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What do you do when you have to break someone's heart in order to guard your own? Josh's heart is doing whiskey shots and saying, yeah buddy, good luck with that...One look. That's all it takes for successful Chicago editor Carly Edwards to realize that Josh Kendall can still lasso her heart and wrap it around his little finger. Now she's back on his Montana ranch for a weWhat do you do when you have to break someone's heart in order to guard your own? Josh's heart is doing whiskey shots and saying, yeah buddy, good luck with that...One look. That's all it takes for successful Chicago editor Carly Edwards to realize that Josh Kendall can still lasso her heart and wrap it around his little finger. Now she's back on his Montana ranch for a weekend celebration and it's clear that her sexy cowboy still sees her as the vulnerable, shy bookworm he used to ride horses with as kids. And Carly is completely okay with that. Sort of. Okay, not at all but what's a girl to do?Josh thought he was ready to see Carly again after so many years but nothing prepared him for the grown up beauty standing on his front porch. No worries. He's got this. After all, he knows the best way to avoid loss is to refuse to have anything worth losing, especially Carly. So Josh decides to play it safe and shut her out. When it comes to Carly, however, his mind and his heart just can't agree. They never could....

Title : Blaque Beauty and the Rancher
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Blaque Beauty and the Rancher Reviews

  • Laurette Long
    2019-03-16 04:04

    This is the kind of book you slip into like a blissful warm bath in a room full of scented candles. The writing seems effortless, (a sure sign the author worked her socks off), the dialogue is spot on, the love story, with its skilfully interwoven flashbacks to the heartbreak of the past, unreels with the right amount of build-up and tension to keep the reader guessing. Although a novella, the two main protagonists, Carly and Josh, are deftly and sympathetically drawn, with the right blend of humour and poignancy, instantly recognisable, instantly likeable, another difficult feat to accomplish in a short novel.Their story comes to its dramatic climax over the space of a long weekend when Carly returns to the scene of her childhood, Montana, to celebrate the 95th birthday of Oma, grandmother of Josh and his sister Ruthie, one of Carly’s closest friends. Here, old and new mingle with irresistible charm. I was transported thousands of miles to the wide open spaces of the American Midwest where thoroughly modern girly outings – dressing up to go to cocktail bars and foot spas - are set against more traditional events - fishing expeditions, barbecues at the ranch on warm July nights, dances in the barn where the men wear white-on-white Stetsons and the women fancy-stitched boots. Against this backdrop Josh and Carly wrestle with the eternal dilemma of ‘the heart has its reasons’, pulled in one direction by their tumultuous feelings and another by the dictates of painful common sense. The big birthday party finally gets under way. The band strikes up the Tennessee Waltz, Josh leads his grandmother on to the floor, and the emotion surges. Carly, watching her man, is overwhelmed, ‘surrounded by too many beautiful moments at once, too many people who were beautiful to her… her heart was saturated.’ And so will yours be, dear reader, so will yours!A five-star Sweet Romantic Read…

  • Carole P. Roman
    2019-03-09 06:56

    A heart can recognize true love well before the brain realizes its truth. Sometimes love hurts, and sometimes it hurts to love too much. Carly Edwards and Josh Kendal have a relationship based first in friendship and forged by tragedy. When life and circumstances get in the way, it seems everybody but the two of them know they were meant for each other. It takes a family celebration to make them examine their feelings, ripping old wounds and causing both Carly and Josh to rethink the trajectory of life and what it would be like without being together. Sweet and sassy, Erin Lee Daniels hits all the right notes making BB and the R, a charming romance that will leave a reader both entertained and satisfied.

