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BRIAR I was infatuated with Asher Kelley the moment he came tumbling through my brother’s window five years ago. Even bruised and bloodied, he was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. We couldn't ever be together. I was too young, and he was too untouchable. He was too troubled, and I was too naive. But the heart is rebellious, and mine decided it didn’t care about any ofBRIAR I was infatuated with Asher Kelley the moment he came tumbling through my brother’s window five years ago. Even bruised and bloodied, he was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. We couldn't ever be together. I was too young, and he was too untouchable. He was too troubled, and I was too naive. But the heart is rebellious, and mine decided it didn’t care about any of those things. As I got older, harmless flirting turned to stolen moments in dark corners. Until one day, he was gone without a trace. Now, three years later, he’s back. Callous and cruel. He’s my brother’s best friend. My parents’ worst nightmare. I should hate him. But like a Bad Habit, I can’t quit him. ASHER I was drawn to Briar Vale from the first time she looked up at me with stars in her big, blue eyes. She was just a kid, nothing but elbows and knees, but she was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. We could never be together. I was too old and she was too off limits. She was too good and I was too fucked up. Eventually, the temptation became too much to resist. I risked everything for a kiss and she betrayed me. Three years have passed and I’m forced to see her again, but now she's all grown up. She’s my best friend’s baby sister. My downfall. I hate her for what she did. But she's always been my drug of choice...

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Bad Habit Reviews

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2018-09-14 21:54

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2! Bad Habit (stand-alone). A forbidden bad boy romance wrecked by betrayal!“He looks at me, still taunting, still daring me to look away with his bored stare.”Bad Habit (stand-alone) opens up to the past with fourteen-year-old Briar Victoria Vale, Bry kissing her older brother’s best friend, bad boy Asher Kelley, Kelley or Ash.The doubly forbidden fruit…And their lives will never be the same. Fast forward three years and Kelley has returned for revenge and setting things right. He’s angry, she’s hurt and they both fight their attraction, and fail miserably.A reckless doomed affair…Seven words to describeAsher Kelley, Kelley or Ash: Broken, angry, vengeful, private flawed, intense and reckless.Seven words to describeBriar Victoria Vale, Bry: Stubborn, naïve, conflicted, loyal, resilient, naïve and trusting.Bad Habit, told from dual POVs, is a second chance romance centered around a forbidden love wrecked by betrayal. She is much too young, he is too much of everything; broken, reckless and mostly angry and vengeful. Story ends with revelations, truths and healing amplified by an epilogue.***Hero: ★★★★Heroine: ★★★★Plot: ★★★★Storytelling: ★★★★1/2Sexual tension: ★★★★1/2Sex scenes: ★★★★1/2Story ending: ★★★★★******************************************OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2Angst: | MEDIUM FOCUS |Darkness: | MEDIUM FOCUS |Humor: | LOW FOCUS |Kink: | MEDIUM FOCUS |Romance: | HIGH FOCUS |Sex frequency: | HIGH FOCUS |Suspense: | MEDIUM FOCUS |ARC provided to me by author Charleigh Rose in exchange for an honest review.

  • Melanie
    2018-09-08 00:11

    “It’s been three years. Three years since he walked out of my house and never came back. Three years since I’ve so much as heard his voice. Three years since I’ve been pining for a boy who was never even mine.”Okay, I really don’t want to write up a long review for this, because I’m still suffering from the impact of giving another popular NA title a one star review that everyone else loves, but all I see is problematic content! So anyways, I’m going to try to keep this review short and just highlight the huge problem I had with this story. I was very uncomfortable with the ages of the love interests in this book. For the majority of the book they are seventeen and twenty-one. They have explicit sex (most of which is voyeurism), and they leave the state with each other, but they never discuss how she isn’t eighteen yet. This just completely stunted my enjoyed for this book.And more importantly (and grossly), this book has a lot of flashbacks to them being young. And in the prologue, we get to see Briar as only fourteen-years-old trying to seduce Asher who was seventeen at the time. The author tries to make it look like the fourteen-year-old is the one throwing herself at the seventeen-year-old, but like, the seventeen-year-old still makes the fourteen-year-old orgasm. I don’t care if it wasn’t an orgasm through penetration, I can’t be reading this kind of content. Then, Asher is forced to leave the town they live in, and he forever blames Briar, because he thinks she was upset that he wouldn’t sleep with her. Now, Asher is on a mission to hate her forever upon his return when he is twenty-one. And, then when it comes out why he really got sent away, everyone is villainizing someone who was just trying to protect a fourteen-year-old. Honestly, this book was one of my most uncomfortable reading experiences yet. And I’m probably going to be put on some government list now, because I had to look up the age of consent in Arizona, where the majority of this book takes place, but: "In Arizona, the age of consent is 18 years old, according to Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1405." And I’m just like, why did none of her beta or proof readers tell her to just up the age to the main female protagonist so people would feel gross as hell reading this story? The ages just ruined this book for me, without question. If you guys are looking for a love to hate, sexy time book, where the characters are both younger, and the ages won’t skeeve you out, please pick up Punk 57, Bully, or Corrupt by Penelope Douglas. They are done so much better and so much more legal-feeling. Bad Habit? This should have been named Illegal Habit. Or at the least, Uncomfortable Habit, because I was the entire time reading. Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch

  • L.J. Shen
    2018-09-24 01:03

    Enemies-to-lovers is my kryptonite, and Bad Habit delivers in that department.I urge you to pick this book up as soon as it comes out. It's the real deal, people. I promise you.Disclaimer: this book is really emotional for me because it was written by a person that is really close to my heart, but it is *not* why I fully endorse it. *drops mic*.

  • KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛
    2018-08-28 20:42

    ‘BAD HABIT’: Is a standalone New Adult full length novel by Charleigh Rose. In this we meet Briar and Asher KellyWe’ve all got that one bad habit, Briars bad habit comes in the form of bad boy Ash her brothers best friend. Briar and Ash had a lot of almost moments, nearly kissing to kissing which could’ve turned into more, but it all came down to that thing we call timing. The timing just wasn’t right for these two. Though Briar would’ve argued that fact until she was blue in the face. Ash pulled back many a time due to the fact he didn't want to end up behind bars for sleeping with an underage girl, not just any girl but his best friends sister.We couldn't be together. I was too young, and he was too untouchable You can't help but be pulled into their story. As soon as you read that first page, you'll be hooked. Ash's father was a drunk and more often than not in a fit of rage he'd take his anger out on his son, on these nights Ash would make his way through his best friends window where'd he'd seek solace. On one such night it's not Dashiell he encounters but his fourteen year old sister that cleans him up. Things escalate out of hand and he high tails it out of town never to be seen of for three whole years. But now he's back with a chip on his shoulders, anger in his belly.It's been three years. Three years since he walked out of my house and never came back. Three years since I've so much as heard his voice. Three years since I've been pining for a boy who was never even mine. Briar was an old soul beyond her years, she was the nurturing fixer, kind hearted and loved with her whole being. Ash was a bit of an asshole, rough around the edges, a bad boy who was brought to his knees by a girl who looked beyond and saw within. Together these two shared an undeniable bond, a bond so strong that they protected like their lives depended on it. Ash put Briar through the wringer but for due cause, his hot and cold on again off again running when things got bad even through it all like Briar we all ended up loving him for all his faults. These two were perfectly imperfect. Loved these two characters and all the secondary ones too and I can't wait to see what the author gives us next!!Putting it mildly these two gave me whiplash but in a good way..All angst junkies make sure you one click this come release day you won't regret it!! This threw out all the feels!! Who doesn't love a friends to lovers, second chance, best friends sister romance book!! Highly recommend!!* Teasers used are off the Authors facebook page *

  • Dilek VT
    2018-09-14 22:04

    About the identity of the writer:The writer confesses at the end of the book that Charleigh and Rose were two people who were writing novellas & novels under a pen name and now Rose wants to go public whereas C. doesn’t as she is more interested in her actual career. Rose confesses that she is Sunny Borek (Followers of L. J. Shen in facebook know her as Ms. Shen’s close friend, Sunny). She confesses that she was once a reviewer here on goodreads and then, she started to write books.Well, there is nothing wrong with that – of course – but can someone explain the obvious similarity below, please?I crave you. I want all of you, every single inch of you. And call it an only-child syndrome, but I. DO. NOT. FUCKING. SHARE.- From TYED by L.J. ShenI don’t want her, but that doesn’t mean I want anyone else to have her, either. I’ve never been very good at sharing. Chalk it up to being an only child.- From BAD HABIT by Charleigh RoseMs. Shen being her friend or not, I am not OK with these two quotations being so similar. It feels like plagiarized/copied, intentional or not. So, during the editing of this book, this sentence should have been changed because everyone remembers the book “Tyed” with this famous quotation. As a matter of fact, the whole book is a copy of a few cliché teen drama that we see in this genre very often. I believe it has nothing original.This book also includes some forbidden issues added to it, which rubbed me the wrong way, unfortunately.THE PLOT:I prefer my female characters 18 and above when involved in serious relationships, especially if it is sexual. The heroine, Briar, is 14 years old when she thinks she has a crush on Asher, her brother’s best friend. Asher is nearly 18. He also feels something for her, too but he knows that because of her age and the best friend’s sister situation, she is forbidden to him. Asher has more reason and strength to resist the temptation but Briar practically throws herself at him whenever she finds the chance. There is this one time that they kiss passionately at that age and I would maybe feel a little bit better if this kiss was an innocent and emotional one, lasting a few minutes but the more Briar begged him to make her come, the more pissed off I was at the scene. Come on, a 14-year-old girl, for God’s sake? !! I am sorry but I couldn’t enjoy that scene at all. I was pissed at the heroine, the hero and the writer at that point – all three of them!!!After that night, Asher disappears for 3 years from their lives and the rest of the book is based on an OTT cliché and annoying “misunderstanding it all” drama. The misunderstanding lasts more than 3 years just because they cannot communicate – at all! Asher thinks Briar betrayed him and destroyed his life because he didn’t go further and have sex with her. He thinks she did what she did because of her bruised ego. (she didn't do anything). He knows what kind of a good heart she has, caring about everyone deeply but he even doesn’t give her the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, Briar thinks Asher left her and her brother with no explanation whatsoever. She thinks that he didn’t care about her despite what they did that night or she suspects he might have regretted it.When Asher comes back 3 years later as his father is sick and dying, things get even more annoying. He seems so very angry with Briar. For a while, he just ignores Briar or teases her. She doesn’t understand why. When they talk, it is a few sentences of BS, in which neither of them aims at real communication. For example, when he calls her “a liar” she doesn’t ask why. When he says she f*cked his life, she is speechless and doesn’t go and ask what he means, let alone insist that he explains why he treats her badly. Then we have this cliché "making him jealous" trope! So we see that when another guy goes near her, Asher loses it all. Even though they are unable to communicate and solve the misunderstanding between them, they start to have sex. (Let's make no mistake, she is 17 now).Briar is one of the weakest heroines I have read about, melting whenever Asher touches her. She doesn’t need an explanation or an apology all along the book. (Just make her come and she is all good!) Asher treats her in a humiliating way at times but still she lets him do whatever he wants to do with her. Celibacy issue: During the 3-year separation, Asher goes on his life having casual hook-ups but Briar only gives her virginity to someone the night she hears Whitley (her nemesis) talking about how Asher and she had sex. She is so sad that she goes and gives it up to the first boy who comes along. Then, she avoids him because no one is like Asher and she still pines for him until he comes back. Whitley is another story. Asher once had sex with her and they used drugs together. Also, Brian’s brother Dash and their other best friend Adrian shared her more than once. It is their thing, they like to share their girls and I guess these are the other bad boys in the series.Long story short, Asher feels both hatred and love for Briar but he has sex with her because he can’t let anyone else touch her and Briar lets him use her because she can’t say no to him and she has no self-respect at all. This goes on like that up until the day the misunderstanding between Asher and Briar is solved by - no not by communication, of course – but by the confession of an evil character.Because of these totally frustrating characters and the fact that she is still not 18 while all of this is happening, I wanted to DNF it more than a few times. Rating of the book:There are so many reviews praising this book and I respect everyone’s opinions. It could be just me...So let me tell you that you should avoid this book only if you don’t feel OK with the fact that - she is 14 when it all starts- and she is still 17 until the end of the book up until the EpilogueAnd also avoid it if you are not OK with the fact that- she has no self-respect and she loses all reason when he touches her- she is one of those weakest heroines who cannot resist the bad boy no matter whatAnd finally, avoid it if you don't like the fact that- she is celibate except for one time when she loses her virginity while he acts as a man-whore all along- she doesn’t need groveling even at the end of it all – not that he was so eager to apologize!!!Otherwise, you are good to go!Personally, I am not going to try this writer’s work again. One taste was enough.

