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When Georgie Kaye chases down a customer to get paid for one of her custom pet portraits, the client stalls but invites her on a fancy dinner cruise on Lake Michigan to make up for his delayed payment. Georgie invites Aleta and together they set sail with a cast of characters straight out of a fitness magazine.In between meeting new clients and hunting for desserts on boarWhen Georgie Kaye chases down a customer to get paid for one of her custom pet portraits, the client stalls but invites her on a fancy dinner cruise on Lake Michigan to make up for his delayed payment. Georgie invites Aleta and together they set sail with a cast of characters straight out of a fitness magazine.In between meeting new clients and hunting for desserts on board the ship, Georgie is shocked when one of the cruise passengers ends up dead.Georgie is determined to solve the mystery so she can get paid, and she jumps into the community of fitness fanatics, her sister’s new devotion to healthy living, and the surprising underworld of gym owners.With her detective ex-husband Stan at her side, Georgie goes undercover to solve the murder. Will she be able to find the killer before he escapes and takes one of Georgie’s biggest paychecks yet with him?This is book 2 in the Pet Portraits Cozy Mystery series, but can be read as a standalone. BONUS RECIPES INCLUDED...

Title : Murder on the Great Lake
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ISBN : 36586008
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Murder on the Great Lake Reviews

  • Kathleen
    2018-09-13 02:04

    “Murder on the Great Lake” earns 5/5 Fitness Franchises…Murderous Fun! I am a big fan of Georgie and Aleta! Despite their 180 degree differences in personality, their “60-something” mature perspective makes them delightful, humorous, and a pair with which I can identify. I, too, have a sister who is my opposite, yet we’re always there when a sticky situation arises. Sandi Scott has penned a clever mystery with several suspects whose motive and opportunity keep you guessing. Georgie asks Aleta to join her on a cruise on Lake Michigan. Her latest pet portrait is unpaid for, and although the client says he's good for it, they take him up on his invitation to join in on the Fit Family Gyms’ annual cruise. Great! They search out real food (sweet tooth), not that healthy stuff, until “dead man overboard” makes Georgie thinking murder. The mystery is engaging with several suspects to keep you guessing, but it's the characters I really enjoy: the sisters, Georgie and her ex, and all the supporting cast who offer laughs. Fans will love this second book, and newbies can jump right in. Enough background and character connections are visited to make for great fun!“Disclosure: I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the author, however these are my honest opinions.”

  • Tam
    2018-09-07 19:28

    Double the delight!This was a great, laugh out loud, cozy mystery. I absolutely adore Aleta and Georgie, twin sisters that couldn't be more different from each other but complement each other perfectly! I love the fact that they are more "mature" ladies in their 60's, and I feel that these great characters fill a much-needed niche in literary prose, today. This book is loaded with mystery, suspense and so much wonderful humor. I believe that Scott may just be my new, favorite author of cozy mysteries. I am looking forward to where these delightful sisters take us next!*I received a complimentary ARC of this story in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

  • Jackie
    2018-09-15 22:09

    Oh my gosh, can life get better than this. Reading this adorable story full of suspense and amusement as well that keeps you intrigued.

  • Merry Chapman
    2018-09-02 20:59

    Another Home Run for Sandi Scott with humor, mystery, murder and craziness!Sandi Scott has done it again! The second book in this series is a home run. The characters are developed and the humor will make you laugh out loud. Georgie and Aleta are twin sisters in their 60s and as opposite as day and night, but extremely supportive of each other. Georgie is an artist and creates funny problems that Aleta helps her out of. Aleta is a retired accountant who adores her sister and always gets drawn into all of Georgies adventures. In this storyline, Georgie does a pet portrait for a gym owner client who can't pay her when she delivers his pet portrait. Instead, he says he will have her money but has to host a networking type cruise for business and invited both sisters. Ready for some fun, Georgie convinced Aleta to come with her. Things go downhill from there when one of the fitness people goes overboard and is found dead when brought up. The police feel it is suicide, but Georgie does not believe someone in such great shape and a gym owner doesn't know how to swim and she and Aleta start to get involved. Her ex-husband, detective Stan, while trying hard to get back together with her, feeds her some information which further peaks Georgie's curiosity. Things get crazy and funny and serious all at once! There are many red herrings and crazy things that happen throughout and we are drawn page by page further into the story. I loved this second book in the series and can't wait to see what other crazy trouble the sisters find themselves in and what else Stan can do to try and get back with Georgie in furture books in this series! I received an ARC but the opinions here are strictly my own.

