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Six years ago, the woman Carter Blake loved disappeared and told him not to ever look for her. For six long years, he kept that promise. She was a woman on the run — a woman with a secret many would kill for. It was better that she stay hidden.But now someone else is looking for her. Trenton Gage is a hitman with a talent for finding people — dead or alive. And his next joSix years ago, the woman Carter Blake loved disappeared and told him not to ever look for her. For six long years, he kept that promise. She was a woman on the run — a woman with a secret many would kill for. It was better that she stay hidden.But now someone else is looking for her. Trenton Gage is a hitman with a talent for finding people — dead or alive. And his next job is to track down the woman Carter Blake once loved, a woman on the run. With both men hunting the same person, the question is: Who will find her first? A riveting new thriller from Mason Cross, ideal for readers of David Baldacci, Linwood Barclay, and Mark Billingham. ...

Title : Don't Look For Me
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ISBN : 9781681776286
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 352 Pages
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Don't Look For Me Reviews

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    2019-04-05 00:33

    Carter Blake gets an email from a concerned neighbor of a couple that has gone missing and the cops are not doing a thing to find them since they don't suspect a crime has been committed. In their opinion have they left of their own free will. All that is left is a notebook with an email address to write to in case of emergency. In the email is a photo of the couple that has gone missing and Blake sees that it's Carol, the woman he loved and lost six years ago. The woman that left a note telling him "don't look for me." Something has scared away Carol and her husband and Blake, together with Susan, the neighbor, decides to find out what. Susan and Blake find a clue in the notebook that leads them to a ghost town. But, they are not the only ones looking for Carol and her husband...READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION!

  • Liz Barnsley
    2019-03-25 04:48

    I love a good thriller, me, but they have to be actually thrilling with characters that are more than cardboard cut outs running around with guns and there has to be some heart and soul in there otherwise I get bored and grumpy.Enter, a few years ago now, onto my reading list Mason Cross and the Carter Blake novels. Each one has been a pure joy to read and this one is no different in fact it is probably my favourite so far. The reading adrenalin rush of these knows no bounds and they are fast paced, incredibly addictive, super compelling and definitely chock full of heart and soul.Don’t Look For Me also has a beautifully twisted plot and a little emotional trauma for Carter Blake this time around plus it had Sarah who I really really engaged with (so let’s hope we see her again sometime) – really there was absolutely nothing at all that I did not like about this book. There’s not really a lot else to say, if you like thrillers you’ll love these. Handily enough you can read any one as a standalone – and although I would recommend reading in order for full immersion ( The Killing Season would be where to start) actually Don’t Look For Me would be a great entry point into the series so what the heck, go for your life.A hot book for the hot weather – fantastic. Highly Recommended.

  • Susan
    2019-03-24 07:49

    This is the fourth in the Carter Blake series – following on from The Killing Season, The Samaritan and The Time to Kill. This novel reveals a little more of Blake’s past, as we learn how he informed his girlfriend, Carol Langford, in 2010 (after the murder of Senator John Carlson and his wife, which has been the focus of a previous book) that she had to disappear. Carol walked away from her previous life, leaving only a terse note for Blake – “Don’t Look for Me.”Years have passed and Carter Blake is having something of a rest. However, relaxation is turning to boredom, and so he welcomes an unexpected email from Sarah Blackwell in Nevada. Sarah is concerned, as her neighbour has suddenly vanished. She befriended Rebecca, who lived quietly with husband Dom; even though she found her husband taciturn and unwelcoming. However, the couple suddenly disappear and Sarah sees two men break into their house. It turns out that Rebecca is Carol and, suddenly, a search has become personal for Blake. This series just gets better and better. It is soon apparent that there is another person on Rebecca and Dom’s tail and he does not seem the kind of man who you want to find you… If Carol did not want Blake to find her, then why did she leave behind his email for her neighbour to find and how can Blake do his job with Sarah in tow, when he is used to working alone? Both the addition of Sarah, who is an excellent character, and the personal involvement of Blake in the chase, make this an interesting and exciting addition to the series. I look forward to reading more thrillers featuring Carter Blake and must thank the publisher, and NetGalley, for a review copy of this book.

