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One night. One divorce. One too many drinks and a very hot man make a bad combination. It was only meant to be one night to celebrate my long needed divorce, but when I find out that I'm pregnant by the hot man I met that night, it turns out I'm not as free as I wanted. When I finally manage to track down my hot one night stand, it's to find he lives with his three other fOne night. One divorce. One too many drinks and a very hot man make a bad combination. It was only meant to be one night to celebrate my long needed divorce, but when I find out that I'm pregnant by the hot man I met that night, it turns out I'm not as free as I wanted. When I finally manage to track down my hot one night stand, it's to find he lives with his three other friends. And they want me to move in. **This is a Reverse harem serial** 18+ This is part one of a five Part serial....

Title : Strip For Me (Reverse Harem Serial, #1)
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ISBN : 35834135
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 56 Pages
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Strip For Me (Reverse Harem Serial, #1) Reviews

  • Helen 2.0
    2019-01-22 02:19

    I almost feel guilty reading a reverse harem without my MacHalo troupe. Almost. πŸ˜‰

  • ReadingisMyEscape
    2018-12-28 19:41

    2.75 stars because I need more info on the Heros sex life during the 3 month separation.These two came together for a ONS and three months later the h tracks down the H to tell him she's pregnant. She wasn't with anyone during the separation BUT it isn't clarified if he is or not. He states that he immediately wanted more from her than a ONS and he immediately takes responsibility for her and the baby (moving her into his house) but doesn't state if he was with anyone since her. He's a stripper and has women throwing themselves at him frequently so IF she meant more than a ONS to him I would hope that he's kept it in his pants...however again, it's not clarified and it never states that he even attempted to look for her. Hopefully we'll receive clarification in the next book because this could have very easily been a 4 star book with that info.

  • Cece Rose
    2019-01-21 00:30

    This was amazing. My favourite reverse-harem serial so far.The hot guys were hot. I wish I was the main character πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Ellie was cool and relatable. She felt like a real fleshed out character, which is hard to do in a serial, considering you only get a short time to get to know the characters. I will definitely be reading the next parts. I'm hooked!

  • Samantha
    2018-12-22 02:14

    I don't normally like a pregnant heroine so I was a bit leery to read this. HOWEVER, G. Bailey takes everything you know about cliche pregnancies and throws it out the window. This heroine is likeable and wants to do right by her baby and the baby's father. Which is very refreshing. It helps that the man candy is TO DIE FOR. Buy it and you won't regret it! 😍 #teamkayden but also #whychoose

  • taveena kade
    2019-01-14 19:26

    Okay so this might actually be my favorite serial yet (please don't kill me Cece)! I knew the little twist was coming, but when it did I was still a bit surprised on Ellie's behalf. I don't like the whole I'm pregnant from a one night stand thing all the time-okay who am I kidding I love it- but G. Bailey has managed to impress me yet again:) Can't wait for the next parts!

  • Anna
    2018-12-22 23:29

    This looks like it's going to be a fun new serial. I'll tell you, I wasn't expecting the stripper part of the book to be what it was. Shame on me for assuming. I loved this one and can't wait for the next one.

  • SJ
    2019-01-12 02:29

    I received a free advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it I was not sure what to expect when I started this, it is the first part of a new reverse harem serial.I fell in love with Ellie from the start, her past is a bit of a disaster really, but she still has her sense of humour and a grit about her that is keeping her going She finds herself pregnant after a one night stand, she is not really in a good position for this but she bucks herself up searches for the baby father She find him, and his hot roommates, and things get a little crazy!!I have fallen for all the guys already, and I have to admit I let out a big happy squeal when I finished it, Ellie's inner monologues are hilarious and the chemistry between her and the guys is amazing and I have to be honest, I am so excited for part twoThis serial is different to anything else in the RH market I highly recommend this serial and I am super excited for part twoYou need to read it, it's fabulous