  • Anne
    2018-09-18 18:02

    Murder on the Great Lake by Sandi Scott, is the second in the Pet Portraits Cozy Mystery series. It opens with our artist, Georgie Kaye, delivering her latest pet portrait to the pet's owner, Richard Batt, the attractive manager/owner of Fit Family Gym. The biggest problem her is that he is not able to pay her. In order to soften the blow, he invites her and a guest to that evening's promotional dinner cruise where he will have her money for her. Georgie decides to take him up on his invitation and invites her sister, Aleta, to join her. Georgie and Aleta are ladies of a certain age, who live next door to one another. Alta is nervous that all the food will be healthy rather than tasty but Georgie has already gotten guarantees on that score. Regretfully, Richard is still unable to pay her, postponing her again. Of course, Georgie cannot leave it along, and where she investigates her ex-husband, Stan, the police detective, is not far behind. Scott does a fine job in drawing detailed character. They are always so likeable. Georgie is no exception: there are always things going on in her life...daily things like those in our lives, a leaky roof, for example. She also does a good job with foreshadowing. It is very subtle but available if the reader pays attention. She also tends to bring at least one current public concern into each book, making it more relatable and up to date. I recommend Scott's book. I have enjoyed each of the ones I have read. Plenty of detail and context as well as relatable characters. Read them. You won't be disappointed.

  • Karen Siddall
    2018-09-06 02:08

    Once again, Georgie Kaye and her sister, Aleta, are party to a murder. This time the sisters are along for a ride on the annual lake cruise of the Fit Family Gyms, a fitness franchise in the greater Chicago area when the evening’s award winner, Deck Zannowski, goes overboard and drowns. Deck had been a nice guy, and had taken the franchise’s problem location on and turned it around to become the highest earning one in the group. When the autopsy reveals that Deck had been given Rohypnol and with several suspects from which to choose, Georgie, Aleta, and Georgie’s ex-husband, Stan – the lead detective on the case, investigate to track down who might have shoved Deck overboard.I am really loving this series and hope the author does many more. The characters of Georgie, Aleta, and Stan are charming (as are many of the supporting players). I love the setting in the city and neighborhoods of Chicago and the mention of real places and things there. The mystery of who killed Deck Zannowski is simple but not straight-forward so the detective work is necessary to come to a plausible conclusion. I would recommend this book and series to cozy mystery fans.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader copy of this book.

  • Helen Drake
    2018-09-07 22:20

    I received an ARC of this book. It was a super quick and easy read. I did enjoy the writing style.I really enjoy the sexagenarian twins Aleta and Georgie but I didn’t like the plot as well as Murder in the Art Gallery. I thought the characters in that book were better developed. The site of the Murder is on a cruise on Lake Michigan. Some amusing things do happen on the cruise such as the twins having to eat healthy food as the cruise is for gym owners, staff, and those that want to sell things to the gyms, so everyone is trying to live a healthy lifestyle, or are they? The nice guy who gets the sisters some contraband butter ends up overboard and dead. He appears to be a ladies man as well as the awardee of the most successful gym. There are a few suspects, but I felt there could have been more.I also thought it ended too quickly. Georgie is having problems getting paid for one of her paintings by the gym owner who invites the twins on the cruise. Her sister Aleta picks up a deposit for Georgie to do a painting of a pet boa, but then nothing comes from it. I think it would have helped the plot if she had followed through with it.There is also a side plot with Georgie having a leak in her roof. What she goes through to get it fixed is rather comical.

  • kathy
    2018-09-10 01:15

    I was delighted to receive an advanced reader's copy of this book & am voluntarily reviewing it! I enjoyed the first book in this series & was not disappointed in this second one!! I love how the main characters are a couple of twin sisters who are over 60. They have the best dynamics that are very entertaining! They are delving into the "underworld" of fitness in this mystery. I love it when a book has side characters who are part of the murder mystery that are interesting. I am wondering, who did it & why? Plenty of leads & even a sting operation gets underway with brave Georgie! She is a hoot with her artistic personality & flirty dynamics with her ex husband, Stan the police detective. I am rooting for their reconciliation, but meanwhile I will enjoy their "courtship". Aleta is the anchor in the twin sister dynamic being a big support during Georgie's divorce & recovery from cancer. The author has a gift of writing realistically to engage the reader & adds a nice touch of vivid characters that make this book come alive. Enjoy the mystery!!