  • Jessica
    2019-03-24 01:02

    4.5 starsIf you’re looking for a traditional romance, this isn’t it. The plot does revolve around a romantic relationship between the two main characters, but it’s so much more than that. Well written and slow-burning, the author gives us a story that goes beyond being the telling of love affair. Josh Kendall is a handsome, hard working, kind-hearted rancher, and Carly is a smart, successful, career woman. I couldn’t help but like them both because they felt like real people. Just like real people, they have problems. One central, life-altering issue happens when Josh and Carly are teenagers, and its effect is so profound that it reverberates throughout the entire story. The way in which they deal with this issue impacts their development as characters as well as shapes their friendship and romantic relationship. Surrounding Josh and Carly is a cast of supporting characters, each individuals in their own right, providing comic-relief and fleshing out the story fantastically. As another reader has pointed out, there were moments where the reader was forced to stay in Carly or Josh’s head too long, being subjected to more inner conflict than necessary. Times like these, I struggled to stay focused on the story, as I wished they’d stop mulling over everything and get on with it. Griping about these few instances is being nitpicky, as the novella was largely enjoyable, and the inner conflict was a vital plot device.This is a worthwhile and quick read, especially if you’re craving something deeper than the traditional romance. Within this novella’s pages, the author dares to defy the usual genre standards. In doing this, she’s crafted something that feels infinitely more real, more touching, and more human.

  • Judy Moore
    2019-03-06 02:56

    Blaque Beauty and the Rancher is one of those books where the characters are so well developed and so likable, that you don't want the story to end because you feel like they've become old friends. Great dialog and a wonderful setting make this story sing. This is a sweet story about two childhood friends from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds who form an unbreakable bond, overcome trauma together, and then meet again as adults. You'll love this book!

  • J. Saman
    2019-03-25 03:53

    After completing this story, I found I needed a day to really think about it. To remember all the feels that made this book so incredible. I absolutely loved the first book, but this book completely stole my heart. Carly and Josh's story was just beautiful, raw and real. The characters were well fleshed out and even the side characters felt true and important and whole. Erin Lee Daniels told this story in such a way that you feel all the fells. That you experience all the ups and downs with each of these characters. The heartbreaks were tragic. The love was magical. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about this book. Josh might be my favorite book boyfriend ever! Carly was everything I love in a female H. Smart and strong and witty and determined and brave. Just perfect! Pick up either of the two books in this series you will not be sorry!!

  • Tassa DeSalada
    2019-02-23 04:47

    Two childhood friends realize their bonds are stronger than time. They really are meant for each other. Josh Kendall is a hot hot hot rancher. Carly is the smart professional woman. It looks like opposites attract, and not only do they stay together, but they're also soulmates. Everything about this book is fantastic. The story line, the characters, the drama, the romance, the dialogue. It brings out the hopeless romantic in me. Just keep reading the story. It's sure to entertain. This is my second Erin Lee Daniels book, and I highly recommend both books. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Siobhan
    2019-03-21 05:03

    Blaque Beauty and the Rancher is the second novella in the Blaque Beauty Collection; however, it is a standalone read. Having now read Blaque Beauty and the Rancher I am super interested to go and read Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire. Erin Lee Daniels really pulled me in with this one, and with billionaires being a particular weakness of mine, I’m positive that I will love the first book in this collection.I’ll be honest by saying I was somewhat tentative at first. The story interested me from the get go, but for the first couple of chapters I wasn’t as pulled into the story as I would have liked to have been. I think this is because it took me a while to wrap my head around the characters and events, then how everything was connected. As soon as things clicked into place however, as soon as I knew what was what, I fell deep into the story.It’s very much one of those stories you need to complete in a single sitting. It has all the necessary drama and intense moments to keep you engaged, it will leave you experiencing a whole range of emotions from heartbreak to joy, and throughout you will be thoroughly addicted. You’re pulled into a wonderfully sweet story, with a constant fear of whether or not the characters will get the happily ever after you wish for them. Everything about the story – the lives of the main characters, the interactions of the side characters, and the overall plot – pulls you in, refusing to let go until you know how it ends.Without a doubt, I’m interested to see what else Erin Lee Daniels gives us – I’m positive all will be as wonderful as this one.

  • Rosie J.
    2019-03-06 01:45

    3.5 StarsJosh and Charlotte frustrated me with their constant inner dialogue (it went on way too long) about each other and their respective feelings on going from friends to lovers. Super, super slow burn -- their first kiss doesn't take place until (view spoiler)[79 percent (hide spoiler)]. Much too long for my own personal preference. And, there are too many (there are more) characters (below is a sampling) to keep track of in the story. Besides Ruthie, Tub, Resting Elk, Dana, Dill, Amanda, Pitch, Duck, Randi, Maggie, Steve, and Stephanie, there were a dozen or so other younger cousins or friends gathered around.I enjoy this author's writing style and you can feel (the l♥ve) that these characters have for one another. Ruthie's (Josh's sister) love for Charlotte and Charlotte's love for her best friend Ruthie shines through; so much so that I missed (having a full circle moment) hearing from Ruthie at the very end of the story.

