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What happens when a ruthless killer with no conscience takes in an irresistible young drug addict on the run from dangerous men? Ripley They call me RIP. I’m a killer. A murderer. A psychopath. In the eyes of the righteous, I’m a monster, born of sin and depravity. I want to protect her, but I’m not a good man. I want to love her, but I no longer feel. She gets under my skWhat happens when a ruthless killer with no conscience takes in an irresistible young drug addict on the run from dangerous men? Ripley They call me RIP. I’m a killer. A murderer. A psychopath. In the eyes of the righteous, I’m a monster, born of sin and depravity. I want to protect her, but I’m not a good man. I want to love her, but I no longer feel. She gets under my skin, though, and has awakened something inside of me. Something I’d kill for. I’m not her savior—not even close. In fact, I’m worse than the hell she’s already suffered. I’m her vengeance. Tit for tat, as they say. And if she’s not careful, I’ll be her ruin. Dylan For months, I’ve watched him. I’ve fantasized him as my savior, my lover. My ticket out of the hell I’ve lived in for the last six years. I never dreamed he’d be my nightmare. Had I known what he really is, I’d have never gotten in the car that night, but life is full of cause and effect. And sometimes the choice on offer isn’t a choice at all. It’s the result of something already in motion, and we’re merely left to survive the ripple effect. RIPPLE EFFECT is a full-length, standalone dark hitman romance. Comes with a link and password to steamy bonus scene....

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Ripple Effect: A Novel Reviews

  • Elizabeth
    2018-12-21 07:57

    ★4.5 RIPPLE STARS★"Every decision you make affects every moment that follows. It's like a ripple effect."Ripple Effect is a gripping dark and delicious read full of action, suspense, and complex characters. This is the tale of Dylan and Rip. Be forewarned, once you enter this twisted world, you will not be able to put it down until you stop. Previously released in four separate novellas, Ms. Lake now offers the entire collection in one epic book! "I'd kill a motherfucker for ever hurting you, and that includes myself.""You're gonna feel everything. Everything, baby." Dylan has been through hell. Abandoned, beaten, abused, she has found strength by clinging to her dog and the fact that she is almost eighteen and will be able to escape the hell she is living in. When suddenly her circumstances take a quick turn for the worse, Dylan finds herself tangled up in the arms of a killer."As long as you're mine, nothing touches you." Rip is a killer. An assassin who lives his life in the shadows, he has never needed anyone. Making kills, fighting, and spending his money on women has been all that he has needed until he meets Dylan. Dylan and Rip crash together in the most unlikely situations and although they are both fighters who have been able to survive so much, will they be able to survive each other?Told in dual POV, Ripple Effect is a perfect blend of action and romance. Ripley and Dylan are perfectly matched, and the dynamics of their relationship are complex and thoroughly explored. The plot is full of twists and turns, and each intricate piece is creatively weaved together as the story progresses. The dialogue and tempo flow naturally and the action is driven by Ripley's desire to protect the ones he loves. The sexual chemistry between Ripley and Dylan is explosive, and together they are unstoppable. Overall, Ripple Effect is an absolute must read for contemporary romance fans who like a dark hero and enjoy the nail biting action. Ms. Lake is an excellent storyteller, and I always find myself invested in the characters she creates. There is nothing better than being swept away by a great story and Ripley, and Dylan is one couple that I will never forget! For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • Lillian ᴥ Cloud 9 Books
    2019-01-02 11:56

    ***** 4.5 Stars *****Ripple Effect is dark, twisted, and full of suspense. I couldn't put this down. Dylan may be a young girl, but she is smart and experienced in life. Everyday is a struggle. With drugs and abusive adults in every corner, she can't escape. She can never escape. The only time she drifts off and dreams of a different life is when she looks at a man below her window. A mysterious man facing her from a diner. Ripley is skilled in many areas. Torturing. Killing. He can't show any weaknesses... but Dylan becomes his addiction. The attraction between them is dark and painful. This is a must read! I hope that there will be some spin-offs. Bravo Keri Lake!

  • Loyda
    2019-01-17 12:54

    4.5 Stars... working on review

  • Lyn
    2019-01-11 13:12

    85% DNF. So close to the finish line, but I just can't push through. My one and only issue is that I don't like that the hero's POV is given in first person. The hero is a killer. He's supposed to be emotionless but he doesn't come off that way to me each time he refers to himself as a killer. If his pov was given in the third person narrative, he would come off as more detached, and therefore, more badass. That's just me. I know I'm in the minority but oh well...

