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Rip won’t rest until he puts a baby in my belly. Rip Harris is just like the rest of the Hounds of Hades MC – loud, obnoxious, and always looking to get laid. And just my luck – he’s now going to be working in my dad’s auto shop. He might be sexy as hell, but if I truly want to break free of this town, I need to stay far away from him. But when a star professor tries to f Rip won’t rest until he puts a baby in my belly.Rip Harris is just like the rest of the Hounds of Hades MC – loud, obnoxious, and always looking to get laid. And just my luck – he’s now going to be working in my dad’s auto shop. He might be sexy as hell, but if I truly want to break free of this town, I need to stay far away from him. But when a star professor tries to force himself on me, there’s only one place to turn for help. Too bad the price of Rip’s protection is my mind, my body… and my womb. All I ever wanted was to get the hell out of this podunk town. It’s a dusty backwater filled with boozy bikers and washed-up losers. I’ve got bigger dreams. And when I land a prized scholarship to study design at university, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Attracting the attention of the department’s preeminent professor seems like the cherry on top of a too-good-to-be-true ice cream sundae. Turns out that’s exactly what it is. Professor Ellsmith didn’t pick me out of the crowd because I was talented. He picked me because he wanted to shove his filthy old hands between my legs. And he threatens to derail my budding career if I say no. I’m caught in the worst possible position. Do I let this predator take advantage of me? Or do I give up on my dreams? I need help. Rip seems like the last person in the world I want to owe a favor, but it’s not like I have a lot of choices. There’s just one problem: His services don’t come for free. And if Rip is going to solve my professor problem, his demands are steep. He wants to strip me, own me all night long… …and use me to carry his baby. RIP'S BABY is a full-length, standalone MC bad boy baby romance with hot sex, no cheating, and a HEA ending. Contains free bonus content....

Title : Rip's Baby: Hounds of Hades MC
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ISBN : 35218955
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 1023 Pages
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Rip's Baby: Hounds of Hades MC Reviews

  • Coco.V
    2019-02-26 04:29

    FREE on Amazon today (11/15/2017)!

  • Nikki Henderson
    2019-03-10 07:25

    Not a great read at allI can't figure out where all these great reviews are coming from. It's not not a great book it's not even just okay. The dialogue is cheesy and the characters keep cutting each other off. The h's dad is a jerk and the h is a completely weak pushover. I mean seriously curfew at 22 years old? When I was 16 I didn't have to be in that early. I don't know why the description of the book says he will help her only if she lets him give her a baby. A baby is only mentioned twice in this book.....once when she tells him she's pregnant and the other when they're going to have the baby in the epilogue. So that on top of the length of the book is very misleading. Tbis actual story stopped at 27% and the rest is other short stories and excerpts from other stories. I am usually wary of buying books like that because that never fails that the book is going to be mediocre at best. Please don't waste your time on this book.

  • Nana Pickrell
    2019-03-07 09:37

    Well the blurb for this book did not match the story I read. It's basically the same, but not. There was no wanting of her womb, hell we didn't get to a pregnancy until the end of the book. It just confused the hell out of me waiting for Rip to say he wanted a baby. It never happened so the title of the book is misleading. I also wasn't a fan of the way(IMO) he degraded her in the beginning of the relationship. This is one I won't be reading again. Glad I got it from KU and didn't buy it.

  • Julianna
    2019-02-24 03:43

    Misleading description, is more about her wanting to work in her dad's shop.

  • Maria cast
    2019-03-15 03:43

    I did not like it :)

  • Rene
    2019-02-27 07:33

    Jessie has grown up in her father's motorcycle shop helping out but her real dream is to design motorcycles and build them. Her father Mick, is very over protective of her and doesn't want her to follow in his footsteps. Jessie finally decides to go to school for Automotive Engineering but her dad gets a commission to design and build a motorcycle for the President of a local MC. Jessie has designs that she thinks would work but her father's client but he refuses to even look at it and tells her she will not be working on the motorcycle.Rip is part of the Hounds of Hades Motorcycle Club a true Bad Boy. When JT the President of the MC gives Rip an assignment of working at Mick's place he and Jessie end up becoming friends. Rip has been told that he is to stay away from Jessie by Mick.When Jessie encounters sexual aggression advances by her professor she finds herself seeking out Rip at the clubhouse. She eventually tells Rip about what has happened and that she is attracted to him. She also tells him that she wants him. Does Jessie get her dad to let her help with JT's motorcycle, is she able to stop her professor from raping her or does Rip save the day and keep Jessie for himself?I received this book as an ARC copy for a voluntarily honest review. This book is a great chemistry suspenseful story. You won't be able to put it down.