  • Cecily Wolfe
    2019-03-08 04:07

    This is one of those storylines that has been played out a lot - and not always well. Daniels not only does it well, she does it with an emotional intensity and believable characters that create a compelling story that it is impossible to put down. A very sweet and charming story in a lovely setting that is a wonderful diversion. Definitely reading book one in this series/collection!

  • Lana Campbell
    2019-02-25 01:57

    Best friends become soul mates. Blaque Beauty and the Rancher is a really sweet romance. It takes place on a ranch in Montana when Carly comes back for for a birthday celebration for an elderly friend. She's had a thing for rancher Josh since she was a kid and seeing him again resurrects old feelings. The same goes for Josh, but he's not as forthright with his feelings for Carly as she is for him. Josh has a lot of unresolved feelings over the loss of his mother and Carly leaving Montana shortly after her death some years before. Despite Josh's reservations where Carly is concerned, he's terribly drawn to her. Carly is realizing those old feelings she has for Josh might be love. A lot of angst occurs between them before they figure things out, but as in any good romance love conquers all. I loved the push and pull of this story between Josh and Carly and I really loved the ending. I read Erin's first story Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire and truly enjoyed it, but this story even more. Great job Erin!

  • Carol Devine
    2019-03-05 03:54

    This is a contemporary romance with unexpected depth - I highly recommend it to readers who love angst and deeply emotional stories. In fact, I wish the book was longer. There were lots of interesting side characters. The main characters, Carly and Josh, were well-drawn and refreshingly different in a way that showcased the author’s unique and engaging writing style.Since Carly and Josh have known each other for most of their lives, they reminisced often with their friends, which slowed the pace in the beginning. Once the narrative caught up to present day, I started turning pages faster and faster. The characters became real to me, and so did their love in all its painful and endearing ways. There was great wisdom in this story, which sprang from the main characters insights about one another as their love matured - in the very realistic ups and downs that happen when a relationship grows from childhood pals to adults with mature problems to overcome.

  • Harini
    2019-03-19 05:50

    OHH MY LOVEE JOSH'S COUNTRY ACCENT.So... I loved this book, like this was perfect(I mean duh it's true love).The writing was marvellous, the pace was pretty good, The plot was sooooooo good. And everything about it screamed awesome except this little problem I had right at the start, The time was a bit confusing like they were young people and suddenly they were children, and I was a little bit like "whut is going on?" But then I understood it and the book started becoming awesome again.Overall amazing book, All those hopeless romantics out there, THIS BOOK WAS MADE FOR US. *i received an arc from the author for a review* This is the first review my writing is this casual and I quite like writing it this way. Please let me know if you prefer my other writing style and I'll go back to it.

  • Lorraine M.L.M.
    2019-03-17 04:45

    I received a free copy of Blaque Beauty and the Rancher and this is my honest review.Blaque Beauty and the Rancher is a beautiful, emotional and sweet story about friendship, love and everything in between that makes us loving and loveable humans. Josh and Carly’s relationship is so real and perfect, Erin Lee Daniels simply captured my heart. The dialogue is great, the pacing spot-on and the setting is absolutely incredible. I fell in love with Josh and Carly, shared their heartaches, shared their love and thoroughly enjoyed their emotional journey. The book transported me to a ranch in Montana, exactly what I needed at a time I had a lot going on inside my mind. For someone who’s never been on a ranch before, this great read made me feel like I was almost there at the ranch and I loved every minute of it. Excellent read. I’m looking forward to reading other works by Erin Lee Daniels. Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire is next on my reading list.