  • Tex Texas
    2018-09-06 20:14

    Disclaimer: I was provided an Advanced Reader’s Copy of the book and decided to provide my honest review. I truly enjoyed Murder on the Great Lake. It was the funniest, coziest, read that I spent time with in some time. Aleta and Georgie, the twins, are hilarious. They are perfect antagonists for each other and any mystery that they are going to solve. They just make it seem so effortless. The author has done an excellent job with character development. Even the minor characters, including the murdered were developed enough, with flaws, that all were believable. There were just enough relevant, this is key, side plots to make the plot full but not overwhelming. Stan, Georgie’s ex-husband and the detective on the case, are another element that adds depth to the storyline. Overall, it’s the character development, plot development, humor, and storyline depth. This is what makes a book become more than a book but an engaging experience. –Tex.

  • Carol
    2018-09-24 19:01

    Georgie's latest pet portrait was adored but not paid for. Instead, she was offered an invitation to a party on board a cruise until such time when Richard, her client, could get the money together. In pursuit of high calorie tasty desserts, Aleta and Georgie turn up on board only to find that it was a dinner party geared to health food fanatics, kale being the new wonderfood and probably present in practically everything. If that was not bad enough, they meet Deck, a charming gym owner who ends up overboard, dead. Suicide, Accident or Murder? Whichever it was, Georgie had to find out because Richard claims that he now needs his money to pay his lawyer as the police has him as a murder suspect and that means Georgie does not get paid, unless she can get him off the hook.Another fun read from Sandi Scott

  • Molly
    2018-09-21 21:13

    The 66 year old twins are some of my favorite fictional people! I'd love to be something like them as I grow older - and grow more fun and interesting!These ladies have a knack for trouble and sleuthing. And a great amount of elan and flair while they're at it!I enjoyed reading an ARC copy of this book.This time, our favorite artist has a leaky roof, and a client fee for a pet portrait to track down. Naturally she brings in the big guns, her retired accountant sister, to get the fee from the suddenly reluctant gym franchise owner. Naturally, mayhem and murder ensue. If you enjoy heroines who stuck together to battle cancer, kids, and divorce - murder hardly slows these ladies down!Great as a standalone, or another chapter of the book that is their full and fabulous lives!I'm a huge fan, and suggest you take a peek at this book and take part in their sleuthing fun!

  • Sandra
    2018-09-15 21:11

    Twin sisters Georgie and Aleta are two of my favorite amateur sleuths. When Georgie delivers the portrait of a cat she painted to the pets owner, she gets no money. Instead she is invited on a cruise and encouraged to bring a guest. The food and desserts the two sugar loving older ladies have been promised cannot be found and they face healthful, fat free food and deserts followed by a man overboard. In order to ensure payment, the ladies need to find a killer. Georgie begins to quiz people found on the cruise while attempting to fix a leaky roof and pump the lead investigator, her ex-husband, for clues. For me, this series is laugh filled escapism. The twins are good company. They are my age, love sweets, and make he laugh. I'm always sorry to finish their story and cannot wait for the next book in the series.

  • Nancy Silk
    2018-09-07 23:28

    "Adventures Of Two Older Amateur Sleuths"This is another addicting cozy mystery involving twin sisters playing crime detectives. They've been warned before to leave the crime cases to the police. But this doesn't deter Georgia and Aleta Kaye from lending a helping hand. They've been invited to a celebration dinner aboard a cruise line on Lake Michigan. At dinner, they meet a nice man who had gotten them some butter for the unwanted veggies (they were not pleased with the buffet items). A little later, yelling was going on ... "MAN OVERBOARD!" It was the nice man, Decklin Zannowski, ... and he is dead. This is certainly a very entertaining mystery story which was a fast read. I loved it! Highly recommend.

