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In this terrifyingly timely tale for fans of The Eye of Minds, a teen and his group of friends find themselves on the run after using a genius lie-detector contraption to expose their corrupt government.In a Putin-esque near-future America, the gifted and talented high school has just been eliminated, and Sam and his friends have been using their unexpected free time to woIn this terrifyingly timely tale for fans of The Eye of Minds, a teen and his group of friends find themselves on the run after using a genius lie-detector contraption to expose their corrupt government.In a Putin-esque near-future America, the gifted and talented high school has just been eliminated, and Sam and his friends have been using their unexpected free time to work on a tiny, undetectable, utterly reliable lie detector. They're all in it for the money--except Theo, their visionary. For Theo, it's about creating a better world. A BS-free world, where no one can lie, and the honest will thrive.Just when they finish the prototype and turn down an offer to sell their brainchild to a huge corporation, Theo is found dead. Greedy companies, corrupt privatized police, and even the president herself will stop at nothing to steal the Truth App. Sam sets his sights on exposing all lies and holding everyone accountable.But he and his friends quickly realize the costs of a BS-free world: the lives of loved ones, and political and economic stability. They now face a difficult question: Is the world capable of operating without lies, or are lies what hold it together?Praise for Will McIntosh's Burning Midnight:"In an impressive YA debut, adult SF author McIntosh spins an action-packed adventure....An engaging cast and thought-provoking premise help fuel this thriller." --Publishers Weekly"With a fascinating premise and likable, underdog protagonists, this is a winner." --Booklist"An exciting, fast-paced adventure from start to finish." --The Horn Book Magazine"An adventure fantasy thriller . . . with an unpredictable twist."

Title : The Future Will Be BS-Free
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The Future Will Be BS-Free Reviews

  • Rachael
    2018-09-23 06:33

    I came out to have a good time right now and I honestly feel so attacked right now. Here I was, thinking this would be a deep, slightly parodied view on Putin-esque America, along the lines of Animal Farm, but, nope. This is a strong lesson in why I try to never get my hopes up when it comes to books, because what this book actually is is a bunch of annoying, cookie-cutter teenagers with a main character who makes me want to jump out a window. The world-building was,,,,,, actually pretty good! I was reading it and thinking that this is what America may actually be like in a few years under a certain president who shall remain nameless. And the writing! Also pretty good! If this book had been all writing and world-building I probably a) would have finished it, and b) would have given it a solid three stars! Nothing special but all-around good. Now it’s time to get messy. (trigger warning for eating disorder mention and sexual harassment)The main character, Sam, drove. me. up. the. wall. I wasn’t a fan of him, and was therefore not a fan of the book. He was one of the most problematic MC's I've ever read, along the lines of the MC in Otherworld in terms of misogyny and grossness. One sentence that stood out to me in particular went like this, ”Rebe was overweight, but in the right places." a) get this fatphobic crap out of my face, b) this doesn’t even make sense. This is so gross. Why would you even say that? And can we talk about how the 1 (one) overweight character has an eating disorder? That’s so horrid and such a bad, bad stereotype that Rebe would be the one character who isn’t happy with the way her body looks. I have no idea how crap like this is still being published, but I’m honestly just so tired of it. Ugh. And what are the “right” places to be overweight?? Why is the MC sexualizing one of his platonic friend’s bodies, anyway? I want this book to please go away and never look at me again. But, believe it or not, that gross statement was not the worst thing that happened. I probably would have kept reading if that had been the only problematic part, because, hey, maybe it’s all a part of the MC’s character arc!! But honestly there is another capital-H Horrible thing that the MC said and I just,,,,,,, what the hell. So there’s this girl, Molly, that the main character likes, and they used to be best friends and one time when they were video-chatting she thought that she had hung up at the end of the conversation, but hadn’t. And Sam, the main character,,,,,, MUTED HIS END OF THE LINE AND WATCHED HER IN HER BEDROOM FOR TWO HOURS LIKE SOME CREEPY ASSHOLE AND I’M SORRY FOR SWEARING BUT WTF WTF WTF and not only that but she TOOK A SHOWER AND HE WATCHED HER AND DIDN’T EVEN HANG UP THE VIDEO MESSAGE LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT KIND OF CREEP and he didn’t hang up. HE DIDN’T HANG UP. HE KNEW SHE WAS GETTING IN THE SHOWER AND DIDN'T HANG UP.And supposedly *eye roll* he felt really bad about it after, but,,, he never told her,,, and never apologized for it,,,, and when he’s talking about it in the exposition he “had to cross his legs just thinking about it.” Awful and guilty, my eye. If he felt bad about it after he would have TOLD HER about it and APOLOGIZED PROFUSELY (and she would have, rightfully, dropped him as a friend and a human being) but noooooOOOOOoOooOoooo he just feels entirely justified in his creepiness. It’s just,,,, so out of line. And we’re supposed to feel bad for this chap??? Screw you, Sam. Take your 5’5”, only shaves twice a week frame and get out of my face. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you.In conclusion, I would skip this one. Hey, maybe the bad things will be changed in the finished copy (please,,,, let them be changed in the finished copy),,, and then it might be a worthwhile book to read, but for now, it’s, uh, not good. At all. Honestly, I would rather read a poorly written book with flat characters and no plot, just as long as it had stunning diversity and body positivity and no creepy characters who enjoy sexually harassing their friends.This was horse crap. As a thank you to those who made it all the way through this review, despite all the gross stuff I had to call out, here is a cute picture of my dog to help purge your mind. awwwwwww--Pre-reviewuGH I should have stopped reading books this year with The Cruel Prince because there is no WAY this crap can be my last book of 2017, I refuse to believe it.full rtc

