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Naz races to put the pieces of his life back together while D’s life hangs in the balance. Naz has lost everyone that he loves. And while he may have found refuge and pause at International Academy, he has found no peace and certainly no answers. All that he knows calls to him from the streets of the Exclave and Union High School where he reunites with friends and mentorsNaz races to put the pieces of his life back together while D’s life hangs in the balance. Naz has lost everyone that he loves. And while he may have found refuge and pause at International Academy, he has found no peace and certainly no answers. All that he knows calls to him from the streets of the Exclave and Union High School where he reunites with friends and mentors. Naz struggles, unsuccessfully, to put the pieces of his shattered life back together again—until D comes into his world and changes everything. She helps him put things into perspective, see things he couldn’t see before and remember things he had all but forgotten. But when D goes missing, it will take more than Naz’s newly found abilities to discover her whereabouts, rescue her, and bring her unlikely captor to justice. Will he reach her in time?*Alternate cover edition*...

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IA: Union Reviews

  • John Winston
    2018-08-25 21:42

    "The entire series provides a backdrop as a metaphor for maturing and finding one’s way in life despite the obstacles thrown in the path; or maybe because of them. As with all serious writers, Winston’s own ability as an author has grown over the course of the three novels. What I’ve loved through this trilogy is that the author weaves such beautiful portraits of character and place, the observations so clear you can see them in your mind as you read.IA Initiate, IA B.O.S.S., and, finally, IA Union are all so intriguing and well written that we’ve come to know and love Naz to the point one wishes his stories could go on and on."-Paul Atreides, playwright, theatre critic, and author of the Deadhead series

  • Dianne
    2018-09-12 02:29

    There is STILL time to ENTER! John Darryl Winston's IA: UNION #Release Blitz & Series #Giveaway ~ Celebrate Great YA Reading! Enter to win the series in Print ~ in Digital!Click on Banner to Enter ~ Ends December 8, 2017What Naz needs is a place of refuge, a place to heal the pain of the losses he has faced and to reconcile who he is, what he can do and why. He also needs his lost memories. The International Academy can provide none of this and like a fish out of water, Naz longs for the familiarity of the Exclave and the friends who had his back. As he struggle to fit in, he finds one girl who is different than any he has ever met, brilliant, talented and strong enough to handle what Naz can do, she has no qualms in calling him out on invading her thoughts. D also is the balm that soothes his restlessness and the beacon that helps him remember shards he has forgotten.Naz isn’t the only one to notice D and when her life is in danger, Naz must once again face the possibility of another devastating loss in his life. How much will be taken from Naz because of who he is and what he can do? Are his abilities to be used once again to bring his own form of justice or has he grown into the realization that vengeance is a bitter pill to swallow. As the clock ticks down on D’s life, Naz will find one more soul tortured by a past Naz had no control over. If only the memories stolen from him could be restored, he could begin to heal and reconcile what was done to him and those he has lost. Until then, he must rely on his honor and the faith others have in him. IA: UNION by John Darryl Winston tells the story of a young man in crisis because of his abilities, his losses and how he is forced to grow up quickly in a world that seems to want to control or destroy him at every turn. Naz’ world is not that of pretty fantasy tales, there are no bright colors or verdant fields, he lives in a concrete world where trust is rarely safe to give and one must remember to always keep their senses sharp. Mr. Winston brings a fantasy tale to the contemporary world that readers can relate to. His characters feel, think and react in ways that are believable and even understandable. They make mistakes and they struggle, Naz more than others and yet, Naz is proof that with support and finally coming to terms with one’s self, the world can be a better place and the past is not what defines us, while being different is not a bad thing, it just is.From start to finish, Naz is a character that readers will feel for, will mentally encourage and will admire for the strength of character he strives to achieve. Loved this series, this book and having to leave it behind without a thought is just not possible. Fabulous reading for teens written by an author who knows his audience and how to hold them captive!I received this copy from John Darryl Winston in exchange for my honest review.Series: IA - Book 3Expected Publication: November, 2017 For Reviews & More:

  • Kyle
    2018-08-26 01:54

    This novel was provided free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review. Another outstanding YA novel and a great end of the series!I very much enjoyed the first two novels in this series so when I was given the chance to read an advance copy of the third novel in the series I jumped at the chance. I was so not disappointed.Naz, our hero, has the ability to read minds and move things with his mind. But so far those abilities have brought him nothing but grief. He's lost everything he holds dear. Now he partners with his best friend to find whoever is responsible for the death of his sister.As with the previous books, the teenage characters are very real and relatable. Even though they have a mission they get easily distracted by life. But in the end, they seem to find their way back to that mission.If you are a fan of basketball, you should very much enjoy some of the lingo in the book. If you unfamiliar with the game, some of it will leave you feeling a bit lost at times. It's not important to the plot so don't feel let down.The plot is highly entertaining and paced so as to keep you reading. It is a great read for tween and teens but I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age!

  • J. Kahele
    2018-09-13 21:49

    I love John Winston, but boy did he take forever to get this book out! Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating a bit, but when you are waiting for the rest of the story, it does seem like forever.IA: Union picked up basically right from where it left off. As I read the first lines, remorse seemed to suffocate me, as my memory of how devastated I felt when Naz lost his sister, surrounded me. I really despised the author for killing her off, but understand now, the reason why it was done. Death is a part of life and pulling on human emotion, makes the story more believable and real. Plus, I really believe that John Winston enjoys torturing me. Now alone and still struggling, to come to terms with his supernatural powers and the loss of his sister, he wants desperately to revenge her death, but knows that vengeance is not the way. He plots with his best friend to get out of the International Academy and return to the place where his friends roam, Exclave. It’s at Exclave, he is reintroduced to D. Smart, beautiful, she has a lot of spunk and is not afraid to call him out, when he invades her thoughts. The interaction between Naz and D, warmed my heart. Young love is always so beautiful and for all that Naz went through, he deserved some real happiness. It is D, who helps Naz to start remembering and as we think this story will find a happy medium, trouble enters and Naz again, is at risk of losing another special person, D. How will he save her?This series was written so well. I love when a series allows you to journey through time and watch a character grow up before your eyes. Watching Naz grow from a young frightened boy, dealing with the strange powers, to a young man falling in love, was amazing. John Winston, I thank you for inviting me into the IA world and as always I am honored.

  • Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits)
    2018-08-28 23:41

    See more of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsIt feels like I have been waiting ages for the concluding novel in John Darryl Winston's IA trilogy. I enjoyed reading the first two books, IA: Initiate and IA: B.O.S.S. so was delighted to learn IA: Union's publication is imminent. I was even happier to snaffle a preview copy! For once, I have actually read this series in order. The books aren't standalones so, if you haven't already bought IA: Initiate and IA: B.O.S.S. what are you waiting for? I'd advise staying up all night to read before IA: Union joins them tomorrow!IA: Union again picks up Naz's story from pretty much where the previous novel left off. He is coping with grief, displacement and still coming to terms with the extent of his supernatural abilities. I like Winston's realistic portrayal of Naz's increasing maturity throughout this series. In IA: Union we see almost a world weariness, the result of Naz experiencing so much in the preceeding years, yet there are still moments where his childish nature leap to the fore. The IA series is written for a pre-adult audience, but Winston doesn't shy away from confronting intense emotional themes such as sibling and friend bereavement. Naz's turmoil is very real and, at times, upsetting to read but is softened for the reader by his burgeoning romance with D. The harsh realities of a childhood in The Exclave make for exciting scenes and envisaging Naz using his telekinetic power is breathtaking.For me the most memorable scene though was the calm way in which a class of schoolchildren respond to 'a lockdown' - meaning a gunman is roaming about inside their school. IA: Union is science fiction, but I was shocked to realise that lockdowns aren't. This is actually 'normal' for American schools!