  • Alba and Her Secrets..♥
    2018-09-17 18:02

    5 'Because of you' Stars!I’ve known about Charleigh Rose for a while. Actually, this is not my first experience with this author's writing. I read her first novella (Stepdaddy Savage) because a friend recommended it to me and I really enjoyed it. Well, I was even more surprised this time because I can assure you this woman knows very well how to write a full-length novel. I am hooked and I want more! Bad Habit is the first installment in Charleigh’s new series called Bad Love. This book belongs to the “I am in love with my brother’s best friend” troupe and that definitely appealed to me when it came to the decision of reading it. I thoroughly enjoy this romance troupe! So, Bad Habit is the love story between Briar Vale and Asher Kelley. This couple had a strong connection since the very beginning, Bry is always there for Asher when he is in a bad place and Asher cannot stop the lust he feels for her. Suddenly Asher disappears from Briar’s life and he does not come back until three years later. Now he seems like he hates her but still the sparks are stronger than ever. Of course, it will be impossible for both to not act on their attraction.“For once in my goddamn life, I’m trying to be the good guy, and you’re not making it easy.” “I like you better when you’re bad.”Well.. I can assure you now this will not be the last piece I read by Charleigh Rose because I just fell in love with all these characters! I am so glad this is becoming a series! So, now let’s focus on Bad Habit: it was an amazing love story to read. As I said, it has great characters, an entertaining and darkish storyline and a couple with crazy chemistry! You all know how much I love having a little bit of everything in my romance and Bad Habit did not disappoint me AT ALL! I could not stop reading so that is a great sign!This is happening. He’s perfection, even bruised and bleeding. This beautifully damaged boy is about to give me the one part of him I’ve never had. And I’m about to give him what should’ve been his.But, of course, what is the best part about this book? The main characters. Briar and Asher’s story is not all hearts and flowers (and sexual tension and mindblowing sex!). There is some distance between them at the start, after they reunite again, and it’s not easy to go back and revisit all the circumstances that separated them at the very beginning. Asher has not had the easiest life, he is a kick-ass hero but he is also very afraid to trust and to love. Obviously, Briar changes everything for him and that makes their connection is explosive! I’m so full of Asher, physically, emotionally, mentally. This is pathetic. No matter how many times he burns me, I go back for more. I need him like a bad habit—one that I don’t want to kick.And by explosive, I mean freaking HOT. I mean, these two definitely do not lack on the chemistry department and who does not enjoy a protective cocky hero? This lady is not complaining! However, by explosive I also mean extremely emotional. Briar and Asher have to hide what they feel and that is not easy for any of them. The circumstances are not the best but everything gets better at the end and this fantastic couple gets their much deserved happily ever after!“All I know is that my best side is your worst creation. Everything good in me is because of you.”Therefore, I am rating Bad Habit with 5 STARS because I really enjoyed this love story and getting to know this new characters that Charleigh Rose is presenting in her Bad Love series. Briar and Asher are an outstanding couple and I loved every moment of them together. Please, give me all the other characters stories right now because I can't wait! Highly recommend reading Bad Habit!CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE:

  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    2018-09-19 21:10

    “Some people say it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, but those people have never been in love with Asher Kelly.”Bad Habit is one of the best mature New Adult novels I’ve ever read. It has a little bit of everything and checked every one of my boxes.o Sexyo Angstyo Emotionalo Well WrittenCheck, check, check, and double check!! It’s perfectly plotted and well-written. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen, while simultaneously hoping it’d never end. That’s the true test for me. If I’m addicted and want more and more, it’s a definite winner. That’s certainly what Charleigh Rose has given me. A WINNER!The secondary characters all shine. I need the subsequent stories, like yesterday. I. Cannot. Wait!Here’s what I absolutely loved: Briar is a very intriguing character. She’s mature beyond her years and unwavering in her commitment to those she loves. I loved that. The way she cared about Asher and wanted to always help those around. She loves him unconditionally. Regardless of their past, she knows he owns her heart.“I’m so full of Asher, physically emotionally, mentally. This is pathetic. No matter how many times he burns me, I go back for more. I need him like a bad habit – one that I don’t want to kick.”Asher is sexy AF. He’s tall, dark, brooding, and aloof. Just the type of male lead I love. Give me a sexy dark alpha-hole any day of the week! Yep, that’s my jam. He flawed and broken, but cares deeply. Gah! He’s perfect asshole, broody, perfection! SEX-YYYYThese two together… Sexy SexierHOT!!Enough said, right? LOLWhat’s super exciting about the book…there’s more to come!The secondary characters are ALL awesome. I can’t wait to read their stories. We get just enough of a glimpse into their lives to crave more. Perfect setup for future stories and I want them all RIGHT NOW!So, I’ll end my ramble be saying, it was effing amazing. I laughed, I cried, and fell in love with a new book boyfriend. Highly recommended for fans of sexy New Adult reads that feature Brother’s Best Friend, and Forbidden love themes.For more of my reviews:My Blog: Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    2018-09-26 01:42