  • OutlawPoet
    2018-08-29 05:28

    If you’re going to read The Future will be BS Free, it’s important to remember that our main character is a sexually frustrated teenage boy. He’s poor. His mother is disabled. The girl he loves (his best friend) doesn’t love him back. And the future seems to hold exactly nothing for him. You won’t always like the things Sam does (some of them are just awful), but you’ll eventually like *him* just fine.Will McIntosh brings us a mix of near future SF and a coming of age story that resonates. Sam and his friends create something that will change the world. And, to be truthful, while some of Sam’s friends are thinking about the good of humanity, Sam is thinking about money. Money so they have heat and regular food. Money so they can live in place where the police won’t steal his money and bully him for being out after curfew. Money to get his mom new legs and maybe change their lives completely.Their invention does change the world, but in ways maybe more horrible than wonderful. And suddenly, the consequences of their invention are deadly.McIntosh forces the reader to confront their own secrets and to ask if truth is freeing or devastating. And the answer isn’t easy.As for Sam, he finally grows up, but faces a lot of horrors doing so and he faces up to his past behavior. I liked the book, but I’m not quite ready to confess all my secrets to the world…yet.*ARC Provided via Net Galley

  • Arlen
    2018-09-22 01:30

    The plot is a winner; the characters are secondary. If you read The Future Will Be BS Free with this in mind, you'll have a good time. True, it's another teen-saves-the-world sci-fi action adventure, but it's also thought-provoking. My favorite line in the book is, "Secrets aren't the same as lies." Here's the true moral dilemma faced by the characters, as well as by the government, as well as by the reader. The intriguing aspects of their invention are if technology has the ability to differentiate between a lie and a secret, and how soon in the future could this become our reality. Even though the details of why and what kind of war there was are vague, that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the cyborg aspect of the characters that evolved from the back story. They were fun, tough underdogs, and I found myself rooting for them - especially because these cyber-enhanced characters had more personality than the main, teen characters. Don't let the underdeveloped teen characters deter you from sitting back and enjoying the tension - both in action in in morality.I read this through The Future Will Be BS-Free

  • Charlotte
    2018-09-12 08:28

    This was a Netgalley book.This book was just okay for me. The character I liked the best was killed off early in the book. Sam is 17 and seems to be the leader of the group. He does and says some things that are offensive, however he is quite immature at the start of the book. The setting is a future where the economy has collapsed. The government and most law officials are corrupt, it really isn't totally unrealistic. Sam and his group of friends come up with an idea for a portable lie detector and with each of them being super smart and having there own skill to pull it off, they manage to do it. The government finds out and tries to buy them out. The group declines and that's why Theo was killed, he was a warning to the kids that they needed to sell.This book is about a boy coming of age. A community coming together to take down a corrupt government. Making a new life.The story was okay, as soon as I was done with this one it was forgotten.

  • Jenny Bravo
    2018-09-03 03:26

    This book follows Sam and his close group of friends through the development, production, and consequences of creating a portable lie detection test. They name it the Truth App. The Truth App begins as a way for them to create a product so the people can have something to fight against their corrupt government. All the propaganda and "news" is created by President Vitnik. They want to expose the lies they are being fed to the entire country. When they get it out into the world, they realize telling the truth comes with consequences they hadn't realized. This was such an interesting read. I really enjoyed that it lead you through all stages of getting the Truth App out into the world. Everything in this book, I could see happening. It was kind of scary and shocking. Lost a star because I wish their had been more conflict between the group and Vitnik. Otherwise, really enjoyed it.

  • Erin
    2018-08-31 01:22

    The plot was interesting enough (although predictable). The characters were not.

  • Scott Bartlett
    2018-09-24 03:19

    The Future Will Be BS Free was an amazing read, and that is not BS. In a dystopian future, the global economy has collapsed in a way that has reduced most of the people to homelessness. There aren't jobs for most people, the police and government are corrupt, and there is almost nothing positive going on in the world. When the local gifted and talented high school is eliminated, Sam and his group of friends decide to take some technology they had found and create a portable lie detector. Most of them are in it to get rich, but Theo, the heart of their group, is wanting to create a better world. They finally get their prototype working, and right away they have a buyer. He offers them millions of dollars for all of their research, and a guarantee that they will not recreate their work. When they refuse, Theo turns up dead and the pressure is increased. It becomes a race against time, and against some powerful people. Can Sam and his friends finish their device and get it out to the public before they're stopped? If no one can lie, how will society survive? This book was well written, and had an incredible pace. While almost everything was fully fleshed out, there was plenty of action to keep everything moving. It was odd to see how much happened to make the world worse with the kids' invention, which was a great change from most dystopian YA novels. There were definitely negative responses to what they did, and the main characters had to deal with the fallout of their invention. Their group made tough choices and definitely did things that the "heroes" in stories do not normally do. But when your world is BS free, everyone's faults come out, I guess.Read this book. Join the revolution. Find your truth.

  • Heather Brown
    2018-09-04 04:25

    After a slow start, I really enjoyed this book. The message is very Fahrenheit 451/Animal Farm/1984 and seems terrifyingly possible as a near-future dystopia. The president controls everything, the gifted school is closed, the police act with impunity, and fake news reinforces it all. Sam and his friends just want to get rich - except for Theo, who wants to fix the world. So they invent a hand-held lie detector they call the Truth App, but before they can even produce more than a working prototype, Theo is murdered, and the rest of them are being watched and harassed. These teens grow from selfish kids into the leaders of a rebellion.