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Ivy Nixon is the student body Vice President at Franklin High School. Each year, the school holds a date auction to raise funds for the senior class graduation party, and this year, Ivy’s in charge. Planning the event is a huge task and Ivy is determined to prove she can get the job done right. Unfortunately, she’s still one participant short and her deadline is looming. AIvy Nixon is the student body Vice President at Franklin High School. Each year, the school holds a date auction to raise funds for the senior class graduation party, and this year, Ivy’s in charge. Planning the event is a huge task and Ivy is determined to prove she can get the job done right. Unfortunately, she’s still one participant short and her deadline is looming. Andy Walker, her cute but socially reclusive art class table mate, is her last resort. He may not be popular, but he’s funny, talented, and full of surprises. With a makeover and some major social marketing, Ivy is sure he could fetch a decent price at the auction. Andy reluctantly agrees to help, but the more time Ivy spends with him, the more her feelings shift from professional to romantic in nature. To top it off, she’s done her marketing so well, that other girls are starting to notice Andy too. Come auction time, will Ivy be able to let him go to the highest bidder? Or will she find a way to keep him for herself… Content Description: This is a stand-alone YA contemporary romance with companion novels set at the same high school. It contains minor language, innuendo, and crude humor, some steamy kissing, a party scene where underage drinking is taking place, and a brief but tasteful conversation about sex. The author has attempted to write characters who make good choices in questionable situations, in effort to keep the content appropriate for teens. This book contains no sex, written or implied, and no explicit language. Recommended for ages 14 and up. ...

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Perfectly You Reviews

  • Katie W
    2019-03-17 17:05

    (4.5 Stars) Sometimes a book transports me right back to my teenage years and this is one of them. Do I want to re-live my teen years? NO WAY! But I honestly had a hard time putting this one down.Ivy is the type of person who would have totally intimidated me back in the day--she's ultra confident and popular. When she finds herself one name short for a fundraiser, she recruits her art table partner. Well...tricking Andy into doing it is more like it. Andy is a great guy who is also intimidating in his own way because he doesn't care at all what people think of him. He's comfortable hiding in the shadows and being exactly who he wants to be. Ivy and Andy have an easy friendship with a great chemistry. I loved watching Andy's personality reveal itself, much like peeling the layers of an onion--gradually. Although Ivy tries to change Andy, she learns some life lessons of her own...the hard way. Jake and Lilly, their friends, are absolutely over-the-top hilarious and really rounded out the story, balancing the hard times with humor. I love a story with good, solid relationships/friendships.Because this story does take place during high school, there is plenty of drama. I'm not a big fan of drama, but there is so much more to the story than just that. The growth, change, acceptance, standing up for yourself, romance, funny, etc moments rise above and make this one a winner.Content: **see warning in the synopsis** moderate romance (innuendo, some crude talk, spicy kissing); mild-moderate language (not as much as Book 1).*I received a copy, which didn't influence my opinion at all. All thoughts are my own*

  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    2019-03-11 00:59

    I read the first book in the series, Perfectly Oblivious, and this book back-to-back, because the author's style is different than what I normally read and once I got used to it while reading the first book, I knew I needed to stay in the zone for this second one. I actually started this book first, and put it down after the first chapter because the snarkiness and immature behavior of Ivy and her friend Lilly was too much to take. After reading and enjoying Perfectly Oblivious, I decided to give this one another try and I'm glad I did. Despite the excess sassiness that eventually gets dialed down a bit, the characters are great and the details and mannerisms that round them out are creative. I loved how Andy's personality was revealed as Ivy got to know him better, and their chemistry was awesome. His friend Jake and her friend Lilly are funny together and the banter between all four of them was entertaining. This would make a great teen movie, actually. I think it's a book that would be enjoyed by older teens and young adults. And not-so-young adults that enjoy reading in the YA genre ;)(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

