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While on vacation in Australia, Canadian police officer Marlee Nevins has her life turned upside down when a surfing accident nearly ends in disaster. Rescued by the enigmatic Abigail Taylor, Marlee’s life soon takes an amazing twist that she could never have imagined. When Abigail, founder and CEO of a successful biosystems firm, is framed for tampering with research to cWhile on vacation in Australia, Canadian police officer Marlee Nevins has her life turned upside down when a surfing accident nearly ends in disaster. Rescued by the enigmatic Abigail Taylor, Marlee’s life soon takes an amazing twist that she could never have imagined. When Abigail, founder and CEO of a successful biosystems firm, is framed for tampering with research to create bioweapons, she turns to Marlee to help uncover the real culprit. With a hyper attraction to Abigail, Marlee struggles to contain her emotions as she endeavors to vindicate her hero. Marlee owes Abigail her life and Abigail needs someone she can trust with hers. Can Marlee save Abigail from ruin or worse yet—death?Editor: Lauren Humphries-BrooksGenre: Romance, Thriller...

Title : My Forever Hero
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ISBN : 9781594935794
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My Forever Hero Reviews

  • Lex Kent
    2018-12-26 18:49

    2 1/2 Stars. To be totally honest, this book was a bit rough. I realized the only way to enjoy this was to not take anything seriously. Even though parts of this book had mystery and thriller elements, I looked at it like it was satire. Once I was able to do that, I found I was at least entertained.Marlee is in Australia on sabbatical from her job as a police officer from Canada. While surfing she has a close call with a shark, but is saved by a beautiful, mysterious, woman named Abigail. Marlee feels she really owes Abigail for saving her; it also doesn’t hurt how attractive Abigail is. When Marlee realizes her police skills could be exactly what Abigail needs, she soon finds herself facing the most important challenged of her life.I liked how the book started out, I found myself hooked immediately. But the more I read, the more I just could not take it seriously. I kept thinking “is this book so odd because it is supposed to be a comedy?” Well no it’s not; it’s just over the top and unbelievable. This is a whodunit, but it is not much of a mystery. I’m not going to say much on that as I don’t want to give anything away. Let’s just say I was not impressed. Also, the dumbness or cluelessness, of Abigail especially, was mindboggling. And that lead to unrealistic behavior. The good thing was there was some excitement so I enjoyed myself a bit in those parts.The romance was pretty tough. Insta like to insta love. It was damn quick and I just did not get it. Abigail goes from swearing she is not a lesbian, so much so it is actually annoying, to insta love. Again it just was not believable. What I believed is they were compatible in bed and liked each other’s looks. I need something a little deeper if I am going to believe its love.On the plus side, the book didn’t really drag for me, it kept up a pretty good pace. And like I said, once I just suspended disbelief and went with the flow, I at least felt somewhat entertained. I can’t recommend this one, but if you don’t mind a book that is a bit out there, this might be for you. This is a debut book. Hopefully Legasy can grow as an author and get better with her next book. I really think she should try comedy with crazy characters, I have a feeling she would be good at that.An ARC was given to me by Bella, for a honest review.

  • Pin
    2018-12-30 18:47

    My Forever Hero is a romance cum mystery/thriller, and the debut novel by Karen Legasy. The premise of the story is interesting and I actually liked it a lot. Sharks are around us all the time, but help and much more may come out of the blue from total strangers.The plot starts very strong with some well done action and two likable protagonists. To my satisfaction, it went like that for some time, until unfortunately it took a nosedive. The mystery solving part starts to feel quite predictable, even a bit ridiculous, and the romance part insufficiently persuasive by overusing several common tropes. The very good pacing from the first part of the story also suffers a blow, but luckily mostly in the middle, so towards the end it gradually gets better and has some good action again. In these too-easy plot solutions, sluggish parts and, to say the least, contradictory behavior from the main characters, one can clearly see the author's lack of experience. Some of that can be forgiven for this first time author, because taking all into account this book is not a bad way to spend a couple of hours, but nothing more than that. In spite of all said, I am quite sure that Karen Legasy has potential to do better in the future, because the first part of this book indicates that.2.75 starsOct 29, 2017*A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.*