  • Jennifer G
    2019-01-02 03:11

    Strip for Me is the first installment of a new Reverse Harem serial by G. Bailey. It's too yummy to put down! Ellie's life is simply complicated at the moment. She's newly divorced, unemployed, homeless, and pregnant from her one night stand. Upon finding her baby daddy, it looks like life could get a whole lot more complicated, but possibly much, much better. Andre Courture is the beautiful man Ellie spent one night with. He lives with Kaiden, Todd, and Dom, three other equally beautiful men and they have a secret that may send Ellie running. They welcome Ellie into their house and lives with varying degrees of eagerness/hostility. I can't wait to read the next installment. Really, like I want it right this minute!

  • Amanda Cash
    2018-12-30 20:32

    Great read!Oh my! I'm not sure who my favorite is at this point which is why I'm glad this is a reverse harem. Ellie is finally free of a loveless marriage and goes out on the town with her BFF. She decides to live it up and goes home with a man she meets. Three months later she finds out she's pregnant and goes in search of her one night stand so he at least knows about the pregnancy.This is a serial. It ends in a cliffhanger. I feel it was well written, a great introduction to new characters and plenty of humor.Can't wait for Part 2!!!

  • Anouk
    2019-01-07 02:17

    What a beginning!This is part 1 of this serie and I can't wait for the next one coming out! It was really short but omg things are happening fast! I'm only second guessing if I want to buy the next one on release day or that I wait for more books in this serie because it really got good in the last chapter and now this 'cliffhanger' is giving me a book hangover and a really want to read what is happening next. I only found my first book by this writer last week but I really like her writing style and this is definitely a must read serie!

  • Kayla
    2018-12-28 20:26

    I wasn't quit sure I was going to like this book. But I love G.Bailey's other stories so I gave it a shot. And boy was I happy I did. I fell in love with Ellie right in the beginning. She's somewhat broken because of her past and things end up worse when she gets pregnant by a one night stand. How will things get better for Ellie? Will she learn to love herself as well as her child?

  • Taylor
    2018-12-28 20:31

    I was lucky enough to Beta read Strip for me by G.Bailey. Strip for me is an amazing serial, It begins by throwing you head first into the storm that is Ellie's life. Ellie is finalizing her divorce from her weird ass ex husband, she is dancing away her problems for the first time in 8 years and sleeping the night away with a sexy ass man. Fast-forward a few months and it looks like Ellie has a gift she cant give back from the sexy stranger, so she is forced to go find him. Turns out that he lives with 4 other men, all equally beautiful, ripped, amazing men. These men each have very very different personalities and yet each one seemed to fit so perfectly with Ellie. They offer her an opportunity she literally cannot pass on, and im so excited to see where that leads. I actually loved Ellie, she reminded me a bit of Bambi, so vulnerable and wide eyed, like she was starting life all over again. I loved that even though thats what she reminded me of, it didnt mean she couldnt have a back bone. She took charge when needed, took responsibility when she had to, and was honest about ehr circumstances. She was just a regular person, and that was awesome!Andre the protective sexy protective one. Dom the hot nerd. Kaiden the lighthearted one and Todd the intense one. I literally cannot wait till we see more of these boys and explore more of their personalities, i think they all have a lot to share about how they ended up where they did. I seriously cannot choose between all the scrumptious men in this book. G.Bailey, you are killing me!Because this is a serial, the book ends just as we find out what the boys mysterious career is, and my god i cannot wait for the next one!!!