  • Kelly
    2019-03-02 18:11

    This book is so stinking cute, I can’t stand it! I grinned pretty much through the whole book! I loved it! And it had a great message to boot! The romance is oh so so sweet! The friends fierce loyal and quirky!Ivy is my kinda girl. She is spunky and loyal. She is caring. She does have one fault and although she thought she recognized it early on, she continued and it hurt her boyfriend. I loved how she accepted the calling out on her by her quirky best friend! I want a best friend just like Lilly!Andy is the perfect normal guy. He isn’t the class president or a socializer. He just is laid back and hangs out with his friends not at parties! He is very kind, considerate and caring. And he is also a romantic at heart! His family has money, but he doesn’t act like it. His best friend is Jake. Jake is the class clown and also rich. Jake’s twin sister is Sophia. Sophia is the evil twin. She is definitely the stuck up rich girl after whatever she wants!Perfectly You will keep you reading with a grin on your face to the very end! Right now, I am going to read the first book in the series because this is the first book by this author I have ever read and I need more of her writing!If you like stories with: a rich girl who is a witch with a capital B, pools, romantic dinners, close knit families, crazy best friends who dress up quirky or who has your back, cargo pants, baseball hats, rich boys who think they are all that, and learning lessons than this might be for you! It definitely was for me! If I could give it 10 stars I would!

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    2019-02-25 17:19

    3.5, rounding upThis is the second book by Robin Daniels that I have read. I liked this one better than the first one mostly because the swearing was toned down in this one. Still there, but not as much. There is a content disclosure above if you care about that.In this YA book, the characters are seniors in high school. I felt like the author did a good job of making these characters come alive. They were fun with distinct personalities and I really liked them- even when they made mistakes. It all felt very high school-ish with the drama to go with it! The younger YA crowd will eat this one up.It was easy to fall into this book. The dialogue is fun and the book moves along at a great speed. I read through this story quickly and ended with a smile.

  • Kathy
    2019-03-01 22:59

    I was in the mood for a light fun high school romance. This was a great choice. This is the second of Robin's books that I have read and I thoroughly enjoy the humor and fun she brings to the pages of her stories. She captures the fun and feelings of what teenage like was life. Content: Mild language

  • Lissa Hawley
    2019-03-23 17:58

    Even better than the first book. So cute.

  • ضحى الحداد
    2019-02-27 20:04

    1.5 starsIt's really hard to believe that Perfectly Oblivious and this book came from the same author .. like they are the total opposite of each other, I didn't connect with the story whatsoever and it was boring like crazy .. nothing was happening and Andy is such a pain on the neck I didn't like him one bit, so disappointed in this book to be honest

  • Nath
    2019-03-18 01:14

    3.5/5 (C+)

  • Mo
    2019-03-11 16:52

    Perfectly YouThis book was not as good as the first book in this series. It took me over a week to finish because I wasn't invested in the characters. Jake was SO kewl. He was written well. If this book wasn't free, I would be irritated. 3.0 stars at the most.

  • Alaina Meserole
    2019-03-05 22:52

    Perfectly You is about two high school kids named Ivy and Andy. Ivy Nixon is the student body Vice President at Franklin High School. Every day she has to deal with her douchebag of an ex-boyfriend Rob because he's the student body President. Ivy is planning the auction event (which is a huge deal to this school) and in the beginning of the book you find out she is one candidate short...and the deadline is near. Cue in Andy Walker, who is cute, socially awkward, in her art class, and her last resort. He isn't popular like Rob but he is actually talented and funny. Andy undergoes a makeover by Ivy so that he can fetch a decent price at the auction.So the auction can only have senior participants and they have to be 18 years old...if anyone isn't 18 they have to have their parents signature on the forms (due to previous concerns because of an ex-principal who was creepy af). Andy at first doesn't want to participate but then does it any way (because what good guy wouldn't). Then Ivy starts developing feelings (kind of like She's All That when Freddy Prinze Jr.'s character (Zack Siler) falls in love with Rachel Leigh Cook's character (Laney Boggs)). Although there is no bet for her to get the guy...Ivy just needed one more guy to fill out the requirement for the auction and was running out of options at the last minute. Plus she had to prove herself to her ex and to everyone else in the student body.I really liked Ivy's character throughout the book. She is my kind of girl because she is a really loyal friend and doesn't take any shit from anyone (especially an ex). She calls them out on their bullshit which is what I love. Ivy is completely relatable because in High School that is when you find out which people are fake and which people aren't. Also, I loved her friendship with Lilly, because she is just like her. Even Andy is normal and completely relatable to the everyday High School student. I just loved how normal and relatable everyone was. It didn't matter what their social status was at school or if they had money or not. Unless you were Sophia, who was Jake's (Andy's best friend) evil twin sister and was pretty much stuck up. Perfectly You will definitely grab your attention within the first chapter and keep you reading until the end. Yes, I did have to take a break here and there but that was just to digest all the information I got about each character. It is very hard to have a love/hate relationship with characters. At some points I didn't care about the book but other than that it overall was a good book. It has earned its 4 stars with me.