  • Phil Leader
    2018-09-11 02:51

    With great power comes great responsibility. That's particularly true of Naz, a boy who has been given amazing mental and physical abilities thanks the the unorthodox, controversial and groundbreaking training given by his genius father.Initially keen to use his powers to find and punish those responsible for his sister's death, he soon doubts both his motives and abilities. Together with his best friend Harvis they plot to be removed from the prestigious International Academy and return to their former friends - and enemies - at Union High School in the Exclave.Things start to settle down for both of them and Naz is able to rekindle his relationship with the equally mysterious D, but just as daily life starts to get comfortable, his world is turned upside down, his abilities making him, and those around him, the subject of unwanted attention. Despite his reluctance he must face danger and use his powers to save them.There are so many good things about not only this third instalment of the IA series but the series as a whole. The first is Naz, a very well developed character who is believable despite his incredible powers. His very human self-doubt and reluctance to be anything other than just one of the crowd make him a very interesting hero. In this book in particular it is up to others like Harvis or D to actually persuade him that he needs to do the right thing and help him along.The school setting is also a very big plus, with all of the good and bad parts of school life present. The first half of the book spends time building up the description of Union as well as showing at, at the end of the day, Naz is just a teenage boy with all of the troubles and insecurities that can bring.What is impressive is that even here in the third book both the reader and Naz are still discovering exactly what his abilities and past mean. Like a carefully constructed onion each book has removed layer after layer, revealing conspiracies and conflicting motives of those around Naz.Each book goes from strength to strength (as does Naz). There really aren't many 'young adult' books that engage and involve as well as the IA series. It is something very special indeed.

  • A. Hunt
    2018-08-27 22:50

    Book three of the I.A. series, by John Darryl Winston is here! I am so fortunate to have made such a good buddy in Winston. I'm also very fortunate that he's an amazing author, with an ability to tell a story in a manner that not only holds my attention, but also my son's. I truly believe any middle grade reader will take this book, the entire series, and rage through, loving every single minute!Naz has returned to the Exclave, his home, but not just for old times sake. He's looking to exact revenge on those who took his only reason for living: his little sister, Meri. He and his friend, Harvis know what must be done, but thin lines become hazy. Nah has developed his gifts and he's met someone. D- from his past- who can easily alter his course. Can he accomplish what he's returned to do? Is there more to his painful story than he's always thought? Will he find Meri's killer?I believe what I love most about the I.A. series is that Naz knows how to go about things. Yes, he's a kid with a temper, but he knows that you can't rush things. There's always a plan and patience. More than anything, you need patience. He also knows that you can't always believe everything you see and hear. He's got suspicions and he isn't always sure who his friends are - like I used to be.The characters are relatable, though I could only grow comfy with D and Naz most. I don't know if this was due to the backgrounds or or behaviors of Harvis, Soul and Ham. They simply did not affect me the way Naz and Delilah did. What I can say is they assisted in making the story superb. There was nothing I disliked, but I found myself frustrated with the small bits I seemed to tie together, thanks to the strange activities of certain people. A trail of events began to surface for me where I knew something should have been done. I wanted Naz to see and act on them too! This happens all the time; the characters don't listen to me. (LOL) Other than that, I expected some surprises.What I didn't expect was for him to find D and for things to happen the way they did. The story took me in a totally different direction. And I was happy for that. I couldn't figure things out, like I'm always doing, making the story predictable. It wasn't like that at all, making me appreciate the journey.When Naz's hand is forced, with someone taken from him again, I knew things were going to go big. I loved the storyline and especially the ending. If you like slightly dystopian tales, featuring middle graders that must learn to handle their own, this is the series for you. I'm off to the next read- Cheers! A: UnionJohn Darryl WinstonPublished by Purple Ash PressJune 21, 2017.