  • Viper Spaulding
    2019-02-24 04:00

    Carly and Josh have known each other since childhood, but it was a childhood marred by tragedy and separation. Now adults, they have to move beyond the painful memories in order to find their happiness with each other. This was a very sweet story, well-paced and insightful. The picture we get of them as kids certainly sets the stage for their adult romance, even though neither of them realized it at the time. Their love story is both heartbreaking and inspirational, and the culmination was tender and beautiful. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

  • BP34
    2019-03-12 03:01

    I felt like I wanted to move to Kendall ranch after reading this book. Well written with a strong storyline and characters that you'll fall in love with. Lots of emotion and chemistry in this book. A great read, just wish it was longer. I voluntarily reviewed an arc copy of this book. You'll love Carly and Josh.

  • Stacy Wray
    2019-03-11 01:59

    I so enjoyed this story! The author kept the characters real and genuine - extremely likable and relatable. I loved Carly's strength, wisdom, and loyalty. Not only were the characters so real, but the dialogue was completely natural - something I appreciate and stands out to me as a reader. Furthermore, the story flowed meticulously and I like how it unfolded. This author's writing is a true joy to read. Well done, Erin Daniels. You've written another great book.

  • Keisha
    2019-02-24 09:03

    3.5 ✨ stars

  • Cathleen Townsend
    2019-03-16 07:59

    Blaque Beauty and the Rancher by Erin Lee Daniels is a sweet romance that crosses over to spicy at the very end. The female love interest is black, named Carly, and we meet her best friend’s blond brother, Josh, while they’re both still children.The descriptive language sets each scene effectively, and characters are three-dimensional. The story by itself had a lot of romantic charm. I would’ve liked to see more ramifications of the accident that took Josh’s mother’s life early on in the story, and I think the author also missed some opportunities with racism. That was mentioned and then sidestepped. We never see it actually happening to Carly, only in retrospect—a quandary I can appreciate, since I have a visceral dislike of writing racial hazing myself. But I think this story could have benefited with more in that area.This read hits all the romance genre buttons, and it still has enough unique story to be interesting in its own right.

  • Diana Febry
    2019-03-23 08:47

    A very enjoyable romance I recommend to fans of the genre.The romance between childhood friends Carly and Josh drives the book but the story covers a wide range of emotional issues. Death of a parent, friendship, jealousy and racial prejudice. The book opens with Carly and Ruthie as best friends, soon to be rocked by a family tragedy. Years later Carly returns to the family ranch for a birthday celebration and faces up to her true feelings about Ruthie's brother.Likeable characters, great setting and flowing writing make this an easy read. For me what really set it apart was the lively dialogue which naturally breathed personality into all the characters.A well-written, feel-good read.

  • Tawny Amaya
    2019-03-04 03:47

    Erin Lee Daniels has a gift for character development. Her characters are complex, troubled, triumphant and so very human. By the end of the book I was rooting for their happiness. This is a wonderful love story. I can't wait for the next Blaque Beauty story.

  • Kim Padgett-Clarke
    2019-02-23 03:08

    I read Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire first. The style of this book is different in that the action came pretty quick in Billionaire but this is much more of a slow burner and the plot is more complex. Carly Edwards and Josh Kendall have known each other since childhood. As they grow up their lives take them in different directions where Carly becomes an Editor in Chicago and Josh has his own ranch in Montana. When Carly goes back to Montana her feelings for Josh are rekindled. It isn't until much later in the book that we find out if those feelings are reciprocated by Josh. I enjoyed the story and liked the writer's style. Living in the UK I have never been to Montana but Erin skilfully builds up a vivid picture of the culture of Montana and it's people.

  • Astrid Miles
    2019-03-11 05:59

    Astrid’s Description: What is a girl to do when she is in love with one of her close friends? Not only is he her friend but he is also her best friend’s brother. Carly is back in Montana for a weekend. Seeing her friends, who might as well be family, and celebrating Oma’s Birthday. The weekend starts out perfect as she clicks back into place with Josh, who she has not seen in six years. But then on day two, he is acting strange…rude really. Carly is hurt and confused, but Josh was doing what he thought was best.To conserve a friendship Josh kept quiet about his love, which goes beyond friendship, for his friend Carly. He thought that he could be his old self with her, but it was impossible to pretend that he did not feel more for her. So he did what he thought was best, he shut her out.This book honestly had me captured before I finished the prolog. That is rare for me. I usually have to push myself to read the first three chapters before deciding to either finish or stop reading a book. Erin has impeccable writing. Her descriptions come at the perfect moments and do not repeat themselves. Here is an example: Instead of saying “he held his hair up.” she said, “Joshua held out a lock of his nearly white-blond hair and raised his eyebrows.” That sentence gives you so much more to see in your mind’s eye. I love it!The words she uses are easy to understand, but not too simple. Oh, and it is a romance, not erotica. There is only one sex scene and only mentions sex a handful of times.As for grammar and spelling errors, I noticed some problems. There were a few, but nothing that threw me out of the story. Erin did have a great amount of plot organization in this book compared to the first. This book is also short, but it did not feel as rushed as the first.I absolutely suggest this book to anyone that enjoys the romance genre. This collection of books are part of the Kindle Unlimited Program. There is no harm in giving it a shot if you can download it for free!