  • Mylissa's Reviews and Book Thoughts
    2019-03-06 00:18

    Perfectly You is Robin Daniels second book, and also the second book in the Perfect Series. I enjoyed the first book in the series immensely, so I was very eager to get my hands on the second book and see which characters would get their story.Perfectly You introduces us to a new set of teenagers, set in the same high school. That to me was a little confusing, as I was expecting to have a little bit of a spin off or a story of one of the supporting characters, but this wasn’t the case.Perfectly You introduces us to Ivy, a very outspoken, speaks before she thinks, opinionated girl, that is in with the in-crowd. She is responsible for the date auction, and is determined to get it right, as she doesn’t want to prove to her ex-boyfriend she can’t get the job done.On the verge of closing of the auction with one name short, she enlists Andy as the final date, her quiet art partner.This whole book is a quite predictable tale of Ivy trying to transform Andy into a mayor hottie, and discovering a lot about herself along the way. Andy’s interest in Ivy made him want to make certain changes for her, but her comments at time made without thinking were hurtful, and Andy was man enough to call her out for it.I loved Andy. He embodies what I feel every teenager should strive to be. He’s a regular guy, that has seen the shallowness and competitiveness that is so apparent in many, and has chosen to walk the road not travelled by many. He’s comfortable being a loner, knowing he’s being true to who he really is. Ivy on the other hand may be very outspoken about her opinions, to the point of being hurtful (luckily she grows throughout the book), but still tries too hard in my opinion to fit in. At one point in the book she drags Andy to a party and pressures him to have a drink to make him feel more relaxed. Luckily he refuses, which makes a strong statement in the book, but it made me like Ivy less. She really needed a lot of growth throughout the whole experience.Lilly is the cherry on top. She is an amazing friend, a wonderful character, and reminded me of Libby in the Science Squad series by Kelly Oram. She added a whole array of color to this book, and I enjoyed reading her parts a whole lot.All in all I found this book a great read, and thinking back on it, I can conclude that the drinking at the party suggestion adds some extra reality to it, but did make me like Ivy less.

  • Floryie
    2019-03-08 23:53

    Young Adult is one of the genres I like reading but sometimes the school atmosphere gets to me with its high drama. This book has a bit of drama to it but then whose high school experiences has been calm and quiet? But it works within the plot and isn't overdramatised. I have not read the author's previous work. So I was pleasantly surprised that she has handled it with the right amount of fun and seriousness. I am glad I had a chance to read her work. Now I am thinking of reading her other book too.When I first read the blurb, the idea which caught my eye was the makeover of Andy for the date auction. My thoughts were along the lines of enjoying the way a nerd is transformed into a hot guy. But as I read the book, I realised that it was a bit misleading. Andy was cool from the beginning and though he hid his personality from others, he had a definite way of looking at things and was more mature in his thoughts and actions. Ivy was through and through a teenager. She was more interested in not getting humiliated and was under pressure not to disappoint. Though I liked them both, Andy was my favoured one. Ivy fell a bit short from my expectations. But she made it up in the end. The only thing I didn't like was the way she kept comparing Andy with Rob. If you ask me, there was no comparison at all! One thing I have to highlight was the shenanigans of their friends, Jake and Lilly . They had me constantly giggling with their antics. I loved them!! The premise of the book is interesting and the story's plot and pace are in sync with each. I spent a good couple of hours enjoying Andy and Ivy's story! I hope I will enjoy her other books in the future as much as I did this one. I received a free copy for reviewing purposes. This doesn't influence my review in any way. All these are my own thoughts on the book.My one line review : A pretty fun teen love storyMy rating : 4.5/5My reread factor : 4/5

  • Pattisue
    2019-03-10 19:03

    With the Senior Auction deadline looming, Ivy Nixon has to hustle to fill the last spot. She isn’t above begging her art buddy to save the day. But there is more to Andy Walker than meets the eye. Hidden under his artsy, careless persona is a talented, handsome, charismatic guy who likes to keep a low profile. The more time Ivy spends with Andy, the more she likes him. Drama builds as operation “makeover Andy” commences. Ivy ambitiously takes life by storm, filling her days with school, sports, student council and her friends. Her feisty, ball of fire, friend, Lilly Atkins nicely rounds out Ivy’s seriousness. Lilly is quirky and free-spirited and Jake Hill can’t keep his hands off of her. Jake may be Andy best friend, but Jake has an evil twin in Sophia. The plot thickens as evil Sophia, Andy’s ex and Rob Emerson, Ivy’s ex, cross paths and swords with Andy and Ivy. All the drama and angst of high school with fun dates, the auction, and personal, interesting characters come together in this entertaining YA fiction. Ivy planned to makeover Andy but in the end finds herself made over with a handsome boyfriend by her side.*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are uniquely my own.