  • Bibiana Krall
    2018-09-22 19:44

    I was thrilled to read and escape with this amazing story!Naz is such a timeless, memorable character. A young man searching for his meaning, his worth and his why. He comes to embrace his unusual gifts in a world that doesn’t always see who and what he is. Union is the exciting conclusion of a three part series that offers insight into the mind of a thoughtful, gifted and deep thinking young man. His origins are hazy, with a brilliant father conducting research into the mind and its unknown abilities, a beginning in his life of understanding cognitive science far beyond the grasp of the society we all know. Beyond that is the painting of an urban landscape, life in school dealing with peer pressure, sports as an outlet and ahh! Love. Love that embraces us in the glow of a dream girl. The Holy Grail of our young lives, the "one," we admire from afar until we finally take the leap.The creative interplay between a contemporary text and Shakespeare stole the show. Othello-Naz and D-Desdemona the entrancing beauty that won our hearts in another story, from another time. To place first love inside the passionate backdrop of Shakespearean high-drama and write of the girl who renders a young man speechless near the school lockers was fantastic. That comparison alone would have kept me reading. I have come to know Naz as my friend, an unsung hero and a believable character that makes me laugh, throw a high-five and send out a cheer. If you have not been initiated, it’s about time you were.

  • S.D. Mayes
    2018-08-26 23:38

    I was given the wonderful opportunity to review IA: Union before it's release date, and having read the first two IA books, I was desperate to know what happened to Naz in the aftermath of his sister's death. Now alone, he is a proud young man still mastering his psychic abilities, yet still a vulnerable boy in search of a sense of family. And he now has a love interest, he calls 'D'. Winston is a master at setting the pace - a will they, won't they get together? A will he, won't he utilise his mystical powers to the full? Will he find out the truth, seek out the villains? I really felt for Naz whilst reading this. How much he has suffered and how strong he has to be to keep going forward, despite his grief and loss. This book is a wonderful conclusion, and in Union, the author really dives into the emotion so we are there with Naz all the way, facing his demons and praying he will come out the other side. Bravo to the author. This is a thought provoking third book to mark a wonderful trilogy, that both teens and adults will debate over and love. I can see this on the educational curriculum in schools in the very near future. An absolute must-read ...

  • Ipuna Black
    2018-08-30 18:53

    UNION, the third book in the IA series, is a fast-paced story that ties many pieces together for Igod “Naz” Anderson, but Naz will have to struggle first before he gets answers. Ophan Naz picks up the pieces in his life after losing everyone he loves. International Academy is a safe getaway for Naz compared to his life on the streets, but he cares more about answers than safety. Naz returns to Union High School where he is reunited with friends, but his past still haunts him. D becomes Naz’s sweet haven and helps him piece together his life. But when D is kidnapped, Naz can’t lose another person he loves and risks his life to rescue her. John Winston addresses many contemporary issues teens face—finding oneself, love, loss, and choices. The story is set in an unsafe urban neighborhood littered with gangs and uncertainty. But Naz is determined to overcome the streets and seize his bright future. The characters in UNION are relatable, and the dialogue is natural. UNION is a well-written story that will keep you engaged. I loved this series, and UNION did not disappoint.

  • Linda
    2018-08-26 20:31

    WOW, what a ending! Or is it? Naz returns back home with revenge on his mind as he knows that someone in the neighborhood killed his sister, but was it mean't for him and not Meri?? He and his friend cooked up a plan to get expelled out of the academy and get enrolled back at Union in the old neighborhood so that they can find her killer, but along the way, he learns more of his powers and finds love. What could make a fourteen year old boy happier than experiencing his first crush. Or is it love?

  • Christian Turner
    2018-09-15 01:35

    This is an awesome ending to a fantastic trilogy but there has to me be more. All the questions are pretty much answered but the superhero must go on. There's work to be done. There always will be work to be done. What about Pauling? What about Cory? What about Pauling's students or clients? I'm looking for more books about Naz Andersen in the near future.

  • Allison Maruska
    2018-09-14 20:39

    IA: Union is the perfect conclusion to the masterfully crafted IA series. Forced to fight for those he loves while reeling from great loss, Naz grows in his unique abilities and discovers surprising truths about himself, his friends, and his past. I can’t recommend this book and its predecessors enough.