  • Thomas
    2018-09-20 20:08

    Georgie Kaye is commissioned to paint a portrait of a cat for Richard Blatt, a fitness center guru. He keeps coming up with reasons to not pay Georgie for her work. He invited Georgie and Aleta, her twin sister to a party on a cruise ship. While on the ship on of the trainers and gym owner fall overboard and is pronounced dead when returned to the ship. While Georgie and her sister are investigating the murder, she is also having trouble with a contractor who is making more mess than fixing the problem. When the sisters learn some new information on the case, they take the news to Georgie's ex-husband, a homicide detective who sets up a sting with Georgie as the bait. This was a fun, fast paced story that will hold your interest throughout.

  • Janice
    2018-09-26 00:26

    received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Georgie and Aleta are on a Great Lakes fitness Cruise on Lake Michigan when one of the passengers is murdered.One of the prime suspects is a man who owes Georgie for a portrait of his pet. Georgie sets out to investigate along with her ex husband Stan. Along the way she meets a cast of characters all while trying to get her roof repaired. All the fitness freaks are not what they seemed. There were a few secrets among them including a married woman who's pregnant with another man's baby. Will Georgie solve the murder before she becomes a victim? Will she get paid for her pet portrait? Will her roof get repaired and at what cost? A very interesting and quick read. Very interesting series. Can't wait for the next installment.

  • Woody
    2018-09-19 20:14

    Thoroughly Entertaining Great cozy short storyI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.We meet the funny and lovable twins again Georgie and Aleta. It’s worth reading just for their banter alone. Georgie tries to collect money from Richard Batt that he owes her for a portrait of his cat. He doesn’t have the money so he invites Georgie to a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan.There is a murder during the cruise and the twins are on the trail of the murderer. Pleasant cozy murder mystery with twists and turns. Well written story with plenty of wit and humour. I love the characters of Georgie and Aleta, and will they get back again together, Stan, not forgetting the dog Bohdi. Well written excellent cozy murder mystery. One of the best cozy stories I have read.

  • Lisa Hudson
    2018-09-12 00:28

    FUN READ!The 2nd installment in A Pet Portraits Cozy Mystery is a quick, fun read! Georgie Kaye & her twin sister Aleta are back as they stars of the show. There’s plenty of mystery and surprises around every corner! The characters are clever and well developed. The settings are unique and different for Georgie and Aleta. It’s always interesting to see the fine line Georgie and her ex-husband Stan walk and wonder if they will ever get back together. Whenever Georgie and Aleta show up, Stan knows he’s in for their help whether he wants it or not and can do nothing to stop them! Watch out if you mess with Georgie Kaye! I received an ARC of this book but the opinions expressed here are totally and completely my own.

  • John Presler
    2018-09-22 21:12

    Richard Batt, owner of Fit Family Gym, commissioned Georgie Kaye to paint a portrait of his cat. Afterward, he says something unexpected came up and he cannot pay her at this time. He promises to pay her the next day during a Cruise on Lake Michigan. During the cruise, Decklin "Deck" Zannowski is given an award for the success of his franchise. A little while later, a call of "Man Overboard" finds Deck in the water, dead.Was Deck's death an accident? If not, who would want him dead? Can Georgie figure out what happened? Will Georgie ever get paid for the Pet Portrait she did for Richard Batt?Sandi Scott does a great job of keeping you guessing in this installment of the series. There are plenty of motives and red herrings to keep you reading clear through to the end.

  • C.
    2018-09-20 00:24

    This is the second book in this series and it makes me wish I was a twin with a crazy sister like Georgie. I love the interaction between these two and the ex-husband. It's fun, fast and the fact that these are fairly short books doesn't mean the mystery suffers. Georgie is waiting for her payment for a painting and attends a gala aboard a yacht. She brings Aleta, her plus one, and off they go. Before I got my Kindle, these were the kind of books that always went in my pocketbook for wait time in a doctor's office or the DMV. I received this book in return for a fair and honest review and as an avid reader will always be posting how I really feel about the read.

  • Bobbi
    2018-08-29 20:27

    Georgie and Aleta are the crazies twin sisters you will ever meet. Feisty hardly describes the pair, tenacious is probably a better description. They are such fun and get themselves into situations that are hilarious. Imagine a fancy dinner cruise turning out to be a murder scene. Of course, Stan, Georgie’s ex-husband will catch the murderer. Especially if it will make him look good to Georgie and encourage her to take him back. You will totally enjoy this story. Who knew that painting pet portraits would be so dangerous? Run to the nearest store and pick up this paperback book, it is truly worth your time to read. Love this author, try her you will love her.