    ➳But can someone please hold because I am officially OBSESSED with Charleigh Rose, all in the good way...A story filled with everything that is forbidden but feels way too good to pass over. That's what Charleigh provides and makes you not regret the decision of reading this book. To not spoil anything away, I am going to keep this quick and simple. This story is filled with forbidden romance coming from the best friend of the female's much older brother. At first, it is unidentified if the two main characters actually have a strong chemistry. However, once the real drama begins to kick in, we see that they are meant to be. Jealousy, anger, lust, passion... Everything is involved in this love story that is for sure a MUST from Charleigh's. I highly recommend reading it if you are looking for something that is quick and simple, but also enticing and expansive. ➳ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review coming soon...➳Follow Me On:Blog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter

  •  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕
    2018-09-10 00:42

    “You wanted to play big girl games,Briar. Now, I’m going to treat you like a big girl. Whoah! Did it get hot in here or is it just me?! I wasn’t expecting to fall this bad boy but I did and like all Bad Habits, Asher Kelly was pretty hard to quit. This story hit all of the right spots for me when it came to the forbidden romance aspect and I was practically drooling from the time I read the first chapter and I haven’t looked back since. Asher Kelly is a certified a**hole and there’s no other way to put that nicely because he will leave frustrated and panting all within a five second conversation. But underneath it all, he has a good heart and he values the meaning of friendship and family. Falling for your best friend’s little sister is a quick way to end any friendship but you know what they say: The heart wants what it wants. With a betrayal no one saw coming, Asher leaves everything behind including a broken hearted woman who would’ve done anything for him. But returning to the place that held so many bad memories and the girl who still holds his heart, is not going to be easy. Three years ago, everything changed for Briar and her friendship with Asher. With the past now behind her, moving on is not only an option but a necessity. But when Asher returns for good, those old feelings quickly resurfaces and with that, comes hatred and a serious case of sexual frustration. Can Briar really move on now that Asher is back and with a history like theirs, becoming enemies to bed partners will be catastrophic. Let the fireworks begin. I loved that not only this had the forbidden feeling to it, but this was a love/hate relationship of sorts. Asher and Briar were beyond complicated and they certainly tested me with their back and forth but I loved it!! The chemistry between these two was insane and you felt that love before either one of them ever spoke those words. If you in the mood for a sexy forbidden romance, then this one is for you. *Teaser used is from the author's fb page.  

  • ⚜️Charlotte⚜️
    2018-08-26 18:06

    3.9 underwhelming Stars...?This was just okay for me, Charleigh Rose is normally a one click for meEspecially after the Savage Series, which I loved! but this was not what I expected at all? at One point I wondered if this was even the same author? Where was the Sass and the hot sexy times, it read more like a YA, whichas ya all know is Not my thing! I can’t fault the writing, it was good, the plot, the characters, Asher & Briar, including the secondary character’sBut the steam was missing for me, it was to long and over explained... having said all that, and reading it to the very end... it did finally redeemitself and it had a HEA.. So I would still recommend it, if this is your genra! 😉

  • Belle Aurora
    2018-08-25 23:02

    I decided to read this book based on three factors.In many reviews, I read the phrase “enemies-to-lovers”.Yas!I was told it was a forbidden romance, in more than one way.Oh, sweet jesus… yasss!And, finally, the winning factor was the male lead was apparently… heavy breathing… an asshole.Yas, bitch, yasss!Now, anyone can assume to write a jerk of a hero, but whether it’s done well or not… that’s a whole other story.The verdict:Charleigh Rose can write an asshole, and she writes an asshole well.This will be a spoiler free review because, as an author myself, I despise when people give away the good stuff.Let me discover those tidbits on my own!Charleigh Rose delivers a tantalizing forbidden romance. I was stunned to find that some factors of the story that may have been off-limits to me had I known they were in the book prior to reading it didn’t bother me as much given the way the author spun the tale.That, folks, is difficult thing to do. Even more so when the reader is also an author.The characters were written beautifully.The friendships are golden.And the sex is dirty.A winning trifecta in my eyes.This was my first book by Charleigh Rose but it won’t be my last. I devoured this book in a single night and really enjoyed the journey I was taken on. I finished up with a smile on my face and the warmth of satisfaction in my belly.Keep your eyes peeled for this authors’ name… I predict it’ll be everywhere before you know it.A solid 4 stars.See the original review published on The Novel Lifestyle here:

  • Jemima
    2018-09-05 21:50

    Title: Bad Habit (Bad Love #1)Author: Charleigh RoseGenre: New AdultPublication Date: November 16, 2017OK. Bad Habit?! Hands down one of THE best New Adult books I have read this year!! THE BEST!!! It had everything I wanted and needed in a coming of age novel! everything!The pre-pubescent crush that turns into a love thats so strong and profound? Check!Bad Habit was fun, emotional, Sexy AF and did I mention AMAZING???!!! This book had the ups and downs... All the Roller coaster of emotions that I needed from a book!Asher? Holy Batman! where can I find one like that for myself?!  Did I mention that he has magnificent mismatched eyes? yup! One green with yellow flecks, and the other a honey brown with flecks of green. Are you imagining it? hahaha...well..ok.. imagine onyx hair that hangs in his dark mismatched eyes...*swoon*... Don't forget that dimples ..*sigh*Asher is the epitome of bad boy.. he knows he's hot AF but isn't cocky..but he is broody, aloof  yet possessive and swoon worthy!Briar? I love Briar! She is so loyal! Her love for Asher is unconditional. Some would say it's to the point of being reckless but we know better :) and once you read this book, you'll watch to punch those people who say otherwise. Hahaha!Asher + Brair? Words will never never NEVER be enough to explain their chemistry! My God! You could feel it through the pages of the book!I loved loved this book!! I devoured it! I highly recommend this book!Can we please take a moment to talk about Adrian?! I love him! I can't wait to read his story. I swear the thought of reading his story excites me just as much as this book!For more reviews and giveaways follow my blog at