  • Dave
    2019-04-15 06:28

    Don’t Look For Me is a thrilling ride through the desert involving a couple on the run, someone chasing them, and someone else good at finding people. After reading a few of these thrillers, you begin to wonder just how many people out there are on the run and hiding under mysterious aliases.It’s one of those books easy to dive into and hard to put down. Basically, it’s a good story told by a good storyteller. Although it’s the fourth book in the series, I found it was just fine to dive right in and reading the first three books was not a prerequisite. Many thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

  • Ed
    2019-03-28 01:36

    Carter Blake is a retired Spec Ops guy who specializes in finding people who don't want to be found. He is contacted by a woman in Las Vegas who found his phone number in her friend's home after she unceremoniously disappeared with her mysterious husband. Blake recognizes her from the picture and quickly heads to Vegas for an intricately plotted and executed investigation that leads to a small desert town in Arizona. Check out Carter Blake if you have not done so already. He's an original!

  • Pat
    2019-04-24 00:50

    I'll give it 3.5 stars. This was a slight change of direction for our protagonist Carter Blake (formerly a Winterlong operative and latterly a finder of missing people).He's having a prolonged sabbatical on a beach somewhere when he gets a surprising email. An unknown woman called Sarah contacts him expressing concern over her neighbors who disappeared suddenly in the dead of night a few weeks ago. Just a couple of nights ago three men with guns searched the house. Sarah, now an author but formerly a crime desk journalist, smells a rat and sneaks into the house the next day. She finds a notebook everyone else has overlooked. It's full of doodles and meaningless phrases but right at the end is a drawing of one of those signs that says "in case of emergency, break glass" and beneath that is an email address. Carter Blake's email address. Which is how he gets his sabbatical interrupted. Ah what the hell, he was getting bored anyway and that email was a very private one he'd given to an old lover six years ago. An old lover who had asked him not to look for her.So off he goes to hook up with Sarah. They follow a trail of breadcrumbs and come up with a great big loaf. Rebecca/Linda appears to be in some trouble. An assassin seems to be on the trail of her and her husband. The police get involved and the action gets fast and furious as everyone is chasing the proceeds of a heist from years ago that never turned up.Very entertaining but not Mason Cross's best work. I think I liked Carter Blake better when he was simply looking for missing people. Still, since his break is over I'm sure he'll get back to his regular job in the next book.

  • Keith Nixon
    2019-03-28 06:20

    New York, 2010. Carol Langford receives a phone call. The line is terrible. Carter Blake, 7,000 miles away and injured, tells Carol these four fateful words: "You have to disappear."Under Blake's instructions Carol heads to his apartment where she watches the news story unfold on the television. It's the assassination of her boss, a US senator. Four days for Carol to decide what to do next. Finally, her mind made up, she writes Blake a letter, also with four words in it. "Don't look for me." Then she leaves and never comes back.Six years pass and now Carter Blake is taking a holiday on the Louisiana Gold Coast after the bloody conclusion of his previous adventure. His ex-employer, Winterlong, came after Blake. In the process Blake's friend and business partner was killed. Since then Blake, a man hunter now by trade, has been figuring out what to do with himself.In Summerlin, Nevada, a couple move in next door to full-time author and ex-reporter Sarah Blackwell. The pair, Rebecca and Dominic Freel, don't keep normal hours, coming and going separately and at unusual times. Sarah is intrigued. After an argument Rebecca comes around to apologise and, over a few weeks, the two become friends. However, one day the Freels just up and disappear. Sarah is worried for her friend, even more so when, in the dead of night, some men enter the empty house and search it, leaving soon after with a laptop.In Las Vegas three men hire Trenton Gage, a former Mountie from Canada, to find Dominic Freel. He has something the men want, something valuable. Gage, a brutal killer, starts at the Freels' house in Summerlin.The next day, Sarah does the same and she finds a notebook which appears to have been dropped. Inside there are drawings, notes and the signatures of various women. There's also an email address. Sarah sends a note to the address, including her phone number. It reaches Carter Blake and within an hour he's on his way to Nevada. It looks like Blake's past is about to catch up with him...This is the fourth Carter Blake novel and follows on soon after the events in The Time To Kill (published in the US as Winterlong). It's a fast-paced, page-turning, consumate thriller in which we learn much more about the mysterious Blake.Besides the relentless action the key element of Don't Look For Me is the characters. We experience the world through Carter Blake's senses in the first person, but Gage and Rebecca's stories are told third person. What's so interesting and well done is seeing the story unfold through these three characters. Blake is secretive and keeps much from us, while ex-reporter Rebecca uses her investigative skills and we can follow her process. Side-by-side we get two views of the same scenes and two very different perspectives. And then another from the ruthless Gage, a man who at one time was on the right side of the law, until his methods crossed a line. Despite his brutal side there are shades of humanity in him, and he has a son and ex-partner he'd like to be with... if only he had the money.Through the process of tracking down the Freels and then learning what they have that's so valuable, Blake finally comes into contact with Carol. This leads us to another neat trick of the author's, because Carol isn't the person Blake knew, she's changed dramatically. But then so has Blake. Gage too isn't your average killer. He's tough and selfish, but he's more than that. Then there's Rebecca, she's believable too. Her past training and instincts help the narrative along.Another gripping release from Mason Cross in what was already an excellent series.Originally reviewed for Crime fiction Lover.