  • Taryn Rydell
    2018-09-03 00:30

    My Proud Readers of Great Stories moderator partner has outdone himself. I thought IA BOSS was as good as it gets, but I was wrong. As with its predecessors, John manages to fool us again in different ways at the onset of this series finale, Union. Some of these fake-outs lift us only to drop us like a rollercoaster which I suppose is good if we mean to be entertained while others have us saying, “Phew.” In Union, we’re reintroduced to some of Winston’s characters in delightful ways, say good riddance to some, and still miss others dearly. John has a unique talent and a way with words. I’m sure of it, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. This one like the other two provided a mystery that’s hard to crack, characters, led by the incomparable Naz Andersen, that are addictive, and a story that will live among the best. D makes a splendid addition to this package. You won’t find a better YA. The big screen calls. The makers of Sleight should be ashamed.

  • Ravenna Young
    2018-09-10 19:53

    Well! I can't even...this book...Let me first say it was HIGHLY anticipated and absolutely did not disappoint. I haven't read as much this year as I normally would due to moving across country and major life changes, BUT I have reread the first two books in this series in anticipation of this one. Each time I read the IA books, I fall more and more in love. Winston weaves a complex story, one with many twists and turns; it graduates comfortably from middle grade fiction to YA and takes us through many sub-genres: mystery, suspense, paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi--they all blend together to make this story a fantastic masterpiece, a modern day Star Wars (here on earth). Naz's journey has been intriguing from book one. He has lived the kind of life that many children shouldn't have to, yet sadly do. Naz returns with a vengeance, determined to unveil Meri's killer. He goes to great lengths to return to his old neighborhood, the Exclave. Life is hard there, but it's a life he knows, he understands, and is not willing to give up on. Naz's story changes with the development of his abilities and the curiosity's of teenage-hood--he meets a girl, D, and they connect in such a way that she grounds him, supports him, even when she's furious with him. When D is placed in harms way because of Naz, he races against the clock to rescue her, but alas must say goodbye to another beloved character. Naz also learns the truth about his past and his father--it's a lot for any person to take, let alone a teenage boy, but Naz is a champion, a phenomenon.And this was a Phenomenal series. The emotional roller-coaster I experienced throughout this entire trilogy was well worth the ride--I'm sad to see it end, but it's no hardship to read again and again.Well done, John Darryl Winston! I look forward to future works.

  • Michelle Perry
    2018-09-24 02:28

    In this, the third installment in the series Naz and his closest friend decide to track down the person(s) responsible for Meri’s death and find out more about who he really is. With the help of his buddy Harvis, he has been exploring the edges of his talents and the time has come to put them to good use. Still, as single minded as Naz can be, D has come back into his life and with her, a degree of normalcy that he hadn’t ever had the chance to experience before. It would be easy for him to get sidetracked. When she disappears, it will take all of his skills, and the loyal support of his friends, to find her. All the while clues to his past are unwinding around him, clouding the issue. With new characters and new insights into those we already know, this book builds to an end that is as good as it is unexpected.I am not even ashamed to admit that the opening chapter ripped me up. It gave me a deeper insight to the suffering of Naz and for one moment I dared to hope. It got my heart was pumping and made me NEED answers too. How could I not be involved after that? My middle-class sub-urban upbringing couldn’t be further from the experiences of Naz and his friends. Yet, I can slip into their world with an ease that is almost sublime. That is actually the beauty of this series. The characters are old friends and the world is as real as the one outside your window. Naz doesn’t have much in the way of family, not anymore, but one of the great strengths of this story from the beginning is how it shows that family becomes the people you choose to have around you and Naz has chosen well, or some cases, been chosen.This book appeals to readers of all ages, but I do think teens will especially relate to the characters

  • Lee
    2018-09-12 02:34

    I love this series! IA: Union is the conclusion of the set of books. It is so good, very intense in what happens in the book. I think D is a great addition to the series, and the focus in this book of her being in danger and Naz looking for her using his abilities is great. I think, with the loss of another main character previously, D adds a needed relationship for Naz, one that is different than family, but one that means a lot to him. I like the fact that the two people can read each other's minds, and this definitely adds a mysterious, cool aspect to Naz's abilities and helps when all else fails. I believe with the resolution to the big Dad mystery, this book is the perfect conclusion to the IA series. Though I would certainly prefer the story go on, if it must end, this IA Union book gives the necessary closure needed for Naz and the reader. I highly recommend this book and the other two in the series. Looking forward to more from this author. ,