  • Hanne
    2018-09-16 17:54

    Briar has been having a crush on Asher for a few years. Asher is her older brother’s best friend and that makes Briar off limits to Asher. When Briar thinks she finally has a chance with Asher, he leaves suddenly. Briar is devastated. Years go by and Briar nor her brother hear from Asher. When Asher returns home, Briar is still hurt, but her attraction to him is still strong. Asher has changed and he isn’t very nice to Briar, but she’s determined to find out what happened years ago and why he’s acting this way.I loved this book. There were a few twists. I loved Briar and Asher together. They will be a beautiful, hot couple. Briar and Asher are great characters. Briar is sweet, caring, innocent, feisty and loving. Briar really liked Asher and loved spending time with him. She’s surprised that he returned home, but she’s also happy. She will be even more happy when things get heated between her and Asher. Briar still wants to be with him. Asher is hardworking, strong and a little cold. I was constantly wondering what had happened. Asher always felt something for Briar that he shouldn’t be feeling. He has never forgotten her and he still feels something, but he tries to keep his distant. Every time he sees her, his feelings grow stronger. The secondary characters were also great! I’m glad that Bad Habit is the first book in a (standalone) series and I can’t wait to read Dare’s book. I really liked him in this book. He’s an amazing friend of Asher who immediately likes Briar.

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    2018-09-16 00:04

    4 stars Such a nice surprise!This is my first book from Charleigh Rose and I loved it.It has a little bit of everything, sexual tension,angst,great romance,super hot moments and emotional moments.I love the chemistry between Briar and Asher.Asher is hot,cocky with a filthy mouth.He was exactly what I needed.Briar is sassy I really like her.I loved them together full of sexual tension and passionate moments.Overall it was a great story and now I'm really excited to read more books from this author.   

  • Charleigh Rose
    2018-09-02 17:53

    Bad Habit has a blurb! And I promise, we are so close to the release date. Interested in helping share the cover? Sign up for the reveal HERE -->

  • Geri Reads
    2018-08-30 01:47

    **SPOILERS AHEAD**Sometimes, I do something that's totally unpredictable, like, oh, I don't know buy a book from a new-to-me author without reading reviews first. I mean, this book was everywhere this past few days and I was intrigued. And curious. Welp.I gotta say, it wasn't the worst thing I've read this year. There were some character moments that were interesting, while others are just too over-the-top dramatic for me. And some of the characterizations felt off. For example, Briar. During the prologue, she was 14 years old but acted older, trying her hardest to seduce a 17 year old boy that she likes. At the proper start of the book, she was 17 but acted like 12 year old. And everybody treated her like a damn baby including the hero. If you're looking for a romance where there is character growth, this book isn't for me. The characters stayed the same throughout including the hero. The same broody, misogynistic asshole from prologue to the end.Speaking of asshole, there's nothing lovable about Asher. He's one dimensional. Asher is basically a rehash of every other broody, bad boy that's popular in NA romance today. There's nothing special about him. And his anger towards the heroine for her perceived betrayal was dumb. The fact that he reached that conclusion despite the heroine being innocent, a 14-year old at that according to him the kindest person he knew, proved to me that he's nothing but misogynistic asshat. A dumb one at that. I mean, really? He thought Briar told her father about what happened between them because he rejected her physical overture. Kind of like those girls who cry rape because the guy they want didn't like them back, amirite? What a nice contribution to rape culture. Truly, we need it alive these days. Ugh. Anyway, after all the drama, the one person that got me to cheer for her wasn't the heroine, nor the hero but the antagonist, Whitley, the mean girl who was slut-shamed throughout the book. Sure her motive was suspect but what she did was actually a lot kinder than what other people might do. If she had been another dumb teenager, she would've used the picture she got to shame Briar, upload it to social media and create another 13 Reasons Why scenario. But surprise, surprise. The one person who was supposed to be the villain went to an adult and had him handle the situation. If she had been cruel, she would've upload it to social media or spread some nasty rumor about Briar and Asher. Instead she did the opposite and she kept it a secret. But sure, she was the villain because she wanted the hero to love her back. Whitley got the short end of the stick in the book.All I can say to that is #JusticeForWhitley!I still have so many issues with this book including the writing, which is a cross between Penelope Douglas and LJ Shen. It sometimes feel like I was reading a PD or an LJ Shen book, tbh. It's disconcerting. But this is just my opinion. Considering how many of my friends and other loved this book, I'm in the minority. What didn't work for me might work for you.

  • Melanie (mells_view)
    2018-09-04 23:46

    Bad Habit is the perfect mixture of fun, emotional, and hot. If you enjoy reading new adult with a Dash (get it? No? Well read the book and you will.) of angst, and all the tension you get from an enemies to lovers/brother’s best friend romance, then this is the book for you! Charleigh Rose effortlessly throws us into Briar & Asher’s world and makes feeling what they are feeling so easy with her words.I loved Asher. He was just enough of an asshole without it being like, “why does she even want him?” Plus he had his moments where he was just so irresistibly swoony.Briar was amazing. She knew what she wanted, and she wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers. I also loved that she wasn’t a push over, she stood up for herself when she needed to.The side characters were pretty amazing. Even the awful ones left me wondering about them.All in all a great new adult read. Charleigh Rose did not disappoint.^a fan edit I made on Instagram!Merged review:Bad Habit is the perfect mixture of fun, emotional, and hot. If you enjoy reading new adult with a Dash (get it? No? Well read the book and you will.) of angst, and all the tension you get from an enemies to lovers/brother’s best friend romance, then this is the book for you! Charleigh Rose effortlessly throws us into Briar & Asher’s world and makes feeling what they are feeling so easy with her words.I loved Asher. He was just enough of an asshole without it being like, “why does she even want him?” Plus he had his moments where he was just so irresistibly swoony.Briar was amazing. She knew what she wanted, and she wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers. I also loved that she wasn’t a push over, she stood up for herself when she needed to.The side characters were pretty amazing. Even the awful ones left me wondering about them.All in all a great new adult read. Charleigh Rose did not disappoint.^a fan edit I made on Instagram!