  • CC
    2018-12-31 14:05

    4.5 Stars! Series now available in one novel!My review: My review: My review: My review:

  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    2018-12-22 10:13

    Ripple Effect (A Novel 1-4) by Keri Lake5 stars!!!“…Every decision you make affects every moment that follows, Dylan. It’s like a ripple effect. Choose wisely.”Boy, am I glad that I didn’t read this piece meal. Ripple Effect was 466 pages of dark, gritty, angsty, twisted, raw, emotional, dirty, unputdownable deliciousness. I inhaled this book, pulled an all-nighter and seriously could not put it down. From the first to last page this book had me rapt. Rip and Dylan were intoxicating, one of my favourite book couples…ever! I just clicked with these two, two seriously fucked up individuals and yet together they were just “normal.” Well, as normal as a contract killer and a broken eighteen-year-old sex trade victim could be. Seriously, these two were explosive, intoxicating, brutal yet so damn perfect.“Just remember, there are no good guys and bad guys. There are only wolves and sheep.”Keri Lake is renowned for her dark reads and she doesn’t disappoint with this one. This is seriously dark, extremely descriptive and certainly churned my stomach a time or two. But it was this flawless writing that enabled the author to do that. Keri Lake transports you to Rip’s warehouse, you hear every scream, you see every drop of spilled blood and you feel the pain that this man inflicts. I had no pity for his victims, they were all scum, but the visceral scene setting was seriously off the charts and made me a part of Rip’s vengeance.“Merciless and merciful. Wild and broken. He’s a raging fire, with the inclination to destroy whatever gets in his path, and I’m nothing but a small scrap of kindling. Yet the way he stares at me with such reverence, makes me feel like I’m the one holding the match…”Dylan was a seventeen-year-old girl, who only got through life by popping pills to forget. At the hands of her Uncle, the man that was supposed to care for her and give her a roof over her head, she suffered unmentionable abuse and yet she still woke up every day and tried to behave as if nothing has ever happened. Dylan was stronger than she gave herself credit for, a little naïve, extremely intelligent and yet she was a victim. Her only tether to sanity was her dog, Charlie and when one night, it all becomes too much, Dylan flees, but the streets are no match for a seventeen-year-old.“I’m not disillusioned by the fairytale. Girls where I come from don’t believe in them.”Ripley was a contract killer with a difference. He never failed and he tortured and maimed until he got the answers he needed. Death never came quick, it was a long, drawn out, gore fest. The stronger the mind the longer the torture. He was feared, revered and was a complete psycho. Rip was the perfect anti-hero, a man you should hate, a man you should despise and yet you don’t. Rip was the antithesis of a book boyfriend…and yet he wasn’t. Rip was fearless, twisted, focused, ruthless and yet he was broken just like the rest of them.“You’re looking at a dead man, Dylan. Time’s just not up yet.”Ripley and Dylan were fated to meet, from not so innocent window watching, to a coincidental meeting, to a premeditated break-in. Life and circumstance kept bringing these two together. Ripley doesn’t do attachments, in his line of work he needs no distractions, no potential bargaining chips, there is no love, no love interests, no family, just him and his bag of tricks.“There are times I feel I’ve touched his soul, only to find I’ve not even breached his skin…”Ripley was intrigued with Dylan, she was an enigma, she was stronger than she looked and fearless. Dylan called him out, turned him inside out and actually made him feel. Dylan though had no place in Ripley’s life, it was dangerous for him and more importantly, dangerous for her. There would be no innocents lost in his life and he always knew their time together had an expiration date.“I won’t lose you. To anyone. So I didn’t save you last night. I saved myself.”Keri Lake delivers a plot that will have you constantly on the edge of your seat. Palpitations are the norm and fear is a constant. Yes, it is graphic, but it is these scenes that really hammer home the kind of world that these two find themselves in. It is this world that gives this story its depth and grit. Yes, ultimately this is a romance, an unavoidable romance, an unforeseeable romance, but it was this romance that made this

  • Astrid - ☆Vanilla & Spice Books☆
    2019-01-08 13:06

    5 BUTTERFLY STARSReview @ Vanilla & Spice BooksSometimes I like to venture into the darker corners of my mind with the help of a super talented author. When I hear Keri Lake has a new book coming out I'll hand over the reins and let her take me out of my comfort zone. I trust her to make me squirm uncomfortably...and still have a good time.Dylan is only a few weeks away from her 18th birthday and it can't come quick enough. At the hand of her uncle she suffers unmentionable abuse which she only bears in a drugged up stupor and barely remembers what happened afterwards. Her mother died of a drug overdose, or that's what authorities want her to believe, and her father committed suicide. Dylan's only tether to a semblance of normalcy and the one being she cares most about is her dog Charlie. After another horrific experience with her uncle she has had enough and flees the filthy apartment. Having no money to get by is a problem so what's a girl to do?Ripley is a hitman for one of the mob families competing for power in Chicago. When he follows one of his targets he observes a girl getting into the car of the man he is supposed to kill. He saves her from being raped and killed...and is bemused. Rip doesn't *save* people. He tortures them, makes them beg for a merciful death without remorse. This girl, though, is an enigma to him. She is innocent and yet she isn't, she is naive and still streetwise. Ripley doesn't need witnesses yet he sends her off on her way...but...he can't stop thinking about her. So what's a guy to do?If you think loving a man like Rip is impossible let me tell you - it isn't. In some twisted logic Keri Lake makes you believe that this cold blooded, obviously psychopathic killer is deep down a good man. He is ruthless, twisted, charismatic and single minded in his focus on his target. Dylan brings out the tender feelings inside of him he didn't think he had. Is he gentle with her? Far from it. Their love is raw, violent and volatile.And as much as I fear that my demons will ultimately tear her apart, the disturbing reality is, they’d probably get drunk with hers and have a fucking orgy together.Dylan is a contradiction of naiveté and experience, innocence and jadedness, toughness and vulnerability. She fascinates the cruel Ripley and soon he finds himself entangled in a relationship with an expiry date. The more time he spends with her the more he obsesses about her and the more possessive he gets. And can I say he is HOT? Because, damn, he is!“This is what fascinates me about you. Doesn’t matter that you’re tied to a bed in a basement, facing all variety of gruesome outcomes, you never lose that spitfire attitude.”Dylan is probably my favorite heroine by Keri Lake as of yet. She is strong with enough softness, sweetness and vulnerability to make her relatable. She has a youth about her that belies the darkness inside her. I don't think I would have survived the atrocities she experienced in her young life. Together Dylan and Rip are explosive but if you look closely there is a gentle side to their relationship that comes unexpected. I adored how they took care of each other, how these two broken souls fell in love and made sense despite their darkness.Merciless and merciful. Wild and broken. He’s a raging fire, with the inclination to destroy whatever gets in his path, and I’m nothing but a small scrap of kindling. Yet the way he stares at me with such reverence, makes me feel like I’m the one holding the match. Keri Lake's gritty writing is flawless as usual. She tackles a very real and uncomfortable subject and passes with flying colors. The mood is intense. Sinister, brutal and raw and not for the faint of heart, yet in the end you'll find yourself deeply in love with a brutal killer and the love of his life.If you haven't read a book by this author yet and love grungy and gritty tales I urge you to pick up one of her stories. You won't regret it.

  • Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    2018-12-26 12:47

    SERIES REVIEW4.5 gripping stars‘For those of us in the flock, survival comes down to how well we manipulate, because a predator’s eyes are naturally drawn to the most innocent.’We pretty much knew that by picking this four book serial up we’d be in for a violent twisted story that would have us gripped as we turned the pages. After all this is Keri Lake we’re talking about and once again, we were not disappointed! It was compelling, it was intense and it was utterly f**ked up. Just how we like it when we’re in the mood for something dark and gritty. We were hooked! Brilliantly written dark erotic suspense.‘I’m ravenous and impatient. He makes me this way. He’s become my drug. The rush that excites me, and the high that keeps me addicted.’ ‘I want to absorb some of his pain, some of his punishment that surrounds him, and make it my own.’We have to admit that we question if we would’ve enjoyed it as much as we did if it wasn’t for the fact that we read the four instalments in one sitting. The momentum would’ve been hampered, as would the uneasiness and utter intrigue we felt, if we’d had to wait. It became a race against time as we just had to know what was going to happen and how two completely messed up characters could find something akin to ‘normalcy’ in the shape of love and trust. So, we definitely recommend reading all four in one hit in order to truly feel the power behind the words; feel the impact of their crucial weight as ripples become a raging current.‘She’s one of those rare finds that you stumble upon, covered in dirt and grime that, when you scrub away the tarnish, is actually a stunning piece of art.’Dylan is a conundrum- her past and present all tied up haphazardly with a vicious blood-dripping bow. We get harrowing glimpses, ugly and extremely painful snippets from her past – there is no safety nor security in her life. Whilst there’s no question that she has her wits about her and a sharp intelligence with a penchant for striking back, she also has a caring and vulnerable side which she only reveals in part. This girl is overwhelmingly scarred and her consequent behaviour questionable at times. What she needs is someone who can match her in every way.‘I’m a vengeance dealer. A mercenary. I feign loyalty to exact revenge.’ ‘There was a time I’d search for something about the bastards that would justify the kills. Something that would eliminate the guilt. Years later, I find myself searching for some reason not to kill. A glimmer of humanity inside of me. There’s nothing.’........Click here for full review at TBBTHE RIPPLE EFFECT SERIES is now available in one full book! Available to purchase belowAmazon USAmazon UKCome visit and follow us at:✲ TotallybookedBlog✲ TB on Facebook✲ TB on Twitter✲ TB on Pinterest

  • ⭐ Emerson ⭐
    2018-12-22 06:52

    The entire series #1-4 for 99cents! Such a steal! RipleyThey call me RIP.I’m a killer. A murderer. A psychopath.In the eyes of the righteous, I’m a monster, born of sin and depravity.I want to protect her, but I’m not a good man.I want to love her, but I no longer feel.She gets under my skin, though, and has awakened something inside of me.Something I’d kill for.I’m not her savior—not even close. In fact, I’m worse than the hell she’s already suffered.I’m her vengeance. Tit for tat, as they say.And if she’s not careful, I’ll be her ruin.DylanFor months, I’ve watched him.I’ve fantasized him as my savior, my lover. My ticket out of the hell I’ve lived in for the last six years.I never dreamed he’d be my nightmare.Had I known what he really is, I’d have never gotten in the car that night, but life is full of cause and effect.And sometimes the choice on offer isn’t a choice at all.It’s the result of something already in motion, and we’re merely left to survive the ripple effect.