  • Melena Torretta
    2019-03-24 01:19

    I had been looking for a fun, sweet, and romantic YA novel to read and I'm so glad I picked up Perfectly You!I liked the first book in the series, Perfectly Oblivious, a lot, and I was worried I wouldn't enjoy this one as much. However, I think it's my favorite in the series so far.Ivy is smart, loyal, and fun. I liked, though, that she wasn't too perfect or too stubborn to recognize her own faults. She was a believable teenager, too, not a caricature of what an adult author believes what one should look and act like.Andy was a big surprise! I loved that he was not the normal 'hot guy' leading man. He is confident without being cocky and has no problem being himself even if it doesn't make him popular.The plot progressed at the perfect pace. I felt like there was enough to let the reader get to know the characters and to not rush the story, but it wasn't so long that there was extra filler scenes or characters.I loved the shout out to Bianca and Cameron from the first book, but wish we would have gotten a scene or two with them in it.Thanks to the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mandy Moffat
    2019-03-04 21:57

    I really enjoyed the first book in this series but i can honestly say i enjoyed this one even more.I love how real the characters felt, how sweet and loveable they could be but at the same time how full of imperfections they were.Although Ivy and Andy were the main characters in this story there was enough of Lilly and Jake that you could easy route for them too without it taking anything away from the other two.I loved the passing metions of a character from the previous book that left the fan in you squeeing with delight but if you hadn't read it (Why Not!) it wouldnt in any way effect your enjoyment or the storytelling of this book. Almost like a little easter egg :) I read this book through Kindle Unlimited but like its predecessor it is now firmly in my Amazon wish list for a Paperback copy all of my own.I really look forward to seeing what comes next from Robin Daniels and especially the next book in this Series.

  • Jessica ( Ra Ya Book Reviews)
    2019-03-03 20:19

    I was very very impressed with this book. I made the mistake of reading the 'teaser' at the end of book one and was immensely disappointed that this book wasn't out yet. Light at the end of the tunnel...I snagged an ARC copy and it was WELL worth the wait. I really enjoyed this book even more than the last book in the series. It was fun to be in the same world/story line as the previous book with a new spin. Andy and Ivy were FUN to read about...but I have to say Lilly is really the star of the show. Her spaztastic personality really helped win me over. If you are looking for a fun light read THIS is your book. I believe it will be available on amazon for $2.99 which is a steal of a deal. If you haven't preordered it yet, read the first one (included with kindle unlimited) and patiently await the release of this one. Robin Daniels has a great writing style and I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next!

  • Megan
    2019-03-03 20:55

    Perfectly You is an aptly named book about a cute, overachieving, social girl and a cute, artistic, keep-to-himself boy. Ivy Nixon has exactly until the end of class in which to find the last participant to fill Franklin High's yearly date auction roster or else fail utterly in her role as Vice President.Andy Walker, her talented but introverted table mate, reluctantly agrees to help to stop attracting attention when she begs him on bended knee. Ivy just knows that with a little clean up (a hair cut and a new wardrobe), everyone will see the great guy in Andy that she does. She knows that the auction will be a raging success.But the more time she spends with Andy, the more time she thinks that may she may be a little too successful...This is a story about girls, boys, loving what you have, and not being afraid to take what you want. A clean, sweet, young-adult read!

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    2019-03-10 01:18

    I picked this book up today and could not put it down! Yes it is a YA book since the characters are seniors in high school, but they have the same sort of problems that everyone has in life. In this case it was Ivy discovering that her friend Andy might be more than what she expected. For Andy it might be that his crush on Ivy could come to fruition. There is also the typical drama you expect among teenagers...hey we were all one at one time or another!I though Lilly was a hoot. She isn't your typical kid and marches to her own drummer. She is not afraid to be the wacky one with how she dresses. Many could take lessons from her. It isn't as if she doesn't care...but she maybe cares a little less and is comfortable in her own skin.Definitely worth a read!