  • Paige
    2018-09-02 18:03

    4 “Baby Girl” StarsThere is nothing like a tortured hero and the girl that soothes his soul.Bad Habit is a friends to lovers to enemies to lovers story. It might be a bit taboo-ish for some but it was sexy as sin with depth in the characters, their connection and their history. Briar has been in love with Asher for years. Her brother’s best friend from a bad home spends more time at her house than his. And over the years, she can’t help but fall for the broody and aloof Asher. But one night changes the course of their friendship and nothing is ever the same. Three years later, he’s back but not the same guy she once knew. Heartbroken she’s tried to move on but one look at him and it all comes back. But he’s got something against her that she can’t figure out. Yet against all odds, their connection is as fierce as ever even if they don’t want to admit it. This book captured my attention from the first introduction to this characters. I liked the back and forth and the skirting the line they did. I was as curious as Briar was about why Asher hated her so much and yet I could not get enough of the hate-sexual tension that followed these two. Honestly I don’t usually like reading about characters so young (it makes me feel old lol), but Ms. Rose dealt with it in such a way that it felt real and mature. Admittedly the twist was somewhat predictable, it still got my blood pumping though and I loved how the story came together at the end. I’m a big fan of this author and can’t wait to see what else she’s got up her sleeve. ARC provided for honest review.

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2018-09-24 19:56

    I won't be rating this book since I mostly skimmed to the end after 40%.Sadly this was just not my cuppa at all. I think this author has a potentially great career in front of them once they find their own voice. Unfortunately that was the biggest piece that kept me from enjoying this book. It felt like a watered down version of some of my previous favorites from authors like Penelope Douglas, LJ Shen, and the like. My other issue was the characters. I never connected with them. Aside from the ages (view spoiler)[ 14 and 17 when they were young (hide spoiler)], they felt disingenuous. There was just nothing engaging about them to me. It was almost like caricatures of what NA characters are supposed to be like, if that even makes sense.The big reveal felt anticlimactic and only managed to frustrate me with these characters even further.I have a feeling that many will definitely enjoy this one. I'm sad to say I wasn't one of them. I'll certainly give this author another shot in the future. For a debut novel, this wasn't half bad. It just didn't work for this particular reader.

  • Snow
    2018-09-01 18:01

    Ah...This was like a teen tease getting towards the barely YA tantrum/angsty filled drama...and unrequited love over a misunderstanding but actually a potential criminally prosectuted act...But upon the return of a 'bad boy' to his home town after three years being gone, leaving his friends and the girl he always loved but who betrayed him ( entering a huge questiin mark-first time she's 14 he's 18...yeah quite the Romeo & Juliet kinda fling, n'est pas?) BUT with all the will power, he can't stay away from her, cause she's in his blood and he still loves her...but he still needs to get to the bottom of it all (inserts all the angsty push and pull drama, ex-girl/casual fuck, yada, yada, yada and the tension pents up until it all comes clear into the spotlight) and dragged the fuck out of the story, until they came back to each other again...phew!This said, I don't really have an opinion about it, right now...*sigh* just ranting away...cause i really didnt feel anything about them in the first placeMaybe if they weren't practicaly kids (starting on YA) to begin with, I would have probably enjoyed it more...yeah, okay, I'm getting a bit harsh here...but this seemed like a child's play while being naughty cause they stole a cookie from a hidden jar...Gah...

  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    2018-09-03 18:12

    WOWZER!!!Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose was emotionally and sexually charged!! I felt like a powder keg in danger of combusting. SIZZLE!!!First, if you like your stories to have a touch of the forbidden, you better pick up Bad Habit right now. The same about sexual tension - holy moly!!!! It felt like the air was charged whenever Asher and Briar were in the same room. And who doesn't like a bad boy hero with a filthy mind, mouth, and balls to follow through.I definitely DO!!!!!!Asher's snarky and broody attitude, and his take charge personality lead to a few incredibly naughty and HOOOOTT scenes which made me almost drop my kindle. All I can say is WOWZER!!!!! Asher and Briar truly were a match made in naughty heaven. ♥♥♥Now lets' talk about the forbidden - YUM!!!I love it when a couple is so tempted by chemistry and sexual attraction that they throw caution to the wind and just go for it. It makes me literally all fluttery.  Suddenly age is just a number, and people's judgment can't compete with the allconsuming feelings that threaten to overtake. Bad Habit was a wonderful combination of all of the above, plus an intriguing plot and I would call it a WINNER!!!I think what I loved most about Bad Habit was Briars never-ending love for Asher. Briar believed in Asher, she understood him and always was in his corner. Whatever happened or life threw at her, her love for Asher never wavered. They literally belonged to each other - heart, body, and soul. It was clear as day. Their genuine attraction, chemistry and the ever present sexual tension was palpable on every page. The forbidden temptation alone was sizzling!!! My goodness those two made me blush!!Charleigh Rose wrote a wonderfully charged novel that combined all of my favorite tropes - taboo/forbidden, brother's best friend, and star-crossed lovers in one book. So if you are like me, and have a soft spot for any of the aforementioned themes- you better pick up Bad Habit ASAP!!!!You won't be disappointed!!!For more of my reviews:My Blog: Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog

  • Whitney
    2018-09-20 23:04

    For Briar Vale, it has always been him. Asher Kelley, the beautiful boy with the mismatched eyes, was off-limits. He is a certified bad boy, three years older than her, and best friends with her older brother - Dash. The last reason should have been more than enough to keep away from him. Briar gives in to temptation one night when Asher sneaks in bruised and bloody. Asher tries to push her away, but he feels their connection too. Ecstatic, Briar feels like she finally broke through to Asher that night. But then he disappears without saying good-bye. Three years. Asher has been gone for three years. It feels good to be back with Dash, but he isn't looking forward to seeing Briar. He don't know if he can ever forgive her for what she did...I stumbled across this book when one of my friends reviewed it. And when I seen that L.J. Shen stood behind it, I knew I had to read it. She is the queen of the 'enemies-to-lovers' stories, so to see her rave about this book sold me. It didn't disappoint in that department either. There was just enough background given on the characters and just enough mystery to make it work. The reader, along with Briar, doesn't know why Asher just upped and disappeared. On top of that, when he reappears, he blames Briar. He cannot avoid her and that leads to some pretty intense scenes. I must say this book was surprisingly steamy. I mean, it is super steamy. Briar and Asher have major chemistry. There was no denying their connection - even from that questionable first scene. Asher is just swoon-worthy. He goes from bad boy to alpha; he's its super hot. I loved seeing him through Briar's eyes. The love she has for him is clear, but the effect he has on her is just amazing.Because this book has been on my TBR shelf before it was released, I hadn't realized that it is getting some mixed reviews. Warning: Rant ahead. I'm putting it behind a spoiler tag as it doesn't really add to my review. That way, you can skip my over my lengthy outburst if you want.(view spoiler)[Before I start, I just want to throw out there that I value opposing opinions. If we all believed and felt the same way, it would be a very boring world. And GoodReads probably wouldn't exist! *insert face of horror here* Some people just continue to amaze me, though. I try to stay away from reviews, especially overly negative reviews, until I read the book because I don't want to be swayed. I want my review to be my review - not based off another review. And I said all that above to say this, I feel like some people have taken the age difference thing and ran with it. They have read other reviews slamming this book, so they jump on the bandwagon. They list the ages wrong and make it seem like he was preying on her. I can't help to think that they 1.) didn't read the book completely and are using other reviews for references or 2.) didn't care to even read the book; they just want to slam it because of the age difference. It just makes me sad because if I had read their reviews before reading this I wouldn't have read it. Reviews influence others and I hate that people abuse that. I'm sure that there is some out there that are legit put off by it; heck, I was even a little uncomfortable at that first scene. I'll admit that. Briar was fourteen and Asher was seventeen when they first hooked-up. Nothing overly sexual happened except for (view spoiler)[dry humping. (hide spoiler)] Yeah they probably shouldn't have done that, and they acknowledged it, but it happened. The author has a reason for it all as well. When they do actually have sex, she is seventeen and he is twenty or twenty-one. Once again, I completely understand that it isn't for everyone. (hide spoiler)]This book is the first in the Bad Love series, but it is a standalone. I cannot wait to see who is the lead in book #2. I hope it is our sexy Mexi - Adrian. It would be interesting to see him break away from Dash since they like to get down and dirty together. Yup, you read that right. ;) 4 stars

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2018-09-22 23:05

    4 ★'s “My best side is your worst creation.”Briar always had a thing for her brother's best friend, Asher, and while he's drawn to her...she's only fourteen and he's four years older. Luckily, we get a three year time jump but a lot has happened...or hasn't happened in that time frame. Asher did leave but not off to college and he holds what happened to him as Briar's betrayal. Briar has no clue what Asher's been up and has been trying to go on with her life, in fact, she's a little shocked to hear he's been back in town for a while. That changes when they see each other again. Things get heated pretty fast and Asher's become quite the Alpha. Unfortunately, not everything is smooth sailing. For one, they are keeping their relationship a secret especially from her brother and there's more drama from her parents, his dad and their exes. When we finally find out what Asher believes the cause of the betrayal is and what actually happens, it's pretty flimsy. I couldn't understand why he couldn't just go on to college and instead it became this big mess. And nothing is really done to the person responsible. I was happy with the epilogue and how things wrapped up. I enjoyed seeing Asher's vulnerability. There's suppose to be a novella for Dare that's out or coming out but I'm hoping Dash (Briar's brother) gets a story too.

  • chandler ainsley [reads]
    2018-09-09 02:07

    dnf @ 56%i'm sorry, i'm a complete masochist and can put up with almost anything that the NA genre throws my way but this was just bad. and this review is probably going to be bad too, so i'm sorry in advance.everything you hate about the NA genre is probably found in this book. it revolves around Asher and Briar, who we're supposed to believe REALLY HATE EACH OTHER and that this is going to be some epic enemies-to-lovers story. but in reality, Briar has been pining after Asher-the-asshole forever and once he finally decides to fuck her... he just kind of uses her?i have no problem with mindless/unattached sex in books but it needs to be consensual on both sides. the female in this book was carrying a big ole torch for Asher and he just kept toying with her for no reason. why you ask?A MISUNDERSTANDING. i didn't read long enough to find out what it was but i'm sorry, that just isn't a valid fucking plot device. ever. ever. ever. it's just lazy.and i think that's really what pissed me off about this book. it was just so lazy. the side characters are so flat, the main characters have no development either and were so terribly unlikable, and every possible cliche is employed.we got slut shaming, annoying/"sassy" best friend, protective older brother, the list goes on.and the cherry on the already shitty cake for me was the prologue for this book. i like fucked up stuff, i really truly do. but something really skeeved me out about the fact that Briar was 14 and he was 18 when she tried to have sex with him and he was cool with it? it wasn't consummated but yeah. big nope from me.i might try another book from this author in the future, but this was such a huge let down.