  • Jeanette
    2019-03-19 07:11

    Blaque Beauty and the Rancher by Erin Lee Daniels hooked me in from the start. It is a hot romance that starts sweet and lights a long fuse. Set in Montana, the prologue begins several years before the main action — when Carly is a new girl and the target of teasing as the only Afro-American in the grade. Her new best friend, Ruthie, and Ruth's brother, Josh, come to her defence and the three form a deep, abiding friendship. When tragedy strikes, Carly moves away, graduates, and forges a successful career while the Kendalls remain in Montana. Years later Carly returns to the ranch for a 5 day 'weekend' for the Kendall's Oma's 90th birthday celebrations. When Carly meets up with Josh, the sparks begin to smoulder, though each, for their reasons, try to deny it. There was a lot to love in this novella - great characterisation, vivid setting with strong dialogue - with a grand sense of place and some brilliant prose. The past connections & tragic circumstances between Carly, Ruth & Josh added to the depth of the story and kept my interest. And even secondary characters, like Dill and Stalking Elk, were interesting and well-rounded. I did find at times the pace slowed with flashbacks, backstory and long passages of introspection — and the ending was steamier than I prefer. Even so, I loved the story. Daniels had me totally invested in the Carly and Josh's predicament, really caring about the outcome and maybe even shedding a tear. Fans of romance who don’t mind a hot scene, love a ranch setting and prefer some emotional depth to their romance, should enjoy this interracial romantic tale.

  • Eldon Farrell
    2019-03-22 08:05

    Good thriller writers will complement their characters with intriguing settings and suspense filled action that keeps readers turning pages. A romance writer however, lacks this crutch, if you will. The genre itself removes any question about how the book will end—when you start reading it you know the story will end happily ever after. God help the romance writer who defies this pre-ordained outcome.Why do I mention all this? Because without that question of how things will turn out for our intrepid characters all the romance writer is left with is insight and emotion to carry the day and maintain reader interest. Point being then, to make it work, you need to be one talented writer.Erin Lee Daniels proves herself to be just that. Her characters of Josh and Carly are fleshed out and fully formed to the point of making this reader wonder if they were actual people. The author’s exploration of their emotions for each other and those around them never failed to fascinate. And can I just say, Erin possesses a rare ability to paint a vivid picture with her words. More than once I closed my eyes and could see every detail of the Montana Ranch and those on it. Rembrandt has nothing on Daniels!My only quibble with the story was the abundance of supporting characters. I won’t say too much about it (because it’s a fault I’m guilty of in my own writing) but at times it was confusing trying to keep all those extended relatives straight in my head.For those who like a sweet romance with real emotional depth I’d recommend checking this one out!!5 stars.

  • Maggie Hasbrouck
    2019-03-22 07:46

    Black Beauty and the RancherOverall. An enjoyable sweet romance that dragged somewhat in the middle. I became tired of hearing Josh and Carly whine about being in love with each other. The things that kept them apart felt trivial after a while.Writing: I felt the writing was solidly good. The descriptions of people were terrific. The dialogue felt believable and it moved well. The prose never got in the way of the story.Plot: This is the part where I really wanted more. The set-up in the prologue had me interested, but then things fell short. The complexity of their situation and of their longstanding relationship could have been delved into much more in order to give the plot more emotional heft. Too much time was spent inside the characters head, with nothing happening. It did pick up in the end with a nice little reveal about the past.Characters: The main characters were likable and well fleshed out, but a little too squeaky clean for me. I also liked Dill and Josh’s sister, but there were just too many side characters. The author writes descriptions of people very well, but I felt that most of the side characters did not move the story forward at all. They became a distraction. Recommendation: If you like a sweet little romance without much plot, this is a perfect choice.