  • Liz Mistry
    2019-04-05 04:34

    From the minute I read Mason Cross' first Carter Blake book, The Killing Season, I knew I was going to be in for the long haul. Now, with the fourth in the series, Don't Look For Me, read and placed neatly by the bed I feel quite bereft. What really piqued my interest with Don't Look For Me is that we get to find out more about the mysterious Carol who has popped up more than once in previous books ... well that and the breakneck speed of the plot and the way Cross takes us to nooks and crannies of the states we don't normally see. Then, of course there's the fact that Don't Look For Me isn't only a fast paced thriller ... it's also a mystery or puzzle , and I just love puzzles. There's lots of why's and what if's and slotting clues together ... all the hallmarks of a good murder mystery ... albeit one on speed!In a small suburb of LA, Sarah makes friends with her neighbour, Rebecca. When Rebecca and her husband disappear Sarah is convinced there's something strange about it. This feeling is intensified when some armed strangers break into their house in the middle of the night. Curious, ex- journalist Sarah, fobbed off by the police, sneaks into the house and finds a mysterious journal containing sketches and an email address ...Blake, having taken a long sabbatical on the coast of Mexico, is getting antsy when he receives a mysterious message via a very old email address. The contents of the email compel him to re-visit his past and he sets off to help Sarah find her friend.And, have I mentioned the 'baddie'?... no?... well Trenton Gage is fantastic. Threatening, huge, immoral and really, really scary ... oh and I nearly forgot he's got an Achilles heel of his own!From the title to the very last page, Don't Look For Me is chock -full of suspense and has all the ingredients to keep you hooked. Carter Blake is as enigmatic a character now as he was in book one. The intensity of the plot drives you forward at breathtaking speed, so hold onto your breeches. The action scenes are as convincing and well described as any of Simon Kernick's. Cross skillfully manages to imbue Blake with just enough emotion to keep us invested in his character without detracting form the action. I find Blake totally intriguing. His moral code, his skill set, his emotion to keep us invested in his character without detracting form the action. I find Blake totally intriguing. His moral code, his skill set, his understated humour and his solidity combined with his inability to share and his enforced secrets, make him deliciously appealing.In a recent creative writing workshop I delivered I used the prologue to Don't Look for Me as an example of suspense ... I could have used almost any chapter from the book with the same effect. This series is still one of my favourites. If you want to find out more about the enigmatic Carter Blake look out for my Detectives In The Dock series in a few days time where the man himself will reveal some of his many secrets!

  • Kevin
    2019-04-14 04:44

    While DON'T LOOK FOR ME is the fourth book in Mason Cross's high-octane thriller series featuring former black-ops manhunter Carter Blake, it's the perfect point to start for those who haven't read the earlier novels. This volume answers a lot of questions about Blake's history and, unlike the previous mysteries, this new case involves him personally. In 2010, Blake tells his partner Carol Langford to disappear for her own safety after the assassination of her boss, a U.S. senator. She leaves him a note: "Don't look for me." Six years later, former news reporter Sarah Blackwell is intrigued by her new neighbors, Rebecca and Dominic Freel. She slowly befriends Rebecca, but before she can figure them out, they suddenly vanish. After witnessing some men sneaking into the Freels' home and leaving with a laptop, Blackwell investigates and finds a notebook containing Carter Blake's e-mail address. When she contacts him, he agrees to help. A few cities away, three men hire trained killer Trenton Gage to track down Dominic Freel, who has something they want. Who will find the Freels first?Cross ratchets up the tension with brief chapters and shifting POVs. Blake narrates his portions; the actions of Blackwell and Gage are in third-person. While Blake withholds information, readers can enjoy sorting through clues with Blackwell as she pieces things together. All three characters are smart and pleasingly complicated. DON'T LOOK FOR ME is enjoyable and action-packed, with violent twists and clever plotting.

  • Natalie Sutherland
    2019-04-16 04:46

    Got so immersed in this, I forgot who it was I was reading (sorry Gav) ;) Fans of Lee Child would love this one!