  • Bev
    2018-09-23 21:59

    I love these twins. Georgie is commissioned for a pet portrait for Richard Batt. For some reason, Richard isn't paying her for her work, instead invites her on his yacht during a business cruise where he will then pay her. During the trip, a man falls over board and it is rule a homicide.Enter Georgie's ex-husband Stan, who isn't too keen on her being involved in this whole thing. Can Georgie figure out who the murderer is? Will she ever get paid for her work? Read this wonderfully written book to find out. I received ARC of this book. The review is voluntary

  • Suzan
    2018-09-25 19:26

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the author. This is my honest review. I did enjoy this second book in the series A Pet Portraits by Sandi Scott. Sandi has a wonderful way of drawing you in and keeping your interest. I love the dynamics between the sisters Georgie and Aleta. Add in the ex husband Stan a police officer too and you have a great cast. Can't wait for the next book in this series. So the first book was a dog and the second a cat with a possibility of a snake portrait. Well my interest is peaked.

  • Lisa Denn
    2018-09-09 22:20

    Enjoyable story focusing more on getting to know the main characters' - Georgie, Aleta and Stan - personalities and relationships than on solving the whodunnit part of the book.Normally I am disappointed when an author doesn't deliver a cozy mystery where "sleuthing" is the main activity but Scott's Murder On The Great Lake was an exception.Georgie, Aleta and Stan are such great characters no matter what the setting. Author Sandi Scott has, in my opinion, hit a home run with her Pet Portrait Cozy mysteries! Highly recommend.

  • Lois Welsh
    2018-08-30 20:28

    I liked this book a lot, if you are looking for an entertaining mystery (how can that be) you should read this book.I kind of knew who did it and I kept reading because I love the interaction with Stan and Georgie and I wanted to see if I was right about Maddy.I like the interaction with the characters and I figured out what was going on with the fix-it man.I like the way the sisters are with each other and I liked what happened when Georgie was talking to Jake.Thank you Sandi Scott for another great book.

  • Jessica Wilhoite
    2018-09-08 00:18

    This was a delightful second installment in the adventures of the Kaye sisters. I enjoyed the setting of the ship and the grisly cast of characters, including Justin, the supposed handyman. Though he had nothing to do with the murder, he did play a part in getting Stan, Georgie's ex-husband to do come over and fix the young novices mistake. I really like the relationship between Georgie and Stan and am interested to see where their relationship goes. I can't wait to read book 3!I voluntarily reviewed this book from the author.

  • Cindi Knowles
    2018-09-14 18:25

    Murder on the Great Lake is the 2nd book in Ms. Scott's A Pet Portraits Cozy Series. Georgie and her twin sister Aleta find themselves trying to solve another murder, that happened aboard a dinner cruise they were on. They run into all kinds of weird characters along the way with lots of humor and some action. Of course she gets some help from her ex Stan the cop. I really enjoyed this read. Can't wait for the next one.

  • Kim
    2018-08-27 22:18

    Georgie and her twin sister are back, and funnier than before. Their quirky antics will have you chuckling out loud.Georgie and Aletha get invited on a cruise on Lake Michigan, when a local Fitness guru gets murdered.Of course, Georgie can't stay out of her ex-husband's (Stan) investigation, and the girls start doing their own snooping. I was hooked from the first page!! Fun, faced-paced, quick read.Loved, loved, loved it!!

  • Barbara
    2018-09-18 18:18

    A nice quick read for when you want to get away from daily problems, Georgia Kaye is, once again, trying to get one of her customers to pay for the portrait he asked for. The collection runs into complications, and that is all I am going to say. You'll have to read it for yourself.I read an ARC and this voluntary review is entirely my own opinion.

  • Nadine
    2018-09-04 21:13

    Another great cozy!You just gotta love Georgie. And the two sisters together, they are so funny! This time, they are on the ship where an unfortunate death occurs. Another great cozy in the Pets Portraits Series! I received a complimentary copy of this book and voluntarily posted an honest review.

  • Ashley
    2018-09-01 01:06

    Another cute mystery by Sandi! I love cozy mysteries for the amateur sleuths that seem to find themselves in the weirdest of places. I also love the addition of a pet with this series. The characters are fun, cute, and interesting to read about. I definitely recommend for fans of mysteries!I received an arc of this book and am voluntarily reviewing.