  • AJ
    2019-01-18 08:12

    “Every decision you make affects every moment that follows … It’s like a ripple effect. Choose wisely.”4 dark, dirty and twisted starsGoddam, Keri Lake can write dark and gritty romance! And wow, was this one dark! Dramatic, violent, sinister and twisted, this book plunges you into the seedy underworld of Chicago, where bad guys rule, the innocent become victims, and a merciless killer can become an antihero who will absolutely still your heart.Ripple effect: noun1. a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or eventDylan lives a dismal life, living with her aunt and uncle after her mother overdosed when she was just 12 years old. Not that her life was all roses better before then, with her mother prostituting herself to pay for her drug habit, and Dylan being exposed to all sorts of hell. But since then, she has been subjected to horrors that would break a lesser person. The only sense of calm in her life comes when she downs her pills and watches a mysterious stranger from her bedroom window – a tall, dark and dangerous man that intrigues her like no other, and who she imagines in all sorts of deliciously dirty ways. She is counting down the days until her 18th birthday when she can escape the horrors of her ‘home’, but when it all becomes too much for her, she grabs her dog and her young foster sister, and she makes a run for it. When desperation leads her into a dangerous situation, her saviour comes in the unsuspecting form of Ripley, the man she has watched for so long. Ripley (aka ‘Rip’) is a killer for hire. Ruthless and vicious, he is a seemingly emotionless killing machine – never missing his mark, and never failing to extract whatever information he is after – by any means necessary. But when their circumstances bring them together, Ripley is uncharacteristically considerate towards Dylan, and when he makes her an off she can’t refuse, the two of them are bound together for two months – Dylan getting a roof over her head and the safety and financial security she so desperately needs, and Ripley getting Dylan…. all of Dylan. It may seem like a sketchy deal, but the attraction that sizzles between these two is definitely two-sided, and they are equal partners in their depravity. Seeing her face drudges thoughts inside my head. Feelings that shouldn’t be there, like how savagely I’d kill another bastard for laying a hand on her. How badly I want to claim her as mine, every ounce of pleasure that spills from her lips.I want her. But more than that, I don’t want anyone else to have her.He’s not my saviour. He’s an angel with black wings. A dealer of death. My ruin.The dynamic between Ripley and Dylan is intense and a little bit twisted. It’s not sweet and loving, and it’s not banter and playful animosity – this is hard core. Both of them taking what they need, and doing it unapologetically. The sex is hot and dirty, and their interactions are blunt, holding nothing back. But things slowly begin to shift, and as they start to open up to each other, they both find themselves dealing with feelings they never expected – the consequences of which could be deadly. “As long as you’re mine, nothing touches you. Simple as that.”If you’ve read a book by this author, then you’ll know what to expect going into this one, and if you haven’t, well… there are dark romances and then there are DARK romances. This one is DARK. Lake writes super dark books, so I sort of knew to expect it, but this one was a bit boundary pushing (I don't think we needed quite that much detail). If there is a trigger – this book has it. Abuse, drug taking, violence, rape and hard-core torture. Parts of this book actually made my stomach turn, but it shows the brutality of the world and its inhabitants, and as a world-building tool it’s really effective. Just a bit cringy in places, and definitely not for the feint-of-heart. But in the middle of all of that brutality, there is a love story. It’s twisted and unconventional, but it’s real and raw, and it develops really well. I could feel the shift of things between Ripley and Dylan, and though their situations are unique and completely out of the realm of ‘normal life’, I could feel what they were feeling, and I really enjoyed how natural it felt as everything changed for them.As much as I fear that my demons will ultimately tear her apart, the disturbing reality is, they’d probably get drunk with hers and have a fucking orgy together. A woman like that is dangerous for a man like me, but letting her go is no longer an option. I can’t decide if she’s a nightmare or a dream. All I know is that I want more of it. More of her.In a killer’s embrace, I feel something I’ve not experience my whole life – I feel safe.But the romance is just a part of the story, woven into the dangerous, deadly world that they inhabit. There are so many dangers and secrets and there’s a lot that happens in the story, and it’s twisted and complex… in fact I’m still not sure I completely have my head around the intricacies of this storyline. But I enjoyed the twists and turns, and the reveals that had me gasping in shock, and I loved the fact that I kept getting dragged deeper and deeper into this complicated story so that I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed this book. Like I said, it’s not an easy one to get through, but if you’re in the mood for something raw and gritty, then this is a great read!4 stars.An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Melanie A.
    2018-12-24 11:59

    Everything he does is a confusing dance between dominance and reverence. Keri Lake has definitely earned herself a new fan with Ripple Effect! I loved the dark relationship between Ripley and Dylan - its sensuality and complexity kept me reading from cover to cover. Dylan has suffered so much abuse at the hands of almost every adult in her short life, but it hasn't crushed her spirit...yet. Meeting Ripley, a cold-blooded contract killer, gives her a bit of refuge and hope that keeps her going. Ripley is equally affected by Dylan, and they unwittingly fall for each other. I loved them both; they had depth as characters and their scenes together were full of fire and life. Definitely 5 stars for the 'romance' in this one.What I wasn't such a big fan of was the convoluted world these characters inhabited. From the two major mafia groups, to the Agency, to the Monarch Society, to the Eden Ranch 'orphanage', it was just too much. I felt that there wasn't enough information given - everything was kept too mysterious, too cryptic to be plausible. Plus, there was an effort to keep the reader in the dark about a lot of twists - and in a story told from dual points of view that just wasn't believable. So only 3 stars for all the loose ends and the incredulous expression that was left on my face when I finished.But I can see a huge well of potential in this author's writing and I'm really looking forward to reading more from her.

