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When a new patron at the library catches Tyler's sights, she doesn't expect the encounter to turn into much. But when she realizes that Josh Dubsky, a PhD student at the local university, is translating a poem from a prior civilization, she's even more intrigued.As Tyler works with Josh to translate the poem and find references for a lost world, she also excavates her ownWhen a new patron at the library catches Tyler's sights, she doesn't expect the encounter to turn into much. But when she realizes that Josh Dubsky, a PhD student at the local university, is translating a poem from a prior civilization, she's even more intrigued.As Tyler works with Josh to translate the poem and find references for a lost world, she also excavates her own history through her grandmother's stories about society, painting with black market materials, and her own synesthesia. As the two start a romance, Tyler finds her world changing even more. When Josh's academic friends, his work schedule, and the weight of history becomes too much, Tyler closes her eyes and imagines a future that she pulls from the dark....

Title : Falling and Feedback
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ISBN : 9781684310968
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 165 Pages
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Falling and Feedback Reviews

  • Krystal
    2019-03-26 14:04

    Despite its short length, this book delivered insight and depth with a gently budding love story in this futuristic world where consent is at the forefront of a developing relationship.

  • Isabella ~Mikku-chan~
    2019-03-20 19:15

    *~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*This book got my attention when I was going through upcoming releases because of the cover. The blurb sounded really good. I have to say the book left me a bit at a loss. Not that it is bad written, that's not the case, it's more the fact that the story is starting in medias res, we don't get any introduction, the bonding to the character is fast and the reader have to pretty soon decide if they like the character or not. I could connect with Tyler and Josh, still they have their secrets. What I really liked about the book - unexpectedly - was the dystopian topic, the setting in which the people seem to live. It's seems to be a kind of post-apocalyptic alternative world were resources like water are a rare thing and every single person has only limited access, regulated really strictly. Although it is a future world a lot of things are still like we know it but the differences are there, however shown in minor details, like the limitation of water or paper.The fact that Josh is a transgender person is what interested me most and what was already mentioned in the blurb. Josh was former a woman and now transitioned to a man, and the topic is pretty openly displayed because of Josh't honesty. I liked Tyler's acceptance. Still I was pretty astonished that the concept of being trans isn't a "matter" for the people in the society which gives a good clue how developed the world actually is. I honestly expected more hesitance but it's pretty soon clear that Tyler don't mind. And that's a really wonderful thing because it give a positive feeling. Something you are sometimes missing in a book about a transgender character.The intercourses between Tyler and Josh are pretty explicit, the act is displayed in the book, people who expect less or aren't fond of Transgender (FTM) / F intercourses maybe shouldn't pick this book. I liked the chemistry between the two different character. Very honest and without reluctance the sex is shown, Tyler is asking questions but isn't noisy in her wish to learn more. And Josh is explaining it to her and the reader as well in a calm and understandable way. Thumbs up for this.The book's major topic is poetry and music, which makes the whole book pretty artistic. With Josh we have a translator who is working on a poem from an extinct group of society and Tyler is saying about herself she is a person who is highly influenced by synesthesia. The whole concept is pretty clear in the book still it demands a lot of thinking for the reader, which is amazing and surprising all in one for a short story like this.Things could have been more elaborated, but the attempt is there, the character are charming and interesting. Therefore 4 out of 5 stars. :) Review originally posted on my blog with added content Mikku-chan / A world full of words

  • Wit & Wonder Books
    2019-04-18 15:12

    ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **A LGBTQIA, futuristic dystopian. These are the words that come to mind when I try to describe Francis Gideon’s Falling and Feedback. It is a completely different read than I am used to. But not because of the characters or their sexuality. This book requires a lot more thinking than is usually required for such a short read.Tyler works at the library that Josh frequents while researching the translation of poem of a lost civilization. The ancient language and Josh’s translation intrigue Tyler. As their interactions develop into a friendship, they become closer and eventually begin a relationship. The mysterious poem and the people that wrote it help to shape their feelings for each other.“All I’m saying is that if we have evolutionary memory, why do we keep screwing up?”“We don’t just screw up. We also rebuild.”“Yes, of course. Technology and progress and all that. It’s a bumper sticker, though. Progress is something to make people feel good for destroying the planet in the first place. What we know is falling and feedback, I think.”While I enjoyed this book, I had a hard time following some of the directions that this book was taking. The story seems to start in the middle, there isn’t really an introduction to the characters. I wanted them and the poem’s role to have been more fleshed out. I needed more of the minor details. Because it was short, it felt like too much was being crammed into the pages, but not enough at the same time. Forty-four pages is not enough time to discuss the societal and sexuality issues that Gideon is trying to bring awareness to. I applaud the effort and would love to see this expanded into a full-length novel with more depth and explanation.  3.5 stars.

  • Lara Kareem
    2019-04-13 15:29

    2.5 Stars I finally took the time to read this book and boy is it ever so short.So this story reads as very fast, we're thrust right into the story, it's a short story nonetheless, but the story is very bland.The writing isn't bad, the writing is good, just there is so much more left unanswered. The cover is far different from what I expected the story to be about. It only touched on the surface of things and didn't give us much insight, because of this I could make not a single connection with the characters at all. It's like the author just wrote out the plot and decided to publish it, without the necessary fillers a story needs to carry weight.There isn't much of a plot twist or conflict, and conflict is important. It gives the story more juice. Anyways, I think there is so much more to be added to this story.

  • Amina
    2019-04-01 17:10

    An honest feeback in exchange of an ARCPlatform: AminaSays - AminaSaysReadsAn itriguing, must-read for everyone who's looking forward to relax on weekend. Releasing soon, this book will hook you with its unique voice and theme. Two people- Tyler and Josh- find love discovering a lost world.The very first chapter will make you loose yourself in its enchanting waves of delight. It has a calming theme and therefore, proves to be a refreshing snack after a hectic week. Though short, it puts forth a deeper meaning on life and science.

  • Ceillie
    2019-04-11 20:02

    This was much more sci-fi than I expected, and I wish that aspect had been fleshed out more, because it would have been a stronger novel. It also could have just been contemporary and been perfect without those aspects.I'm also not sure how I feel about the love interest's reaction to being told the MC is trans.I do love the way the cover was revealed in the book, though.

  • Meg
    2019-04-18 13:02

    Gorgeous. A lush landscape of a changed world with deep mysteries and textures. And how awesome was all of that consent as the romance developed?! I wanted more.

  • Sameena Jehanzeb
    2019-04-18 15:08

    This was a surprising read! I didn't expect a SciFi/post-apocalyptic kind of story, but it made the story even better for me. Falling And Feedback is a very thoughtful, philosophical read with a romance between a transgender man and a woman who works in a library (sort of). I would have loved this story to be longer because there are so many pieces that would profit from more details.There are two sex scenes in this shortstory which felt a bit awkward, but that might be just me. I don't like these scenes to be as graphical as they were depicted in this story. But you should still go on an read Falling And Feedback. It is full of music and a strange beautiful atmosphere.

  • Sofiraindrop
    2019-04-04 14:05

    I received an ARC by***.That doesn't mean it's bad, but for me it was a bit of a wtf blur, except for the post-apocalyptic environment, which I loved.