  • Krista Heit Valentine
    2019-03-10 17:19

    Out of this series this one was my favorite! Ivy is a total type A personality where Andy is not. I loved watching their story unfold and I just loved Andy's character. It was great to see how they worked out together and balanced each other. I also enjoyed the side romance of the best friends in addition to the main characters and just really enjoyed all the characters. These books can be read stand along and characters from the other books do make appearances but never really affect the overall story. If you are looking for a cute and fun light romance story, I highly suggest this one.

  • Brooke Berry
    2019-03-16 17:10

    I loved the characters.  Ivy is so relatable and I found her personality similar to my own with her great intentions and tendency to tell it like it is.  The whole plot seemed like an actual story that would happen to teenagers, rather than a huge hypothetical that is typical in young adult books.  I love how natural the friendship and romance is between Andy and Ivy.  It is a true personality attraction rather than being based on looks or popularity.  This is a "romance" novel I would want my teens reading for a realistic example of how relationships should be.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-04 17:57

    Perfectly You was such a fun, cute story! I had the opportunity to read the first book, Perfectly Oblivious, and was happy for the opportunity to also review the second book in the series.This story was full of all the fun and frustration of high school without actually having to go back to high school. And thank heaven for that! Good job to Robin Daniels, who has a way of transporting me back to the memories as if I was there myself. (Wahoo?) The characters were very fun and real. Good for YA and people who think like a YA.4 ½ Stars. Clean.

  • Alicia
    2019-03-10 17:08

    This is a cute, fluffy high school book that's a great change in the line up every once in a while. I love a good, sweet YA. I liked the characters, I liked the growth the main character experiences. I liked the plot line. There is a bit of language but less than the first book in the series, which I appreciated. Overall this is a really fun read. I would definately recommend it for older readers who enjoy YA.

  • Cait
    2019-02-28 23:01

    I enjoyed this one much more than the first, but it's still a pretty bland YA love story. I honestly didn't care about what happened to the main characters. I really enjoyed the secondary couple, though, and even the antagonists(? If you can call them that) were more compelling than the Ivy and Andy non-drama drama.I liked the sneak peek at the next book included at the end, though, so I guess I'll continue reading this series.

  • Nari
    2019-03-04 20:08

    I loved this book! I have 2 daughters who would love this book also. Ivy is a bit of an overachiever who is very concerned with what others think of her. Andrew is reserved and really doesn't care so much what others think. My favorites characters were the best friends Lily and Jake. They both had lots of personality and were so much to read about. I laughed out loud a lot. I started reading this book and couldn't put it down I enjoyed it to the very last page.

  • Lynette
    2019-03-10 19:13

    Sweet and super duper cleanLike really clean. Very clever ways to say d!(k head and b!+ch and many others. And nothing more than kissing. The only thing odd about such cleanliness was the bff who had her phone taken away each night at 10, even on the weekends. They're 18 yr old seniors so it seemed too clean.All that said. I thought the story cute and well written.

  • M.L.
    2019-03-25 23:08

    I love this book. Though I did find the MC pretty annoying. To be honest I found lily and Jakes story and romance a lot more appealing than Ivy’s and Andy’s. Okay, that’s no true. I loved Andy, the one I didn’t like was Ivy. But the other supporting characters were great which made this book more than tolerable.

  • Shannon Peterson
    2019-03-03 01:00

    Cute romance novel, complete with all the high school dramaI loved rooting for Ivy and Andy. And the spin-off romance of Lily and Jake was a nice bonus. Loved the message to never judge a book by the cover and to love people for who they REALLY are as opposed to trying to change them to fit a mold. Great read.

  • DeborahColgrove
    2019-03-10 18:20

    Great Young adult story. I loved listening to the narration of this story. The voices just captured me. I was glad to see a lesson in this story that we all need to remember in life. Watch what you say, it can always be misunderstood.

  • Amara
    2019-02-25 17:12

    For a YA romance, this was absolutely fabulous. So cute, so funny, and he was swoony.Where was a moody artist that played musical instruments and jammed to 70s rock in my high school? Oh, wait. They were there, but usually so unappealing looking I didn't bother to dig deeper. Lesson learned? :)

  • Jenny Beuerman
    2019-03-19 22:06

    So cutePerfectly You is a sweet quick read. Andy is a sigh worthy book boyfriend. Robin Daniels has a way with sweet teenage romance and I love her books. I highly recommend Perfectly You to anyone who wants a cute little read.