  • Gordon Mcghie
    2019-03-26 07:36

    Last year I broke one of my self-imposed reading rules when I read a book called Winterlong. The "rule" I broke was that I should not begin reading a new series unless I start at Book One of that new series. Winterlong subsequently renamed to The Time To Kill and it was the third novel in the Carter Blake series.I regret nothing as it was brilliant.This week Carter Blake book 4: Don't Look For Me, is released in paperback and is currently hitting bookshelves up and down the land. If you like an action packed adventure thriller then Don't Look For Me should be an essential purchase.Following events outlined in the previous books (all handily explained by the author without need to have read the earlier books) we know that 6 years ago Carter Blake had to quickly slip away from the life he had built for himself. He told the woman he loved that she too also had to vanish - her parting shot "Don't Look For Me".Blake has honoured that request but it seems he may not be permitted to continue to do so. In a quiet residential suburb of Nevada a young couple have mysteriously disappeared from their home. A concerned neighbour has found Blake's email address which was hidden in the home owned by the missing couple and, as a last resort, emailed Blake.When his past comes calling out of the blue Blake will need to break the promise he made and find the woman he loved. However, he is not the only person searching for the missing couple and soon he will become caught up in a dangerous race against time.As I mentioned, Don't Look For Me is a cracking adventure thriller. The action zips along and I found it incredibly easy to slip into the story and lose myself for an hour or so - only surfacing by necessity as I'd rather have kept reading.Five star thrills - grab this when you see it.

  • Craig Sisterson
    2019-04-04 02:20

    If you like page-whirring thrillers with an enigmatic, action-oriented central character (ala the exciting series from Lee Child, Zoe Sharp, Simon Kernick, or Ben Sanders), then you definitely want to give the Carter Black tales from Mason Cross a go.Although Cross is Scottish, he sets his Carter Blake books in the United States. Don't Look For Me, the fourth in a burgeoning and very good series, is largely set around Las Vegas and the American southwest. Having finally shrugged off much of the lethal shadow cast by his former association with the secretive 'Winterlong' organisation, Blake is enjoying something of a sabbatical, when his past unexpectedly comes calling. He receives a message to one of his old email addresses, an address he'd only given to a woman who meant a lot to him, but had disappeared from his life years before. 'Don't Look For Me' was the note that Carol Langford left Blake (who she knew by another name, and whose actions had put her in grave danger), several years ago. And Blake, despite his talents for finding those who don't want to be found, had respected Carol's wishes ever since. Until now.But the email isn't from Carol. Instead, it's journalist turned crime writer Sarah Blackwell who's reached out to Blake, having found his email in a notebook left behind by her neighbour Rebecca, who vanished one night along with her husband Dom, after an altercation at a neighbourhood party. Sarah is worried about her newfound friend, and once he learns more, so is Blake. Why have Rebecca and Dom vanished? What has been happening in the years since Blake gave his email address to Carol, and she disappeared without a trace? Cross delivers an action-packed ripsnorter of a thriller, where Blake finds himself up against some talented and well-financed adversaries. Plenty of suspense, violent action, tension, and twists blend into a propulsive narrative. This is a one-sitting read that keeps the adrenalin high, while still delivering some nice shading with character and setting, elevating it above plot-based potboilers. I tore through this in a few hours, and immediately wanted to read more Carter Blake.

  • Melanie Hodges
    2019-04-15 01:39

    Carter Blake is back in his latest adventure, lounging about, taking it nice and easy in a friend's villa, spending his days on the beach. Having taken a year out after the turmoil in A Time To Kill, he's enjoying taking it easy, although starting to get a little bored and considering his options. He suddenly receives an email which changes everything, knowing that a woman he once loved is in danger. Don't Look For Me! These are the last words left for him on a note left by Carol. For 6 years, he has kept away, following her wishes. But all this changes when he received the email from a friend of Carol's. Trenton Gage is a hitman on a mission. He is looking for the same woman. The question is, who will find her first? This is a fast paced, thrilling book, with plenty to keep the reader interested. I found myself really invested in the characters, as I have in Mason's other books. Although a relatively new author, his way of writing is as polished as others, such as Lee Child. Although this is the 4th novel in the series, it could also be read as a stand alone. However, I highly recommend you read the other books as they are excellent. This couldn't be given anything less than 5 stars. An absolute must read! Roll on the next book....