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-01-12 01:57

    This book started off interesting and strong – from first meeting, to . . . well continuation of that first meeting, extended to shore. Then got annoying.Right, so the book opens with one of the lead characters, Marlee Nevins, surfing. Or, more accurately, in the process of dying because she went out surfing without a surf buddy, got caught by the waves or something (rip-tide?), and is now drifting off shore as the book opens. Something like six hours later. No one around. Nothing around. Drifting. But then something appears! An angry looking shark. Which proceeds to eat her surf-board while Marlee tries to dissuade the shark’s advances by way of hitting it with her shoe. She’s saved from certain death by the arrival of a woman on a jet ski, Abigail Taylor, and her son in the massively large sail boat – Josh (the son is named Josh, not the boat, the boat is named ‘The Cavity’). Abigail’s first words to Marlee was something like ’stupid tourist’ (or, perhaps, ‘Stupid Canadian tourist’), and their relationship builds from there. Bah, I wish I wasn’t still suffering and ill. I’d write something grand, I’m sure. Mmphs.My biggest problem with this book was the romance. As in – everything about it. Marlee found herself attracted to Abigail. Abigail both gave off every signal that she wasn’t interested, and bluntly told Marlee that she wasn’t interested – Marlee still forced herself onto her and kissed her, forcing her tongue down her throat. I mean, what the fuck? Abigail eventually comes around to the idea that maybe she is not actually straight, but that whole ‘lesbian converts straight woman’ story line reads like something anti-lesbians would put out as a scare story/tactic. ‘See! See, this is what lesbians do! *clutches pearls* They . . . *sobs* they force themselves onto good heterosexual women and . . . and . . . *sobs*’ Seriously, that’s the way the romance read. All the way up to Abigail suddenly switching to ‘oh, well, I do find you sexually desirable, what was I thinking, come here and insert your fingers into my vagina now please’ (not a line that actually occurs in the book, but there was a rapid switch). I mean, what the fuck? Marlee and Abigail displayed no chemistry. And their romance really just got in the way of what had started off seeming like an interesting book. Oh, and remember how I noted that Marlee was also saved by Josh? The son of Abigail? While I had no desire to spend pages after pages with him, I still expected something a little more – he, conveniently, spent most of the book off with the father. So . . . I didn’t particularly like the romance. The best part of this book, if I were to insert something like that into all the reviews I wrote, would be the few pages wherein the two women played with kittens. I like kittens. Rating: 2.8December 27 2017

  • Val
    2019-01-16 17:30

    This book started out wonderfully for me and I thought to myself, “this is going to be really good!” Somewhere along the way it began to be not quite as good. There was a touch of instalove here and what was the deal with Abigail announcing she was not a lesbian so adamantly? Clearly, there was some history there that wasn’t explored in the story because she caved in pretty quickly for a straight chick. Just sayin... The other thing that bugged me was the sticky sweet dialogue between the two MC’s. It was just over the top for me and got super cheesy as the book progressed (orgasmic pie? really?) All that being said, it isn’t a horrible book. It’s just not a great book. I truly hope this new author continues to write because I feel like there is great potential there; and kudos to her for being willing to put her work out there for scrutiny. That’s a brave woman indeed.

  • Cab
    2018-12-18 20:49

    First let me say I abandoned this book 21% in. I wanted to like it because I thought the premise was interesting. Here's the thing, very early I entered the eyeroll stage. Pretty much every time Marlee says she owes Abigail her life and that Abigail needs to trust her. Granted Marlee was in a life threatening stituation with a shark, but she's supposed to be a Canadian Police Officer. Somehow I imagine police officers as being more emotionally sturdy. She quickly comes off as melodramatic.Regardless, I was willing to look past my eyerolling as being "just me". Unfortunately, the final straw came when Abigail is crying and I quote: "Marlee handed Abigail a tissue. She longed to brush her lips against the glistening cheek to lick away the tears, but knew that wouldn't be appropriate."Forget the fact that at least 2x Abigail has clearly stated she's straight. How would that thought even cross someone's mind? If I'm upset and crying I don't even want my wife to lick away my tears. The concept is creepy and repulsive. I just couldn't waste another minute hoping that the intrigue portion was coming and would be better.

  • susan
    2018-12-30 00:57

    Mind twisting mysteryTalk about I great mystery. At first I thought I was reading jaws. Lol. But then the mystery started. Usually I am good at figuring out who the villain is. Lol this one was great the storyline was great and the characters were great. Even though we don't get much background on them I still feel like I knew them. I definitely recommend this book.

  • Jasmine
    2019-01-06 21:57

    What a great debut from this Canadian Author - I hope we'll see more in the future!Gorgeous setting, cool characters, and a wild mystery! I really appreciate seeing ladies working in science, especially in my field. It felt a little rushed and a little too perfect at the end, but all in all it was a really enjoyable way to spend a few hours, especially in the dead of an Ottawa winter! I was more than a little jealous of Marlee enjoying some warmth and not needing twelve layers to get out the door.