  • D.J. Bodden
    2018-09-08 23:48

    This is the third and maybe last book in the IA series, a story about a boy who was tricked by his father to believe he could do anything. And so he could. I say maybe because there could probably be more done in the same universe, though the main character's story is tied off.The story happens in a post-modern society where the have-nots are clustered in a sprawling ghetto called the Exclave. There's a sense that we're in the future--holograms, and the sheer scale of the urban areas--but not *too* far in the future, as people are still dealing with the encroachment of superstores, gang recruitment and violence (predominantly fists, knives, and few guns), and the slow or non-intervention of patrol car driving police in low-income neighborhoods.For all that, the Exclave isn't a place without hope, and Union really brings that home. Initially focused on vengeance, Naz, the main character lets himself get sidetracked by love and it's probably the best part of the book. The depiction of young love, the little injuries of the heart and learning how to spare each other, as well as how a person can grow while leaning on others, really shines through. There's still a bad guy to capture and a mystery to solve, but it's in the growth and the losses that IA: Union shines, tying off the consequences of the decisions Naz took in the first two novels.It has a bit of a slow start, but I think that's fair for the third book in a series and it answers a lot of questions leftover from the first novels. Different and worth reading.

  • Bernard Burton
    2018-09-08 22:40

    Union is easily the best book of the three in the series. I was unsure about the love element but it's not what you think it is. Naz continues to develop his powers and this time with the help of best friend Harvis, who happens to be the coolest. Ham is back better than ever, along with Soul, Fears, Dr. Gwen, and even Tone. But it's D who steals the show after someone steals her and makes Union more than the other two books. And you'll never guess the villain which is part of the fun. But this can't be the last book. Naz has to go on and on. He has to stop Pauling. I'm holding out for more IA books.

  • Kat Stiles
    2018-09-19 00:33

    Exciting conclusion to a beautifully written, super-powered series!I loved this book! So many things about it were wonderful: Naz and D's relationship, the mystery element, the sense of closure and hope. I love the character development of Naz, how far he's come from book one - John has brilliantly captured the complexity of teenage emotions, especially with everything Naz has endured. I loved the action and of course the super powers. There's such a rich description in his writing, here's a great example: One block up and a half block over Naz’s ears found Juba Lee, playing three weather-wornconga drums with a graffiti-painted storefront as his backdrop. He wore a ragged smilewith crooked, cream-colored teeth, and his salt and pepper dreads swayed to and fro as hedrummed out his hypnotic beat.It's the perfect combination of beautiful prose and super-powers! John definitely has a lifelong fan in me. :)

  • Benjamin Ellefson
    2018-09-10 01:29

    Naz has escaped from the sprawling ghetto know as the Exclave.. He is going to IA high school, far from the horrors of his past. But now he needs to go back to find out who killed his sister. But doing so puts his new love in danger as she is kidnapped. Now he must master his powers to save her and find the truth.A brilliant finale to a must-read series!

  • Amanda Giasson
    2018-08-30 00:47

    I loved IA: Union! From start to finish it was a page-turner. So much of Naz’s life, which had been left a mystery up until this point, was finally revealed. The book was everything I had hoped it would be and more. The only real downside was that it came to an end and I wished there was more to read.Union, like the other books in the series, was a fantastic and unique story. I know it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride every time I get sucked back into Naz’s world. Taking Naz’s journey with him means getting a taste for the good, the bad and the ugly in the Exclave. I really like how you never know what’s going to happen to any of the characters or what they’ll do. I also found this particular installment of the IA Series to be a little darker than the other others, which I think is exactly what it needed to be because Naz had to face some hard truths.It’s clear that John Darryl Winston isn’t interested in keeping things safe and tidy with his storytelling, which I really respect. The IA universe is complex, intriguing, fun, and sometimes scary. I’m always so impressed with how much emotion Winston can bring to his characters, and I love all the wordplay and different nicknames Naz and his friends have. I think “Tin Man” and “Wordsmith” are my favourites haha!I also have to say that after reading the entire IA: Series, I think this would make an incredible graphic novel! So many of the scenes that are described as well as the interesting use of dialogue would be so fitting as a novel in a comic-strip format. Here’s to hoping that happens some day. :D Okay, while it might be too much to ask for a graphic novel, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get new stories of Naz in the future. Until then, I highly recommend IA: Union and the rest of the books in the IA Series.