  • Courtney Dunham
    2019-01-21 23:25

    One of my new favorites!Fell in love with this story and its only the first part of the serial haha. I started it at lunch at work and had to take an extended break because I could not put it down! Loved the concept, can't wait to see what Gem does with this storyline. I feel like these characters are going to be deep, that Gem is going to create intricate back stories/complicated pasts that make them feel real to readers. I loved Ellie and her best friend, my bff and I are similar in our interactions and personalities haha. Intrigued by the bad guy ex, interested to see how he is going to try and ruin the Ellie's life and how her guys react. Out of all the guys, I instantly loved Dom, have a soft spot for nerdy/nerdy looking guys and his description with his glasses...instant swoon (made better by the reveal of later parts of the serial haha). I like how different all the guys are. There really isn't that hotshot bad guy, which is nice to see, since there seems to always be one of those in the harem. Dom I think will be the hardest one to crack, but with him already being comfortable with Ellie to call him Dom, he is going to be a giant teddy bear. I can't wait for the rest of the serial...can October get here any quicker?!?!

  • Catherine
    2019-01-15 01:13

    I've been drowning (happily) in menage stories these past few months so this is definitely on my turf. lel. But lately, most of them consist of endless set of twins. I really like how each of the men here looks different from each other. All equally hot but different flavors. Haha. Anyway, I feel like it falls a little short when it comes to details. Like that sexy time with Andre. It would have been more engaging if we're able to peak on that a little as it may help us invest more feelings on each of the guys. But I don't know. Maybe it's just designed that way. Just a quick read to pass the time. Very quick tho as it is very short. Another thing I am not fan about. I understand that it's a 5-part series, but I feel like that shit is only acceptable if there's more going on to the story. I dunno. Just my two cents. I also hate the fact that we have to wait 3 months (as the other parts will be released once per month) just to know the conclusion of the story. Ugh. This is why I don't like discovering books while it's still in the middle of the series. The wait is killing me. lel. Sigh. Ellie better end up with all of them tho.

  • Denise
    2019-01-03 00:36

    Guys, I have to be honest here: when I read the blurb about a pregnancy resulting from a one night stand, I one-clicked in a flash. There's just something about that plot point that really intrigues me. Strip For Me starts with Ellie hooking up with Andre after a night out to celebrate her divorce. Flash forward three months and she finds out she's pregnant. So, she tracks down Andre to tell him the news, naturally. That's when it really starts getting interesting. I was captivated by Andre, his roommates, and Ellie's relationship with them. I don't always love serials (I'm greedy for more, remember?), but I started this one knowing that all 5 parts had been released. And thank goodness, too, because the author really did a number on me with the cliffhangers in this serial! After finishing part one I immediately purchased part 2.

  • Mel B.
    2019-01-06 23:19

    Amusing and enjoyableIf you like RH and serials, this will be your cup of tea. It's clean (although I'm thinking it'll heat up later) amusing, and yes, the men are scrumptious. I like Ellie, she's no nonsense and a straight shooter. She doesn't moan or groan about her misfortunes and just goes about trying to set her life up right. Andre has definite potential as do all the roommates, I'm very much looking forward to seeing their relationships develop with Ellie. I hope the angst and drama come from the ex husband and NOT from too much jealousy. I tend to get annoyed when authors use jealousy too much as a plot device in RH. There is only so much in fighting a reader can deal with before it gets to be tedious. All in all this was a satisfying first part in a RH serial.

  • Beth C.
    2019-01-15 19:39

    Good beginning of what sounds like, will be a very entertaining storyI enjoyed this first book in the series. Thankfully, the editing was better than so of the author's other books. It was much easier to read and thus, much more enjoyable.When Ellie finds out she pregnant from s one night stand, her life just couldn't have gotten more difficult. After being screwed over by her ex in the divorce settlement and then having him burn down her house, she jobless and broke. Adding a baby to the mix is just another weight on her shoulders. But when Ellie tracks down Andre, the baby-daddy. Things start to look up...except for his three hot roommates and their jobs. It's gonna be a fun ride! Can't wait for the next part!