  • Rhian
    2019-03-23 02:57

    Note: a fuller and detailed review/critique of this book is available here: received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. A brief explanation of my rating policy. I think five stars is a blunt measure. I prefer to rate out of 20. This book would be a 8/20. However, Goodreads demands a star rating, so I have rounded this up to 3*. Blaque Beauty and the Rancher is an unashamedly romantic look at a childhood friendship blossoming into love. Carly, once a gawky girl who stood out in her rural American community because of her black skin and privileged parents, has become a sleek, sophisticated city girl. Josh, a jokey big-brother figure has matured into a beautiful man. Both of them share memories of the heart-attack and crash which killed Josh's mother while Carly was a passenger in the same car. Carly returns to Alcorn and her arrival stirs up old memories. Overall:Daniels has taken a decent stab at a sort of Austen-in-small-town-Montana narrative. The quality of writing is good but the plot needs more substance. I compare this to Austen because it's essentially a dialogue-driven, character-driven romance. But while Austen's wry prose held some tension (as her heroines trod the fine line between social acceptance and disgrace, duty and happiness), this does not. The car crash could have been mined for plot points, but Carly does not show any survivor guilt and Josh has already dealt with his loss as best he can. The whole supporting cast roots for JoshxCarly and the class/race differences between them don't raise any eyebrows. That's laudable in some ways, but I hungered for some real drama.

  • postcrdprincess
    2019-03-09 07:02

    I really enjoyed this book. Erin Lee Daniels wove a great story of childhood friends who finally come to the realization that their feelings for one another is actually LOVE.Carly (heroine) returns to her childhood home for her best friend Ruthie’s maternal grandmother’s birthday party. She is also anxious to see Ruthie’s Brother Josh (hero); who holds a special place in her heart, but who she hasn’t actually seen for 6 years. Little does Carly know but Josh can’t wait to see her as well especially because of the love he has secretly held for her since childhood.Both Josh and Carly must come to terms with the painful childhood memories that brought them closer together and must learn that this new found love can never take away from the friendship that they have maintained over the years. The main and secondary characters in this book were well written and the chemistry between the hero and the heroine can truly be felt throughout the story.

  • Page Larue
    2019-02-26 08:48

    When young Carly Edwards’ family moves to rural Montana, she stands out among the other kids at school because she’s black and also because her family is affluent. And of course standing out is usually not a good thing for a kid who’s new in town. Ruthie Kendall, her teacher’s daughter, befriends her though and so does Ruth’s brother, Joshua.Fast forward years later. Ruth and Carly have stayed in touch, and Carly comes back to the Kendall ranch for a visit. Josh re-enters the picture, more handsome than ever.And we’re off, with the cat and mouse game that is love in a romance novel.I thought this was a pretty good read. It moved a little slow in places, in my opinion, but was well done and a decent read overall if sweet(ish) romances are your thing.

  • Elizabeth Johnson
    2019-03-21 07:48

    I was able to read this book in one day. Saying that for me some parts were page turners but some bits were really slow paced. Overall, it is a nice enough story. I got annoyed at Carly at times when she blamed Josh for not saying how he felt about her, while she too was guilty of the same offence. What frustrated me the most was the repetitiveness of what was going on in both their heads. I got it, but I understand as I myself can be elaborate with my characters emotions. I would have scored this book a 4, the writing was good, but the plot was lacking, I found myself just wanting them to get on with the relationship and somehow hoped something more could have happened. All in all, it was a nice read.,

  • Laura Libricz
    2019-03-10 06:09

    This is a fun story that grabbed my attention right from the start. It's a face paced look at an unusual romance between Carly and her best friend Ruthie's brother, Josh. The story starts with a look at their childhoods and then proceeds to their adult years.There's lots of gems hidden in this book. I loved the way the characters were portrayed and the realness of the friendships / relationships. There's talented writing in here. I loved the character Carly, too. This book could just do with a final edit to smooth out the flow of the story and to correct the typos.