  • Steve
    2019-04-20 01:42

    Make no mistake, I am a huge Mason Cross fan. Every novel he writes is exciting and involving. Don’t Look For me is no exception. This time out, Carter Blake, formerly of the shadow laced government-sponsored agency, Winterlong, receives an email, asking him to find somebody he knew six years ago. With very little to go on, we accompany Carter as he crosses America, looking for his target. During this great novel, Carter meets and battles a hit-man type, dirty cops, and a do-gooder who does not know what she is in for. Is the person Carter is looking for a criminal or just somebody who has reasons of their own to disappear? And why are so many people interested in finding the missing person?All of that and much more await the reader of this wonderful suspense novel written by Mason Cross. If you are smart you will read Don’t Look For Me, and then buy the first three entries in this well – written and engrossing thriller series.

  • Maggies Daisy
    2019-04-01 06:46

    Mason Cross delivers another exhilarating thriller in his fourth novel in the Carter Black series. Carter is contacted via email by Sarah, a former news reporter who befriends a neighbor who leaves unexpectantly without warning under extenuating circumstances that draw both Sarah and Carter on a hunt to locate her before the bad guys do. Could this woman be someone from Carter's past that does not wish to be found? What is she hiding and who is out to kill her at all cost? The characters are easy to relate to, and the story was both believable and engaging.

  • Trevor
    2019-03-24 00:44

    Cater Blake returns and this time he needs to find a friend from his past, who he promised himself he would not look for. Slightly different dynamic in this fourth book in the series, as this time it is a personal case that has Blake on the hunt. Will he get the happy reunion he wants or should he have stayed away!! A good book that moves at a nice pace, told from three points of view and shows a little bit more of Blake's past.

  • Colette Lamberth
    2019-04-17 03:20

    I just love the Carter Blake series! Like the previous books I found this to be a real page turner and I finished it in about a day. There's a part of me wishes I could have taken longer to read it and enjoy the characters for longer but the writing seems to propel you through it. The good news is that the author assures us he is already writing book 5.

  • Martha Brindley
    2019-04-18 06:28

    The fourth book in the Carter Blake series and it was excellent. Fans of lee Child will enjoy this series. I loved the strong female characters in this book, gutsy and intelligent. I would recommend reading the books in order but this is a stand alone with enough background information to bring the reader up to date. An excellent thriller series.

  • A.B. Gayle
    2019-03-28 03:33

    A Good Wrap upNot as gripping as books 1 and 3 but better than book 2. We never really get into Carter Blake's head in this instalment. Instead the most interesting character is ex-reporter, Sarah. However, at the end, she just drifts out of the picture.

  • Maggie Kiely
    2019-03-25 04:28

    This is the fourth book from Mason Cross's Carter Blake's series. Blake has a skill for finding people. While in a relationship with Carole she told him Dont look for me and disappeared. However Blake is now seeking Carole again. The story was interesting and gripping. Would recommend.

  • Loy
    2019-04-23 04:36

    Good installment of the Carter Blake seriesThis one was a little different. But very good

  • Derek Slattery
    2019-04-11 23:30

    A good read

  • Jo
    2019-04-08 23:27

    Carter Blake returns and this time he's on the trail of his ex-girlfriend. Another thrilling adventure with some great twists and turns.

  • Joanne
    2019-04-08 05:41

    I do like Carter Blake 😀

  • Tim
    2019-03-31 04:30

    The Carter Blake novels are getting better and better. I absolutely love this series. 10/10.

  • Ewan
    2019-04-03 05:31

    I've enjoyed all the Carter Blake books, solid, entertaining thrillers. It's always nice when the author comes from the same neck of the woods as me too.

  • Juliet Farmer
    2019-04-02 05:50

    2.5 maybe i should have started with the first in the series, because i DNF'd at 60%

    2019-04-02 07:28

    Another riveting book from Mason Cross, featuring Carter Blake. A good balance of violence and detective work, leading to an interesting conclusion.

  • Robert Scragg
    2019-04-24 00:32

    Carter Blake can find almost anyone. But when he's explicitly told "Don't look for me" by someone he cares about, it's a promise he tries his best to keep. When that person goes missing though, Blake isn't the only person looking for her, and he finds himself pushed to his limits to outwit a hitman intent on killing her for the secrets she knows.Big fan of the Carter Blake series. He's a complicated chap, and so much more than your average tough guy running round shooting people. This instalment gives us a bit more background on his past, and his relationship with Carol Langford, and continues to add depth to his character. Really well paced page turner, that keeps Mason Cross well and truly on my list of authors who automatically make my TBR pile.