  • Amber Hamblin
    2018-12-21 21:17

    I usually don't do Serials due to reading to fast and these go by really quickly, but I figured I would give it a try. The series started out good, I like the how the MC was recovering from a horrible marriage and had her Best Friend to help her through the divorce. I feel as is this could shine some hope into woman or even men married to someone where there is no love, just looking pretty on someone's arm. The freedom she feels when she is at the club has a lot of meaning behind it. When you've been married for so long and your unhappy, you feel trapped ; any kind of freedom is amazing.Lucky her for getting a HOT one night stand ( or so she thought!)Cant wait to read the next installment

  • Anna
    2018-12-27 01:29

    A good start, for sure. An interesting story, with really great writing and surprisingly good characterization. Usually, if the leading heroine has a best friend, she would annoy me. But Liz here seems to be a rather cool lady. Plus the main set of characters is an interesting bunch and I wouldn't mind learning more about them. And I'm really interested in seeing how the story progresses. Gimme the next one.

  • Marie Yule
    2019-01-15 21:16

    I'm currently making my way through all of G Bailey's books and to be honest when I got to this one, I wasn't so sure I'd like it.. I was very wrong, just proves the old saying that you can't judge a book by its cover.... or blurb for that matter.I thought that Ellie was a great character, funny, strong and lovable and she worked really well with the guys. Their relationship was hot, yet so sweet! Ellie was one lucky girl!

  • Kirsten Yates
    2018-12-30 01:32

    Hot male strippers anyone?Oh my God. This book is amazing. Honestly at first I felt horrible for Ellie. What girl wants to get pregnant by their one night stand. What a turn of events though. She has her own group of strippers! Every girls dream! Give this book a chance and you are going to fall in love with these characters just like I have! I honestly wish I had my own strippers now.

  • Brittany VanLanen
    2019-01-05 23:38

    Is it hot in here?? Wow!! So this isn't your standard setup with an MC and a love interest and the story line is predictable. I was guessing the whole time. The MC, Ellie, is relatable and inviting and she's just a 26 year old who was felt a bad hand and is trying to live a little. I'm really interested in seeing where Ellie and her man or perhaps men go!

  • Whitney Wright
    2019-01-01 22:26

    I absolutely loved this book! I really enjoyed it being a different type of RH with the main character getting pregnant, there just aren't many on those out there that I have enjoyed. El's men are the ones we all dream about, good looking, protective, good dads, just amazing! I can't wait to read the spin off and continue with this series.

  • Sherry
    2019-01-13 01:15

    2.5 starsI grabbed Strip For Me, by G. Bailey, because it was short and the idea is something I haven't read before. I'm trying to reserve judgement until I read the whole serial, but overall this first installment didn't grab my attention with any great strength. I didn't connect with Ellie, even though I feel for her situation. This first part was just ok.

  • Aliyeh
    2018-12-24 01:39

    Five starsAs far as Reverse harems go, this one has me gearing up for greatness. The guys are great, the story line is new and intriguing and it's just sexy enough to keep me 100% interested. G Bailey is fastest becoming one of my favorites.

  • KaylaBrunson
    2019-01-12 00:23

    I love reverse harem reads and this one is off to a good start. Its considered a novella so it isn't very long but its good. I cant wait to see what the next book has in store for us since the ending left me want more.

  • Kim Latham
    2018-12-28 21:40

    LOLI really wasn't sure what to expect but I love G Bailey and thought what the hell. This is the first book in this serial and I loved it. It is RH but it is completely different from others I have read. It's short sweet and stopped at just the right place.Can't wait for part 2.

  • Lena
    2018-12-25 00:29

    This was a quick read I finished in one or two sittings. It's enjoyable, though there are plenty of errors and awkward phrases that could have been smoothed out with an editor. Otherwise an engaging story.

  • Christy Oldham
    2018-12-27 03:32

    CuteCute short read. Editing is very poor however I can get past that. While it is so short I think it's just enough to keep me interested and I actually don't mind the lead female.

  • leticia oliveri
    2019-01-11 21:23

    So original! I have to say I'm dying to keep reading!! It's really good, I'm not big on serials, i like to be able to sit and READ you know? The installments are too short for me. BUT when they are this good...I'll definitely sign up!