  • Jacqueline's Reads
    2018-09-22 23:44

    3 Good Try StarsMaybe it’s because I got my period and I’m physically tired and I’m in physically in pain but for the life of me I can’t find a good book. Bad Habit wasn’t a bad book, it just didn’t blow my mind, but that is okay.Bad Habit is an easy read and I like the casual writing. I prefer that style. Did it have flaws? Yes, does it read slightly unpolished and immature? Yes, BUT that doesn’t really mean anything, except for the fact I feel like this author can grow.First off, I hate it when a story starts out 3 years ago and I’m never told it goes into the present. Good grief, it took me a good chapter or two to finally figure out I was in the present again. Yeah, call me stupid, but label the chapter “present”.Anyhow, the book starts out with a bang and I love where it was taking me. It’s the good innocent Heroine and the bad boy older brother’s best friend book ya know.I wanted taboo.This book had good elements, the right balance of tension, steam and easy prose. What I didn’t like was the “theme” I don’t like a secret in the book. YES! I’m talking about something that could have easily been avoided as two people had a I don’t know… CONVERSATION. Gah, I can’t stand this in books. I tried to ignore that part, but it kept on being brought up.I found the other “problems” in the book very typical and usually I’m okay with that, but with the secret I was already annoyed. BUT the secret kind of worked because I stayed with the book right?Anyhow, even though this isn’t the first book by the author, it does read like a debut one. But like I said that’s okay. I feel like this author has so much room for improvement. I can sense future creative juices to flow. Give me original plot and some twist and non-silly angst and I’m game!

  • Yasmin
    2018-09-17 21:45

    Charleigh Rose, what have you done to my little black heart? GAH! Bad Habit was one of my most anticipated reads this year.The best friend’s little sister trope has always been a favorite of mine. So, of course, I enjoyed this book immensely. How could I not? It was love at first sight. Literally. The cover is delicious. *drools*I was pulled into Asher and Briar’s story from page one. I got very little sleep because I stayed up all night reading. Bad Habit was that good, I just couldn’t bring myself to put the book down for even a minute. It consumed me.“I knew I was playing with fire. I was bound to get burned. But rebellious hearts know no consequences. Bad habits are easy to make and impossible to break, and Asher was the worst addiction of them all.”Bad Habit doesn’t only have the forbidden aspect I love in my romance books, but it has a lot of heart in it as well. Sprinkled with some stifling sexual tension and combustible chemistry, Asher and Briar will set your e-reader on fire!Asher Kelley is my kind of guy. Kinda an asshole, kinda sweet, and very possessive! My heart was his from the moment he started acting all alpha when it came to Briar.I’m dying for the next Charleigh Rose book. The side characters are something else, that’s for damn sure. But I’m excited for all of them to have their own story. P.S.DARE IS MINE!*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review!*

  • Greta
    2018-08-29 18:57

    People say it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, but those people have never been in love with Asher Kelley.Se non siete state innamorate di Asher Kelley non potete capire la distruzione interiore che ho avuto leggendo questo libro. Una storia che mi ha fatta soffrire ed eccitare, per le tante scene hot che ci sono, ma sono un po' morta dentro, vedendo certi comportamenti. Urlavo contro il reader dicendo "eddai, svegliati, fai qualcosa!", ma non cambiava nulla.Asher e Briar si conoscono da quando sono bambini, e già da allora sapevano che sarebbero stati l'uno la salvezza dell'altro, anche a quella tenera età. Il problema crescendo sale sempre di più, perchè Asher è il migliore amico di Dash, il fratello di Briar. E la prima volta che si baciano, lei ha solamente 14 anni (lui ne ha 17, sono ragazzini, non ci sono scene di sesso o chissà che cosa, lo dico perchè alcune ragazze sono rimaste schifate, beh, non c'è niente di male.)Asher è il prototipo di ragazzo che nei libri mi fa impazzire. Il classico cattivo ragazzo che però quando si innamora, sei fregata, perchè non ti lascerà più andare. Invidiavo un po' Briar, che personalmente a me non è piaciuta molto, l'ho trovata troppo oca e troppo infantile, la invidiavo perchè è stata così fortunata ad avere le attenzioni di questo ragazzo, che nonostante abbia tanti problemi, non può fare a meno di starle vicino.Ovviamente non è tutto rosa e fiori, ci sono varie separazioni tra i due, ed entrambe dovute a scelte di Asher, che pensa di non meritare la ragazza e insomma, le solite cose che si sono già lette, ma credo sia al 100% un libro che rileggerò e che consiglio a tutte voi che amate il genere."Bad habits are easy to make and impossible to break, and Asher was the worst addiction of them all. I let him crawl inside my body, and he burned me from the inside out, leaving nothing but ashes in his absence."

  • Tianna✸loves books✸
    2018-09-12 18:03

    I'm so fed up of these desperate heroines and abusive jerk heroes. This was a big DNF for me.

  • Julia Valentine
    2018-09-16 23:46

    {ARC generously provided by author}I really enjoyed this book in a way I enjoy all books like this...funny , sexy , hot bad boy with sad eyes who’s in love/hate with BF little sister who thinks she’s done him wrong in some way. Asher Kelley consummate bad boy from a broken abusive can u not love him and feel bad for everything he goes through. All you wanna do is love him, take care of him and then sit on his face lol!!! Briar Vale the good little sister In love with older brothers best friend..she’s takes care of Asher every time he sneaks into their house after his father beats him. All she wants is him and he wants her too but she’s too young. I love this duo and everything they write they never disappoint but I will say that Bad Habit was somewhat predictable I kind of saw everything coming before it happened but it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a really good story.

  • Michelle
    2018-09-13 22:54

    Charleigh Rose has me addicted to her books like a Bad Habit. Pun intended. Yes my fellow forbidden romance and enemies to lovers romance, this book has everything you would want and crave in a romance. It was dripping with so much sexual tension, chemistry, and raw emotions that you will want to savor every bit of this book. From the character development to the flow of the story, Charleigh Rose did an impeccable job creating a love story that was flawed and yet realistic to the core. A must read for anyone who loves a good story that was dripping with sex, appeal, and chemistry.