  • Mimiorphee
    2019-01-15 10:54

    "There are times I feel I’ve touched his soul, only to find I’ve not even breached his skin."Every time I start a new Keri Lake book, I know I'll be completely transported into the story, and Ripple Effect is no different.This author has a gift for creating a whole new world and atmosphere around her characters. Dark, gritty, angsty, Ripple Effect has a suspensul plot that will suprise more than once . The intrigue is mutlilayered, rich and each detail has its importance , until everything eventually forms an entire huge picture that will let you mesmerized.The story leads you to the underbelly of Chicago, that is run by different organisations, agencies and societies. You'll be taken to strip clubs, churches, old mental facilities, seedy places, you'll meet violent people who will make you cringe.But, most of all, you will experience the raw and beautiful story of two broken souls, whose strength and fierceness, resilience and fight are captivating. Dylan and Ripley are complex characters, conflicted, torn between what they want and what they need to do in order to survive. They are perfectly imperfect, trying to make the right choices, to navigate their ways though threats coming from different ways and to figure out what they feel for each other. It's and emotional roller - coaster. He is cold, lethal, calculated, she has nothing to loose, is a real little spitfire. Their dynamic is beautiful, Ripley the killer and Dylan the Bandit send sparks flying.“Scream loud. Scream until your voice gives out. Scream until the whole city can hear you.”“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You’re nothing but a sadist. A torture-loving bastard!”“I haven’t begun to torture you, sweetheart. But after this little stunt, you’re gonna wish you’d have just gotten into that fucking car.”“I hate you. I really truly hate you.”“No you don’t. You wish you hated me. Just like I wish I hated you.”I loved their evolution all along the book, from curiosity to obsession, from hate to an incredible chemistry, from wariness to this perfect ending...I need more, maybe a book featuring Jörgen and Emily? (Well, a girl can dream, right? )I recommend this book to dark reads lovers who need a hot action packed book! Enjoy!!!*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you ! *

  • Mae
    2018-12-29 10:54

    3.5 StarsThis was a good read. It had a well thought out plot, and an awesome hero. I only wished for more insight on the heroine's psyche. She was initially presented as a very analytic person, paying attention to small details and assessing everything and everyone around her. In fact, she was later on mentioned as a savant; yet as the story went on very little was presented of her mental capabilities. Notwithstanding the trauma she endures, what was introduced as a beautiful yet troubled mind suddenly turned into the mind of your average yet troubled young woman, save for the one or two mentions of her being good in math/science.

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-01-10 05:52

    Here's my review of each episode..Episode 1-I've read a few of this authors books and after reading the blurb of this one I didn't hesitate to read it. This is part one of four.What a great start to this story. Dylan and Ripley are two crazy characters. Dylan hasn't had an easy start to life. Just about to turn eighteen she finds herself alone in the world. She seems to keep putting herself into dangerous positions. Ripley is a murderer. He cares for no one and fears no one. I'm really looking forward to reading more of this story.Episode 2-This is episode two of this story. Make sure you read episode one first as the story continues in this episode.Ripley and Dylan's story continues. We read more of their past. My heart broke for Dylan. She's so young yet been through so much. Love these two and looking forward to reading more about them. I'm loving reading these stories but I'm so impatient my inner self is regretting not waiting until the whole story is out before I read it as it's such a great story I keep wanting more. Thankfully the author isn't making us wait too long so if you like your books darker then get 1-clicking.Episode 3-This is episode 3 of this series. Make sure you read the previous episodes before you read this story. It's real hard to write a review as this is part of a series and I don't wanna spoil it for anyone. It's also a quick read. I will say I really enjoyed this read and am looking forward to jumping into episode four.Episode 4-Yay I totally loved this story. It's released in four episodes so make sure you read them all in order.Ripley and Dylan. Wow two fantastic main characters. All the way through I was so rooting for these two. In this episode all the questions running through my head are answered and it's all made clear. I thought this was more angsty but maybe that's because I was really hoping these two were going to have a happy ever after. If your looking for a dark read then I can now recommend this as all four episodes have been released. My warped head and heart loved it.This is an amazing read. I loved it. Totally recommend this read.

  • Leigh
    2018-12-19 06:08

    4.5 stars I'm going to keep this short since this is a reread for me and I already reviewed each episode. I loved this book. Ripley is absolutely delicious and Dylan is awesome. Their chemistry is super hot and they are perfect together. I loved how even though Dylan is young she is very mature and strong. Ripley is a killer but Dylan changes him slowly as the story progresses. He's still a killer but his feelings for Dylan slowly start to go from obsession to love. This is definitely a book I would recommend.

  • Analia Almonte
    2018-12-30 13:58

    MILLIONS BUTTERFLIES 🦋 STARS ⭐️ This is the review for the box set separate one by one. Definitely recommend this read to everyone! Because you will be come addicted. Keri has become my favorite person ever. Episode I Swooning!!!!! I definitely not well on the head to be able to love these anti-heroes so much like I do every time Keri writes one. I'm bad but I don't care at all once again she don't disappoint me and I think neither of you will be. The story is intense, dark, and fast pace that keep me hooked from the first line and needing for more. Dylan and Rip am dying to know moreeeeee,so be prepared to this because I know is gonna be AMAZING!!!!!Episode II OMG RIPPLE!!!!! CAN I BE YOUR BUTTERFLY PLEASE Every episode is more and more enlightening by the author knows how to keep you hooked in the dark mind of a super hot and sexy psychopath. Because every episode we learn more about Rip and let me tell you every line I like it more and more. I know I'm bad in the head but who's going to tell me is wrong nobody. Dylan oh Dylan you are a spitfire and one of my favorites heroines ever. This story is darker and raw but is captivating to the point of devour it. Rambling much, once again can't wait for know how this story will end, soooooo I will patiently wait!!!!Episode IIIThis is the third episode of the series an is about to get more dirty, more angst and I freaking loved it. Every part of this story from the beginning till the end is perfect. Is dark, twisted, hot and sexy as F**k. Keri Lake knows how to keep you there and feeling that you are there too. I found it amazing, and super super addictive. The characters, RIP AND DYLAN what a couple, Dylan is my favorite heroine ever because she is a CHAMPION!!! And RIP OHHHHH RIP YOU GOT ME MAN!! The connections with the characters is beyond expected, and I cannot wait for read more about them! So definitely recommend this to everyone!!! Episode IV AMAZING!Brilliant, dark, intense and super addictive!!This is the final episode of one of the best dark series ever. Dylan and Ripley's relationship is dark, extremely hot and beyond obsessive and I love every single part of it. This story was told in dual POV and had everything; angst, darkness, love, but must of all had power in every part ! Definitely recommend this read to everyone! Because you will be come addicted. Keri has become my favorite person ever. Congrats on this amazing story and keep keep bringing another ones. Hands down!!!