  • Jasmine
    2019-03-21 05:39

    Jessi grew up in her dad's motorcycle shop and learning from him on building and fixing bikes. She wants to become a designer. Once she decides to go to school, they get a big project for the local MC. Without Jessi's help, Mick won't be able to make the deadline, JT decides to have Rip help Mick out so Mick can finish his bike on time.Rip is part of the Hounds of Hades Motorcycle Club and a bad boy to Jessi's good girl. Rip has seen Jessi around the shop before, but Mick is always protective over her that they never get a chance to talk until Rip starts working there. Jessi starts having issues with a professor and confides in Rip. Rip offers to take care of the issue. Jessi finds herself attracted to Rip in ways she cannot explain. They start their relationship in secret.Will they be able to get Mick's approval and have their HEA? Will Mick accept Jessi's baby with Rip?I can't wait to read more of Jessi and Rip's story!! This book has great chemistry, you won't be able to put it down.I received an ARC of this book.

  • Julianne Macneil
    2019-03-12 10:46

    I reviewed this book as part of an arc program, I loved it, it was a great story that was a little different from the usual MC book, This book focused more on a female lead named Jesse, a young woman who worked in her father's bike shop and wanted to design motorcycles. Jesse was going to school to finish her degree and trying to convince her father to let her design the bikes and take more responsibility in the shop. Since Jesse was going to school and they had too much work, Mick was forced to hire Rip to help. Rip was a member of the MC and JT, his president, wants to buy the shop for a legitimate business. Jesse and Rip develop a friendship which leads to more, much to her father's dismay. This book had me hooked from the start and I loved how Jesse really wanted to follow her dreams and design bikes. Rip was an alpha who took what he wanted. Loved it!

  • Sharon Means
    2019-02-27 06:42

    Nicole Fox just keeps getting better. I think this is my favorite book that she's written. Jesse and Rip were believable and had a great chemistry right from the start. Jesse grew up with her Dad as a single parent, and she spent a lot of time in his Motorcycle Shop. Now that she's grown, she has aspirations of designing motorcycles, but her Dad doesn't want her in the business. She starts at a college that's close enough for her to commute but her Dad has strings attached to her continued education. Rip belongs to a local MC, who Jesse's Dad does a lot of work for. Don't want to give too much of the plot away, but I'm sure you can see where this is going. One click will not be disappointed. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

  • Chelsea R Ortiz-Gonzalez
    2019-02-28 03:29

    Headline: I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC version of Rip’s Baby be Nicole Fox.There is a big smile on my face. I really love MC books. There is just something about bikers that does it for me. I love how the women are always so strong in Nicole’s books. Jessi is no different. While Rip was sexy as all get out with his rough and a-hole exterior, hiding a really sweet and amazing guy. I fell for him pretty quickly. Overall, I loved the book. I am more satisfied with the ending then I have been in the past. Not saying there has anything wrong with them. I’m just a sucker for a hot alpha male with kids. Which is why I’m always asking for extended epilogues. Either way…I highly recommend this book. Happy Reading!

  • Jo-Ann Forrest
    2019-02-24 11:33

    Nicole Fox's books keep getting better and better. Rip is sexy, hot and not looking for a relationship. Nicole wants out of this small town and she starts college to bet there. However, there is a surprise waiting for her at school...Can Rip help her and will she give him what he wants? Well, you must buy it to know the whole story. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

  • Pat
    2019-03-05 08:35

    Another great MC book by Nicole Fox that flows effortlessly from page to page and the two main characters, Jesse and Rip has you rooting for them throughout the whole story! I just cannot get enough of Nicole Fox!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • Iris
    2019-03-11 11:46

    Another great readEnjoyed reading this book and reading about the characters and their story. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

  • alison jones
    2019-03-15 10:38

    Good readThoughly enjoyed the three books well worth a read can't wait to read more from the author well written throughout

  • Carla
    2019-03-07 06:35

    This was an okay read.

  • Christine Matinale
    2019-02-28 03:29

    I liked this the best out of all of Nicole's books that I have read.

  • Mary R. Soto
    2019-03-09 04:47

    Every book with a baby in it, I love it ♥

  • Jeannette
    2019-03-10 08:37

    Okay bookI thought this was going to be a good book to read but it was a little bit boring. The chemistry between them was ok but not really hot. Not much of a biker romance.