  • Valerie Winston
    2018-09-23 02:53

    One might expect that since it's Christmastime, John Darryl Winston would tie up his IA trilogy with this nice little bow called Union. However, after opening this gift and giving it a read, I can see that IA is going to be a gift that keeps on giving. Several loose ends are tied up and Union does answer many questions. But as the story progresses more questions are raised and you can sense that there won't be complete closure by the end of the book. While this trilogy may have come to an end, Naz's story certainly hasn't.The story itself it outstanding and we once again get to spend time with characters we've come to know because Winston has so richly developed them. In Union, Naz continues to grow and develop as he not only navigates being in high school, but begins to learn the extent of his abilities. And while he attempts to deal with the stress of classes, the drama of first love and pangs of jealousy, he continues to come to terms with his lost family, especially the loss of Meri.So, since this doesn't really seem like the end, it begs the question...where does Naz go from here? Only John Darryl Winston can answer that in what I can only hope will be his next trilogy.

  • Letitgo
    2018-09-07 21:41

    Yes!At last, the answers to most of my IA questions, and I believe Naz’s questions get answered too. John Winston does not let us down in this last installment of the IA trilogy. As always, the “In the Past” sections were my favorite and this time we are finally able to put the pieces together and understand what really happened and why Naz is the way he is. The Naz, Ham relationship was revisited, the Naz, Harvis relationship was solidified and the Naz, D relationship was expanded on. This is a great third installment but as I said, it answers most of my questions, there are still a few things that I am interested to know. So, I ask in my best Oliver Twist impersonation – “Please sir may I have some more?”

  • Jamya Delaine
    2018-08-31 18:30

    Union was an absolutely perfect ending to an awesome series. I can't believe how good it was. I didn't see any of it coming, the Chess Master, the kidnapper. I still miss Meri, but D was awesome and so was Harvis. The characters and story were the best. I look forward to anything else Mr. Winston writes.

  • Marquette
    2018-09-26 01:40

    So sad this one is over. What a great book. What a great series. D, Harvis, Soul, Fears, Lovable Mr. Tesla. I love them all, even Ham came through in the end :-(. But especially Naz. I still believe we'll be seeing more of Naz and the IA series.

  • Devin Dann
    2018-09-07 21:45

    I loved it! This series is a winner!

  • Paul Atreides
    2018-09-02 22:31

    Dealing with guilt over the death of his sister, our protagonist deliberately gets thrown out of his elite school. Back in the Exclave and still searching for his father, Naz learns the extent of his powerful ability, and where it stems. It’s a chilling and heartfelt conclusion.The entire series provides a backdrop as a metaphor for maturing and finding one’s way in life despite the obstacles thrown in the path; or maybe because of them. As with all serious writers, Winston’s own ability as an author has grown over the course of the three novels. What I’ve loved through this trilogy is that the author weaves such beautiful portraits of character and place, the observations so clear you can see them in your mind as you read.IA Initiate, IA B.O.S.S., and, finally, IA Union are all so intriguing and well written that we’ve come to know and love Naz to the point one wishes his stories could go on and on.

  • Juanita Story
    2018-09-20 01:40

    Union is the best book of the best series. The story and characters are the best. I couldn't find anything wrong with the book so 5 stars easy.

  • Armani Porterfield
    2018-09-12 01:40

    I really hope this story begins to get more attention. It would be frustrating never seeing this on the big screen. It would make such a good movie, mostly because of the characters. But the story is insane too. I couldn't help but feel a little jealous when D came on the scene, but I still liked her as a character. And I missed Meri of course. The best part of this book was when Harvis helped Naz with his powers and then all the friend went after D. I would've never guessed who the bad guy was.