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Pride & Prejudice Continues, book 4. While their sisters, Jane, Lizzy, and Lydia, married favourably and lived in great style and comfort, Kitty and Mary Bennett remain unmarried and living at Longbourn. Kitty, recently jilted, and Mary, overlooked wherever she goes, are thrown together and, through their hurt, they begin to see one another in a whole new light. With tPride & Prejudice Continues, book 4. While their sisters, Jane, Lizzy, and Lydia, married favourably and lived in great style and comfort, Kitty and Mary Bennett remain unmarried and living at Longbourn. Kitty, recently jilted, and Mary, overlooked wherever she goes, are thrown together and, through their hurt, they begin to see one another in a whole new light. With the help of the worst winter storms England has ever seen, they are forced to face their flaws and tackle life head-on, for fear that nothing will ever change for them. Their greatest fear is to end their days unmarried. Yet, this year - with the aid of the ever-deepening snow - they are set to have their best ever Christmas at Longbourn! ...

Title : Christmas at Longbourn (Pride & Prejudice Continues Book 4)
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Christmas at Longbourn (Pride & Prejudice Continues Book 4) Reviews

  • Leslie
    2018-12-07 23:43

    "Now I have another reason to hate Christmas." have been informed that KU authors are paid by how many pages you read. That is why I decided to stop reading at 68%, I don't want to pay for any more of this book.It is dreary and dreadful; if you want a light hearted holiday P&P what if move along it isn't here. This book concentrates on the remaining Bennet sisters; Kitty and Mary and neither is any more interesting than they were in P&P. Mrs. Bennet is more ignorant and more annoying and Mr Bennet is more indolent and more lazy. Jane and Lizzy pop in briefly but are so undeveloped as to be mere avatars of their characters. Both Jane and Lizzy have recently been delivered of sons so the Darcys; sans Georgiana, have come for an extended stay at Netherfield. But they really aren't in the book. Poor Kitty is nursing a broken heart and her mother is being spiteful about it; you see poor Kitty was basically Jilted. (view spoiler)[ She was jilted when the man who was courting her dumped her for the recently widowed Mrs. Wickham who Hill implies may have given him a lot of encouragement (If you know what I mean nudge, nudge, wink, wink) And now Mrs Bennet [the vile cow] can't stop crowing over Lydia's luck to be a Lady. Honestly this plot device should have had me returning the book at 2% (hide spoiler)]And Mary has finally met Mr. Phillips' clerk but then her parents go all insane. Now this in set in November and December 1815 so it can be really cold. The author is freaking obsessed with this about how cold everyone was and how it snowed and snowed and how their lips turned blue going outside and oh dear Lord make it stop.This book is dialogue heavy, stupidly dialogue heavy. And while I love my angst this is just mean spirited. Both Kitty and Mary should have begged Jane and Lizzy to rescue them from Mr & Mrs. Bennet and failing that joined the circus.

  • J. W. Garrett
    2018-12-06 00:31

    “Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.” Washington IrvingBook 1: CharlotteBook 2: RosingBook 3: WickhamI have always enjoyed reading my Christmas books in December, so, when I grabbed this one out of my TBR [To Be Read] pile… I did not remember that it was part of a series. Dang! I had not read the previous three books. Oh well, it was surprising that this was OK as a stand-a-lone book. This story featured the love interests of Mary and Kitty. Kitty had a broken heart which was probably devastated in a previous book. I was horrified as to what happened and can’t say due to spoiling a previous story plot. It was nasty and as usual involved her younger sister… Lydia. Thank goodness Lydia was not in this story. When she was mentioned, she was a pistol… just saying. Another element/character to this story was the weather. Snow to be more specific. Good Gosh!! This was the winter of the century. If it was this bad in the south… what was it like in the north. Mr. Darcy never once seemed too concerned about what might be going on in Derbyshire. So, I assume… he figured his people could handle it. Lizzy/Darcy and Jane/Bingley were minor characters to Mary and Kitty. M/M Bennet were pretty much themselves except Mrs. B was a real killjoy. Her mouth ‘runneth over’ with comments that were cruel and harsh. She never once considered that she was hurting her daughters with her thoughts that she should have kept those thoughts between her ears. There was minimal angst that was unnecessary. What was Kitty thinking? I soon grew sick to death of her whining. However, I should be fair… she had no personality of her own. She had always lived in the shadow of Lydia and her mother ignored her unless it was to discuss Lydia. That also grew tiresome. Errors: What town was this… Merryton? I did check on the spelling [fertiliser] and it is the British spelling. On another note… Mr. Collins had the incumbency at Pemberley. Poor Darcy; how did that come about? I assume that was discussed in a previous book. Lawd! At 15% Aunt Phillips had arrived and it stated that ‘Mary helped her sister’ should have read… her aunt. There was a happy ever after and a nice epilogue. I like a good epilogue. It was a clean story.

  • Carole (in Canada)
    2018-12-02 23:17

    I was so looking forward to reading this, not only because it was the next book in the series, but because I am a huge fan of Kitty and Mary Bennet being developed further. Now this is a simple story of Mary and Kitty finding their happily ever after. It had great potential. Unfortunately, the first page in the story had a glaring mistake 'Merryton' for Meryton. It carried throughout the book and hard as I tried to ignore it, I couldn't. I found it jarring. There is another mistake in the e-book description as should be 'Bennet' not 'Bennett'. This book requires further editing and proofreading not only with the plot, but fixing names and words (Lydia for Kitty, sisters for daughters or aunt etc). I hate to leave a negative review as I know the author can do better. I had read the others several years ago and don't recall such major issues.

  • Beth
    2018-11-30 00:39

    Oh The overwhelming issue is that it snowed. It snowed so much that the residents of Netherfield, and visitors from Pemberley were often snowed in with the Bennett family. Snow ! Several feet of ❄❄ snow.Lydia snatched Kitty 's intended even before they learned that " dear Wickham " was supposed to be dead. No mourning for Lydia. Kitty is devastated and her mother doesn't help that. Mary is continued to be put down by her mother even after she finds a suitor.In the end both women find what Jane and Elizabeth have - loving husbands. I enjoyed seeing both Darcy and Bingley be so supportive of the two women without being prodded by their wives.

  • Mary Ann
    2018-12-13 20:29

    November 5, 2017Format: Kindle Edition|Verified PurchaseI loved this novel because it was light, refreshing, and cute. It was mostly about Kitty and Mary Bennet, their disappointment with romance being lost and then found again with much snow bringing about changes in the family. Parts made you laugh and then again there were some parts that made you feel bad for Kitty and Mary.I enjoyed the parts of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their banter back and forth and it was very entertaining.

  • Joan
    2018-12-13 18:32

    Avid ReaderAt first the book seemed to drag, but it improved once the Darcy and Bingley family came to visit. It was interesting the way Darcy shut down Mrs. Bennett and her defence of Lydia stealing Kitty's intended and marrying him before Wickham was properly mourned. Mary and Kitty came out the winners.

  • Susan
    2018-12-10 19:20

    It has been several years since the marriages of three of the Bennet daughters so what has life thrown at Mary and Kitty the two who are still at home. Can either have a happy ending.An enjoyable story of two of the forgotten sisters.