  • Diane
    2019-01-17 11:47

    Episode 1And just how does the little butterfly escape the spider's web?This story is going to be a dark masterpiece, and episode 1 sucks you in for the twisted and gruesome ride. A psychopath for hire and a street smart, not so innocent, young runaway's lives collide...this can't possibly end well. But, there's more going on here than meets the fairly vibrates off the page. Episode 1 ends with a gasp, anxiously awaiting what comes next..Episode 2Is that a crack in the hard outer shell of our inhumane killer?Is there some humanity left in there after all?Rip and Dylan have entered into an agreement, for money of course, but there's no trust, they're circling, waiting for the other to strike and Dylan fails every test Rip sets to tempt her.What is the Agency?I love the development of these characters, there's so much going on and it feels as though we've only peeled back the first layer of the onion. The pot is starting to bubble, I think things are about to get very interesting.Episode 3The only thing that will satisfy me at this point is Episode 4 !Huge 'ah ha' moment at the close of this episode...some things are coming to light, but there are still so many questions...What do a priest and a hitman have in common?Who is Emily?The Agency....good or bad?Trust...can such a thing even exist in Rip and Dylan's world?This story is beautiful chaos and so appropriately titled...let's see what happens when the water calms.Episode 4I had serious doubts that the incredibly talented Keri Lake could bring all the intersecting plot lines in this dark and twisted series to a satisfying conclusion. At the end of Episode 3 there still seemed to be so many unanswered questions and I'm ashamed to say I doubted her.I was left a bit breathless and a lot speechless with the explosive finale. Rip and Dylan have become 2 halves of a whole and I'm totally in love with them. Survival, revenge and surprises, some I predicted, some I couldn't even imagine. The feels were raw and real, and we were lead right into their dark and desolate places only to feel the euphoria in the unexpected light they were both sure would never exist for either of them.Has Ms Lake left us to draw our own conclusions to some questions, because truth be told I feel like there is more, not that I wasn't happy when I closed the cover on my kindle, but might there be more Rip and Dylan in our future?

  • Kelly Kemmerly
    2018-12-30 06:03

    I was gifted an ARC for an honest review and I have to say I am still in Rip fog!Keri is one talented dame and she has never disappointed me.They say misery loves company…and in Ripple Effect Dylan and Ripley find that their damaged, miserable souls make good company. Dylan learns more about the psychopath who pretends to own her and promises herself she will walk away after two months. What Dylan doesn’t realize is that Ripley lets no one walk away. He is a cold, methodical killer who never leaves a thread of evidence. While Dylan fights her addiction, Ripley forces her to see and feel the pain she buried. Ripley cannot stop thinking about the beautiful, caramel skinned angel in his home. The one woman he doesn’t want to need. He can’t have a weakness, not ever again. It is too dangerous. Ripley can sense the danger that encircles the two them. Will their worlds collide leaving them even more scarred than before? Or will they need to save each other as the rest of the world falls away?Ripley and Dylan soon discover that their search to destroy the evil responsible for their nightmare world may be on a collision course with death. As their worlds merge Dylan proves that sex is power and its up to her to use it. Ripley must find a way to keep Dylan safe while suffering at the hands of his maker. Five Ripped STARS…

  • Christina
    2019-01-14 05:55

    *Previously reviewed the individual episodes*All 4 episodes in one book now! I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight after reading this lol You can't be afraid of violence when reading Keri Lake books! :D Dylan and Ripley's story is amazing. Dark and twisty! I couldn't wait for each episode but now you don't have to! I recommend Keri's other books too. Addictive writing!

  • Morgaine659
    2019-01-06 13:56


  • Wit & Wonder Books
    2018-12-25 08:49

    ***ARC provided by the author for an honest review***“Every decision you make affects every moment that follows…it’s like a ripple effect.”Keri Lake delivers a dark, twisted and enchanting novel in Ripple Effect that has you wondering “why am I reading this?” As a fan of the darker corners of the romance genres I will say it’s been awhile since I have read a novel that had my stomach doing summersaults due to the content.  I will preface, this love story is not rainbows and butterflies... it is hardcore, volatile and raw. Keri Lake drops you off in the middle of underground Chicago where the bad guys lurk in the shadows ready and able to attain the innocent as their victims. Innocent, Jaded yet tough as nails Dylan is used to the horrors in her young adult life. She has been sequestered to horrible fathom to make ends meet. Prostitution, drugs and mysterious strangers who lurk. When it becomes too much she flees… who will catch her but a ruthless killer for hire. Ripley “Rip” saves Dylan and propositions her; he obtains all of her and in return she gets security and shelter. The vicious killer has a softer side? Attraction becomes a hot sizzler. There is no grey area with these two-- it’s full out, no bares hold! “A woman like that is dangerous for a man like me, but letting her go is no longer an option?” Keri Lake writes on the darker spectrum of the romance genre. There is no fluff, so be ready for some trigger subjects that might make you uncomfortable. Keri shows you what goes bump in the night and  this book is not for the weak! I don’t know how she had me fall in love with Ripley but she did and that was a huge conquest, since that man was not easy to love! I did enjoy this book. I do love a good intense darker romance every once in awhile; well-written that had me on the edge of my seat practically the whole time. 4 Stars

  • Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)
    2019-01-13 11:05

    "A vicious cycle of escaping to survive and surviving to escape.Because sex is power.And even the hardest shells are made to be cracked."Numbed by addiction her reality blurs between moments of clarity and vague memories of horrors she would rather forget. Dylan is merely existing until an opportunity to escape her torturous reality presents itself. Watching the mysterious stranger she fantasies that he may be her saviour but when things get too close to the bone fate is playing them both with a loaded deck. Ripley is something other...not just a killer, not just a man but something far more. Trained, skilled, lethal he lacks empathy and knows no remorse. Making deal with young woman with the butterfly tattoo he wants to own her, possess her and break her yet maybe she is more than she appears. Dylan is one tough cookie having survived more horrors than most can even imagine yet she flourishes under his touch. Is he her saviour or her downfall?This story is filled with dark themes; rape, addiction, murder and torture. Children groomed for sexual abuse and to become killers. There is no redemption or salvation other than finding acceptance from others that are just as scarred as the reflection in the mirror. The story is a twisty son of bitch with many twists and turns, there's a game in play and not all the players are revealed. It is a dark thrilling read that had my attention and I loved how Dylan played the game. The hunter becomes the prey and even a sheep can be a danger. This book satisfied my love of all things deviously dark. A four and a half star the love for your dog knows no bounds read ;) ~*~ Reviewed on behalf of Obsessed by Books ~*~

  • Christi
    2018-12-25 13:12

    Daaaaaaaaamn. I do believe I found a new (to me) author that will be able to take me to the dark and gritty side of romance. Keri Lake made my twisted little heart happy with Ripple Effect. I will never understand the draw I feel to the hitmen that can do vile things but blink and be the best man for his woman. Have you ever read a book and questioned “Why am I reading this?” but seriously can't wait to turn the page? Ripple Effect was a total binge read for me and I still haven't been able to move on. (seriously...I've re-read 2 fluff romances trying to break the obsession but I will most likely need to read it through a few more times before I can move on.) Keri Lake draws you in with the first page and you can't help but feel for Dylan. The stomach twisting horror that she has endured in her 17 years will make your heart hurt. Prostitution, drugs and death. She is finally pushed too far and she runs, right into the arms a unfeeling, ruthless hitman. Ripley saves Dylan from certain death and then does the unthinkable. He lets her walk. After a second encounter Rip decides he won't let her off easy twice. This is not a sweet romance. This is raw. Gritty. And full of uncomfortable situations. I love an intense, dark romance. I am constantly surprised at the level of twisted that make my mind flip. I would definitely recommend this novel. Ripple Effect: a Novel is a amalgamation of 4 books. I enjoyed reading it all as one. I will be checking out the rest of Ms. Lake's books to see what else I am missing from this fantastic author.

  • Lynette
    2019-01-09 11:49

    Genre: RomanceBook Length: Novel Male Lead: Ripley is a deadly assassin. He’s around 28, has dark hair, scars on his face and body, and is tall, tattooed and very muscular. Female Lead: Dylan is an orphan in foster care and has lived a life no young woman ever should. She’s 18, gorgeous with honey blonde hair. Heat Level: HOTFrequency of Sex (1-5): 4Storyline: A young brutally abused woman running from her past finds solace in the arms of a deadly killer. Angst Level (1-5): 3Standalone/Series/Cliffhanger: StandaloneEpilogue: No, but you can unlock a bonus chapter at the end of the book by going to author’s website.HFN/HEA: (view spoiler)[HFN (hide spoiler)]Other Notables/Triggers: (view spoiler)[Heavy violence and sexual abuse. (hide spoiler)]Would I Recommend? AbsolutelyMy Review: Wow! Ripple Effect is a whirlwind ride full of violence, abuse, danger, intrigue and most of all…redeeming love. Ripley and Dylan are amazing together, he’s dark and dangerous and she’s just crazy enough to walk on the edge with him. They fight, obsess and protect each other fiercely and I love that Dylan doesn’t give up no matter how bad things get and Ripley fights just as hard to keep her safe. Keri Lake’s writing style does it for me every time. Highly enjoyed this book!

  • Gemma Pritchard
    2019-01-17 14:08

    Reviewed on behalf of amo and Sarah's book corner.Oh wow where do I start with this book it's amazingly sexy filthy and damn right twisted and I loved every word of it.It's the first book by Keri Lake I've read and I have to say just from reading this book this author knows how to write a cracking female lead and a hot sexy bad ass guy.Dylan is 17 years old living with her auntie and uncle after her mom died of an overdose. She doesn't have the best of upbringing so counting down the days till she is 18 so she can run away with her foster sister she finds herself on the run early when her uncle attacks her.Ripley is a trained killer and a good one at that he is definitely someone you don't want to cross so when Dylan is thrust together with Ripley he saves her when she is about to be killed. Ripley wants to save Dylan so her gives them two months together he puts a roof over her head food to eat ect in exchange Ripley gets Dylan and I mean all of Dylan. The story is hot dark and I mean dark but I'm a twisted son of gun so I love books like this the more they push the boundaries the better for me. Ripley is sex on legs and Dylan is a strong female lead character. Keri Lake is a genius and I will definitely be reading more of her books that's for sure.

