM and a Dom/sub relationship, and a Daddy/boy element as well. But the story was more on the characters and their relationship and on developing one. They both had issues to overcome. It was nice to see Craig stand for what he wanted. The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book. I found the story and characters compelling. The characters were well developed and thought out. Alan is a Dom and Craig is a sub and they are the MC’s of this book. There was humor, Dom/sub relationship, kink club, a hotel, uncle and friends, a troubled ex-boyfriend and so much more in this book. Here is a quote from the book, “You’ve been so good, and so sweet, but you’ve also had a really long, hard day, haven’t you, boy? “Yes, sir.” “Tonight, I’m going to hold you and we’re going to go to sleep. In the morning I’m going to make you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had and then we’re going out for breakfast.”. There is more but you will need to read the book which I can highly recommend. I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Faye
    2018-08-27 22:03

    4. stars  I really liked this book the MCs are amazing with a beautiful connection between them. This is a fluffy bdsm book with well fluffy scenes written. Craig has a trust issue which makes him weiry of new doms cause of his ex. An issue with sentence formatting sticks out some all the way through. A great storyline which i loved. I loved the sub characters and hope to read there stories in the future. A Disillusioned Dom - Alan 35 yrs rescues a sub indistressed being the owner of the club he had to intervene. Something the sub called to him when he'd entered his club.A Devastated Sub - Craig 23 yrs walking into a club looking for a night to escape and get over his ex Tim. Not expecting him to be there he gets a shock which causes a scene with his Dom.

  • Nanna Sander
    2018-09-14 01:03

    I love it when the MCs find exactly what they need in the other.I'm a lot like Craig in terms of how I like my book-BDSM. I'm not into the extreme, or pain, humiliation I can take or leave, but I love the care-taking aspect of it. This book is all about care-taking and the daddy-kink is done just right, in my opinion. A lot of the aspects of a daddy/boy relationship are there, but it's not age play, which doesn't really turn my crank. It's a whirlwind romance, and I like mine on the slow-burn end of the spectrum, but that is my only complain.

  • Jennifer
    2018-09-07 22:00

    A couple of my favorite things...Steve, Alan's friend, speaking to Alan...“Alan, it’s obvious that you’re totally taken with the kid, so what’s holding you back? I’ve never known you to hesitate like this. Once you decide you want something you lock onto it like a goddamned heat-seeking-missile. What’s the deal?”Alan speaking to Craig...“When you walked into my club and you knelt that first time, God, Sweetheart, it was like you turned all my lights back on. ..."

  • Kim
    2018-09-07 21:14

    Sweet, slow burnNew to me author. Really enjoyed the story line. Craig wants to be enough for anyone, being recently dumped by his boyfriend, decides to try to embrace his submissive side and try a new club. But someone walks back into his life and turns it upside down. Enter Alan, owner of the club, comes to intercede and finds exactly what he has been missing in his life.

  • Robin Stone
    2018-09-16 20:10

    Craig and Alan were so realistic, and the age difference was done very well. Sexy with some sweetness, just how I like it! Fast moving story that made me want more in this series.I just one-clicked book 2 which is up for pre-order as I write this (Feb 3rd.)I've enjoyed EM Denning's standalone books and I'll definitely be reading more.

  • Lisa Neal
    2018-09-04 21:23

    First E.M. Denning bookThis was my first book by this author and imagine my surprise to find it was her first BDSM book. I have to say that if she continues to write BDSM and continues to do it as well as she wrote this one that she has a new fan in me. I loved this book and will absolutely check out more of her work.