  • Sonal
    2018-12-26 07:07

    I don't think I am okay after having read this book!!!I thought I had read everything until Keri Lake came with her genius devil mind and wrote this book. I mean I am so in awe of her right how that I am a little bit scared of what she is capable.This book is dark and by that I mean D.A.R.K. It is raw and brutal. It will make you cringe and question every thing you've ever known. It pulls you right in and grabs onto you. I forgot everything except this story because really none of it mattered. Ripley is not a hero. I think he even surpassed the antihero because he is such a contradiction that there is no proper word to describe him. He is cold yet he feels every emotion for Dylan. He is ruthless yet incredibly sweet (IN HIS OWN WAY) for Dylan. He was so messed up and I absolutely LOVED him for this.Dylan, oh my sweet summer child!! If any person could go what she went through and still remain sane then they are badasses who are meant to rule the mortal World. I admire her strength and even the vulnerability that just lay beneath the surface. One of the bravest character I've ever read.I know I'm being vague but the less you know the better this story is. (Even though it comes with minor heart attacks)

  • Nikki MalanHot Books & Sassy Girls Book Blog
    2018-12-19 14:11

    Ripple effect: A Novel by Keri LakeAre you looking for something dark and suspenseful with a twist of angst. Look no further. I was blown away by this book. Ms Lake has created a plot with so many twists and turns you feel like you have been hit by a tsunami. Every detail she gives you is important and forms part of a bigger picture. Ripple is a contract killer working for an underground organization. Ripple is not a good man, he is calculated, cold and lethal. He is the grim reaper and when you take your last breath you wish for anything but Ripple. Dylan is a character that has so much sass that you will admire her for being the spitfire that she is. When these two characters meet the attraction is instant. Trust is something neither of them is familiar with. Over time they build an imperfect relationship that will pull at your heart strings. This book is not for the faint at heart. It deals with some horrific subject matter and the scenes are vivid. However, it does have a HEA. If you like Pepper Winters and Skye Warren then you will love this author. Ms Lake has a very dark and creative mind and I loved every minute of reading this novel.Reviewed for Hot books and Sassy Girls book blog

  • Kristy
    2019-01-12 07:01

    Arc by author in exchange for an honest review Wow! Just wow! I completely loved every part of this novel. I've been in a bit of a book slump and Ripple Effect was just what I needed. I love a good dark read, plus throw in some grit, that raw dark edginess, some major steam and I was one happy gal :)Ripley is the ultimate alpha. He's dark, mysterious, possessive, throw in those obsessive alpha tendencies and he's just YUM! Rip is in the thick of he underworld and has no time for feelings. He's a lean, mean killing machine. This is where Dylan enters. She's had a pretty horrific childhood, and been moved from place to place where she's been violated mentally and physically by almost everyone she's known. Dylan has watched Rip from afar for months but By chance Dylan and Rip cross paths, his connection and chemistry towards her is instant. He's intrigued, and can't seem to shake her from his mind. Although he feels Dylan doesn't fit his world, she's more at home in the underworld than anywhere else. This book is not for the faint of heart but if your a fan of the dark, and appreciate a healthy dose of gore, steam and a truely delicious alpha then you'll want to one click this baby asap! I hope there's more to come in this series, I really enjoyed it.

  • Susan
    2018-12-19 11:03

    Fantastic!!This book is just the way I like my Dark reads. A complete Mind [email protected]@k that's both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. A Dangerous Hitman that take no prisoners a ruthless killer without mercy. Ripley ( Rip ) is all those things but so much more too. I absolutely loved seeing the man beneath the Killer, finding out what made him the way he is. Dylan's life is a mess she's living a nightmare and dreams of escape. When she crosses paths with Rip things get a whole lot more complicated than either of them are prepared for. Their lives will never be the same again. I adored Dylan she's a little fighter through and through she's had to be and I admired her for it. You really need to read this one because these two will just own you. There's isn't a fairy tale story it's brutal, violent, dangerous and full of secrets. But it's still a beautiful story set in amongst all the ugly. It'll leave a lasting effect on you for sure. I'm really hoping a certain guy gets his book because he deserves one. You'll know who I mean when you read it and I'm sure you'll agree.

  • Candy
    2018-12-24 12:53

    Oh My God! That was a fantastic twisted tale. Ripple effect: noun1. a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or eventIn the beginning of this tale you have a young Ripley and a glimpse into the man he will become...a killing machine. Then you have Dylan and what her life is like in the present day...crappy. Dylan's life becomes a chaos of events where she runs with her dog and foster sister. The one night she works the streets turns out bad but she meets the one person she has fantasized a bout Ripley. Witnessing what he has done she doesn't fear him and he lets her go, not what he usually does. Her dog and sister are gone without a trace but she finds out her dog is at animal control but doesn't have the money to get her out. This is where Ripley comes into play again for Dylan but the stakes change this time, deals are made and consequences will come what may. But will everything change for Dylan staying with Ripley or vice versa? Keri you have done an awesome job with this tale. You have the underbelly of crime and secret organizations playing roulette and we get to see if Ripley and Dylan come out of it on top or alive. Your writing flows and the characters point of views let us see what the other doesn't. This is definitely a must read novel. thank you for putting it together in one read. This is a kind of love story but it has very dark moments that may not be one's cup of tea so you have been warned. Keri, I will look forward to reading more from you. **Reviewed for Sweet and Spicy Reads, ARC provided in return for an honest review**